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  1. 1.7.0: The Grand Overhaul

    im little confused here , so does this means i cant get this upgrade points from lvl 50-72 , or i get to lvl 30 more lvls with xp from fights
  2. fighting skills xp

    wow awsome
  3. fighting skills xp

    i just wanted to try this new stuff , but i killed few mobs lvl 47 i gain some xp , but my skill xp didnt move at all so is that some sort of bug or i missunderstod something in update?
  4. 1.7.0: The Grand Overhaul

    ok so im lvl 72 but i didnt gain any upgrade point ...so im not sure i understand you correct
  5. 1.7.0: The Grand Overhaul

    at what lvls do we gain upgrade points for our spells ?
  6. Connectivity Issues

    i manage to log after 3 days finaly as well, D i sent you message over FB page as well , dont know what hapened but it seems it works fine now
  7. Wrath of darkness

    sorry wasnt around this days , can be D but i was comparing my regular crit hit with harm ( with food want+shadow damage ) was around 85k and with comb is always 51k that is why i asked is something wrong
  8. Dragon.....

    As i went to attack dragon boss...... i was unable and he just smiled at me and said " it is my Bday fool " let me be Happy Bday D al the best wishes
  9. Defending shrines

    dont know how i went afk but batle ended i can move again haha
  10. Defending shrines

    Defending shrines seems to be bugged ...i just went to defend shrine and im stuck in the battle with no opponent and i cant leave it at all
  11. Wrath of darkness

    cool thanx
  12. Wrath of darkness

    I just noticed something once combo wrath of darkness is activate wich make all spells to hit crit hit ( im not sure about other spells ) but spell harm wich have x3 damage when score crit hit deals only x2 with this combo.
  13. Shadow clone again ;)

    As you said we are not allowed to have clones above lvl 50 i just cloned my self by mistake and i made clone of my own lvl 72 so....
  14. Resistance vs defense skills

    so made frost resistance food ( 855 boost for frost resistance food ) and i was able to resist up to 4k damage i realy dont know how much should i with 855 points what food provided me And i learned holly damage is now not boosted by my wand food , it deals same damage with and without wand boost food