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  1. Warrior Unicorns

    Bwah ha hahahahahahahahahaha
  2. Warrior Unicorns

    I miss you the most Tin Man (snortgiggles) So you going to make a character and play with us? How have you been by-the-way ? Life treating you good?
  3. Robyn's Entry - Sir Vere De Pression

    Thank you so very much...it is rough because she is so stubborn but I understand being stubborn myself lol. Soooo Hyper, do I make a char using Robyn's format? And where will we be playing ? In forums?
  4. Minor forum change

    I need to make one as well....if life would just stop happening I could do so
  5. DAN'S A KIWI !!!! I don't care if you have moved to "Stralia or not...the Nugget will still be the Nugget....not going to call him a Joey.......he is ours and Australia can just bite me ! Why in the blueberry troll muffin did you move to Australia for Dan? Work? Weather? Ah......bet it was for the sausage rolls. Perth is lovely so good you're there ! You were missed as you always are but it is understandable ! Moving is never fun. And to just pull up and moved a bizillion miles away is never an enjoyable experience. And as far as we are concerned Dan, take all the time you need...we will always be here. YOU and family come first ! Although you really should post pictures so the rest of us can enjoy looking at sunshine . So is DE just for the phone by-the-way?
  6. Agreed ! I have started playing Runes of Magic, for something mindless to do that will take my mind off the family issues I am having, and have chatted up FFL...naturally, and there are cashers in game who would not mind paying a wee bit I am sure. I described FFL to them and passed on how it is played and there are definitely folk who are interested ! Oddly, they are intrigued by the settlement aspect of this game and crafting instead of murder, mayhem, and questing. RoM is like WoW and rather boring in my opinion, a bit of mindless playing and nothing to do outside of questing. I mean you can craft but it is a far cry from our crafting. And it is rare that there is any player interaction, seems people actually like being social which is great for those of us who like to chat and help out new players ! I am not saying that there should only be certain items you can get with plats, I dislike that in any game, I Love the fact that in FFL all players have the same ability to have good weapons and armor, just maybe have bling that you can only get with plats while still allowing non-cashers an even playing field. FFL is a unique game with out a doubt. It has more to offer than any game I have played. And I Know it Will be successful. And you do not need to spend hours trying to understand how to play it ! It offers something for every type of gamer, from crafting to settlements; guild wars to dungeons. And one of the best group of people I have had the honor to know. No newbie ever gets hung out to dry which RoM and other games simply does not have. And a good community is important in my book. No one here, to my knowledge, just refused to help a newbie or even a regular. And I have found NO game where the creator is actually present and cares about the players and their opinions and offers help. (and will re-name your weapon Happy Bunny to humiliate those she kills). And while I am writing a book here let me also say that this is the First game where females are treated fairly. You guys have no idea how frustrating it is to play a game and get treated like "a girl". Like we are some bunch of dizzy headed (no offence Dizzy G lol), ignorant, oh-I-broke-a-nail, player ! You have pummeled me just like one of the guys and treated me with respect....mostly hahahaha, and I love you the more for it. And have had faith in the females enough to make us Wardens ! Again, I have so much faith that FFL Will be one of the top games around. I would say THE top game, but trying to be humble here people, which is hard as you all well know. I love this game and can not say enough about it. And as Dan has said, it really is about our community here, as well as our love for the game. It is not "just" a game. It is a family. Okey dokey, I am done. Just had a couple things I felt I needed to say. Thanks for putting up with me ! Really do love and respect all of you....you are good people and my life is better for knowing you....though Thaugrim is suspect
  7. Robyn's Entry - Sir Vere De Pression

    Sorry I have been away so much.....family issues. Things have been hectic and ongoing. My adopted Mum had 2 dogs pass away and is going through kidney dialysis which is hard on her, and her dogs passing away have not helped her frame of mind. Plus she still thinks she is indestructible and won't give up the sheep she raises ! Tough old bird, bless her. So naturally fences need mending and hay has to be thrown down from the loft etc. etc. So life has been a lot like having a FFL settlement hahahaha. So, do I need to write up a character here in forums Robyn & Hyperion? Winter has arrived, sadly, and I will have a wee bit more time ! Guide me oh Robyn of Banks and Hyperion of the Finger Wigglers ! Tell this wayward Wayfinder what she needs to do ! By-the-way.....I have missed you all !
  8. Robyn's Entry - Sir Vere De Pression

    Right Here ! TAH-DAH ! Er....um.....why?

