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  1. Cooking: Introduction

    Strength, Intellect and Dexterity have no bearing on your skills - you can be good at cooking or alchemy, or smithing, or anything else, regardless of what build your toon has. The only factors are the skills (for cooking, you need to up your herbalism skill to collect things and your cooking skill to make the food) and your origin choice when you made your character (at least one origin has a slight cooking bonus). In order to up your skills, you can: put on gear with a cooking skill bonus (every three points from gear are equal to one normal skill point); assign the skill points you receive after a level up; and, most importantly, practice!
  2. Theurge: Basics

    I haven't played a Paladin-type Theurge, but the number I've seen is 4 strength points and 1 Intellect point every level; this way you can maintain the best armour and weapons, while still powering your spells. Maybe @Solerus or @Tanzer can weigh in?
  3. About settlements

    If I remember rightly, your chance of collecting arcanite is 50% on any legendary item being salvaged, irregardless of your skill level. The stack issue was indeed resolved, you can salvage a stack of twenty gems and get any number of arcanite (up to twenty, of course ).
  4. Buildings

    Slight Adjustments - I believe the Barracks, Arcane Tower, and the guard tower immediately after the Arcane (and, psooibly, the one immediately after that - I don't know what it is) are all 2x2. The largest tree is either 2x2 or 1x2.
  5. Playable Races: Overview

    ... Wow, that was a lot more detail than I expected. This is a whole 'nother expansion pack to Naerath in and of itself! Definitely not an weekend implementation... Weyah, are you sure you are living in the right century?
  6. Why can't I disenchant items.

    I heard about a bug where Disenchanting couldn't be learned when the tutorial was buggy, but I believe that was fixed several months ago. It also didn't prevent you from successfully disenchanting an item, just from learning the skill. Is that what you are experiencing, or is it something else? Also, it would be a great help if you included all three toon names to expedite the investigation.
  7. Understanding Stat Basics

    Say Whaaaaaaaaat???!!! (Adds Incantrix with Dex build to list of future characters)
  8. Material Escape Quest

    Happy New Year, Dan! Luke has gotten in now, thanks for checking in. Just a matter of booking the right flight.
  9. Faction War tonight! (Jan. 3, 2018)

    It's Clobbering Time!
  10. Material Escape Quest

    It's possible this is a misnomer message - from experience, I can say the first thing one has to do after getting the quest is visiting the Air Plane, after that the others should be opened.
  11. Repeated Popups

    That's funny, I noticed it getting the better the last couple times I logged. Instead of expecting seven messages and getting thirty, I now expect four and get one.
  12. Free Experience

    I think I am being rewarded xp multiple times for building certain settlement buildings. At first I assumed it was just another case of duplicating popups, as with the mail, but now that I have the announcements coming through the chat box I can see that it appears to be re-assigned to my skill points every time the announcement comes through. Specifically, I just got announcements rewarding me for building my arcane tower and smithery in Hyperion's Garnet Bay. The first of these was followed by an announcement that two of my skills had just leveled up, and when I checked my character sheet it showed that they had indeed just reached those levels. Since a picture is worth a thousand words... The smithery and arcane tower were both built a few months ago, and I have built other buildings since then (two SDGs and a farm, off the top of my head). At the time these appeared I was in the middle of farming on Jade Island, and they were not accompanied by any sort of legitimate Experience gain (killing something, collecting from an SDG, etc.). Now, I'm not complaining about free xp, but I figured this was one for the forums.

    Thaugrim needs a pair of clean ears...
  14. Wayfinder: Basics

    Great additions, Cajunfried! I have to say that summoning astral bears would probably be my number one reason for switching. If I may add some Incantrix input, though: It is my understanding that a Wayfinder's range depends largely on the bow you use, whereas Incants will find the most important determiner to be in the spells' fine print. For example, my acid shot has a range of six (I think), but my magic missile has a range of ten (also, not guaranteeing that has been fact-checked).