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  1. Stinking Elfses!

    (shakes head sadly at dwarf-centric attitudes)
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    My hope is you all have a meaningful holiday with your family, friends and loved ones (please note they may not always be the same people)
  3. Lockpicking skill and Glimmering Forest

    Thaugrim, you also have a finger that picks noses, and if you try and touch me with it, I will chop it off!
  4. Honor Among Thieves

    Brilliant post, Robyn/Luke! Thank you.
  5. Turn based?

    Use the 'e' button to auto target. There are several single key stroke commands that are helpful.
  6. Site Down?

    try loading through Facebook
  7. Flamefrost: Change Log

    try loading through Facebook
  8. Slow Internet Mode Suggestion

    It is entirely possible the snowy, rainy, predominantly overcast climate of Naerath is indicative of the actual climate of the designer/developer. When you grow up in an area that only has 10 days of sunshine a year, it may color your creativity...:)
  9. Welcome all of our New Players

    Welcome to Naerath! If you need any guidance, many of the players here are helpful in answering game related questions and even will help with non-game queries. There are Wardens as well and you will know us by the chevrons beside our names. There is Tanzer, Weyah, Hyperion and myself, Andvarri. Should we be on as our alternate characters (on the same account) we will have the chevrons in place as well. Please bother us! We are online to assist you with your game play. We are paid by the number of new player questions we answer as well as the number of players we assist. (joking) It is our hope you find this game enjoyable and you want to build settlements and develop many characters. There is much to explore!
  10. 27.11 Maintenance

    Thank you, Dan.
  11. Major Bug

    (wonders about certain dwarves)
  12. Slow Internet Mode Suggestion

    Good suggestions, both
  13. I hope you all eat a lot of turkey and tap plenty of naps.
  14. Vindicator Build Guide

    I suggest you carry 3 types of damage at the very least because you will run into mobs with up to 3 wildcards. And one of those wild cards can give the mob up to 3 immunities. These wild cards can protect the mob from Acid, Cold, Electrical, Fire, Holy, Physical, Poison, and Shadow. I am likely missing one of the damage types so please post if you remember it. The only damage type I do not currently carry is Acid. I plan on crafting an acid bow and arrows though.
  15. Wayfinder: Basics

    My 2 cents: Part 1 (concerning Wayfinders) There are 3 basic ranged combat builds for this class and these builds involve armor, weapon and play style. Before you go any further, understand that bows and arrows are dex based. You may find exceptions to this but I have not. So considering your build Combat Build 1 For the sake of branding, lets call this build the 'Fleet Feet' build as it offers the Wayfinder the greatest movement. The player uses cloth armor which offers the added benefit of offering greater damage reduction to magic attacks. Accordingly, it is the least effective in reducing physical attack damage. This build is best for the play style called 'Kiting' which means you run away fast, create distance and then either lay a trap or shoot and run away some more. The crossbow offers the greatest range but the other bows work effectively for this build as well. The targets do not always move over the trap and I have not used traps as it is not my play style. A plus for cloth armor is that most cloth armor has no stat requirement. The detriment is a cloth wearing Wayfinder will take a considerable amount of melee and physical ranged damage because cloth armor is poor in that department of mitigation. Combat Build 2 The 'Classic' build is leather armor which is dependant on dexterity for the armor type. This is of benefit to the damage output of the Wayfinder and also the damage mitigation. Lite or leather armor is the second best armor for reducing magic damage and 3rd best for the other damage type. Also, the movement rate for leather armor is second best so this build allows for some 'kiting' as well. I suggest the short bow for the higher crit rate or the long bow for the greater damage possibility. I am not sure of this but I think the short bow may be fired every 3 seconds to the 4 second ROF of Long Bows and Cross Bows. Combat Build 3 'Armored Archer' is what I call the Wayfinder that wears medium armor. This style is good for solo players that like fighting elites and boss mobs. To wear medium armor, the player chooses strength (and more health). Medium armor is second best in armor for reducing phyiscal damage and 3rd best in reducing magic damage. The high strength requirement lowers dexterity significantly which hinders damage output. It also limits the level of bows, bolts and arrows which impacts damage as well. The crossbow is a decent melee weapon if the Wayfinder has need to melee but it is my belief that if you want to melee, choose Vindicator or Theurge (Paladin build). While the higher strength and higher damage reduction gained for the medium armor, I suspect the player will find PVP to reveal the need for higher damage out put. There are some combinations you can try but let me say this in closing (and you can quote me if you like), "The Wayfinder class is bow (ranged) based and that requires dexterity." If you can create an effective hybrid of the builds I mention here, or something that I have missed, please post so that I can learn from your discovery.