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  1. "Unlearnable" Disenchanting

    Dan is still 'the man'!
  2. Disappearing mail

    Dan, just an FYI....Weyah is a hoarder...now she will have massive angst about mailing any items to anywhere...maybe you can just give her infinite storage? (dodges storm of arrows from angry Ginger archer Pirate Princess)
  3. Boss Mobs of Naerath

    This is a listing of the Boss mobs of Naerath (excluding most of the Faction Bosses). Each boss will have the level listed in Parenthesis, name, location then support or bodyguards: (12) Va'x'laa N:77 W:87 x4 bodyguards (20) Stingbreath N:94 W:56 x4 bodyguards (22) Vilefang N:67 W:48 x5 bodyguards (30) Mine Overlord N:79 W:56 x5 bodyguards (31) Shadowlord N:100 W:45 x4 bodyguards (34) Orkenstein N:108 W: 57 x5 bodyguards (41) Killed-a-lot N:29 W:76 x4 bodyguards (42) Pirate Lord (Inside Dragon Spit Port city) N:19 W:14 x3 bodyguards (45) Nameless Evil N:12 W:43 x4 bodyguards (45) Gatecrasher Ogre Warlord (Inside Dragon Spit Port city) N:21 W:14 x4 bodyguards (45) Orc Warlord N:60 W:15 x5 bodyguards (46) Elemental Plane Lord N:7 W:71 no bodyguards (47) Ogre Lich Disciple N:17 W:66 x5 bodyguards (49) Demiurge of Desolation N:37 W:28 x3 bodyguards (49) Northern Spirit Beacon N:34 W:28 x5 bodyguards (50) Shard of Naerath N:8 W:24 x4 bodyguards (50) Sledgemaw N:75 W:22 no bodyguards (50) Primordial Guardian N:86 W:48 x6 bodyguards (50) Akrathaeus N:88 W:45 no bodyguards (50) Avatar of Primordial Nature N:86 W:57 x6 bodyguards Additionally there is the (50) Harbinger of the Apocalypse located at N:81 W:71 x4 bodyguards but this boss mob is for the material planes quest to get your planer shards. These Planar shards allow you to travel to the elemental planes. If you try and solo any of these bosses, be advised they fight well above their level. I am not certain of this but consider the boss level and add 15 to it for solo fighting purposes. Also of note is there are other bosses out in the world but because of my faction, I never see them (they are my faction and faction allies). I considered posting some additional notes on attack styles, strengths and weaknesses of the bosses but wildcards can change some of that information. I also think some element of surprise keeps the encounters more interesting. I hope you find this useful and helpful. P.S. After you win the encounter, you will notice that bosses do not always drop legendary and rare items. And then again, I have on occasion found 3 and even 4 legendary items in the loot pile. And if you know of a boss I have overlooked or missed, please add.
  4. Attention Fellow Gamers

    I just spoke with Weyah and she informed me she is offline until tomorrow getting her computer fixed. Apparently a new generation of hackers have figured out how to attach viruses, malware, etc... to Facebook Messenger messages and her computer issues (inability to play Flamefrost) developed from that. So she asked me to pass on to everyone not to open any links, gifs, emojies etc...attached to a message. Not sure if I am passing on new information or not but if so, please disregard.
  5. Slow game

    In the event you are not aware of this, there are certain in game settings you can change to improve performance. In the lowest tool bar on the screen, 3rd icon from the right is the 'game settings' button. You can also use the 't' as a hot key. Open this and you will see the self explanatory settings that may help with your issues. However, there are some in game issues I have noticed as well. Weyah has already notified the Developer about this.
  6. Happy Birthday, Weyah!!!

    Weyah's birthday present is a song I re-wrote: (With warm regards and respect to the Doors and to the player, Ryder of the Sidhe) Ryders of the Sidhe Ryders of the Sidhe Ryders of the Sidhe Into this house we're born Into this world we're thrown Like a man without a home A king without a throne Ryders of the Sidhe There's a killer on the road His anger to unload Take a long trip away Let your children play If you give this man a chance then with Death you dance Killer on the road, yeah Woman, love your man Woman, love your man Take him by the hand Make him understand The world on you depends Our life will never end Woman, love your man, yeah Ryders of the Sidhe Ryders of the Sidhe Into this house we're born Into this world we're thrown Like a man without a home A king without a throne Ryders of the Sidhe Ryders of the Sidhe Ryders of the Sidhe Ryders of the Sidhe Ryders of the Sidhe Ryders of the Sidhe
  7. Lockpicking skill and Glimmering Forest

    Welcome back from vacation, Hyperion!
  8. Bank improvement

    Man! I am sorry I missed my 'Hyperion' sighting!!! Good seeing you here Hype.
  9. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    To add to this, I encountered a group of level 10 goblin casters just outside GT who gave me a run for my money. We definitely need some investigation on this by Mr. Dragon et al.
  10. Weyah whereabouts update

    I spoke with Weyah last night (in game) and she has reassured me she still loves us, even Solerus! She has been extremely busy with work and more with home issues. She is working on certain needed repairs. She said she would be on today or tonight for some much needed catch up and play time. And while on the subject, Fastolph Danderfluff, Meta Blob, Tanzer, Hyperion, Norion and Mr. Dragon are much missed as well.
  11. Henchmen With Equipable Slots

    A good idea.
  12. Juggernauts of Naerth Recruitment

    And the evil grows...
  13. Missing Weyah

    Careful with the 'Ginger Spice' nickname...
  14. Some minor bug issues

    Mr. Dragon, I first want to report a minor bug with my henchman merchant Javiel being higher level than me. He is level 77 to my lowly 76. Number 2 bug is when selling items from my backpack, random items de-select and I must attempt several times to sell same item. Number 3 bug is none of my arrows are being used. Hope you are well.