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    Name: dizzyg Race: Dwarf Age: Never ask a female dwarf her age, but she's probably around 100 years old Allegiance: Hammerforge Legion and Sylthenea, the goddess Weaponry: Most often she can be seen wielding a death hammer and a medium-sized shield, though her exploits at using divine magic are things legends are made of Appearance: She's like a teapot, short and stout. Her eyes are a pale green that looks like a placid lake, until you anger her. Then they turn into a swirl of greens and browns with gold flecks. Her thick brown hair is always neatly braided into one long ponytail. Her beard is similarly braided, but adorned by a different color bow each day. She wears a mixture of chainmail and leather armor for her best possible movement in combat while protecting the vital organs. Her boots are the piece de resistance. They are made of dragon scales and shimmer a purplish hue in the moonlight. Personality: She is quite easy going as long as the mead is flowing and nobody is insulting her race or her god. She has a hearty laugh that makes others smile at the sound of it. She is quick with a joke, and a light of your smoke. She has a particular affinity for eating large meals with all the fixings. She can eat for hours, seemingly endless quantities. She adores drinking games, though she only plays with other dwarves who can keep her honest. She never has a bad word to say about any of the gods, but she will absolutely fight you to the death if you badmouth Sylthenea. Once combat begins, she is all business. She will fight and heal to her last breath. Backstory: She was born in the highest reaches of the Hammerforge Mountains. Her family was in the business of making war hammers. They are all master blacksmiths, down to the last member. Her childhood was filled with joy, and this translates into a life of equal parts work and play in her adult years. She was never frightened as a child, even though the faction wars did sometimes invade the Legion's territory. Her family always sat safely atop the peaks. They fought, of course, but their home was never laid to waste since no intruders ever got that far. She was taught early on to worship Sylthenea as earnestly as she ate, drank and fought. This devotion was later rewarded with an amazing array of divine magic spells given to her by the goddess. She visits her family as often as possible. They are still very involved in each others' lives, even though they have settled far a wide across the lands. Twice each year, they gather specifically to celebrate all the year's achievements and mourn the losses of family members. The gatherings last for 3 days and include mounds of food, drink and laughter. The gathering always begins and ends with a toast from the matriarch of the family, her mother, Beryl. Roleplay: As she barreled towards the horde, dizzyg readied her hammer and shield. She would win the day against these foul creatures or die trying. From out of nowhere, a rain of fiery arrows came down upon the horde, confusing and scattering them. Dizzyg stopped in her tracks, looking around to see who was interfering with her battle. Off to her right, she saw an Elf looking quite pleased with himself. She stormed towards him, shouting and waving her hammer angrily. He still had that stupid smile on his face, which she intended to wipe completely off. When she got a few feet from him, he boldly said, "You're welcome!" As her eyes turned almost black in appearance, he took a step back and the smile disappeared. "You're welcome? YOU'RE WELCOME?" she yelled. "Why did you interfere in MY battle, you, you, you ELF?" His fear was palpable. He started stammering. "I, I only wanted...I mean, I thought...you DID need help, right? It was 1 against 50, after all. Right?" He slowly backed away from the enraged Dwarf. "Help? You think I looked like I needed help? What is WRONG with you? Are you brain damaged? Did you mother hit you on the head often?" She was practically spitting nails at this insolent being. "Geez, a guy tries to be nice," he sniffed. "I honestly thought there were too many of them for one..." "Girl? Is that what you thought? Too many for one girl?" she demanded. "Well, actually, yes," he replied with an air of misplaced confidence. "My father taught me..." "To be an idiot!" dizzyg snorted. "This GIRL is about to teach you what your father failed to do," she said, raising her hammer to strike. "WAIT!" he implored, backing up more at each word she spoke. He raised his hands to deflect the blow and closed his eyes, waiting for the imminent pain. When it didn't come, he opened one eye to see the Dwarf poised in mid-strike. "I'm sorry," he offered. "Sylthenea help me, if you ever..." she began. "Sylthenea? I, I worship her, too," he stammered. As her hammer slowly descended to her side, it was dizzyg's turn to be at a loss for words.
  2. Flamefrost Rebuild

    First, I get adopted by the two best game parents ever! Then, they poke Dan and make me a Game Warden, the Wicked Warden of the West. Then, momma bear gets sick and disappears. When she finally comes back, the game goes away. ALL THE DRAMA! Seriously though, I do miss you guys. I know it's going to be a while until we get to play again. Hurricane Florence is keeping me quite busy at the moment. It's quite crazy how much damage was done by Flo. She either needs to get a prescription for Midol or go back to her insurance gig. lol
  3. Flamefrost Rebuild

    I got your six, Dan. I' happy to hear your other venture is doing well.
  4. Guess who's back?

    I am doing a dance of joy for your return! We missed you muchly.
  5. Congratulations, Keyani Krafts!

    Way to go!
  6. Weyah is back!

    I think Mamma Weyah got sick of all us rowdy kids and took off with Jack Sparrow. Or Elizabeth Swann. Or Will Turner. Or...well, just about any pirate is more fun than us.
  7. Coolest New Name Contest

    I've seen some pretty cool names. Muninn Dasra Jiggthom TitantiaFrostbeard Lotus Hotdogs (If this player sticks around)
  8. Stolen Souls dungeon

    Okay. I will let them know next time I see them on.
  9. Stolen Souls dungeon

    Pandora and Dasra were in Tul Zarran together doing the Stolen Souls dungeon quest. It completed for Pandora but not for Dasra. They were both fighting the boss. I don't know what to tell them.
  10. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    I am using a fighter from my village, decked out with pretty good gear though not what a player would wear. She kicks ass pretty good on her own. She hasn't died yet if GF, which is way better than Kerthamon the Smith with the exact same gear.
  11. Weyah is back!

    Huzzah! I need the Weyah to return to health. It's not much fun without a pirate lass to mother me. Banderaxx has been trying, but it's just not the same.
  12. Lore Questions

    I now want to be an archaeologist too!
  13. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    I have questions about this, too. Hunter, scout, sociopath, cleric, etc. Who should you take with you? Does it matter if they respect you or hate you? Will clerics serve to heal you and not fight?