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  1. Hello!

    Does anyone have any Theurge gear they don't need any more? Looking to buy some so I can level up and get Shadow Clone that Anya keeps talking about ! Sounds so fun ! Level 37 to level 40 Thank you
  2. Unavailablw for a few days...

    Sorry about your laptop....glad you got it fixed and are back on game Andvarri !
  3. Buggy Food :)

    That food is great !! Thank you for posting the formula Hyperion...this makes it easy to follow as I make it.
  4. Fantasy/Sci-Fi questions contest

    I ..... I.... I actually won !!!! May I use my winnings to have another contest? This was fun and I would like to continue having contests for new players !
  5. Fantasy/Sci-Fi questions contest

    1) Ghost Busters 2) An alien race of bounty hunters (looking to assassinate Alex Rogan ) from The Last Star fighter (great movie, one of my faves) and they can morph ! 3) Leoglas (spelling?) Ummmm... it was said by Gandalf when he was talking to Theoden (spelling?) Does spelling count?
  6. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    What an awesome perk !
  7. Name Change

    Thank you Dan, very kind of you to do that for me ! I feel like that girl in the movie Neverending story ...."Give me a name Bastion" lol
  8. Name Change

    I found it Sir, but it will not allow me to change it. Tried a couple of places and still can't change it. It is no big deal but want to make sure forum folks know it is me not Erro posting. Thank you !
  9. Name Change

    This is not really a bug, just wondering how I can change my forum name to Dilis. I am not playing Erro, just keeping her as an alt. Liking this character much better lol Any way I can change my forum name? Thanks
  10. Ring vanished !

    I will try that Robyn thanks !
  11. Ring vanished !

    It was a rare ring.....STG & INTELL only I think.....and I believe Andvarri made it for me, not too sure about that though. Sorry I can't remember more about it. But that's alright sir..Weyah said she would make me another one so no need to retrieve it , Andvarri also volunteered to make me another one too ! Everyone is so nice here !
  12. Ring vanished !

    I was on Dilis , my other character, and was switching from Salvage gear to my regular gear and a ring just vanished in the switch ! I refreshed and everything, but it never came back. I do not remember what the ring stats were though, but it was a good ring lol Any way to get it back?
  13. PVP fights and Ranks

    So a couple of we new players were doing some PVP for rank, but it seems the points don't add up. I made Private but nothing after that. After each fight points were awarded but then they vanished. Got anywhere from 17 to 25 points per duel, and according to ranking I should have made Lance Corp. unless we are doing something wrong? Are we missing something? Are we doing something wrong lol? Any help would be greatly appreciated !
  14. Honor Among Thieves

    WOW ! I need to go try this out now ! Thanks for the tutorial ! Imma keep this up when I go to forest lol