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  1. Exploration Contest

    ahahah that one is too easy, come on hyp! oh well, let's have other players look
  2. New skill

    True since you want a ready gem, it just looks the cost is too low, so yes, it'd be acceptable to lose some mats. Opinions may vary ofc. The end result is still the same, you get some random bonus on an item. By the way, can you add some spoiler tags to this forum? It's something common in forums, with these i can hide extra text and wont clutter the main point in a post.
  3. If you buy an item from auction, then auction it again, the next time you try to auction it it vanishes. As far as i know there's a system in auction so that things you sell can't be sell multiple times. However, that's intended for selling to trift store, i don't see how it should apply to things you aucion. Tested with trash from the trift store, and happens across alt character so a new owner may not know. One such case: i bought lindseed/frostbite oil form someone sold, because it's cheaper than buying it yourself. Then i cleared room so put it up again on auction. Later on, i moved these to an alt, then tried to auction them again. On the alt these oil vanished in auction, and i didn't look back so don't even noticed. Another case: i had too many blank gear for skill gems from disenchanting, so put some in auction. That way they'd be available for guildies as well. Later on i moved them to an alt, but to do so i paid buyout rather than wait for them to expire. The alt went on to auction them and they went poof. More use cases involve putting spare empty gems available in auction, since there's always some. Same for charcoal, or anything you may have picked up from trift store to reuse and still have spares in the end. Now, i can see where decay is needed, however there gotta be a better way to do this than things going poof without any notice. After all you never know if an item was originally from trift store or if it has been auctioned before. I also fear for the things we craft. I do put crafted purple blank items in auction intended for other players. They can be taken by buyout, sometimes they don't get used or passed to players that may auction them again. These items should't be subject to decay since the auction is the marketplace we count on for trades. p.s. Aside of this, a related issue, the things you auction and expire do not list a timer like the things you buy from auction. I do not know the amount of time it passes before the items are destroyed, but there's no countdown or notice.
  4. New skill

    As fun as raw magic goes, it should be treated with care! Senior Incantatrixes spent ages refining and harnessing the magic, they'll surely frown, but fear not, magic always find a way. A suggestion to go along, is to do this with the gem: it get's obscured and you don't know what's in it. It becomes a property gem containing wild magic and labeled as such. The following hidden text you can skip since it's a different take.
  5. Happy Birthday, Weyah!!!

    Happy birthday! Let's bug dev so that we can craft cakes!
  6. Tattered Rags

    Updated: friday 20th My list of things ___________________________________________________ In Auction! Type Rag in the search box. Rags brand Rag(tm), from Rag, Rag Narok and Rag Nhar. Find in auction: alchemy, mining and dis/enchanting gear of various levels. Blank purple necklace and rings, of various levels: 16, 21, 26 and 31. Enchanted purple rings lv26, all three stats and two runes. ___________________________________________________ Also Hoarding Working on A set of lv31 heavy armor for vindi.
  7. Many thanks for you! ...attached as icons in case you want to use one for the react.
  8. Tattered Rags

    Read this bit! If you want me to look for or craft anything, pls tell what you are looking for in a post below, by PM, or in game. ___________________________________________________ Hi, if you want rags this is the place! We can rummage in my backyard for jewelry, food, grenades, and for vindi some melee weapons and heavy armor. Mind food is still edible and also no longer make grenades with poisoning after a little incident. The backyard is also home to a quarry army, if you need stone, mortar or court cases. Stuff to trade is purple items with bonuses that are good to equip fellow players. I hear you do not know what to do with them, they keep ending up in the trift store! Seeking specially gems or items with melee, heavy armor and shield. Donations are also accepted so that i can pass gear and items to new players. However, don't just send any items, storage isn't just scarce, it's precious. People tend to ignore this anyways and stuff pile up, thanks to all btw, and thus please refer to the small guide below. ___________________________________________________ What to save or keep from loot ___________________________________________________
  9. For me the thanks image fails to load, did the ctrl+f5 but it's still 404. It loads from uploads/reactions/react_thanks.png
  10. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    Just in case, i should mention that i did not give any of the enchanted armor i have been making to the goblins! I did however, gave some to Steele, so the stuff is being recalled for inspection as it is covered by a strict quality policy. Gossip goes that the goblins panicked by shiny vindi guy and called senior goblins for backup.
  11. Pots Hit player instead of Target

