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  1. Question on salvage xp

    Hello, not related to your bug report but mind that the amount of experience gained from salvaging are not based on quality of items. The only stats that count is item level.
  2. Can the Game be played on a Mac computer?

    I'm playing on linux using chromium without problems if this can help... One of the countless reasons i like this game ^^
  3. Lag Issues

    Woah, this morning light speed combat... Almost immediate target change after death, no bodies standing after death, instant loading, spells visual effect fluid and fast... (Not tried in GF (You know that in Italy GF is the big brother? ) but in tactical combat... Defending settlement and a very long boss punishment) If combat speed will remain like today you can take a long and relaxing holyday boss ^^
  4. Lag Issues

    Our favorites Lagmans? They are able to have lag also with pen and paper d&d
  5. Level 80+ Crafts

    Hurra, i'm back to work... ^^ Thx Boss, just done an intensive test (read as i had lots of items to manipulate) and everything works at its best. You're the best.
  6. Level 80+ Crafts

    i love you boss ^^
  7. Where is Mr. Dragon?

    We miss you boss....
  8. Summer Time warning

    More.... aroma.... than usual? OMG they have innate chemical weapons ability
  9. A Great Asset!

    Well done Hyper, I could not imagine a better warden.
  10. Action failed

    Hello boss, often in combat is displayed the message "action failed".. (it appear in the time interval between death and disappearance of a monster) I easily solve this "update lag" by hitting the "E" key (closest enemy) 2 times, this way the selected action is automatically done on closest enemy. I was wondering if is possible to have this automated (instead of the message to have an automatic next enemy and do action). I think this will also help to hide the second elapsed from kill to disappear, reducing the messages shown during combat. Thx, see you soon.
  11. Keeping New Players/Open Beta Policy

    Or something like "For complain ring to Fluffy house... he will be happy to answer with a two handed axe..."
  12. Surprise?

    Wandering in Glimmering forest i found a lot of mark like this one.. In random place, appearing and disappearing while moving. Please, tell me is a secret entrance to a new dungeon or the gate for Moria However they do not create any problem for game performance or combat or exploring issue.... Kisses ^^
  13. WWT and a Queen

    My church declared you as an heretic, so i can persecute you
  14. WWT and a Queen

    Being a fatekeeper doesn't mean to be a paladin... For example i will kill you every time i meet you in game from now on. And take care, there is someone more dangerous than a Fluff wizard in FK... He is the boss of the powerful guild in game
  15. chest levels never reset

    Savaging lvl 60 items gives a boost to salvage skill, this can be useful for all players... no?