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  1. Honor Among Thieves

    (aims crossbow at the large, stone filled head of a certain dwarf)
  2. Poisonous critters

    (shakes head no)
  3. Welcome all of our New Players

    I will help too when I can.
  4. Poisonous critters

    It saddens me the poisonous are allowed to bite and kill wolves and horses for they are people too!
  5. Major Bug

  6. Poisonous critters

    That was my story! So I confirm it...Karza here! The red headed Weyah attacked me without provocation, bit my horse and would have bitten me too if not for my faithful wolf, Fenras who bit her and distracted her enough for me to get away. Alas my horse, Jalopy and my wolf Fenras both died of poison later. So Weyah's not only have poisonous bites, but they are poisonous if you bite them too!
  7. Wayfinder: Basics

    I can attest to this, since I am a medium armor wearing and a crossbow weilding Wayfinder. I watch Andvarri and he kills single targets and groups very fast...while it takes me considerably longer. But, I bet if we were the same level, my HP would be much higher than his. But my mana much less too.
  8. Attention Fellow Gamers

    As an elf friend, where are my rings? Karza
  9. Boss Mobs of Naerath

    Excellent post! Thank you.
  10. Missing Weyah

    Is the Ginger lady not responding to forums anymore?
  11. Happy Birthday, Weyah!!!

    Happy Birthday, Weyah!
  12. Thread count

    Shoots Hyperion with flaming arrow...
  13. After careful consideration...

    ix-nay on the ute-may!