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Found 1 result

  1. A Simple Guide to cooking

    Cooking is an easy way to save yourself from an untimely death and is fairly simple Items you will need; 1) Cooking oil; there are 3 types available for cooking - Cheap, Common, and Quality (the name of oil tells you what kind of food you will make - cheap - adequate food for lvl 8 and under.......Common - good food for levels 8-20/25......Quality - best for levels 20/25 and up For beginners let me suggest cheap cooking oil to start with until you level up cooking as quality cooking oil is $10,300 per 100 (Remember, once you have learned a craft, put at least 1 point to that craft to level it ) 2) Herbs; there are 2 ways you can acquire herbs for cooking, for Mana and Health. You can gather them at Public gardens and farms located outside Nhar-Tejjan is the easiest areas, but some cities have Public Gardens in them. If unsure where they, are go to your map by pressing the "M" on your keyboard, then choose "Crafting Resources" and the map will show all crafting areas not in cities. Public Garden gives you Mana & Health food herbs along with Alchemy herbs.....Public Farm gives you Modification aka Boosts herbs along with mushrooms for Alchemy Secondly, you can buy herbs at the "Pelt Collectors" from the florists in same vendor building in Elmethil Do' Naerath (Elven city at bottom right on your map). It is not on the city map, but you can find the Pelt Collectors on the far left of the city screen near the exit gate. They have a variety of herbs and food you can purchase, however the herbs change so what you buy today may not be there tomorrow. I strongly suggest gathering them yourself as this will increase your herbalism skill which you will need for Cooking, Alchemy, and to build a Garden in your settlement, which, by the way, I would suggest not building a settlement till level 30 but that is for a different post. Look closely at the herbs available at the farm and garden areas. Different herbs have different equipment modifications. Example; Calendula increases the "Bow" skill. So gather at least 100 to save yourself from running back and forth gathering and cooking. Or at least 50 if you are on a budget. There are 2 types of herbs you can gather to add to your skill herbs, they are for Mana and Health regeneration. Look closely at each herb because they last for different "rounds" in battles. Some are higher in health and mana points, but last shorter rounds. So think about what will work best for your class and level. Another item you can use in cooking is meat which you can get by killing animals. Wolf: lowest health points Bear: highest health points And Dragon meat which you will not need until you are at least level 30 and can actually kill the dragons lol Now that you have all your herbs, meat, and cooking oil, let's start cooking ! You will need wood to start a fire using wood which you can find at "Woodcutting Camp" areas on your map as well. Any wood will do, however the higher the wood rank, the longer the fire, your wood types will explain length of cooking time if you hover over the wood types. Gathering wood is important as you will need it not only for cooking, but for crafting equipment, and fletching for those of you who use bows and crossbows. (another upcoming post for fletching shortly) Once you have started your fire you will see icons for, resting, cooking, or brew potions which is alchemy. Choose cooking of course lol You will have your "Base" which is meat or herbs - your "Catalyst" which is your oil - and your "Extra Component (effects)" You will have buttons that say - "Improve" - "Quantity" - and "Max Quantity" - *please see picture below* Tip; if you are just starting off with cooking, I suggest you choose 1 in "Quantity" as you will ruin your food until you get better at it and hunting meat and/or gathering herbs is time consuming and you don't want to ruin all your base items. Which is a pain having all your items ruined with no food to show for it lol. So after the first time you cook increase "Quantity" to 5-10 until you get items that are not ruined or/and "burnt" which you can still use but items will not have a high health or Mana regenerating number. Also if you are just starting you can't improve until you add a point and level cooking a bit. So either you can keep cooking after your first try, or go hunting bears and wolves for more meat. This will help you level you character and cooking at the same time as there are bears from level 9 to 27. After you have a bit of cooking points available *see picture below* you can start improving your food. Max out improving every time you cook to get the highest amount of health. Also, you can "rename" your food which is handy if you are just using herbs. You can rename "Health" and "Mana" so you can tell the difference as the food icons look the same. Well, that is your guide to cooking ! It really is simple once you do it your first time. And if you need advice, or help/tips, please feel free to message me or mail me a letter from the "mail" areas in cities and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about cooking or anything else in game! Edit; If you have Herbalism gear, it will help with the kind of herbs you can harvest, however you will not "earn" as many skill points in most cases if you wear cooking gear. Meaning some Herbalism gear will take you past the point of earning skill points. And cooking gear will help with quality of food but again, not as many skill points if you make food without gear in most cases.