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  1. Missing Flamefrost

    I knew I was missing FFL this morning when ... I was daydreaming about ways to fight in the last place I ever enjoyed fighting in, Goblin Tunnels! Honestly, how Dan thought it was fun to stick an elite group of Spellcasters as the welcome committee in an area is hard enough to understand, but the fact that I want to go back for more? It's how I know I'm really jonesing for a fight with the dragon.
  2. Community Maintenance / Downtime

    How did the move of the forums go? As well as could be hoped?
  3. Merry Christmas 2018!

    Merry Christmas from Naerath!! And have no Fyr, I think this next year will be a good one.
  4. Robyn's Entry - Sir Vere De Pression

    Yep, just how Robyn did - the template is here: We've got a separate folder open on the forum, Robyn and I have both been meaning to start a story there. Keep an eye out, it's coming ! @Robyn Banks I don't know how I missed this, but I just got the name of your character. I'm laughing so hard....
  5. Minor forum change

    Awesome, thanks Tanzer! And I'm still waiting to see you make a character....
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving back! Hoping your swords, pens, and other assorted weaponry are staying sharp.
  7. Robyn's Entry - Sir Vere De Pression

    Yes!! And sorry to hear about your mother, but also glad - it's good that she still has that much strength in her. Anddd.... we miss you too!
  8. Update on search for temporary FF substitute game!

    As per usual, Dan, it sounds like you've already thought of everything. Instead of tying into class, what about using whichever type of armour is most prominent on the toon? I've known high-level melee classes to go with cloth armour before, for EP. This could cut out a quarter of the combinations, as well, if you choose to make heavy/medium armour look the same. I would be all for making junk/common the same image, too. It gives a fun "surprise" to a new player once they finish off their first set of decent gear.
  9. Update on search for temporary FF substitute game!

    This made my day!!!
  10. Update on search for temporary FF substitute game!

    I was going to suggest just having a cap on how long unused (over one month?) models are cached, and caching the models a player uses most often on their computer, instead of the server. I don't have numbers at hand, but if you figure two combat gear sets and three crafting/other sets, it seems like this might reduce hard disk overhead? It would increase the demand on the CPUs, though. IF I understand Tanzer correctly, he's saying have basic 3D images for each tier of gear, so all junk helmets would have the same beat-up image (or pull from a pool of a few stock "junk helmet" models) and they would be customizable to a certain degree in colour/ornamentation by the player? That sounds like a promising option, if it cuts server overhead.
  11. Character App Template

    For people named @Weyah -- hurry up and start here!!!

    Pffffft, not an idiot, just busy. And yay! Let's get this party started.

    Wait... My plan was for us to start that here, in this forum. The link was just an example. Everything we need for an FFL version is right here: Unless you meant you wanted to do both? In which case, I should warn you - aside from me (my screename there is iapetus) that other site doesn't have any active members right now - people will come and look, but not play.

    hahahah, I'll be checking my email! I hope your family issues turn out for the best, and soon, because we miss you too! As far as the game, yep, all words! Or we can work out how to add dice, but finding a non-cheater way to do that seemed too complicated for my poor brain. As it stands right now, you get to control your character and any NPC's around within reason. (If your character is a Desecrated Circle member, she probably can't hope to order around Fatekeeper guards in the middle of the Citadel, but she sure can kill them!)
  15. Update on search for temporary FF substitute game!

    Is the main cost here the cost to have a programmer design it, or the cost to have the server display it? ... Dropping the 3D preview altogether might be an option since you would still see it in Exploration Mode, albeit a little smaller. I don't know if just removing the "spin" option from the 3D viewer would be of any significance? Or a top-down view in exploration mode? I'm not overly concerned with games' graphics (I play MUDs), so any suggestions I make here should be taken with a pound of salt.