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  1. Water

    I am calling BS. I have spent the entire day making potions to build up the water supply in mytowns just so they can be used up in a matter of a couple of hours. I am in the green. If anything the water should be increasing without me having to do this. In one town alone I am a +110 but yet I have to keep pouring potions into the town so I don't lose people. I call BS. Why do I need wells if I don't get water from them.
  2. Why can't I disenchant items.

    Never mind......ty anyway
  3. Why can't I disenchant items.

    Krumpus, Rodimus and Spawn are the chars. It let me learn the skill disenchant during tutorial but it will not let me disenchant items in game. I need to do so so that I can craft jewelry.
  4. Why can't I disenchant items.

    Why can't my chars disenchant items. I have 3 different chars and not one can disenchant. Kind of a hinder if you ask me.
  5. Flamefrost: Change Log

    why isn't the game loading?