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  1. March 2018 09/03/2018 (1.8.6): Enhancements It is now possible to equip any of your henchmen (including every single member of your settlement population) using the "Equip" option (in the same window where the "Talk" button appears usually). Please note that if you currently have any henchmen/settlers in your group you will have to dismiss them and re-hire again for the new feature to activate. The appearance of NPCs equipped in new items will not change, but the characters will benefit from armour, damage and elemental resistance bonuses. Additionally, equipping them with elemental weapons will switch their melee damage type as well (in the same way this affects players). It is not possible to force NPCs use ranged weapons if they don't possess any relevant abilities (e.g. Kerthemon the Smith will not shoot bows or crossbows and can only benefit from melee weapons). It is not possible for NPCs to equip secondary weapons, but you can equip trinkets and both rings. You will now see that each NPC has their own unique combination of Strength, Dexterity and Intellect growing with each level. Every NPC chooses their own build, so their numbers will vary. However, certain characters are predisposed to certain builds and will distribute their attribute points accordingly (e.g. Kerthemon will spend most of his points on Strength). NPC Equipment window only displays the base attributes of this character (without enchantments), as these are used to meet item requirements. However, any items with attribute enchantments (e.g. bonus to strength) still work in combat and will increase that character's damage output. Non-combat characters (e.g. Morton the Cook) can still be equipped, but you will not see their character model in the equipment preview window. Consider them as "extra inventories", since they can't really use any armour or weapons equipped. Any equipped items are permanent and will remain with this character indefinitely (you can dismiss and re-hire all characters without losing their equipment). However, please remember that if you upset one of your followers (e.g. because your settlement's dwellers are unhappy about your rule) and they decide to leave all of the equipped items will leave with them; a settler that is mad at you will not bother returning your gifts back to you. November 2017 05/11/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed incorrect calculation of equipment bonuses during the Improvement stage of crafting (e.g. Jewelcrafting). October 2017 26/10/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue preventing NPCs from returning to their original spawn points in Exploration Mode. 19/10/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements Jewelcrafting: "Improve" slider now determines minimum level to equip the created trinket relative to your current character level. Bug Fixes N/A 16/10/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Regular items will no longer disappear when sent via Mail together with a non-exchangeable item (e.g. Shard of Power). Craft skills (e.g. Disenchanting) will now be learned if unknown after the first crafting attempt, regardless of the attempt's success. June 2017 18/07/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed skills with a large number of skill points not receiving XP in certain scenarios. 02/07/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Announcement pop-ups and complete quest notifications will no longer appear during combat. 01/07/2017 (1.8.4): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed 2nd+ action bars not allowing ability & item icons to be positioned on them. Fixed henchmen disappearing when Inventory is open. 30/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed combat loading freezing at the "Please wait..." stage (before any percentages appear). Ctrl+F5 refresh is required to apply this fix! 25/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed an incorrect XP modifier awarded by Rings of Knowledge. 17/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed chat settings and non-standard channels not disappearing/appearing correctly. IMPORTANT: this update requires a Ctrl+F5 refresh. Until this is done you will see no messages in the in-game chat whatsoever!! Fixed shrine renaming facility and shrine deletion. 16/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Exploration Mode chest contents will now regenerated upon a successful lockpicking attempt. Bug Fixes Fixed "Brutal Strike" IV and V not applying continuous penalty effects. Fixed Thrift Shop preventing items from being sold. Fixed items not appearing when shared in-chat. 15/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Wayfinders can now learn a new ability: Sneak (I, II, III, IV, V). Bug Fixes Miscellaneous fixes to combat loading (Ctrl+F5 refresh required). 14/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements "Dismiss" button for henchmen is now located at the bottom of the list. Using shrines to teleport while demolition is active will now interrupt the demolition process. Re-phrased "Path to Lordship" quest requirements, which now ask players to trade with the Land Deed vendor instead of speaking with him. Chat input now has higher "hotkey priority" over any open pop-ups. Pressing enter while gathering resources will now open/close the chat input instead of cancelling gathering process. Bug Fixes Fixed errand tracker always displaying the same errand (Ctrl+F5 refresh required to apply the fix). 