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  1. Shrine demolishion

    Shrine-travel didnt interrupt enemys shrine demolishion. Takes about 5 mins of anticipated 20 mins. Anticipated Anticipated
  2. Potion of mana

    Drop from some mobs in exploration mode: potion of mana didnt work( It says:"Action failed"
  3. Chest didnt work properly

    in exploration mode heading to the west and found THAT: No Free Inventory Slots!
  4. Lag Issues

    All options are always toggled on) In chrome things are much faster. But there is still a trouble with playing. First you die. Then Mana\Hp bars starts to jump up and down(healing\damage recived during the battle). Smthng like 9 opponents attaking at once. In small groups all is playable
  5. Casting from SkillBar

    If you try to cast a spell from skillbar, and you have window of vendor\resource spot (or mby other windows), you get inventory filter toggled on!
  6. No Travel Map Icons

    This reffers to chrome only i guess. No such thing on mozilla. One more thing. If you travel on the map, all icons around arrival spot loading normally
  7. Lag Issues

    One more thing to be mentioned: pressing keys until lag is gone making things even worse. Waiting to animation completle, making it better. Queue of 1 or 2 skills maximum is not so awful and grants moderatly controlled gameplay... P.S. Playing in chrome seems much better)
  8. No xps, credit, gold, or loot

    Exactly. I get nothing if i deliver some blows, but didnt kill mob. I only get drop/xp when deliver a finishing blow .
  9. Lag Issues

    Nither freeze/stun, nor henchman. That toon is my character. I am standing still most part of the battle, because moving is pretty painful.. I can die in battle, while my character trying to move. Casting spells to deal damage. Then i kick them in melee as you can see. In fact: both of them was near my character in the left corner(combo meter shows melee attack landed). So its a major trouble. i cant move to them, as i didnt know where they are
  10. No xps, credit, gold, or loot

    Is there any henchman or another player helping you in battle? You MUST kill that mob (deliver finishing blow) to get XP and drop. Irritating thing with that henchman thing...
  11. Lag Issues

    Battle gameplay. Every Battle is something like that)