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  1. Writing contest

    I think it's a good idea. Seem to be some talented people in game I think Robyn may be onto something If there is no Naerath lore, maybe that should be the theme? Just throwing that out there
  2. can't equip a weapon

    Well, I have a weapon that i meet all the requirements to equip but game won't let me. There is no red warning saying I can't either. I refreshed, cleared cache, stood on my head, danced around, still can't equip it. Any ideas? It is a Polished Crystal Giant Axe level 16 ....I am level 18. Sad too, it has great mods.
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    define meaningful
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Happy ChrismaHannuQuanzaYule...did i get every holiday? lol
  5. Housing

    Em is def a hoarder. she has anything any class could want lol.
  6. Housing

    I like that idea Odys. If you mean making a certain type of settlement. like focusing on a strictly armour crafting settlement, or tavern/party settlement, or herb/alchemy settlement.?. wish it could happen, that way all players could go to say an armour settlement and purchase vindicator gear etc...or drink ans gamble. if indeed thats what you are talking about. lol
  7. Christmas Season 2017!

    thanks for the xtras Dan. will come in handy especially since I am on vacation and done with the family stuff tomorrow. plan on leveling.....alot !
  8. Christmas Season 2017!

    I am amazed someone knew that Hyperion. Most people aren't Whovians. Weyah will be so happy. Tom Baker was my favorite Dr Who. It's because of the scarf I think. Em...did you really post that ? seriously? Chrome for the hollandaise ? someone kill me now..........*facepalms*
  9. how much is too much turkey exactly?? asking for a friend...she is concerned
  10. Exploration Contest

    Alright. thanks Hyperion ! Just wanted to do the right thing. Didn't want anyone to get double tapped and get shorted gold. I understand things can go south with magic users sometimes lol
  11. Exploration Contest

    Thanks for the info Hyperion ! I am a concordant savvy Vindicator lol. Just want to say I think there has been a mistake in gold. I have 218K in gold. I got the 100K you sent me through the mail, but I don't think I had 118K before you sent me the gold....not that I remember anyway lol. Could I have been rewarded twice? Weyah and Andvarri sent me gold to build my settlement, not sure how much I had honestly I have been away from game for a couple of days. My hubby and I have been BoHo-ing the kitchen so I haven't been on. Is there some way to check what I had before you sent me the 100k? If I got rewarded twice magically....I would like to return gold. It is only right. Sorry, wish I remembered how much I had before picking up mail.
  12. armor

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I have a question about armor. Is it better to have armor with less effectiveness and higher stats, or higher armor rating with lower stats? Does this make sense? lol
  13. Tattered Rags

    Are you still doing this Rag? I would like to talk to you about making a set of vindicator armor if you have already sold the level 31. Thank you.
  14. Vindicator Build Guide

    Thank you for this guide (s) really helps with my toons.
  15. After careful consideration...

    This is the funniest thread i have ever read . I am liking this game more and more lol