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  1. Flamefrost Cocktail Contest!

    So, without further ado, I should annouce the winner! 1st place goes to @Cajunfried2016 with the Frostfire Elixir! However, due to the nature of a vote split, we have a 3 way tie for 2nd. @Dan with Stein of Naerath, @Phemia Silverstar with Elven Luxury, and @LaGator with Fire Gulp. We're going to need a special run off here! A two way tie could've been passable, but with a 3 way tie we have no 2nd and 3rd place people to distribute prizes to!
  2. Flamefrost Cocktail Contest!

    *Will be updated shortly*
  3. Flamefrost Cocktail Contest!

    The contest deadline has officially passed, but if @Vasalisa, @Weyah, or anyone else has a last minute submission they'd like to put through, I'm going to give an extension through Sunday, til midnight GMT. With that in mind, the voting period is also going to be moved ahead one day, just so the amount of time allowed for a vote will be the same. Thanks again to everyone who has participated so far! I hope the slight extension will help others who didn't quite have time to submit
  4. Flamefrost Cocktail Contest!

    Friendly reminder for all who wanted to participate! Contest deadline is this Saturday We have two complete entries, and am still waiting on @Phemia Silverstar to add a recipe to complete theirs. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!
  5. Flamefrost Cocktail Contest!

    Thank you for this entry, Phemia! But one of the requirements is to post the recipe Could you add that for us? It doesn't have to be as exacting as Cajunfried's, of course.
  6. Armor Efficacy

    So, we were working out some ideas at whether armor of different types is better than others! Averages are based on the original Armor calculation thread by Dan. It's based on average enemy damage for enemies of your same level, which means all of this is approximate. The average amount of physical damage absorbed is based on the figure of 100% (assuming an average enemy will deal 100% of the average damage for the level) It also assumes towards end game, where all sets can easily have over 1425 armor. Further, I only posted the calculations for legendary. However, I can easily do the tables for lower tiers of equipment. This chart does NOT assume any player skills incorporated at all, since that would be really difficult to account for at this stage. If anyone has any suggestions on readability or questions about how things were calculated, let me know! I'll do my best to explain everything. For average EDR: The way EDR seems to work is that it lets you resist the %Physical Resist*%EDR of your equipment. I got the exact medium and heavy set numbers from Dan just to be sure, but this seems to be correct, as far as we can tell. Again, please post suggestions, clarity comments, anything at all if you need it answered, and I'll do my best! @Forum Blob and @Hyperion both helped me test some of the stuff in game, so huge thanks to them as well! Assumptions for EDR by level and legendary.xlsx
  7. Armour Calculation

    Hi Dan! I was hoping you could answer some questions about EDR (elemental damage resistance). For cloth armor, the EDR seems to be 50% For full light it seems to be 40% Since the class that can see these stats in game can't wear medium or heavy armor, could you tell us what the EDR of a full medium or full heavy set of armor might be?
  8. Lag Issues

    I'd like to report the same! It works much smoother for me now
  9. Lag Issues

    Sorry, I was replying in the context of before the fix you applied, and I was not totally together. I've yet to try today. Sorry about that.
  10. Lag Issues

    Normal tactical mode for me depends on whether or not I have Sedriel and if the group is larger than like 4 monsters. If I have Sedriel, around 3 monsters I start getting a little input lag, and from there it scales with number of monsters. Solo without Sedriel, if there's a small group of non-casting monsters or less I have no lag problems, save a slight full round delay on death animation, which is perfectly fine. Medium to large groups of any composition cause my game to be very upset. I lag multiple rounds there as well. Death animations start getting the 2-3 or 3-4 round delay around 7 or 8 monsters or more. Slow internet mode seems to help in these battles, but not in GF exploration mode, probably because it's a bit different. If there is a casting monster AND sedriel, my game lags as if I had a large group. If it's just one casting monster it's fine. If it's two with no Sedriel, same issue. That is probably tied to me and spell effects specifically, but those are currently the issues I've had.
  11. Lag Issues

    Specifically, I did not have lag issues during non-combat in GF while grouped. If we were walking around, and there wasn't anything there (or 1-3 monsters on screen), it was fine. I could move as normal and could fight as normal. As soon as a pack of wolves/wargs/panthers would show up, I'd have lots of input lag, could hardly move (like 1 step per round because of lag), and all of my animations were delayed 3-4 rounds on my side to see what was going on, and the death animations on my screen lagged close to my original estimate of 10 rounds, about 9-10 before dropping dead. My damage on my screen even from enemies wasn't showing up for around 3-4 rounds as well, and that was confusing for sure. I sometimes had died before I could see it on my end, by about 2-3 round delay. It would tell me I was logged out when this would happen, and that's how I'd know I died. Solo in GF with companion Sedriel was much less laggy than this unless larger groups of monsters were on screen. I only had problems as soon as large groups of monsters appeared, whatever point that may have been, if it was soon after I walked in or ten minutes in didn't matter. I also did solo without Sedriel, and it did reduce some of my lag, but not enough to really matter. Most of the lag came through with the packs of monsters. I did try the slow internet mode and sadly it didn't really seem to help much.
  12. Minor suggestion

    So, something I noticed playing that would be really nice if changed a little would be the battle combat music and ambient noise. I really like the sounds you chose for the ambient music, and the combat music is really nice! But to be able to hear the ambient noise at all, I have to turn up my volume really high, and this has been duped on a few different pcs in our house. We can hear the combat music though, it's really really loud comparatively. If you have time, maybe individual volume sliders for battle music and ambient noise, or just bring them closer together in terms of default sound levels eventually maybe? I really love the music and noises, it's just hard currently to hear them, but if I turn up the volume enough to hear them well, I think I woke up all my neighbors when the battle music starts It's not something super huge but it would definitely be awesome sometime
  13. Lots of Issues with Group Play Last Night

    As per our conversation in game, the first two problems are now totally resolved! Thank you so much.
  14. So, I read through the forums first to see if anyone had reported a similar bug/fix here, but here's what was going on, and what we tried that sadly didn't resolve most of it. We both log in through the dedicated flamefrost login now, since we were originally do the facebook login and saw that apparently caused issues for people. So, we switched, login through flamefrost only now. We both play from separate computers in the same house, so we have different IPs. She's wired, I'm wireless. Firstly, a summary of the stuff that went wrong. Following: No matter who was leader, or who tried to follow who, it would always report that the other person was offline and it would immediately cease following. Visibility: (Not sure if bug or just a client thing) We could not see each other at all on the same segment of world map when grouped. We were within 3 levels of each other or less the entire session we tried to play together. Combat: We were not able to start fights simultaneously, at all. While grouped, one of us would have to start a fight solo, and the other would have to join as quickly as possible. This often resulted in one or both of us dead or one of us pretty much missing the entire fight. I tried messing with the settings, we both tried switching browsers, restarting computers, logging in and out again, and nothing seemed to get any better. We both had the "load all players before starting combat" option checked, and were unable to do much from there, especially because we weren't able to start combats simultaneously anyway. I'm hoping I just badly chose options somewhere or something, but I was the one who set both our settings to make sure they were the same Thank you for any solutions you could offer or any time you devote to this!