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  1. 2019 Status Update

    A 'cajun' is a descendant of the Acadians, french settlers ousted from the colony of Acadia in Canada by the British who forcibly deported them. (As you know, the British and French were long time enemies before the first world war and with the British conquest of Canada, the french settlers everywhere had to pledge loyalty to the King of England or leave. Most of the Acadians refused.) Those Acadians settled in a number of places, most notably in Louisiana where they became known as cajuns. The hot and spicy food associated with cajun cuisine was not theirs originally but over time and association with escaped slaves and peoples from the Carribean, central and south America. Pre-refrigeration and a hot climate required people of south Louisiana ro either pickle, salt or pepper the foods to preserve them. Cajun French is different from Canadian and Parisian French much like American U.S. is to English. Hope this helps. Hyperion is right on target.
  2. 2019 Status Update

    Staying busy here.
  3. 2019 Status Update

    Hey Dan, hope you and the family are doing well.
  4. Missing Flamefrost

    Me too and three!!!!
  5. Merry Christmas 2018!

    Merry Christmas, Dan and all you Flamefrosters!
  6. Proof Positive!!!

    I think Sir Robyn is a little north of Aussie land.
  7. Proof Positive!!!

    We now have 'proof positive' that the British Empire is still alive and well! With Dragon Dan and family moved to Australia, and without any fuss, it is proof the land down under and mother England are still the same country :). I mean to say, with the exception of the language differences, England = Australia....which is alright by me.
  8. Warrior Unicorns

    I have missed the whole event...what game?
  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!!

    Hope you all are doing well.
  10. Update on search for temporary FF substitute game!

    2 links to games I have played with some degree of irregularity: https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/ https://magic.wizards.com/
  11. Update on search for temporary FF substitute game!

    My links lead to no where
  12. Warrior Unicorns

    Welcome back!!!
  13. Birthday

    I am sorry I missed your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!
  14. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Keep on keeping on Dizzyg!
  15. Birthday