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  1. Exploration Mode Mob Oddities

    A possible addendum here - some of the chests seem out of place compared to their previous spawns, as well. If this was intentional, *waves hand* this is not the post you're looking for.
  2. Repeated Popups

    Some of the opening notifications (Garnet Bay received resources! Your Raiders brought back 80 water! Andvarri sent you mail!) seem to be showing up repeatedly. I received around thirty notifications last time I logged on, and I only have two settlements and had received eight pieces of mail.
  3. Slow game

    A couple general notes - there is currently some degradation in terms of game quality when you log in through the Facebook homesite. If this is how you normally log in, click the "full screen" button on the right hand side of the screen; it redirects you to the play.flamefrost.com domain where you can still log in using your facebook credentials. The best browser to use is Chromium and, as Cajunfried pointed out, fine-tuning the ingame settings helps tremendously. If you are in Exploration Mode and your character moves in one direction seemingly endlessly, left for example, you can stop it by tapping the arrow key for the direction it is moving (in this example obviously, that would be left). Outside of exploration mode, I've never encountered that and can't offer any advice.
  4. "Domination: Earth" Launch

    HUZZZZAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! So stoked!! Disappointed that I can't try it out at the moment, but first chance I get I'll test and review on Google Play!
  5. Elememtal Planes Reward System

    Sorry Solerus, but I think you'll have to review your shard rewards table. Andvarri and I just defeated the first wave of a level 421 common imp in Embers (not Elite or Boss, just regular) and got 111 shards each for the wave. A couple levels below that, we got anywhere from 40 to 80 per level. Maybe there is some random generation of shards at higher levels?
  6. Exploration Mode Mob Oddities

    Since the last maintenance period, goonies have been acting rather strangely in Exploration Mode. Most of the wolves, bears and raiders (including the Elite Dire Bear) manage to repeatedly get themselves stuck in some out of the way area, usually quite small surrounded by trees, and then keep running into the trees instead of leaving the area. The Necromancer keeps running to (or spawning at?) the entrance, while his zombies are constantly hanging out with the goonies summoned by Glimmerfade. This in particular makes Exploration Mode even more dangerous than usual for lower level players (and certain incantrixes ). Killing the Necro and his zombies resulted in the same scenario just a couple hours later, so I don't think this was a fluke of a player accidentally leading them astray. On the upside, Va'x'laa is still his normal, unkillable self - a post for another day.
  7. Missing Weyah

    Now she is!! Weyah Spotting in progress, check your local Flamefrost Cam.
  8. Unofficial News & Rumours

    I'm excited to see all the rave reviews come in on your new game! This sounds like a splendid idea, and it will hopefully give a boost to Flamefrost's vibrancy as well as introduce a whole new host of players to Epic Dragon. The reality gaming world is still in the opening stages of gaming, and a great arena to introduce something new. More details are definitely welcome! And the forums are indeed operating at peak efficiency again, so a big thank you to our favorite developer is in order.
  9. Minor Crafting Bugs

    I've noticed that when I'm crafting a piece of legendary gear, the gear doesn't necessarily "eat" a legendary-filled state capsule. Instead, I think it is eating whatever state capsule happens to be first in my inventory. Since I keep them stacked according to quality, I've noticed that my stacks of common, uncommon and finally rare have disappeared. This may be two separate bugs, I will play test and return with edits in hand. Also, the collecting skills tend to eat two of each component on the first time and only give one back. If I start out with 32 stormwood and 32 oil, I only end up with 31 planks.
  10. Exploration Contest

    It feels that time again.... another Exploration Contest! Rewards are 1000 stone, hand delivered to a settlement of your choice, and 100,000 gold! If you are without a settlement and would rather have something you can use, the stone can be switched to a stack of mana food and a stack of health food, maximum level 30 (due to personal crafting abilities ) [thanks to Weyah, the level cap has been rescinded!] or, free of charge, one of Rag's legendary rings currently on the auction house (graciously donated by the original crafter). Here goes:
  11. New skill

    I like this idea! Did you intend to use it solely for attribute generation, or could charged enchantment capsules give a random enchantment, as well? Requiring a large number of specifically legendary boosts seems a bit redundant. The main qualifier for whether or not you can get the boost is your skill level. Using legendary quality gems to further limit it would only serve to make it virtually useless for lower level characters, as you have to have an immense amount of conjuration to get rare and legendary gems in the first place. Besides which, with level 3 chests giving an average of 4 items per drop, the difficulty of collecting legendary items for disenchantment is far less than what it used to be. I remember boss-hunting for half an hour just to find a couple legendary items, and now I only need to spend a minute of running and clicking to get at least two guaranteed drops. I would rather see this as a way of repurposing the large amounts of common and uncommon gems that get stockpiled while practicing enchanting. Drop the dependency on a certain quality, and make the outcome dependent on the number of identical charged gems supplied and your skill level. If this is adopted, I would tend to agree with Rag that the amount of gems consumed should be upped a little - maybe Common(1), Uncommon(4), Rare(8), Legendary(16). Possibly the outcome could be determined by adding a gear instead of being randomized. This way, you could give up a legendary item and x amount of charged gems to specifically try to get a legendary outcome, but the chance of success is still dependent on your skill. If you fail, you get nothing instead of a lower level boost. Regarding Andvarri's suggestion - I like it, but I think the outcome should be leveled up once the attribute raises above a certain level, in the same manner as recrafting gear. Otherwise, the potential to enchant all your gear with these upgraded boosts that were culled from the best attributes already available sounds overpowered.
  12. Happy Birthday, Weyah!!!

    Happy birthday indeed!! May your head stay always red and your arrows ever sharp!
  13. Armour Calculation

    IF I remember rightly from Norion's playtesting it was armour. The bit of math I did seemed to indicate that the best armour against elemental magics was light armour, with cloth in second. This was without taking any special abilities into account, just the straight armour and average effectiveness guides in the op.
  14. Hyperion's Barter Shop

    Will do! I'll ship them over as they are ready.
  15. Hyperion's Barter Shop

    In Game Name: Hyperion, surnamed the Magnificently Amazing Play Times: Usually in the evening, Central Time Looking for: Starfibre Cloth Cloth Blueprints of 220+ Armour value, any levels Offering: Crafted Gear and Weaponry of any lvl up to 30, or tailored goods up to my current level Potions and Food crafted to request of any lvl up to 40 Services, including Dis/Enchanting Settlement Resources, anything transferable These lists are not exclusive - if you want something crafted but don't have any prints, ask anyways. LIkewise, if you have Starfibre but want something else instead, give me a ring ingame! Preferred method of contact is ingame, but feel free to drop a reply below if that suits you better. And remember Rule of Acquisition Number Thirteen: Anything worth doing, is worth doing for money!