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  1. Multicasts?

    Double bolster vindicator confirmed
  2. Suicide Cleric

    Funny thing after creating a topic i already dismissed cleric on pretty much all my chars
  3. Multicasts?

    I experienced a lot of double shields on any shield skill. Actually the multihit Theurge ability (that one i have on 5. Solar Orb?) Triggered dmg twice A LOT. Etc. Cant remember having a lot of that on incant and pretty much 0 times on vindi.
  4. Suicide Cleric

    Ur our Lord and Saviour.
  5. Suicide Cleric

    Well, again topic says pretty much all. Not forcing or anything but 95% of the time cleric spawns 5-10 tiles in front - goes in and dies. Its rly hard to make it in time to draw aggro off her.
  6. Multicasts?

    Uhm. I experienced that quite a lot and thought thats a visual bug but actually no. Sometimes when u cast ability it casts of two or three times for some reason. That mechanic is pleasant yet confusing Requesting more info. (On screen there are 3 plague effects on 1 mob)
  7. Well pretty much explained by the title. Whenever DoT dmg from Haunt/Plague triggers, character count it as quick action.
  8. Theurge suggestion

    Out of theurge experience it feels like u can have to ways. Skilling base str a lot so u can use powerfull melees and play him as like "paladin" class, or use wands. Staffs are completely underpowered, base staff dmg is outclassed by items 10 lvls lower, so using staff feels completely useless, and ftw u got a free off-hand for a shield (and thats actually another +3 stats 1 skill 1 rune slot). My suggestion - raise base staff dmg, make staff dmg that do elemental damage scale off intelligence (as all staffs for some reason using str attribute for primary weapon dmg calculation).
  9. Shrine teleporting to nowhere

    Sometimes when i teleport to any shrine, game drops me somewhere in north-west corner (not on the same spot everytime, sometimes in the middle of a sea, but its 95% of time a northwest courner). Not a big issue since u can re-teleport without issues 5 secs later but a thing to be considered. Edit : just happened once when i relogged (or entered city fk cant remember). Its probly smth to do with loading screen.
  10. Blacksmithing: Introduction

    Actually that was my confused bad mr. D. and thank you! Apparently in a blacksmithing window when u improve an item quality there is a line about "required lvl" that changes with the improvement that i havent notice. Tho it goes mainly for weapons as you can improve armor effectiveness without much bothering Btw, if you will disenchant a lvl 50 item and craft smth with improved stat out of it - will itemlvl go even higher?
  11. Blacksmithing: Introduction

    Question here mr D. When i create item via blacksmithing out of... like ilvl 15-20 blueprint (that i got from disenchanting ilvl 15-20 item) the finishing product after all the finishing touches and/or capsule applies appearing to be higher lvl. I was getting like 26, 31, even 50 out of that ilvl bp range. Is that some kind of "failure" during process or its actually a feature and its calculated somehow?