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  1. Level 50, 55 and 60 mods for sale

    I have a sharp axe with the edge suited to cutting fingers off finger wigglers...if yer need one? (Axe that is)
  2. What is 'Ticks and Toads'?

    Bunch o gits, ifn yer ask me...must be some o Weyah's settlers comin out of the woods to make a splash.
  3. Coolest New Name Contest

    Ima liken "Thaugrim"...
  4. Guess who's back?

    Only she don't look so slim in that picture...shady yes, slim no.
  5. But little else about her does, Hyperion, little else...
  6. Guess who's back?

    Welcome back, yer elf lover pirate!
  7. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    I resent what Andvarri is saying, since I don't bathe!!!
  8. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    Problems like this always show up with the finger wigglers...me sisters have this issue. Ima thinkin its all the random and loose magic hanging about...makes things squirrelie!
  9. Cloth Vindie's

    Tis a shame yer can't wear cloth armor over yer heavy or medium armor...
  10. Congratulations, Keyani Krafts!

    Me youngest sister is all grown up now! Way to go, girlie!
  11. Congratulations to Minerva, our newest level 50!

    Congratulations, me sister. I am very proud of yer!
  12. Congratulations me fellow Dwarf!
  13. Attention New Players!

    If'n yer were not so high and mighty, I might make a point of stickin you with a spear point! Dwarves ain't nothing like monkeys, monkey boy!
  14. Coolest New Name Contest

    Hopefully, we will see some good, solid Dwarven type names!
  15. Attention New Players!

    Dwarves are not animals! We burn our excrement!