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  1. Missing Weyah

    No need ta be careful if she aint around!
  2. Flamefrost: Change Log

    Me too...
  3. Weyah whereabouts update

    Seems to me the pointy earred red head aint very committed to the game.
  4. Missing Weyah

    Miss Ginger Spice Pirate aint been around much...I miss picking on yer.
  5. Question on salvage xp

    Hows about not gettin rid o nuthin!
  6. Developer Help Requested.

    Who ya callin undermanned, ya pointy earred freak o nature!
  7. Wall does not align

    Thinking there is a Minecraft reference hidden in here somewhere.
  8. Faction Overview

    Speakin o frogs, if Miss Piggy and Kermit married and had children, they would be 'frigglets'!
  9. Appreciation to all our new players...

    Just wish there were fewer elfses in this bunch...
  10. Monster Manual/Creature Compendium

    It's good idear.
  11. Not bad, fer an elf.
  12. I have given this much thought and considered many considerations and I have decided to give a group name to certain of my new guild mates. In alphabetical order, I hereby bequeath Hyperion, Meta Blob, Norion, Rag and Steele with the group name of ONE DIRECTION!
  13. Developer Help Requested.

    Gave me a headache, they did...
  14. Developer Help Requested.

    Not sure I know all the details but skill xp such as mining is not working properly. See Hyperion, Norion, Rag and Steele (in alphabetical order) for details, please. And I apologize ifin they bombard you with lotso spreadsheets and number crunching type o mumbo jumbo.
  15. Shrines

    Bunch o silly white wurmers.