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  1. I can see that you have reacted to posts, but as yet that functionality isn't showing up on my GUI, I have checked both desktop and mobile (Chrome and FF, respectively). Are there supposed to be buttons showing up yet?
  2. Huzzah!!! A great job thus far Tanzer, and keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.
  3. Trading post has now opened!

    So we could utilise a method of one post for a person, edit it when your inventory changes? I like it, there are definitely some ways to use tagging to one's advantage here.
  4. Trading post has now opened!

    Huzzah!! Nice going, Tanzer! Do you recommend posting only when we have something particular to sell, or is it god to write a resume-type post that specifies what your crafting specialty is?
  5. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    Andvarri hasn't been eating his spinach......
  6. Welcome to Naerath, Dizzyg!! In a few words.... The goal is to get all the tumblers on the lock in the 'up' position. Each time you click, the tumbler you clicked will switch positions - if it was up, it goes down; if it was down, it goes up. The same thing happens to each tumbler placed orthogonally (left, right, up, down) to the tumbler you just clicked. So, if you click the middle tumbler and the one immediately to the left was up, you just toggled it down. This means each click is toggling anywhere from three to five tumblers, depending on where you clicked. The Exception to the Rule: There is a critical counter on the left side. Each time you click a new pin, it goes down one. When it reaches one it will turn green and something different will happen: instead of toggling pins, the entire row that you click next will be swapped with the row of tumblers beneath it. This is incredibly frustrating at first, but can be used to make lock-opening much easier. Once I get to a normal computer next week, I'll make a concerted effort to create a tutorial with pictures illustrating just that. In the meantime, let me know if I was unclear here or can explain anything else!
  7. Bank improvement

    I agree that some modification to the gui would be nice here, although a scalable version of the backpack sounds difficult to make and display. At the moment opening the bank, as well as adding or removing items, gets (understandably) a tad laggy when more slots are purchased and filled. I currently have around eighty occupied slots, for reference, and it takes as much as a second or two for each item I transfer from my pack to the bank, or vice versa. The ability to scroll through the inventory is really attractive as opposed to flipping through multiple screens of banked goods but as Laquinton mentioned, it leaves something to desire in the ability to sort and organise. I'll keep my thinking cap on and see if any brilliant ideas plop on my head.
  8. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    Steele (roughly level twenty-six Vindi) reported bring three-shotted by a single level six elite Goblin Keymaster. The Keymaster, one square North and one square West of the Goblin Tunnels Exploration Mode, was dealing over six thousand damage per shot and Steele was reisting roughly half. Laquinton also verified with a subsequent encounter. This seemed a teeny weeny bit overpowered, so it seemed best to report here in case the exploration mode was interfering. A verdict either way when you have time would be helpful, thanks Dan!
  9. Thread count

    Thread count is of paramount importance: not only does it separate the truly distinguished finger wigglers from the fakers, it also indicates how much hot air they are full of.
  10. Pots Hit player instead of Target

    Ouch, that must have hurt! I know I shouldn't laugh here, but.... too late. If I was one of those who thought they looked nice, I apologize: I think I was attending a Dwarven Conference that day, and it left me a little short-witted. The potion killing your henchmen is news to me, I thought only direct application could prove harmful to friendly bystanders. Maybe too many jalapenos? As far as skulls and crossbones go - I think the blue text is fairly eye-catching already, but maybe the signage could be lowered for those with height disabilities? And maybe a ramp up to the signpost would be helpful as well, or a pot of fairy dust.
  11. On vacation and enjoying being (mostly) unplugged!

  12. After careful consideration...

    I second the motion to mute mafi! A little silence goes a long way.....
  13. After careful consideration...

    For Weyah, who didn't know who Ariana Grande was - a little less trashy, and a little better at singing here: (Honestly, I didn't know who she was either until about a month ago. )
  14. Shrine Defense Glitch?

    I tried defending one of my shrines tonight, but every time I attempted to enter combat an error message popped up saying try again later. The player was still standing in the shrine's square, as was I, but was 39 levels below me. The root of the problem, I suspect, was that the shrine exists in a PvP safe zone - just my opinion, though, and I defer all conclusions to the judgement of our draconic overlord.
  15. When an item is displayed in chat, one can normally click on it and see the relevant stats, boosts applied, etc. Unfortunately, once the item leaves the possession of whomever shared it in chat, the stats/effects popup no longer shows. I don't know if this is because the item id changes when it moves from one person to another (or to the auction house), or for some other reason? The only inconvenience I have experienced is in trying to share things I'm selling in case others want to buy them off the auction house. Once I sell them, however, the description in chat no longer provides that information.