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  1. Buildings

    building sizes (in square grid) for mapping plan.
  2. About settlements

    are arcanite always chance based or would legendary stuff always drop them when you reach certain salvage level? cause i just found out something really interesting.
  3. Cooking: Introduction

    please tell me if i'm wrong. what i noticed from settlement garden is that, settlers (who works there) can't sell stuff higher than your herblore level. for ex : if your herblore is lvl 200, settler will sell anything within their level range up to lvl 20 stuff the annoying thing is, settler's level can go as high as your current level, so, if your workers are way above your herblore level, they will only sell potato & sweet potato (since both are lvl 0 stuff) and a tiny chance for them to sell legendary cooking/brewing mats. (observed from lvl 52 character level with 245+ herblore and 12 level 50+ workers)
  4. Attention New Players!

    can you please clean your shrines? i wanna play DC faction
  5. Why can't I disenchant items.

    i honestly didn't know Rodimus talks D:
  6. Understanding Stat Basics

    i actually planned to build a Dex pew pew Magi
  7. Understanding Stat Basics

    finally found out that 600 total dex doubles your walking speed outside combat
  8. Theurge Abilities

    Would it be possible to include the " Dark Side " of Theurge Abiities in the Upgrade interface? (probably include them under the tooltip or something) i find this somewhat annoying D:
  9. Playable Races: Overview

    if pirate is a go, pls don't make boxing championship. their right hook is a cheat.
  10. Material Escape Quest

    why elves got that much? it's racist
  11. Faction War tonight! (Jan. 3, 2018)

  12. Faction War tonight! (Jan. 3, 2018)

    Frying Puns, Assemble!!
  13. Grumpy Steelskin

    gotta make up for the short body
  14. can't equip a weapon

    just to make sure, are you using shield? (this is unlikely) are you inside a battle map?
  15. Glimmering Forest

    i actually want to post a bug report about this. but since i'm like the only person who run there (pickin chests, robyn stuff) and managed to loot 50 levels from it, that kinda lessen the bug credibility. hence i'm discussing about this bug here. some (actually quite a lot) of the trees blocks the path, while it might appear wide enough to allow passage, and some even placed in a way to make it looks like a path but still doesn't allow passage. annoyingly, henchmen and mobs can actually go through. apparently, with some trial and errors, i found out that the only one who can squeeze through some of those wide-yet-narrow-path are Female Humans and Elfses and ONLY when they are equipped with either Mace or Warhammer. of course, if your class has a teleport skill, this won't be a problem. but future Glimmering Forest explo(iter)rer might want to take a note of this.