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  1. Coolest New Name Contest

    Too little entrants and participation. I will re-engage this contest again at a later date.
  2. I heard from Weyah today...

    She sends her love and affection (not infection) to all and hopes to be back on in a few days!
  3. Weyah is back!

    I believe Weyah is still recovering from a relapse. No official word yet.
  4. Attention New Players!

    Yeah and monkeys throw their excrement! What point are you making?
  5. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    There is the possible explanation that some of your settlers waited to audience with you during your hiatus, became angry and left. Then your reputation attracted more and restaffed your settlement. It is just a speculation though. The Dragon Man may need a look see here.
  6. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    In your Phengite Settlement, you had 2 gardens, level 6 with 6 settlers each (total of 12 food producers). In your Jade Island, you had 3 gardens, level 6 with 6 settlers and 1 farm that had 1 settlers (total of 19 food producers). In my corresponding settlements: Phengite has 6 gardens (level 6) with 6 settlers each and 4 farms (level 3) with a total of 16 settlers. Food production is +740 Jade Island has 1 level 9 garden and 2 level 8 gardens (25 settlers) along with 5 level 2 gardens with a total of 15 settlers. Food production is 1470. I suspect you do not have enough settlers producing food. I hope this helps.
  7. Coolest New Name Contest

    Thank you, Dizzyg.
  8. What is 'Ticks and Toads'?

    Both, maybe?
  9. Coolest New Name Contest

    This is a contest for players level 1 to 20 who have names that other players really like or think are outstanding or catch their eye. Players can submit up to 3 names here on the forum, listing their number 1 through 3 name submissions. The name must be in the database (searchable) and must be level 20 or lower. Prizes: 15000 gold for top name 10000 gold for number 2 place 5000 gold for 3rd The contest will run through May 11th with considerations for extending the contest further if needed.
  10. So you want to craft?

    There should be no base touching without proper supervision!
  11. Weyah is back!

    Greetings Naerathians, the Weyah informed me she is over her 'poomonia' and will return to game Friday!!!! She says she misses you all, though with Thaugrim, I suspect that miss means with an arrow!
  12. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    I wish to add to Dan's information: Dwarven and Tul settlers, if used as henchmen (or hench-women) can be more "explosive" than humans and elves, if you catch my drift. Just stay upwind of them and you will be alright. And remember the Copper Rule of Naerath, don't drink, fish or wash clothes in any body of water that a Tul or Dwarf has bathed in.
  13. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    I am going to try out the scout and hunter just for the learning.
  14. For Brevity Sake

    I foresee trouble in the future for this dwarf, Obi-wan.
  15. The absence of the Weyah

    For those of you that have missed her, the Weyah has not been on due to sickness. And she sounds as bad as she feels...