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  1. Village/City name

    Not really what you're looking for - if indeed this is a personal request rather than one for the community - but this may help, although I imagine you're likely already aware of it:
  2. Loot filters

    The main problem I see here is that the bonuses may be wanted and can be applied to erroneous equipment. I at least always scour loot to see if there are bonuses that are wanted. Short of a dedicated menu GUI to set up a comprehensive filter (which would be pretty awesome) I guess the 'quick' way would be to search by item class as @PK_Phenom has suggested, or by a minimum boost integer.
  3. New player

    Yeah. Community is largely helpful. Feel free to throw me a message if any help is needed. May spur me into writing copy to upload :v Pretty entrenched in scripting something at present so not having many spare minutos
  4. Bag and hot bar

    And I dislike the arrogance and elitism you show. It isn't a hard situation to envisage. And it's not a situation unique to this game. Curb your attitude.
  5. Bag and hot bar

    Expansion of inventory is planned. Hotbar is limited and unlikely to increase. Focus on the strategy of planning your encounter first

    Pinging would be useful yes. Maybe a pop-up that gives the option to change target?
  7. Xp something ??

    You don't scale the experience based on level / contribution? Wasn't expecting it to just be a straight split by number
  8. Xp something ??

    Levels of those in the group, and of the mobs you faced?
  9. Xp something ??

    Anything changed in what you're doing? Are you using the combos in the fight? Are you facing standard mobs?
  10. Toolbox

    No >_<
  11. Attribute Bonus Update 11.03

    Increasing the upgrades and making mastery / specific minimum levels for combos would help to improve the feelings of achievement.
  12. Attribute Bonus Update 11.03

    I'm for the idea of actions like that but really not in a place to think of any at the moment. May go take a break and ruminate on that.
  13. "Core stores"

    Maybe a general vendor with certain lines of permanent stock in either the start town / all towns. Nothing major, just ammo - catalysts and arrows / bolts, a variable pool of low level equipment, minor potions and foodstuffs etc., maybe even base tier craft goods.
  14. Attribute Bonus Update 11.03

    Z, instead of saying how awesome you are and that you can kill things so easily, maybe share how you're achieving what should clearly be an impossible feat so the game can be fixed? I personally don't consider being able to one-hit everything an engaging game. Re Tanz's stat thing, that's something I've had on my second list for a while Dan Is there any reason in particular you prefer us not to be able to use our effective stats over the base ones for gear? That limitation tends to skew builds from the off.
  15. Checks before crafting

    Similar to that dupe bug I PMd you trying to smelt an ore with a full invent has resulted in the ore being unable to be received by me. This is something I'd imagine applies across the craft skills. Throw in the same space check to them?