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  1. Slow game

    Thank you Hyperion ! I do not log in through Facebook and I use Chrome and changed settings but I am still having slow game problems. I will try any others suggestions as I miss playing so much. And my alt is trying to build on my land.
  2. Slow game

    Now I log on and my character moves on it's own lol I click on nothing and it still moves ..it's crazy ! It is still very slow though....I can not battle at all.
  3. Slow game

    Thank you, and yes I have changed those settings. Ok good. I will try to play again tomorrow as I am still having problems today!
  4. Slow game

    I am having game problems. It is very slow the game and I can not fight or move well. I did cache clearing and F5 but still issues. Has been same issue for 3 days. Is there something else I should be trying? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. No xps, credit, gold, or loot

    Sorry I have not been on, was having issues with game and got discouraged. Talked to Weyah on GR and she asked me to give it another try again and so I did. Tried Glimmering Forest for first time with new character because made mistakes on Vasalisa, playing theurge now (Mercy) and I like it much better, but back to forest issue. Is it normal to have many mobs attack all at once? Was barely into forest area and they kept coming lol I used up so much food trying to stay alive! I died big time ! Is there something I am doing wrong or is it normal? Heard it was the place to go to earn gold and experience, but it really seems not worth it. Not many experience or gold compared to the amount of food you must use. Is it because of my class or........??? I like the area, seems like a fun place but can't explore much because of mob frequency and trying to open chests is out of the question lol Maybe I should wear a different perfume? Or switch class? I mean I know theurges glow with beauty but I do not want to be so attractive as to draw so many mobs to me. Maybe I should have chosen Tul Rax (?) character...not so pretty Anyway I would be grateful to find out if mob frequency is normal in glimmering forest like it was today. I really would like to be able to explore more ! But I really do not like to die so much haha Thank you for your time and sorry to complain again. Not trying to be a poor player and I do like game I promise ! Thank you for fixing the issue and it really was not so much trouble ! Just felt I should inform someone. Game seems to be running much smoother and faster also.
  6. Blankness

    I can not see chat, or send anything through mail. Also can not see items in backpack or bank. Thank you for any help that can be given !
  7. No xps, credit, gold, or loot

    Sorry to bug anyone but I did not get credit, gold, loot, or xps from cave dweller level 14 elite on Windbreaker ridge N:54 W:75 Twice this has happened on two separate occasions. Both times have had to abandoned the quest because of this issue. Thought I would give it another try in hopes it was a one time glitch, sadly it was not a one time issue. Thank you
  8. Exploration Contest

    I can't see the pic! All I see is darkness lol
  9. Intro

    Hi New to game and i must say it is a very good game so far ! Thank you to Weyah for inviting me on Goodreads ! I am an avid gamergirl, musician, reader of almost anything printed, especially historical books, music buff, am sarcastic, love to joke around, play XBox, and other geeky stuff That's about it lol Not good at introductions but wanted to post something
  10. Flamefrost Cocktail Contest!

    This is awesome! New to game and i like this contest So make drink, take pic, post recipe ...got it
  11. Logging out issue

    Hi New to game, great game by the way, if I leave to get a drink or a bathroom break, game logs me off. Wanted to see the time frame and seems to log me out after about 3 minutes. Is this normal and how do I change it please? Thank you