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  1. Thank You

    So sorry Dizzy We are all here for you if you need us ! You are loved !
  2. If one would make a contest where it wasn't race-ist ..get it...race-ist hahahahaha........I crack myself up.......anyway if one would make a contest where said contest includes ALL players, one might get a response ! Juss' sayin'
  3. About settlements

    So you have a total of 100 needy gits? If I am not mistaken 100 is all we can have per settlement...unless you are Andvarri (<<<<----- Dan's favorite)...then you can have more hahahahaha
  4. Naerath has a New Warden!

    HUZZZAH ! Congoratz Dizzyg ! So happy you have joined us ! We needed you !!
  5. NO YOU WILL NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one touches my trees !!!
  6. Server Crash

    Dan is always good to us ! He loves us and we love him...good to have such an awesome game family And good to have RL friends ! Life is good ! Now......off to see what I have hoarded to give to the minions! Soooooo cool we can equip henchmen...or women hahaha
  7. Don't you dare touch my babies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    HUZZAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Level 50, 55 and 60 mods for sale

    I will take a looky loo if you still have them Cajun !
  10. I did...I just chose to ignore such trivial games and nonsense....I am far to awesome to stoop so low as to hurt someone's 5 feelings.
  11. Or maybe Dwarf type people???? hahahahahaha
  12. Huzzah ! Tysvm Nugget Daddy !
  13. It happens to the best of us lol
  14. Okey dokey Dan...here they are ! You know I love my trees...especially orange trees Thank you for having them as decorations! 2 taverns and 22 monuments...think my settlers will be well pleased lol I added a wee park for them to stroll around in ...wish I could grow grapes to make Elven Frost Wine !