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  1. Facebook login unavailable?!

    oops, never mind, it was from my virus protection :).
  2. Hi, I seem unable to log in via facebook. Even from my fb page i get the same message : 'Facebook login is unavailable. Please use a Flamefrost account'. Could you please help me with this ? Thx, Amunet.
  3. Hello again, It seems i'm jinxed :)). I encounter yet another problem : when i left-click on the name of an item someone has shared in the chat window - it does nothing, i can't view the item's stats. When I left-click on the name - a blue line appears at the bottom of the chat window, after the last reply. Sorry for the constant bother, Amunet.
  4. Cooking bug?!

    k, thx. now i have a second problem : when someone shares an item in the chat window, when i click on the item's name nothing happens, it doesn't show the item's stats...i don't know, maybe it's my computer at fault here...
  5. Cooking bug?!

    1). when i click on the salt grass it will NOT disappear from my inventory & it will NOT go in the 'extra components' section, so when i click 'proceed' the extra component will be declared missing, thus the cooking attempt won't work 2).i am using a campfire. i don't have an alchemy shack yet 3). i use google chrome also : my previous cooking attempts today have been successful, until this problem occurred out of nowhere.
  6. Cooking bug?!

    Hi, i'm experiencing some problems : when i try to cook a basic dish of potatoes, cheap oil & salt grass, i can't add the salt grass to the recipe. I click on it and it simply doesn't add. I tried several times, refreshed the browser window, even closed & re-opened it...nothing. I haven't tried other dishes, since my cooking skill is 1 and i don't want to upgrade it. Can someone help me please? Amunet.
  7. Leatherworking: Introduction

    Awesome, thanks!
  8. Leatherworking: Introduction

    Hi, what's a 'state capsule' and how do i obtain it? thx, Amunet.