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  1. Beware ....

    Creepin is an Eric Church song...
  2. Conratulations Morphine Healton!!!

    Congo Rats!
  3. 23.01.2018 Realm Back Online

    I am betting a good bit o Hyperions money it was Weyah and her stinking elf pirate friends that crashed the server...Mister Dragon is just trying to not hurt her feelins by calling her out...
  4. Yer get a double bonus if yer can hit them while they are running their mouth.
  5. Welcome, new players...

    Negative, yer derned, lopearred galoot!
  6. Racial Distinctions

    When starting a new toon, consider the dwarf for your racial preference. Here are some valid reasons for the consideration: 1. When a large crowd of players is fighting another large crowd of players, the shorter players have the advantage due to targeting. It is just plain easier to target from top to bottom. 2. Dwarves are almost impossible to poison and have incredible stamina. 3. The dwarven character is versatile, can see in the dark and can hear and speak to stones and rocks. 4. Dwarves are the prettiest race. 5. As singers, none match the dwarves. There are a plethora more of reasons to consider dwarven characters, including our diction and use of grammar!
  7. Glimmering Forest

    So, no comments?
  8. We need more dwarven players...in case you did not read this in the forum guides, dwarves get a 20% bonus to all xp and gold...and we can drink 2 times as much as any other race.
  9. Playable Races: Overview

    I can smell fine. Not sure about me brothers and sisters though.
  10. Faction War tonight! (Jan. 3, 2018)

    Hmmmm, don't a war mean 2 sides? Who is the opposition?
  11. Glimmering Forest

    I am gunna make a point to shave yer ears...with me axe!
  12. Christmas Season 2017!

    I have a symbol in mind for WW and elf lovers and all (all meaning pirates and prolly you if yer reading this)...but I will refrain from posting any pictures...
  13. Con Grat U lations!
  14. Playable Races: Overview

    From stinkin elfses to stinkin pirates...
  15. Playable Races: Overview

    Are you offering to clean me ears for me?