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  1. Best Looking Faction

    Bad guys are the ones with the smelly smell, smell!
  2. Honor Among Thieves

    I may roll a toon and name him/her Random...
  3. Level 80+ Crafts

    Now we need a 'ring of power'!
  4. Arrows she places her poison on.
  5. Faction War tonight! (Jan. 3, 2018)

    (Emerges from cocoon)
  6. Welcome to the game Hammon Rye!

    Ditto welcome, Hammon Rye.
  7. I still like this original thread...
  8. Playable Races: Overview

    There is no 'Weyah' Dan will ruin this game with pirates...
  9. Racial Distinctions

    Hehe, Jefe...
  10. Welcome, new players...

    Less dwarves = more ale and beer for everyone else...
  11. About settlements

    I suspect there is always a chance (5%) of failure.
  12. Attention New Players!

    Please explain what it means to clean my shrines. There better not be dwarf poop in my shrines (looks toward Thaugrim).
  13. Attention New Players!

    I am available to help too.
  14. Playable Races: Overview

    Options presented: Clean a filthy, foul mouthed dwarf's ears or wrestle a dragon? Dragon every time!
  15. Material Escape Quest

    Cuz dwarves get 20% to gold and xp...