    Sorry to bump, and rant, but these mushrooms needs a good ole skull and bones for warning! Mix this with being both excited and sleepy as adventurers sometimes are and, well, that first sip really enlightens you. Didn't suffer it was too quick, was really busy looking at the wolves hp bar, wondering why they seemed highly resistant. Shouts and curses were heard all the way to Tul'Zarran. Thing is, by the time one comes by this pot you are likely eager to move on from the basic pot. I happily made about 8 stacks before noticing there were a higher lv, better blue mushroom of like 10x power. That was a waste of a thousand flowers, but if ~2900 was good, ~27000 was too good to be true, right? And of course went to craft these new pots before going on testing the first one. Funny thing, this larger pot is so potent one dose instakills your henchmen as well, despite being a few feet away. Ofc growing resistant to it, i am going to actually use the 8 stacks, no sense in having them go to waste. After all the acid does kill the wolves, it does the intended thing just fine (edit) p.s. shame on you guys i showed off the pots and you say cool and didn't warn, you know who you are lol ahahah
  12. Wall does not align

    I was yelling at the engineers in the settlement about the newly made wall being quite messed up. At first got angry with them thinking they were trying to tell me how a straight line was supposed to go. However, turns up they are innocent and the problem lies all the way to the brick factory. The walls going down to top are not aligned in a way you can make a line of walls, while the walls going top to down align just fine. Found a few existing threads about the look of walls but they don't specifically note any misaligned piece. Looking really closely at the bricks, mortar and pixels, it seems someone cut corners (literally) and stole a bunch of the bricks. The problem is quite deep because now all the blueprints for the same kind of wall are the same. Consensus among me and no one else is that this can be solved by placing the missing bricks back to the design. If you look at the attached pictures, you'll probably not see it quite well, but there's a gap of about 10 pixels to both sides. Yes, that wall has shrunk compared to the other, better behaving wall. The working type of wall starts further into the square and goes all the way to the edge of the next square. It seems to me, im no expert, that both walls start and end aligned to the same side, which just won't work the same for the two types. It being of little priority, i'll left this here for when it can be checked. Hopefully the next generation of engineers will not repeat the same mistakes.
  13. Monster Manual/Creature Compendium

    Went and looked for some monsters but got derailed and hungry, so here's this instead: https://community.flamefrost.com/index.php?/topic/1030-fantastic-plants-and-where-to-find-them/ edit: forgot to say, feel free to add to it as well, i just got it started for you all!
  14. Fantastic Plants and where to find them ___________________________________________________ Daylilly This is perhaps the most important plant in Naerath. For the aspiring cook, a very useful plant is an inedible plant. Why? When it takes being a master herbalist to farm, whereas you can start cooking with basic herbs? For cooking, you'll need three ingredients, but all three of them can be purchased from a vendor. So instead of spending time farming herbs, and plants, alternatively raise herbalism first and sell the daylillies. Then you'll have enough herbalism to get any herb you want for the bonuses, along with a bag of spare gold. ___________________________________________________ Potato The most versatile plant to eat. You can have it fried, boiled, in a bonfire. Eat it with meat, with veggies, with onion, with nothing, with other potato. It's so good it can be found in every single vendor across Naerath. ___________________________________________________ Calendula This and other cheap herbs are of common quality, thus mix well with, surprise, a potato. You get as much munch from them as from the more expensive colored clovers and such. Once you finally get all that saltgrass out of your system, look into more tasty options at the vendor. This one doesn't look like grass, nor is green, and that alone beats a lot of herbs in the list. ___________________________________________________ Sample Recipe! 1. Get some cooking gear, there's nice bludgeons that can both mince herbs and meat and bash goblins. 2. Shoplist: Potato 12 gold, Oil 12 gold, Calendula 89 gold. Sum 114 gold (daylilly sells for 118). 3. Bonfire! or any cooking fire short of arson. 4. Improve with the Improve button. This is where you become master chef. 5. Serve with bacon anyways, you can't go wrong with a proven taste. 6. Profit!
  15. Trade Forum

    +1, title it Marketplace or Bazaar or something or Nharmart