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  1. Stinking Elfses!

    Karza, all elves are descended from a mating tween lizards and bats! Doncher be singing me no more songs, yer flap earred galloot!
  2. Welcome all of our New Players

    Welcome to the new Dwarf players!
  3. Honor Among Thieves

    So now all dwarves have stone heads?
  4. Honor Among Thieves

    Yer didn't mention 'dwarven chest opening' methods! Like throwing the chest off a cliff. Or bashing it with the head of a Tul. Or me favorite, picking the lock with an elf ear!
  5. Poisonous critters

    Elfses aint people, though! Nor are elf lovers! Bunch o skin flints and plant eaters.
  6. I have an axe that picks locks...
  7. Boss Mobs of Naerath

    Don't see no adds here...
  8. Can't log on

    Issues and Elfses, need I say more?
  9. Major Bug

    Git cher ink of me name!
  10. Incantatrix

    Bunch of finger pointing, mouth running, cloth wearing sissies!
  11. Poisonous critters

    Dost thou see? The poisonous creature menaces me from her very lair! Her toxins are evident in her hair and speech.
  12. Poisonous critters

    Saw some talk about nasty, poisonous critters called Weyah's. Apparently one player had his horse bitten then his wolf pet bit the Weyah and both horse and wolf died! Can Mr. Dragon or someone confirm this please?
  13. Major Bug

    It really bugs me to see so many pointy ears running around, tossing flowers everywhere. So this is a major bug in the game!!!
  14. Happy Holidays, my fellow Dwarfkin...and all you 'others' too.
  15. Vindicator Build Guide

    I am thinking having more than one type o damage in your weapons pack is useful but if I were to carry one extra weapon only, what 2 types o damage would be suggested?