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  1. Melee Theurge (Dark Focused) Build

    just nailed my first successful 10 waves level 60 planes
  2. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    so, is this her build? or i just did something wrong?
  3. Introducing Emerald Hills

    i'll get some axes
  4. A new Material Escape issue!

    it's getting a little bit more ridiculous now, as i only need to accept the quest and complete it immediately. previously, i only need to enter the battle vs apocalypse.
  5. Introducing Emerald Hills

    Day 7, @Weyah still hasn't noticed the hidden message.
  6. So you want to craft?

    cmiiw, I am pretty sure you can't use out-of-level-range containers to craft stuff. ( with few exceptions ). Item ranges are 1~5, 6~10, 11~15, etc. Let's just say we're disenchanting. Looking at this ( lazily made ) table, a level 10 property container is not in the range of Item level 13. So, we'd need a level 15 ones in this case. But this rule is only applied to disenchanting. afaik, containers are also used in these scenarios; Jewelcrafting ( need empty ones ) Enchanting ( need Charged ones ) ( there's also rune crafting, which only need Shiny Pearl, so it doesn't really matter on this argument ) In Jewelcrafting, we need an empty container, ( of any level, as long as it's not above blueprint level range ). Enchanting almost work the same way, but we need a charged one. In both Jewelcrafting and Enchanting, you can use any level container below the item level. i could be wrong tho, @Cajunfried2016 can confirm this i think.
  7. Introducing Emerald Hills

    i think you got the wrong thread here
  8. All my feelings are hurt

    is this enuf?
  9. Introducing Emerald Hills

    I forgot to add, about vendors, how to know which vendor sell your wanted herb/shroom? please do note that this is still a rough general guess, i might still be mistaken. but most of the vendor follow this pattern. First, you need to know what level herb are you looking for. personally, I mostly use these herbs : Let's take a look at White Clover. It has default item level 7 ( within the range of 6 - 10 ). meaning, vendor we're looking for must be at least level 6 and up to 10. Now let's head to my garden because i just happen to have a settler within that level range and hope for the best. note : -> If the Vendor level is right, but the herb / shroom you're looking for doesn't appear, it can mean two things : Bad luck. (the herbs / shroom does appears randomly and always updated hourly) I (yes, me) cannot gather that said herb/shroom without the help of herbalism gear yet. (your settlement herbalist vendor only sell herb you can gather) -> Herb Vendors ALWAYS sells 3 of these : Common Potato, Sweet Potato, Salt Grass. -> For some unexplainable reason, they hate stuff from garden like plants and flowers (despite being assigned to garden). Although I once see one sells a Suicide Tree, and only once, and I'm probably mistaken.
  10. Shameless Advertisement Are you tired going miles away to craft? And when you get there, only to find out enemy faction has claimed the place? Well, Fret not. We can help you. (unless you're Weyah. Weyah can't even help herself ) I've planned this since before I created Luke (months ago) and just been realized moments ago ( not even as Luke, lol ). It's a centralized crafting area (every craft that is available to settlement) and my personal stress-free herb vendors, because herb-gathering is too mainstream. Mind that since my herblore level is not high enough, the vendors will not sell most flowers for potion effect (yet). But I will certainly mantain the vendor level around 6 to 39, where most useful herbs are sold. Also, I will probably never put any settler in Smithery aand Arcane Tower, since both have surprisingly high upkeep (and the stuff sold are not even worth it). The only thing missing in this settlement is House of Import (because it eats up around 55k gold a day just to function as an Auction ) And since it's not only me who can benefit from my own settlement, i might as well share. So, if you are a Pirate, and not a fake one (like @Weyah), or at least Ally to Gatecrasher, Here's my Emerald Hills : Legends : How to Enter Emerald Hills : Open Map (press M or click the map Icon) Click on Cities & Dungeon Click on Emerald Hills (auto walk) When you've arrived, just click on the gate and Visit Morph's Settlement. PS : If you're Fatekeeper or it's allied Faction, Andvarri 's settlement in Emerald Hills also has everything, tho, last time I see it, the Buildings / Vendors are not packed near the gate like mine. PPS : Neutral Faction may and may not enter someone's settlement ( depends on your own PVPness and attitude towards neutral shrines )
  11. Recrafting Guide : Master Artisan

    i like trial and error. and that's pretty much how i ended up with so many error toons
  12. Recrafting Guide : Master Artisan

    *INSERT COOL TITLE HERE* Few things to note : Skills needed for general re-crafting : Mining (for Crystals needed to enchant) Conjuration (for Gems needed to put mods in) Disenchanting Enchanting Equipment-Related Crafting ( Blacksmithing / Jewelcrafting / Woodworking / etc. ) Let's cover our Basic Needs. I am re-crafting 2 pieces of my medium armors in this guide ( hence the crafting skill used is blacksmithing ) DISENCHANTING Now that we have covered our basic needs, first thing we should do is disenchanting. And here's where most people are confused. Which Container gems should we use? First, what are you disenchanting for?. Do you just want the blueprint?. Do you just want the rarity?. Do you just want the mods?. Do you just want the skill exp?. If you only want the Blueprint, or Rarity, or Skill EXP, you don't need a container. But if you want all of that along with the mods inside, your equipment HAS TO BE WITHIN 5 LEVELS BELOW the container gems. All the available Gem levels can be multiplied by 5. So, if you're crafting a level 22 Shoes, your wanted container is a level 25 gems. And if you want to craft a level 48 shield, your container needs to be level 50 gem. Most of the game mechanics use this 5 level range rule. In this guide, I am crafting a level 59 Legging and Shield, so, my gems are level 60. In my case, I want to keep cooking mod inside my legging as is, and I don't care about what's inside my shield anymore. CRAFTING YOUR ARMOR Related crafting guide is self explanatory. IMPORTANT If your new equipment changed in level. CRAFT IT TWICE. Mainly because you cannot raise an equipment level above yourself (although you can still craft from higher level blueprint), and all the excess skill points will directly translate into armor effectiveness or weapon power. So, going by that rule, crafting equipment yourself will ALWAYS be better than getting it done by someone else. The only exception is if that someone is at the same level as you. my level 51 legging and level 50 shield, smithed first time to 59 second crafting for best result ENCHANTING We're onto the last part of the guide. Enchanting is only slightly different than disenchanting. We're putting Mods we get from disenchanting into equipment we just crafted. The Catalyst is Mineral Crystals, and the extra components are Contained Mods from disenchanting and Runes . Now, the confusing part is that the equipment level MUST BE at least the same or below the crystal, and the Contained Mods gems (and Runes) CANNOT be above equipment level / range. What you can put inside the equipment depends on it's rarity and your enchanting level. Legendary Equipment with high enough enchanting level can contain 5 at most ( 3 stat mods, 1 skill mod, and 1 rune --- or ---- 3 stat mods, 1 skill mod, and 1 exp mod ) As I've said before, I want to keep my Cooking mod inside my legging, and replace everything in my shield with a new ones. All done now, here's the Finished product :
  13. Material Escape Quest

    this is tempting
  14. Material Escape Quest

    can we reopen this case? i've had my suspicion yesterday and it turns out to be true. i tried the quest solo the other day, but failed miserably. so i logged out. the next day, i asked help from @Cajunfried2016 to finish the boss, and to my surprise, the quest was logged as complete. few hours back, i tried it again, still fail the battle vs Harbinger, but the quest can be turned in. (i like this bug, lol)