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  1. Honor Among Thieves

    Wonderfully done, Robyn! The image provided of an incredibly violet inventory was a good touch. I don't see any misinformation being circulated - and I learned how to distinguish between Level 1 chests worth picking and ones that aren't. It bears mentioning that most chests are lazy, and don't like to move around - if you find a level 3 chest somewhere and crack it, chances are that chest will respawn a while later in the exact same spot.
  2. Slow Internet Mode Suggestion

    Good ideas, Reginleaf, and welcome to the community! Your inventory should already have a method of filtering items, by using the check-boxes below; it also 'sorts' things by putting each newly acquired item in the first available space. If the filtering isn't working properly, please let us know - it is a relatively new feature. This method is usually a lot more useful for me than an auto-sort function - I like to mass sell the loot I pick up and don't want it getting mixed up with the good stuff I keep at the top of the bag, but filtering out items by type lets me spot a specific piece of gear fairly quickly. I'm no expert, but the idea of an option to minimalise graphics sounds pretty effective - once you start looking at the art, you realise how snowy Naerath really is.
  3. Major Bug

    (Writes Thaugrim's name at the top of a very short list, very black list)
  4. Vindicator Build Guide

    Nope, I think you got all of them! From what I've seen - electricity looks to do the most damage, but also the least damage (it has a wide range of damages it can randomly do, even without considering the critical bonus) and also has the worst wildcard - Hitting an electrical resistant mob with a lightning bolt is like hitting a brick wall with a sponge. Fire does the next most damage, and it keeps going down from there. The fire reduction wildcard also reduces poison and acid damage, so if you carry fire you don't necessarily need to carry acid or poison. Here is a quick table of some of the wildcards, for reference (I can't guarantee this is still accurate, as it is a tad dated): Tough One Increases melee damage by 100% Lightning Reflexes Increases chance to dodge incoming attacks by 30% Frostborn Increases resistance against cold damage by 65% and melee attacks have a 10% chance to freeze the target Celestial Increases resistance against holy damage by 65% Evil Spawn Increases resistance against shadow damage by 65% Magic Diffuser Melee attacks have a 50% chance to dispel positive auras on target Thick-Skinned Increases resistance against physical damage by 65% Survivalist Increases resistance against fire, poison and acid damage by 65% Before you ask... I don't have any more information on wildcards than this; hopefully, one of the other wardens can proof and fill in the blanks at some point.
  5. Exploration Contest

    I don't have any way to check this, and unless @Dan wants to do some sleuthing I'd say thank you for reporting the possibility, but don't worry about it - this happens, and you can be grateful it didn't take away all your gold instead.
  6. Exploration Contest

    And since this has been so much fun for everyone, and Foxfire wants a second chance at this, I have a new spot to go up immediately! Same reward rules as last time, but a less sunshine-y image. Enjoy!!
  7. armor

    This does make sense.... every time we have an influx of new players, it is a popular question in the chat box. The best place to get an answer is the original post: But I will do my best to give a quick synopsis here. Armour decides how much of an incoming physical attack is blocked: 15 points of armour = 1% of damage reduction (magical attacks are a cat of a different colour, see the above link for the full explanation). The total amount of damage reduction you can have is 95%, so any armour above 1425 is redundancy (which comes in handy if you are lazy about repairing your armour ). Armour depends on the starting quality (quality = junk, common, etc) and is independent of armour level and class (class = cloth, light, medium, heavy), so any build can acheive "perfect" armour. It remains static during crafting, so the really good pieces (210+) should be hoarded for later repurposing once you are able to craft your own or can get someone to do it for you. Armour Effectiveness determines how large an attack can be before your armour starts to work less effectively (ie, to block less). If you have 50% Armour and 15 Effectiveness and get bit by a wolf for 14 damage, your armour will block 7 (14 * 50%) of that damage. If you get bit by a bear for 20 damage your armour will block considerably less than 50%, and if you get hit by a mace the size of the Empire State Building for 70,334,333,254 your armour will give up the ghost and not block anything. Armour effectiveness is determined by three things: Level, Class and Quality. Heavy armour will have a better effectiveness than medium armour of the same level and quality, for example - thus allowing you to fight bigger orcs with a better chance of survival. For how crafting changes effectiveness in armour, check out Meta Blob's Amazing Crafting Tutorial: When you are trying to decide between two pieces of armour and the difference is negligible, a good rule is that 1 armour = 1.1 effectiveness (and thus armour is better). I think the math is posted somewhere on the forum, but as of right now I don't remember how or where. Be aware as you level, though, average effectiveness raises quickly - it is necessary to up your armour (in my opinion, it should be every five levels or so) in order to keep up with the amount of damage the mobs are dealing.
  8. Exploration Contest

    Yes!! For future reference, you can get your coords while you are in the game by hovering the mouse over your icon - a tooltip will popup with your location information. I'll ship off some level appropriate food as soon as I can get it made up. Theurge and Vindie are excellent choices for first toons - the Theurge doesn't get built nearly often enough. Obviously none of them are equal to the final class that was added, Incantrix, but then the best is always saved for last.
  9. Exploration Contest

    Huzzaaaaaahhhh!!!!! Finally, someone got it!!! Normally I ask for the coords in a post, but you definitely have the right spot so that isn't necessary. Let me know whether you would like the stone or food, and if food what level to make it at, as well as the toon name to ship this to (post the specs here or pm me, as you please).
  10. Attention New Players!

    Shrines can be purchased at any city from the Shrine Construction Vendor. In Tul'Zarran, the village you start in, the vendor is located near the south entrance/exit. Once you are in any city, you can bring up a map of all the vendors by pressing "m" and hovering your mouse over the icons to see what each location has to offer.
  11. Exploration Mode Mob Oddities

    A possible addendum here - some of the chests seem out of place compared to their previous spawns, as well. If this was intentional, *waves hand* this is not the post you're looking for.
  12. Repeated Popups

    Some of the opening notifications (Garnet Bay received resources! Your Raiders brought back 80 water! Andvarri sent you mail!) seem to be showing up repeatedly. I received around thirty notifications last time I logged on, and I only have two settlements and had received eight pieces of mail.
  13. Slow game

    A couple general notes - there is currently some degradation in terms of game quality when you log in through the Facebook homesite. If this is how you normally log in, click the "full screen" button on the right hand side of the screen; it redirects you to the play.flamefrost.com domain where you can still log in using your facebook credentials. The best browser to use is Chromium and, as Cajunfried pointed out, fine-tuning the ingame settings helps tremendously. If you are in Exploration Mode and your character moves in one direction seemingly endlessly, left for example, you can stop it by tapping the arrow key for the direction it is moving (in this example obviously, that would be left). Outside of exploration mode, I've never encountered that and can't offer any advice.
  14. "Domination: Earth" Launch

    HUZZZZAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! So stoked!! Disappointed that I can't try it out at the moment, but first chance I get I'll test and review on Google Play!
  15. Elememtal Planes Reward System

    Sorry Solerus, but I think you'll have to review your shard rewards table. Andvarri and I just defeated the first wave of a level 421 common imp in Embers (not Elite or Boss, just regular) and got 111 shards each for the wave. A couple levels below that, we got anywhere from 40 to 80 per level. Maybe there is some random generation of shards at higher levels?