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  1. Attention Fellow Gamers

    As an elf friend, where are my rings? Karza
  2. Boss Mobs of Naerath

    Excellent post! Thank you.
  3. Missing Weyah

    Is the Ginger lady not responding to forums anymore?
  4. Happy Birthday, Weyah!!!

    Happy Birthday, Weyah!
  5. Thread count

    Shoots Hyperion with flaming arrow...
  6. After careful consideration...

    ix-nay on the ute-may!
  7. Thread count

    Is thread count important on forums?
  8. After careful consideration...

    You only can try to silence the truth...
  9. Exploration Contest

    Good job!
  10. After careful consideration...

    If those guys are One Direction, then I am seeing Solerus as Justin Bieber, Weyah is Ariana Grande, Fastolph is one of the Jonas brothers and Andvarri is Bruno Mars! Mr. Dragon is definitely Ed Sheeran!
  11. Hello Everybody Important...

    Dorfs are a mean bunch...must be a perspective thing.
  12. Flamefrost Cocktail Contest!

    True but I thought since he was asking for names, I might throw mine in...and perchance garner some ill gotten booty...or is it ill booten gotti?
  13. A Couple Shrine Questions

    I knew a Shriner once. And there was this time at band camp...