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  1. Flamefrost Cocktail Contest!

    Sure. It was champagne with chambord (black raspberry), strawberry liquor and a bit of tabasco. Edited: added ingredients to the original post, as requested.
  2. Flamefrost Cocktail Contest!

    Hi guys! Haven't been around lately, but it's hard to miss a competition like this Mine is a pretty simple one: Sparkly elven water with a hint of fire and luxury (champagne with chambord (black raspberry), strawberry liquor and a bit of tabasco) Good luck to everyone! (And we are waiting for a spiky-bity-firey contestant! )
  3. Landlord of the Month (July 2016)

    Qarth, the great trading city during storm.
  4. Looking to join a guild?

    Hi, If you are interested, Game of Thrones (HL) would be happy to welcome you into our ranks! Our only requirement is to be friendly / neutral to Hammerforge Legion. Ask Cersei Lannister or Lady of Pain in the game. Or we can invite you if you give us your in-game name
  5. no XP

    Did you allocate any skill points into the combat skills that are not maxed out yet? I had the same problem until I remembered that I have skill points.
  6. "Fresh New Start"

    You can go back to the Village Go to Help (h) -> Enter Tutorial Village
  7. "Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 1; or How to create your own armour/weapons

    If you don't find it useful or accessible - I'm not forcing you to read it. I wanted it to be split into 3 topics. You want it in any other way - you should have done it I'm really happy that you were able to figure out the crafting system using an existing guide. Some people could't. They asked. I answered. Hence the topic. Now I can just give a link. Not explain it over and over again in chat... I don't know about any wiki. I can't see it. I see the forum with the Guides section in it. I'm sure it's here for a reason. Not sure how it's going to help with development too... It's already developed, as far as I can see. It's not a suggestion.
  8. Henchmen

    Nhar-Tejjan: Kerthmon the Smith Cost: 300 (10% found gold share; +200 for resurrection) Level: 5 Joins battles; Repairs items Javiel the Merchant Cost: 100 (+20% found gold share) Level: 5 Sells/Buys items Sedriel the Cleric Cost: 400 Level: 3 Heals outside of combat Morton the Cook Cost: 200 (+5% found gold share) Level: 4 Creates food to restore health Axelies the Shifter Cost: 100 Level: 10 Teleports to water locations (lakes)
  9. Alliance bonuses

    Have I said anything about antagonizing anyone? This topic is about support and team work
  10. "Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 1; or How to create your own armour/weapons

    I didn't want to write about cooking and alchemy, because that's not really weapons nor armour... I only created those topics because I keep repeating myself with that info. So I though I better write it down once and just give a link And that's what forum is for, right? The section is even called "Guides" Re: the name. It's kind of a pun Because that's what is written on your item you created
  11. Alliance bonuses

    I've noticed that there's no real benefit to support your allies (green, friendly factions). The only thing that comes to mind is that they can't stab you in the back in faction wars by joining the opposite side. So my suggestion is to create somesort of a benefit if your friends are dominating world, for example. Like if WWT is dominant in a region, they get 200% exp bonus and their friends get 150% in that region. I think this way we encourage upholding of the alliances defined in the game
  12. A little guide how to disenchant your unwanted items and why it's such a good idea to recycle! To Disenchant an item you need: Your unwanted item is going to be destroyed, but you'll receive: * See "Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 1 ** See "Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 2 *** Simple crafts, needs at least 1 skill point to start.
  13. A little guide on how to enchant items There are 3 ways to make any of your item better: Add skill bonus, e.g. "Conjuration"/"Light Armour" (only 1 per item) Add attribute bonus, e.g. "Dexterity" (up to 3 per item) Add predefined effect from runes, e.g. "5% chance for a weapon to cause fiery explosion" (up to 2 per item) In total, you can add up to 5 bonuses per item depending on the item's quality To enchant items you'd need: * See "Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 1 ** See "Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 3 *** Simple crafts, needs at least 1 skill point to start.
  14. A little guide on how to create your own items. There are 4 professions that you can choose from if you want to create armour/weapons of your own. To create an item using any of the professions above you'd need: A Blueprint can be looted from enemies product of Disenchanting** A State Capsule Gem - obtained from enchanted lakes via Conjuration* needs to be charged as part of the Disenchanting** (optional: for common, uncommon, rare, legendary items only) A Container Carpentry: Treated Timber Neem Seed Oil - can be found in any Alchemy shop Wood - obtained from woodcutting camps via Woodworking*** Tailoring: Textile - can be found at any Clothing Merchant Leather Working: Pelt - can be looted from enemies (wolves/bears/etc) Blacksmithing: Ingot Charcoal - obtained from mines via Mining*** Ore(s) - obtained from mines via Mining*** * See "Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 2** See "Created by Phemia Silverstar" Part 3*** Simple crafts, needs at least 1 skill point to start.