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  1. Official Discord

  2. Flamefrost Rebuild

    one question. will the forum be down too?
  3. Flamefrost Rebuild

    relaunch huh? just a personal opinion as a player : hopefully it will come with better quest (Naerath lore included). and better yet, with main quest - sub quest categories. but if we're talking about me, in game like this i usually prefer grinding over quest for level up. since i don't really like my story time interrupted simply because i'm not strong enough to do a certain quest (and battles can get quite distracting most of the time). so i did just that. when i get the gist of stuff and reached considerably high level, i started doing quests. then it finally hit me, this game doesn't have a main story . or maybe it does but i just don't get it (?). it just look like a bunch of villagers asking you favors and stuff. while the game has many interesting gameplays (and roleplays), a missing story to hold them together just doesn't sit well with me. as a result, i started my never-ending glimmering forest run for fun ( Robyn it all the way!! ) and got bored of it. fast. but luckily the Wardens are nice people, so i keep coming back from time to time. kinda sad now that the game will go offline temporarily tho. i really hope it will come back soon ( and better ). it has been a really fun experience. thank you so very much.
  4. NPS and Attributes

    this made my day
  5. Buggy Food :)

    96 quantity??? how much space you've got?
  6. Suggestion: Shrine Wipe

    was there a shrine wipe? (will there be one?) traveling with new toon is harsh, especially the one with minor faction. and demolishing lvl 100 shrine will take forever
  7. Coolest New Name Contest

    there aren't any newcomers around eh?
  8. Melee Theurge (Dark Focused) Build

    just nailed my first successful 10 waves level 60 planes
  9. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    so, is this her build? or i just did something wrong?
  10. Introducing Emerald Hills

    i'll get some axes
  11. A new Material Escape issue!

    it's getting a little bit more ridiculous now, as i only need to accept the quest and complete it immediately. previously, i only need to enter the battle vs apocalypse.
  12. Introducing Emerald Hills

    Day 7, @Weyah still hasn't noticed the hidden message.
  13. So you want to craft?

    cmiiw, I am pretty sure you can't use out-of-level-range containers to craft stuff. ( with few exceptions ). Item ranges are 1~5, 6~10, 11~15, etc. Let's just say we're disenchanting. Looking at this ( lazily made ) table, a level 10 property container is not in the range of Item level 13. So, we'd need a level 15 ones in this case. But this rule is only applied to disenchanting. afaik, containers are also used in these scenarios; Jewelcrafting ( need empty ones ) Enchanting ( need Charged ones ) ( there's also rune crafting, which only need Shiny Pearl, so it doesn't really matter on this argument ) In Jewelcrafting, we need an empty container, ( of any level, as long as it's not above blueprint level range ). Enchanting almost work the same way, but we need a charged one. In both Jewelcrafting and Enchanting, you can use any level container below the item level. i could be wrong tho, @Cajunfried2016 can confirm this i think.
  14. Introducing Emerald Hills

    i think you got the wrong thread here
  15. All my feelings are hurt

    is this enuf?