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  1. 2019 Status Update

    I did quit, because off the slow combat loading time. Will there be 2 worlds? ( 1 with old chars and 1 with new?) I guess i would start again in a new world, because my old fighter and old crafter will be noobish by now ...
  2. 2019 Status Update

    When will it start again? I didn't play for years, but i was one off the first players... (did quit, because i did freezed to much in joined battles - i hope that's less now).
  3. no XP

    i use a lvl 4 wand im now lvl 5 and my NPC lvl6 (i did not level up 1 time!) and my elemental wand skill is still 1 +10 no change in my wand skills :-( (combat skill cost = 50 xp)
  4. no XP

    i have 10 points in elemental wands
  5. no XP

    and i also did level up from 4 to 5 but im still lvl4, my NPC is lvl5 (i always get 0 xp, even when i attack higher level)
  6. no XP

    I get no XP from attacking lvl 3 (and i am lvl3)
  7. Flamefrost: Patch 1.2.0

    About Incantatrix i beieve it still needs a bonus for intellect??? (like vindicator for strenght and wayfinder for dext.)
  8. Flamefrost: Patch 1.2.0

    Im sad that the crafter will be for the long run. And still people will do 1 in craft and use the skill items to get 400 or more. And now a crafter can't level up anymore So basicly, don't make a crafter ...
  9. Henchman life

    cedriel the clerck lvl 27 (3227 life) attacking revived withc lvl 30 (killed in 1 move) Can you also tell me what the use is off lvl the merchant? He got always lower lvl items, most off them between 3 and 8 lvl lower than char. I never find good items on him. I did also level the merchant between 15 and 20 lvl's with platinum. (but i don't recommand that too others)
  10. Henchman life

    Did you change the formula? When i saw that a NPC got strong life, i did invets in a new npc (17 levels platinum) But now i see they die again after 1 move = useless NPC. What a waste off my platinum.
  11. Henchman life

    henchman got now much more health
  12. Henchman life

    We can have now 2 henchman in the game. But they die so soon. I have 2 lvl39 henchman, and they die after 2 moves. And that is against lvl 24 elite mobs. PLZ give them much more life.
  13. NPC training

    just put it also in the platinum toolbox, you need the money :-)
  14. NPC training

    Why can't we train our NPC I like to level up my new NPC (and not level my own char.) Why would be take a merchant lvl 5 when we're lvl 15. (than we will never buy something from him) Can't we get some training ground for our NPC, so we can get them at same level off main char.
  15. Attribute Bonus Update 11.03

    Maybe better to make it the first strenght more extralife and the more strenght you got the less extra life you get for each strenght. Did talk to people that are strenght build So sombody who got complete strenght build will have arround 10K extra health?