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  1. Suggestion: Shrine Wipe

    Sounds like a possibility to me - I'm moving this to the Suggestions Thread, for Dan to look into. If you want a quick fix, though, there is also a Platinum option that dumps a shrine in every region that is currently un-shrined for you.
  2. Boss Mobs of Naerath

    Thank you for this list!!!! It makes boss hunts so much easier. I can add: (45) Ambassador of Darkness (Inside Hellgate Citadel) N:10 W:13 x4 Bodyguards Looks like we need a DC toon for the rest of the faction bosses, although FK toons can probably check out the SD one. Maybe we could edit and add to this list to include common legendary loot drop types for each boss? It would be nice to know which ones are melee when looking for gear. I can start us off: (31) Shadow Lord -- Cloth Armour
  3. No Food in any settlements

    Maybe some pf the settlers at the Court of Justice were assigned to gardens, and so didn't 'produce' since your last log in? I noticed that sometimes I log on and my food and/or water are down, but I think they start to go back up while I play.
  4. Guess who's back?

    Huzzzaahhhh! White when Wyrm missing you the most!! All hail the Pirate Party President!!!
  5. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    Issue Closed - the problem fixed itself. Food fixed itself first, after a couple weeks, then the water upkeep righted itself this week. The only actions I took (if anyone is looking to this thread with a similar problem) were occasionally transferring water and food from other settlements. This probably wasn't necessary, as none of my settlers left regardless of how much was in my reservoir.
  6. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    I don't think that is likely, for a couple reasons. One is that my settlers were all still staffed (nobody was unassigned), and as I understand it, audiences aren't triggered until you log on with the character in question. The game then works back to see what should have been produced and now isn't, since that person is currently sitting on a cushy seat in an air-conditioned Justice Hall. Thankfully, this isn't terribly important - I've lost nobody so far, and my other settlements produce plenty to keep Phengite afloat.
  7. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    Andvarri, thanks for taking the time to give it a look! I just did a quick headcount,and was able to find twenty settlers staffed at gardens in my Phengite settlement, which means I should have +1200. Jade Island doesn't have a food issue, only a water issue, so unfortunately the farms aren't a problem there. The wierd thing is that it just happened when I got back from my hiatus; before that, all the settlements were functioning normally, and I haven't changed anything since then.
  8. I have recently obtained a recurring shortage of food and water in Hyperion's Phengite Settlement, and of Water in the Jade Island Settlement. The numbers show me as producing a surplus, but every time I log on, the warehouses are empty. I only have stone fountains, so the time taken to produce should not be an issue. Could someone take a look and see what I am missing?
  9. Level 50, 55 and 60 mods for sale

    @Tanzer - I have a +142 Unarmed in game on a level 67 weapon, is that in your range? EDIT -- This may be on one of my alts still, but I can't guarantee it...
  10. Stolen Souls dungeon

    It could also be the case that one of them died before the boss - if you aren't actively in the battle when the boss dies, you won't get credit for the quest.
  11. Weyah is back!

    Welcome back, Warlord Weyah!! I'm so glad to hear you arrrrrrre on the mend.
  12. Disenchanting tutorial please?

    Agreed, another Banks tutorial is encouraged and expected!! There are a few tutorials out there if anybody needs help in a hurry: Or, if you want a video:
  13. Cloth Vindie's

    Thaqnks for posting this - it is an eye-opener! I've always thought that a maxed-out steel skin potion (95% damage reduction) could get anybody through Glimmering Forest, it is interesting to know that this is not the case.
  14. Aaaand the new icon finally makes sense!
  15. Water

    Tanzer has hit the nail on the head - while a settler takes 10 water per hour, a well produces at different time ranges. The resource box up top only shows what your total collection is minus whatever is being used, not how much surplus or defecit you actually end up with. Typically, your settlers will be happy with this average number (meaning it won't affect your overall happiness score), but will still leave if you actually have no food or water to feed them. Dan has posted much more coherently on this before: