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  1. Guess who's back?

    Welcome back, fellow Wayfinder!
  2. It is official now, you have been welcomed!
  3. Cloth Vindie's

    It might be that light armor (leather) would be a good 2nd choice instead of cloth but then the dexterity requirement needed would reduce the Vindies hit points significantly.
  4. Is this a guild or a collection of pests and pets?
  5. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    Has anyone used a settler as a henchman/woman and do they operate better than the hirables? Also, do they want a cut of the gold?
  6. Lore Questions

    Welcome back, Hyperion!
  7. An idea for added content...

    I like this idea...
  8. Cloth Vindie's

    I created a cloth Vindicator with the idea he/she would be a martial artist/monk. Using unarmed combat, the toon would 'Bruce Lee' his/her way to victory. I played the character marginally, allowing him to xp and level by way of settlement and when I reached level 50, I equipped him decently enough but I discovered something. I went into Glimmer Forrest (more than several) and found that even with a healer and potions, I could not survive the large group encounters as the cloth armor did not mitigate enough physical damage for me to survive winning the contest. However, I also tried Goblin Caves and the contrast was dramatic! The magic damage mitigation was good enough to allow me to defeat the first group of goblin casters. I did this twice and have concluded that a Cloth Vindie has merit in GT and likely in the planes as well.... For those of you that already knew this, thank you now for not commenting in the negative
  9. New contest: Pin the axe on the elf!

    Itsa Weyah Fuzzy-wuzzy!
  10. Just say no to lockpicking
  11. New contest: Pin the axe on the elf!

    BTW, what is Weyah's profile picture?
  12. All my feelings are hurt

    Sometimes, I think Mr. Incantrix needs to open his shop of potions and sell some 'mellow dwarf' potions...I would buy Thaugrim several barrels of it...
  13. Level 50, 55 and 60 mods for sale

    How much is a 'plethora'?
  14. About settlements

    Andvarri gets everything...I hear that Dan even allows Andvarri to never run out of arrows, gain interest on his gold and he has a pet dragon he fly's around on...Andvarri is already OP with his bows and arrows of instant slaying...just saying.
  15. Water

    If I recall, and the accuracy of my recaller is the question mark, a stone well produces 40 units of water every 8 hours or maybe a day while 1 settler consumes 10 per 8 hours (or day)...but my point is, why would anyone try and supply water by use of alchemy? Especially early on if you are level 25? I mean to say, your alchemy skill must needs be in the 350-400 range to supply enough water through that convoluted process...and the time it would take...so I am calling BS on your BS call. You are complaining about something that follows this poor analogy: I put square wheels on my wagon instead of round wheels. The wagon still moves but requires so much more effort. I call BS on all wagons...