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  1. Ore and Mines

    a quick test before bed, but it seems to be working =D Thanks again haha
  2. Ore and Mines

    It seems that ore is not being created from the mines, I had been trying to mine, and nothing was happening, so Andvarri also tried mining, and it seems that it doesn't generate after you stop mining
  3. Thank you so much for this guide!
  4. D&D idea riffing

    So just some d&d inspired ideas. -NonLethal Damage -I would love an origin that toggles so I could deal nonlethal, maybe have your autoattack do nonlethal with an 80% accuracy (kind of like the -4 you would have in dnd). (I really just dont want to hurt the doggies, also I feel like as a lawful character I shouldn't always kill on sight, though, I also imagine you would be lawful stupid to try to convert any member of the 4) -Traits -I personally love the little tweaks you can do in a table top game, just spending an afternoon dreaming up a person, and then giving them little things, maybe you were a field worker, so you might get a +1 to farming or something similar -Feats -The life blood of fighters, maybe this could be a vindicators wheel house. Or maybe you could have feats to incentive crafting on your main adventure and not on an alt. Like "if you wield a sword you smithed you get a +N% bonus to hit." maybe it would be better worked into traits. Maybe they would need drawbacks as to not increase power creep. Thanks for hearing my 2 cents
  5. Lost equiptment

    I just started my current character "Jarn Krutemu" last night
  6. Lost equiptment

    Haha, thank you for the prompt response, however, a player named Andvarri has helped me out and got be back on my feet! I'm also not sure if it's a case of equiptment simply breaking (I'm not sure enough about how that works, to say if that's how it happens or not ><) Thanks a bunch again though!
  7. Lost equiptment

    All of my gear at that point was out of chests, I had been slamming my head against chests for a while and noticed before heading to bed that I didn't have a weapon, then came to find out I didnt have much at all ><
  8. Lost equiptment

    After coming out of the exploration zone last night, I lost all my equipped gear, sans my chest-plate and leggings