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  1. Ban's suggestion thred

    Basically i'm a fae buff,not the "hang little welcome signs on the bushes" Type,from an early age I have collected folktales,traditions etc. When I started gaming this naturally spread too every supplement for every game I cvould find that even touched on the subject,as well as novels,films etc. The game supplements are handy for sorting out pros and cons,I'm a firm beliver in taking the rough with the smooth,the rest helps with lore. I do not want Disney style cute likkle fairies,I want the old, bloody scary kind,more Pan's Labyrinth or P.Rothfuss's take on them,again With Pros AND Cons! “You think I'm playing at some game? You think iron will keep you safe? Hear my words, manling. Do not mistake me for my mask. You see light dappling on the water and forget the deep, cold dark beneath. Listen. You cannot hurt me. You cannot run or hide. In this I will not be defied. I swear by all the salt in me: if you run counter to my desire, the remainder of your brief mortal span will be an orchestra of misery. I swear by stone and oak and elm: I'll make a game of you. I'll follow you unseen and smother any spark of joy you find. You'll never know a woman's touch, a breath of rest, a moment's peace of mind. And I swear by the night sky and the ever-moving moon: if you lead my master to despair, I will slit you open and splash around like a child in a muddy puddle. I'll string a fiddle with your guts and make you play it while I dance. You are an educated man. You know there are no such things as demons. There is only my kind. You are not wise enough to fear me as I should be feared. You do not know the first note of the music that moves me. -Bast” ― Patrick Rothfuss The above quote is from a "good" Fae
  2. Ban's suggestion thred

    Also,i was a lore DM,on several nwn1 servers,I can do loads of Fae lore,classes,races with pros and cons if needed...seriously,I have tons of it! Also again,I think some races should be earned,basically if cyou play char A well for a period of /time/lvl/thematically well,you get points too unlock other races.
  3. Ban's suggestion thred

    I'm sure I have a sonic wand stashed ?,and these are for the future,not next week
  4. Ban's suggestion thred

    I just don't want it to be ,same old,same old races and classes,the above could generate reasons too fight,group,follow,or even read lore etc. EG:Race Fae/subclss Dryad cannot use metal armour/weapons/fighter gets Dryads spear,a flint tipped 1 hand weapon/melee,improves with lvl,can equip sheild. archers/produce own arrows 100 per day,various effects,flint tipped/mages,get staff ,improves with lvl : innate spells barkskin/treeform(cocoon) vulnerable too fire/resistant too poison/acid
  5. Ban's suggestion thred

    Been doing a lot of thinking on races and such,keeping with the fire-ice themes this is what I have come up with. Ice side,what about a norse theme,you have vikings/white wyrm already,put in vakyries,ice giants,shapeshifters of bears and wolves,(good unarmed combat choice me'thinks),mages with ice/lightningthunder(sonic) specialities,(boons of the gods,could be tied too diety choice),reknowned archers/spear throwers.(tech lvl chainmail) Fire side:hammerforge/fatekeepers:early renniscence(sp?),dwarven enginners turning out gothic plate armour,fast cranked crossbows,basic grenades thrown/fired?,supplying a technocracy fatekeeper force trying too convert all,think coquistadors. mages with fire/acid/disease(smallpox) boons tied again too diety choice,races half dragons/kobolds.(tech lvl Plate/explosives) Nuetral:silverclaw druids,Tuatha da Danaan,elves light and dark,(not drow!),fae,pixies/redcaps(halfling/goblin analogs?),illusions/glamour/confusion/charm innates,shapeshifter again(unarmed combat),mages nature/acid/poison/sonic(for banshee's (again tied too diety choice),traps and tricks(tech lvl bronze/iron) ) desecrated circle:from any of the above,but twisted:diety choice boons:poison/death/chaos/disruption,races:demi lich/blighters/this could be a thing that happens when you join,your race/class is twisted? gatecrashers:Pirates of the carribean!,no seriously,half mermen/half crabs etc.,also seatouched,sharkteeth for biting,a jellyfish sting,randomly assigned on choosing race,shapeshifters ,as before ,but temporary.(tech lvl:stolen) Just a start,prob.fill in more later
  6. Proofreading

    Basically,at the moment ,everything is being done by one person Dragon / Dan,he probably would be grateful for any help .
  7. RPG Influences

    I have the last three!,great books!
  8. RPG Influences

    I am highly influenced by the following:Books Steven Erikson:the malazan books of the fallen...seriously,if you like wellwritten fantasy,read them,makes GRR look like enid blyton.(seriously,if I can steer the madic here towards warrens and holds,I will ! ) Glen Cook: The Black Company...as above Joe Abercrombie..anything. Elizabeth Moon: Ash,Grunts..most of them..whats not too like about someone who went back abd got a degree in medieval studies ,just too write better fantasy!? Pratcett..'nuff said. Guy gavriel kay.moorcock and a host of others. RPG's: DND;Natch. Ars Magica World of Darkness:mainly Changeling,but rest ok to be continued...
  9. Planned New Content: 01.03.2016

    NPS,you've done a hell of a lot in just over a month!
  10. Origins, Alignments and more!

    Cool!,*runs off too see..*
  11. Ban's suggestion thred

    True,but I like my Ban :),I played on a lot of hard RP servers,so you get attatched to characters.
  12. Ban's suggestion thred

    A change race platinum option,will come in handy
  13. Access to quest denied

    This happened too me with the hunting legends quest,thought it was something i had done,next day it was ok,both of us btw did a F5,clear cache,F5 etc.,with no change too the above.
  14. Video/media

    Found this: No idea how too size it.