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  1. Lockpicking skill and Glimmering Forest

    Welcome back from vacation, Hyperion!
  2. Bank improvement

    Man! I am sorry I missed my 'Hyperion' sighting!!! Good seeing you here Hype.
  3. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    To add to this, I encountered a group of level 10 goblin casters just outside GT who gave me a run for my money. We definitely need some investigation on this by Mr. Dragon et al.
  4. Weyah whereabouts update

    I spoke with Weyah last night (in game) and she has reassured me she still loves us, even Solerus! She has been extremely busy with work and more with home issues. She is working on certain needed repairs. She said she would be on today or tonight for some much needed catch up and play time. And while on the subject, Fastolph Danderfluff, Meta Blob, Tanzer, Hyperion, Norion and Mr. Dragon are much missed as well.
  5. Henchmen With Equipable Slots

    A good idea.
  6. Juggernauts of Naerth Recruitment

    And the evil grows...
  7. Missing Weyah

    Careful with the 'Ginger Spice' nickname...
  8. Some minor bug issues

    Mr. Dragon, I first want to report a minor bug with my henchman merchant Javiel being higher level than me. He is level 77 to my lowly 76. Number 2 bug is when selling items from my backpack, random items de-select and I must attempt several times to sell same item. Number 3 bug is none of my arrows are being used. Hope you are well.
  9. To Fastolph Danderfluff, Meta Blob, Hyperion, Norion, Rag, Steele, I wish to extend a warm heartfelt appreciation to all that you add to the gaming experience since you have joined us. Your posts are insightful, your opinions appreciated (sometimes :P), and your general presence adds our realm. Thank you. I am speaking for some of the holdovers such as myself, Solerus (AKA Thero), Weyah and sometimes Tanzer. I am sure some of our predecessors such as Nera, Toki, Marissa, Fiona and others would have found you equally entertaining. And certainly a warm welcome to our newest players who are too many to mention by name. Well done, Dan on your advertising.
  10. After careful consideration...

    Since hype is unfamiliar with the group One Direction, This is for Hype who is unfamiliar with One Direction
  11. After careful consideration...

    I like Bruno Mars!
  12. Exploration Contest

    Congratulations, Rag!!!! Azure Storm rocks...
  13. After careful consideration...

    LOL, one direction.
  14. Monster Manual/Creature Compendium

    I am sorry, Hype but I do not know what a Pokedex (with or without the trademark) is.