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  1. Bank improvement

    If expanding the bank would transform the bank view into a secondary inventory (meaning a grid display just like our current inventory is displayed) I would immediately spend $30 to expand it just to have a secondary inventory that I didn't have to scroll through. The scrolling bank display is the sole reason I don't purchase an expansion on it now. It's too annoying/slow/difficult to organize what I want to hold in the bank.
  2. I'm sure it's been suggested before, but it would be great to have equipable slots on our henchmen. Perhaps not to the same degree our own characters' slots, but maybe just main hand/offhand and boots/chest/head. Something that would allow us to increase their effectiveness as we progress and scale their gear.
  3. Juggernauts of Naerth Recruitment

    Count me in! Which line do I sign and do I need to bring my firstborn?