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  1. Faction Relationship Map

    (Allied Factions), (Neutral Factions), (Hostile Faction) (Fatekeepers) + Hammerforge, neutral to Gatecrashers & Wyrms, hostile to Desecrated Circle & Silverclaw Druids. (Hammerforge) + Fatekeepers, neutral to Wyrms, hostile against Silverclaw Druids, Gatecrashers, Desecrated Circle. (White Wyrm Tribe) + Silverclaw Druids, neutral to Hammerforge and Fatekeepers, hostile to Gatecrashers & Desecrated Circle (Desecrated Circle) + Gatecrashers hostile against everyone else. (Gatecrashers) + Desecrated Circle, neutral to Silverclaw Druids and Fatekeepers, hostile to Wyrms & Hammerforge. (Silverclaw Druids) + Wyrms, neutral to Gatecrashers & hostile to Fatekeepers, Hammerforge, Desecrated Circle. I made this Section for myself trying to figure out, ^^
  2. The ''Totem Moth'' Guild

    May I leave a suggestion: Gatecrasher's is the most popular Faction, To choose for now! +Basically since our guild was the most helpful among new players, Joining us is Pretty easy! There is 6 Factions to choose from and a faction may as well have limitless amounts of guilds make sure to contact: AsyDrabbit, Sakulnebur, Totem Moth, Cracker, Theolodius or Cedangar For an Invitation to the Totem Moth !!
  3. Hammerforge Victory

    Respect's to Thorin One Man Army you defended Wyrms from me while my guild clearly didn't know what they we're doing and instead they killed only The non-boss groups when I told them to help me out And Also Thorin that defeated our Admiral ---You Rock!!!--- I'll have to learn your tricks ^^
  4. Rankings explained?

    The Best of GC was Online and we lost fair and square there is no need to do any assumptions. We lost against a single opponent and I think this is as fair as it gets! I like the option that Gatecrasher's aren't always In Control since it really made me bored, now it is a lot more interesting!
  5. Planned New Content: 01.03.2016

    I wasn't finalising the whole Land Management thing... I was just giving the basics of how it should start. Anyway it's not for me to decide, but I really should wait till some news from Dragon
  6. Ranks and Statistics

    Well, now I guess Gold is now as Precious as it gets!!! Just the thing is... the Monsters are now with +Wild Cards that makes some of them completely impossible to kill dodge rate 90% or something. Anyway the chance to evade is really unnecessary Triple arrow, triple miss... This makes Wayfinder completely useless, since I don't have spells only skills based on physical attacks.
  7. Planned New Content: 01.03.2016

    Advancing my own town, by creating it's inner-mines that the settlers would work, even farms to make food, gold-mint for a small portion of income. Based economy on the village you create, either one-branch of metalurgy or farming either something like a mixed economy that would require all kinds of different grade, wood, metals, food quality, rarity of ores that the settlers find and the wood they chop, a personal in-game economy based on how well you progress your village and gain reputation among the structures you've built. -Food consumed for every settler +Farms that make it.(Free Extra farm for starters) -Wood & stone to construct buildings +Woodcutters and Miners that would just produce it right away, after hiring them for daily food. -Metals & Minerals for better technology, +increased production or a more convenient architecture of housing, farms, safety in mines etc. -Gold & Gems for for making more settlers come to your city like a +Bribe to settle. ETC. The limits aren't really ever reached if I don't shut my mouth ^^
  8. *Let my face & voice be a secret... yet to discover* Greetings, Iám lad Cedangar! A Recruiter of Totem Guild... We are the Gatecrasher Squad which is training serious and dedicated players! We also help Commoner's (new players), but for that you should join us. The one's that call Gatecrasher's pirates are infact pirates, not us! We are peacekeepers of Lands and In search of Allies! ----------*Bellow I brought some useful icons maybe Flamefrost could use one Day*----------