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  1. Hello!

    Does anyone have any Theurge gear they don't need any more? Looking to buy some so I can level up and get Shadow Clone that Anya keeps talking about ! Sounds so fun ! Level 37 to level 40 Thank you
  2. Unavailablw for a few days...

    Sorry about your laptop....glad you got it fixed and are back on game Andvarri !
  3. Buggy Food :)

    That food is great !! Thank you for posting the formula Hyperion...this makes it easy to follow as I make it.
  4. Fantasy/Sci-Fi questions contest

    I ..... I.... I actually won !!!! May I use my winnings to have another contest? This was fun and I would like to continue having contests for new players !
  5. Fantasy/Sci-Fi questions contest

    1) Ghost Busters 2) An alien race of bounty hunters (looking to assassinate Alex Rogan ) from The Last Star fighter (great movie, one of my faves) and they can morph ! 3) Leoglas (spelling?) Ummmm... it was said by Gandalf when he was talking to Theoden (spelling?) Does spelling count?
  6. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    What an awesome perk !
  7. Name Change

    Thank you Dan, very kind of you to do that for me ! I feel like that girl in the movie Neverending story ...."Give me a name Bastion" lol
  8. Name Change

    This is not really a bug, just wondering how I can change my forum name to Dilis. I am not playing Erro, just keeping her as an alt. Liking this character much better lol Any way I can change my forum name? Thanks
  9. Name Change

    I found it Sir, but it will not allow me to change it. Tried a couple of places and still can't change it. It is no big deal but want to make sure forum folks know it is me not Erro posting. Thank you !
  10. Ring vanished !

    I was on Dilis , my other character, and was switching from Salvage gear to my regular gear and a ring just vanished in the switch ! I refreshed and everything, but it never came back. I do not remember what the ring stats were though, but it was a good ring lol Any way to get it back?
  11. Ring vanished !

    I will try that Robyn thanks !
  12. Ring vanished !

    It was a rare ring.....STG & INTELL only I think.....and I believe Andvarri made it for me, not too sure about that though. Sorry I can't remember more about it. But that's alright sir..Weyah said she would make me another one so no need to retrieve it , Andvarri also volunteered to make me another one too ! Everyone is so nice here !
  13. PVP fights and Ranks

    So a couple of we new players were doing some PVP for rank, but it seems the points don't add up. I made Private but nothing after that. After each fight points were awarded but then they vanished. Got anywhere from 17 to 25 points per duel, and according to ranking I should have made Lance Corp. unless we are doing something wrong? Are we missing something? Are we doing something wrong lol? Any help would be greatly appreciated !
  14. Honor Among Thieves

    WOW ! I need to go try this out now ! Thanks for the tutorial ! Imma keep this up when I go to forest lol
  15. Melee Theurge (Dark Focused) Build

    I have followed this guide and I have a great theurge ! Really appreciate this tutorial !
  16. Playable Races: Overview

    I think Pirates would be awesome ! That is the thing now in games. I have played a couple of games with Pirates and they are really cool ! Lots of people online. I have to say this game as it is is one of the BEST games I have played in a long time. Pretty much quit my others to play this one. So much to do, I mean you stay busy and that is a plus. Weyah and Andvarri are high levels and they are always busy so that is something I look forward to. Most games when you reach high levels have nothing to do ! Then game looses players. But this game rocks ! Always something going on. And everyone is nice here, especially to new players. Not so much on other games. High level characters on other games have huge egos and so won't help new people....sad that.
  17. Theurge: Basics

    Dizzy....If you get armor with INT boost, no need to add points. My INT is at 16 but because I have armor with INT boosts my mana is at 11631 at lvl 22...which is not bad ! I will send you legendary armor that I have outgrown that has good INT boosts ! Armor with INT boosts are fairly easy to find. That is just my opinion though.
  18. Melee Theurge (Dark Focused) Build

    This is an amazing tutorial ! It is so precise ! Now I know how to better build my character !
  19. Can not access new character

    I am a new player and played up to level 10. I logged out and later tried to log back in. Now I can't get into game. I have enclosed a screen shot...as you can see it is asking me to verify email...obviously I have or would not have reached level 10 and joined a guild. I am posting as myself ! What is wrong? Thanks for any help !
  20. Can not access new character

    Sheesh.....never mind. I did the wrong password....didn't add numbers correctly ! Tried to use my password for the other game I play. I am a moron and I do apologize. However this will probably get a few laughs. Go ahead and raz the newbie, I deserve it. But on a lighter note, this is an awesome game and the people I have met have been really nice! Does that count towards my acceptance back into the games graces?