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  1. Hammerforge Victory

    Yeah sure. A bug prevented you from killing me, finding me, helping the gatecrasher boss, made you lose to a white wyrm boss, and the druids are to blame for not finding the Hammerforge boss. And there is also a bug there, druids couldn't win, there are just so many bugs everywhere that the poor gatecrashers can't play. It is amazing that I managed to achieve something if things are that bad! Just win a war next time instead of finding excuses for losing this one, it's not like I'm playing a different bug-free game. The entire dragonspit port was a free-for-all pvp zone this whole time and I was strolling around with no one even trying to stop me. If your faction wasn't bothered with defending their capital, don't try to say that it's somehow my fault and the victory doesn't count. Really, I am not impressed by your faction's inability to admit their first defeat.
  2. Hammerforge Victory

    The levels were taken from "Who's Online"... your faction was there and they know it. A level 11 has stolen your victory right from underneath your high-level noses.
  3. Simply a historic moment. Gatecrashers (2x levels 37, level 33, 22, 18, 16, 14) defeated by one level 11 in a Faction War. X)). At last, someone else rules the realm!