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  1. Missing Flamefrost

    Me too and three!!!!
  2. Merry Christmas 2018!

    Merry Christmas, Dan and all you Flamefrosters!
  3. Proof Positive!!!

    I think Sir Robyn is a little north of Aussie land.
  4. Proof Positive!!!

    We now have 'proof positive' that the British Empire is still alive and well! With Dragon Dan and family moved to Australia, and without any fuss, it is proof the land down under and mother England are still the same country :). I mean to say, with the exception of the language differences, England = Australia....which is alright by me.
  5. Warrior Unicorns

    I have missed the whole event...what game?
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!!

    Hope you all are doing well.
  7. Update on search for temporary FF substitute game!

    2 links to games I have played with some degree of irregularity: https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/ https://magic.wizards.com/
  8. Update on search for temporary FF substitute game!

    My links lead to no where
  9. Warrior Unicorns

    Welcome back!!!
  10. Birthday

    I am sorry I missed your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!
  11. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Keep on keeping on Dizzyg!
  12. Birthday

  13. I have not found a suitable temporary substitute! Conclusion: There are none!
  14. Hunter lodge and tannery for settlement

    Dizzyg = Dudette!
  15. There is a new Warlord (Sheriff) in town!

    I am glad you went for it. Once I maxed my xp (level 80), the bonus no longer helped. You are able to benefit from the bonus plus I think you will be an excellent Warlord. It should be manned (or womanned) by someone that likes to compete. If I may add, as a Warden, I try and be objective, fair and just; laid back even. I am much more tolerable than when I wore my Warlord hat or even the guild officer hat. As Warlord and a guild officer, I played to win! I am certain learning which hat to wear when will be easy for you. Just be mindful of people like Weyah, Banderaxx and Thaugrim looking for your crown!