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  1. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Just got some free time in life and thought i'd get back in here...well I hope to see something come of the rebuild.
  2. Connectivity Issues

    Yeah I couldn't get to the Forums or the site, but the game worked. Haha I wondered what was up. All working now though!
  3. Origins, Alignments and more!

    Yep I saw this as I've been away (you will notice between work and family that happens to me sometimes). I thought it was a GREAT addition to the game!
  4. No XP and Mining stuck?

    Well that explains it. Somewhere along the lines I missed that or more than likely I was use to the old method
  5. No XP and Mining stuck?

    Maybe I just missed something, but when I was level 3 I maxed my mining out at 30, then since I've been level 5 I went back and let it mine for an hour while I ate. I came back with 1200 or so XP gained for mining, but it still shows stuck at 30 skill and 0 points towards 31. I also notice when I'm fighting green mobs (wolves, or the Four's) It always shows 0 XP gained and I'm sure sure any of my skills are going anywhere except for what they were to start.
  6. Like Flamefrost? Help us grow!

    I have everything set High and its about 30sec. A lot quicker if I turn things down though.
  7. Flamefrost has launched!

    And now my laptop card is in, so once my baby boy is asleep (and there for not pulling it out all the time) I'll be on in the evenings
  8. POLL: Slow-Internet Mode

    Well Dan ignore my other questions as I found this post here now
  9. Like Flamefrost? Help us grow!

    I have seen some recent comments on the FB App page about load times. I am testing at around 35M/35M. What speeds are needed with the default options in the game right now? I have some friends who would probably play and spread the word, but I also know the speed of their Internet and I know if things a bit to load they might wonder off (they aren't Beta testers).
  10. Feedback Facility

    Ok can do. I'm assuming it will be best for people to open new threads and only post under a current thread if they have the same issue and/or new info on what looks like the same issue?
  11. Fresh start!

    I'm also looking forward to the launch! New forum is working nicely on my smartphone too!