    HUZZAH !!!!

    Just wanted to see who is still around ! ROLL CALL !!!!!!

    I am an idiot ! So much on my mind right now ! Anyway...ok I'm in for it here ! Lets do this !
  12. Dan, I know this is difficult for you especially since there are only (atm) a handfull of us that were hard core FFL players (unless you count all of Andvarri's alts *snortgiggles* ) . However, it was getting busy there for a wee bit ! I really still believe that FFL will be one of the top games...I know in my heart it will succeed. I have always felt that and will continue to. Call it a Wayfinder hunch. I really don't mean to sound whinny Dan. It is just that I fell in love with the game, and I have played many ! There is just nothing out there like FFL and that is why I miss it so. Putting the family/friend aspect aside FFL really is a spectacular game. I tried to go back and play WOW and found it lame and unsatisfying. Can't put my finger on just one part of FFL that made it so fun, I just know it is awesome. A player can never, ever get bored ! So much to do in game. I know that I can speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate all that you did and are doing Dan. And that is another thing that makes FFL such a great game, you ! You can tell when a creator puts their heart into a game, a rare happening imho. I know it sounds odd but this IS me we are talking about, from the first moment I played I could feel that your heart went into creating FFL. It was not just a game to make money, obviously since it was a free play game, it was a game for gamers made by a gamer. When someone puts so much effort into making a game, or anything actually, where even the smallest detail was not left undone, it shows in many ways. And I guess what I am trying to say is I/we have so much respect and are so grateful for all that you have done, in creating and trying to keep FFL going. Your heart shows in the game and was/is seen by all of us. So again, thank you Dan ! Now as far as ideas, mayhap you should sit down with a couple of juice filled sippy cups and brain storm with the Dragon Nugget ! Out of the mouth of babes and all that. You never know what may happen !

    Ok ! So I will go there and try to set up an account ! Going through game withdrawals and it isn't pretty I usually don't like killing people (monsters excluded, and DCers lol) because it makes me sad...however if they come at me that's another ball game ! Thanks so much Hyper ! EDIT; BTW, who are you in game Hyper? I am setting up an account now ! Anyone else we know that is there as well? EDIT 2 ; Ok Hyper...I'm in ! Weyah1 is me
  14. Robyn's Entry - Sir Vere De Pression

    AWESOME Robyn !!!
  15. And there is no Indeed..there are NO substitutes ! I have searched myself and all other games are lame ! I need FFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Irregular ? That's the norm for you eh? hahahahaha I played Magic the card game but not the game game. How is it?

    How does one actually play? Is it written word play? And I actually responded to your email ! TAH-DAH ! Still dealing with family issues, but hoping for the best ! Missing everyone terribly !
  18. Birthday

    Just because game is temporarily offline doesn't mean people can't wish me a happy birthday! Write this date down...I will wait....August 20th *plays elevator music* Now that you have written it down, congoratz is expected as well as a cake. A cake with dragons would be nice Thank you

    Hyper, having issues getting to the game site.....would you please email me a link or post it here again please kind sir?
  20. Warrior Unicorns

    I am now Had some life issues..family things...but back in the saddle now me bucko !
  21. Dizzyg

    Excellent Dizzy ! We all need to do this me thinks...while we pine away awaiting relaunch !
  22. Warrior Unicorns

    I know what I meant hahahahahaha Miss you...why don't you call or write or send an owl or some such ?
  23. Birthday

    Thanks Robyn...I miss you too !!! How ya been? Whatcha doing ?
  24. Wanted: Roleplay

    I did call them but they were busy Hyper ! I hope we all get back together soon as well ! I feel so empty without all of you.....I know there is this forum and email, but it is not the same ! Soon as game is back up though, we all need to do EP or mayhap...*dramatic music* we try the Goblin Tunnels ! Anyone find any cool games? I have looked around and there is nothing out there worth a flit !