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  1. Map Filters in Towns

    I can understand your point but at the same time it seems more likely that a public Garden in a major city would be on a map than a "hidden mine entrance" out in the middle of no where in the main world (which i've seen at least two of).
  2. Map Filters in Towns

    I notice that there's filter options on the World map for various points of interest but unless i'm missing something there's no such filters in towns and some places don't show up at all on a town map, didn't even realize there was a garden in Elmethil Do'Naerath until i accidentally sat right on its square for a sec lol (sights markers can be pretty difficult to see too against some of the backgrounds).
  3. Perhaps tone down spawn rates in some zones

    oh don't get me wrong the massive amounts of exp and gold out of it are great, the fights weren't particularly difficult per se so that wasn't the issue. I'm just the type of player that enjoys doing more than non-stop combat, i like the exploration aspect of games and discovering new stuff to do even if the exp from the combat is pretty unbeatable
  4. Went into the Glimmering Forest area and holy hell. Got attacked by a pack of some 8-10 wolves, killed them and a bear and some "four" novices show up almost instantly, killed them and started picking up loot and two more groups of wolves come charging in out of nowhere (before i could check on more than 3 out of the now large pile of drops) followed shortly by more four troops. This pattern continued consistently for a solid 20 minutes with finally at most a 30 second break and then it all started again. It leaves no time for any degree of exploration of a zone and makes the other aspects of the game besides combat nearly pointless as there's never any time between fights to actually do anything else in the zone.