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  1. Disenchanting tutorial please?

    I have overcome my issues and life is good ! Still think we need a tutorial on Disenchanting ...just sayin'
  2. AWESOME Dizzy ! YAY Elfsieses ! And naturally Exalia created them So happy that you wrote a story !
  3. Disenchanting tutorial please?

    So myself and others are having issues with disenchanting LEDG. items and then enchanting No, I am not an idiot LaGator, nor is it just an Elf problem hahahahahaha Could someone please make a disenchanting tutorial? *cough cough* Morph maybe?
  4. 23.01.2018 Realm Back Online

    I DID NOT !! such a meanie pants....I am going to cry now...you hurt my feelings LaGator ! And yes...gingers do in fact have feelings.....deep feelings
  5. Cajun...this is awesome !
  6. New Writing Contest Nearath - The Beginning Story should be about how your race came to be in Naerath. Ideas - Who was the first of your race? Were there Gods involved in your race's creation?? Was your race made by Dragons? Was your race made through Magic? Were you escaped slaves? Runaways? Brought over by Pirates ? Criminals ? You get the gist of it Have no more than 1,500 words. Exact word count not necessary, but please make it close. Judging will depend on how many likes a story gets. So please refrain from liking a story unless it will be your vote. Comments are fine The contest will begin on Feb. 19th and end on Feb. 26th - that will give everyone a week to write ! Prizes are - First Place -100,000 gold and 2 batches of health and mana food made by your truly ! You may pick what mods you would like on your food. ie...Heavy armor, bows, fire resist, etc. Gold also supplied by me as well. Second Place - 50,000 gold and 1 batch of food - mana and health Third Place - 25,000 gold ONE entry per player please......Can be a main character or and alt....but not both. And yes.....we have ways of telling if it is an alt and a main character Anyone can participate ! Wardens included this time. Though I would like to suggest that IF a Warden wins, please share ! I included Wardens for this contest because Wardens never get to participate and never have any fun hahahahaha. Mr. Dragon, sorry Sir, you can not enter because well, you made the game and can make way better food than I can and since you are a tank, food is pretty much a moot point *snortgiggles* Besides, G.O.D.'s don't eat anyway ! Hope everyone has fun and participates since this is my first contest and I will be so veryvery sad if no one does ! If you have any questions please feel free to ask ! Ask on this post though, just in case someone else has the same question ! Thank you ! Let the writing begin !!!!
  7. Happiness and Friends

    Hard to believe it has been over a year since I started playing this game almost 2 I think...right? lol I have met so many wonderful people, and have come to think of folks here as family..albeit a dysfunctional one *snorts* but an awesome one ! (Especially the Wardens ) Hyperion is my fave Warden but don't tell anyone shhhhhhh I have seen babies (Dragon Nugget) growing, babies born (Tanzer), and have come to know so many of you personally..outside of game. I just want to thank Dan aka Mr Dragon aka Dragon Daddy aka Dan Dan the Dragon man and more names I will refrain from saying (tee-hee) for making such a wonderful game and through the making of the game, bringing together some of the finest people I have been blessed to know. And I hope the new people I have met here....Dizzyg, Robyn, Foxfire, & Domovich, continue to play and add to this wonderful game family! I really can say that I care for all of you so much, you ALL have such a big place in my heart, and I thank you for your friendship ! (Yes Andvarri, I am a wee teary so just shut it hahahahahaha )
  8. HAPPY UMBILICAL SEVERING DAY CAJUN !!!!! Here's to another trip around the Sun ! May this year hold more blessings for you than the last my friend ! Has it been a year we have been playing this game already old man??? Er..um..I mean Andvarri? Hard to believe !
  9. Conratulations, Dillis!

    HUZZAH !!!!! Congoratz Dilis !!!
  10. Conratulations Morphine Healton!!!

    HUZZAH !!!! CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR !!!!!!! And wild corn dogs at that
  11. Writing contest

    See part of the reason I wanted to do a writing contest is to maybe have people invent some Naerath background for their character or for game in general. Like how the Elves, Dwarves etc came to Naerath ! Thought it might be fun ! BTW none of you have said yes or no to the contest !
  12. Honor Among Thieves

    Cheesy git hahahaha Thanks for the brilliant "for a child" tutorial Maybe now I can actually open the darn things I dislike chests...never could figure them out I know, I know ........It is easy...for all of YOU lol I just kill stuff and make food, and arrows, and other nifty things I am just not thief material
  13. Writing contest

    I would like to have a short story contest ! I will give food to the winner as well as 100,000 gold ! If it is a go...I will pick a story line and word minimum and everyone can go from there ! We can all vote on best story ! What say you all?
  14. Got killed

    Ahh yes, the old someone else is joining the battle bug. Those are fun lol Thanks for reporting it Dizzy ! Sorry you died though Make sure to repair your armor or you may have more battle issues. Just go to the Smith at Emerald Dragon region, where woodcutters is and they will repair for you. Unless you have the henchman that is the smith. Then just ask him nicely and pay him gold and he will repair for you lol
  15. Melee Theurge (Dark Focused) Build

    Robyn can come over to the dark side and play a wee bit ! I need someone to chat with and go hunting with and mayhap even kill hahahahaha