11/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Further performance optimization: combats and in-game chat are affected. Bug Fixes Being surrounded by creatures in Exploration Mode will no longer "throw characters back" into their previous coordinates. 10/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Major server-side logic rewrite in order to increase combat and travel mode performance. Bug Fixes NPCs killed by henchmen and summoned creatures now count as kills made by the creature's owner / creator. Fixed travel map icons and exits not appearing in certain circumstances. Important: please perform a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) while in the game to apply this update, otherwise you will see no travel icons whatsoever. 04/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A Bug Fixes Detached AI triggers from player actions in tactical battles, increasing the overall combat performance. Fixed an issue in pathfinding during tactical battles preventing henchmen and certain NPCs from moving. 01/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A Bug Fixes Fixed several memory leaks leading to low FPS in group combats. Fixed inability to view received mail messages (on hover). Fixed inability to view tooltips of items shared via in-game chat. May 2017 28/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A Bug Fixes Fixes to teleportation spells in tactical combats. Fixed delays caused by unfinished movements and failed teleportation spells of other players (Ctrl+F5 refresh required). 22/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A Bug Fixes Moving Quest Navigation Marker to avoid clashing with Campfires (Ctrl+F5 refresh required). Fixed expired auras not disappearing in Travel Mode (e.g. "Resting" effect after travel). 21/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Tutorial Village quest marker will now advance automatically without the need to re-check Quest Log. Quest Marker (Travel Mode) now contains a brief summary of the current objective. Ctrl+F5 refresh required to apply this update. Bug Fixes N/A 20/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements New Platinum Toolbox services: "200% XP Boost Item" and "400% XP Boost Item". Level 80 state capsules, property containers and focus crystals now scale infinitely with the base item, allowing to disenchant and enchant level 80+ items. Bug Fixes "Gained XP" notifications now correctly display the amount of experience considering all XP-modifying items equipped. Fixed inability for players to see each other in Travel Mode. Fixed "Follow" (that used to report all players as "offline" since the launch of 1.8.2). Fixed all players appearing as "offline" (24+ hours ago) if searched by name directly. 19/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Introducing items with "skill XP boost" effect. Bug Fixes N/A. 04/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Introducing inventory filters: available in "Inventory", "Trade", "Mail" and "Salvage" tabs. Bug Fixes Fixed inability to pick up items dropped by yourself in Travel Mode. 03/05/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed fast travel and location transitions not updating your current position in certain scenarios. 02/05/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed consumable items (e.g. potions) being dropped by NPCs as unusable in exploration mode. Fixed inability to add more email usernames for an account. April 2017 29/04/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements Settlement vendors are now capable of selling level 50+ items. Bolt & Arrow vendors now offer Fletching services. Henchmen level cap now grows with elite levels. Bug Fixes Fixed visual aura effects disappearing occasionally during movement in Exploration Mode. 25/04/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Performing combos in exploration mode now awards experience. Performance enhancements. 24/04/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements Elite levels are now considered in Exploration Mode's difficulty, including damage dealt, experience gained and loot level found. Bug Fixes Non-class skills are no longer possible to learn and gain experience in. Non-class skills will no longer appear in the list of skills ("Character" tab). "Unarmed" damage now considers strength bonuses from items ("effective value"). 23/04/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements Toggled abilities (stances) are now located in the "Generic" category of your spell books, allowing to position them on the action bar. Bug Fixes Fixed several issues preventing combat loading from starting. Fixed a potential deadlock in character animation. Improved movement visualization during active spell effects and deaths. Fixed a scenario in exploration mode throwing "You are too far away" error when interacting with objects while standing right next to them. Log of participating players in a kill (used to calculate XP allocation) is now being reset for a particular target when it loses sight of all players and returns to its previous actions.