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  1. Theurge: Basics

    Sorry, I can not really say how much INT to put for a particular stat for a Pally, but I will say that Int is very important for every class. Some classes may use more INT because the class benefits more in it at the fact the class spells depends on INT for to function correctly because certain spells are modded by INT. Trust me all stats has it purpose for the development for your toon. Once you have an understanding of the stat purposes you will begin to create your own unique class set apart from others. Your success in the game really depends on how comfortable you are with the class that you working with , and your knowledge of your class spells in certain in-game situations. Hope this helps. -Solerus
  2. Beware ....

    Beware... Do not sleep less I creep..beware. -Solerus
  3. I AM BACK !

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone doing well. I am back after a break and PC issues. It feels great to see you guys again. I have been watching the updates for the game, and I see Dan tweaked somethings that looks great for the game. I went to the Gobbie Tunnels and that zone was really challenging, which hyped me up! Dan has done great job on the content. You really have to use your skills just to survive 5 mins in there. I mean use everything you know and got. It is awesome to me, but it makes me try harder to survive the onslaught in there. I really need work on my combat skills because I had a difficult time in there. We got a lot of retraining to do. Well its great to be back again for the grind!!! -Solerus
  4. Hello Flamefrosters!! , we are going to talk about the game's stat basics, and how they work for your benefit. A lot of newcomers were wondering how the stats effect the game play. Well the stats in the game are the building blocks and the foundation core of players success in Flamefrost Legacy. Understanding the stat purpose is vital in every aspect of one's progress in the game. Knowing this basic information of what a stat does, and how to utilize it to one's advantage is crucial. Once you have an understanding of the purpose of a particular stat, one can reap the benefits of the outcome whether in combat e.g. (PVE or PVP). Here is some information on Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence and what purpose they fulfill in the game play experience. **STRENGTH - The stat is vital in every aspects of the game for all classes. Keep in mind this stat like all the others have more than one purpose in the game. Knowing this is vital and beneficial to all. Strength is great for increasing ones damage of attacks whether melee or certain spells that has a modifier on an ability or range attacks. Yes, your damage will increase its effects by this stat, but also it will increase one's hitpoints. Damage is always great, but extending ones life is always better too. Everyone will have to make a decision on how he or she wants to utilize this stat for their class development purposes. Keep in mind that strength can help hitpoints regenerate faster also. If you have the damage department well taken care of, the extended life department is always a great investment from this stat. Every wayfinder, incantatrix, and theruge can have just as much hitpoints as a vindicator who is the top tank class in the game. One will just have to prioritize what he or she wants to develop first. You can never go wrong with long life and being strong. All classes can benefit from this stat, but more so vindicators' primary stat. **DEXTERITY - This stat that is also vital to ones in-game success. With dexterity, one can boost his or her accuracy in attacks whether melee or range attacks. This stat has its muitiple purposes in game play. Yes, accuracy for attacks along with evasion from melee attacks from mobs. Just think about this for a moment. Would it not be reasonable for one to invest in one's defense for the sole purpose of survival in this game? I will leave that decision up to you. You are the captain of your game experience. It's always great to be versatile in one's class development. Dodging attacks against a mob is monumental in one's survival in combat if one wants to be successful in Flamefrost Legacy. There is nothing more important on the battlefield than accuracy in attacks and evasion from enemy attacks. The bottom line is defense along with the proper armor protection. It is a recipe essential to the success and survival in class development. All classes can benefit from this stat investment, but more so wayfinders' primary stat. **INTELLIGENCE - This stat is a great investment also in the game. If you really think about it, this stat gives life to all class abilities. It is the heart beat of one's special attacks whether range or melee spells. Intelligence is what deepens a class mental power, and that mental power is connected to the class mana pool. How strong is your mental strength on the battlefield? Will you break and give up to retreat or stand your ground to the end. This stat is critical in combat for all classes. It helps your mana regeneration and increases damage with spells and range attacks. Every class has their primary stats, but in my opinion, I believe this is the secondary stat because intelligence is needed on the battlefield. I think the one who displays a strong mental fortitude (intelligence) in combat will always be the victor!! Yes, intelligence is the bullets to your arsenal. If you have enough bullets for a gun, you will never have to worry about running out of them anytime soon. All classes can benefit from this stat, but more so Incantatrix and Theruges alike as a primary stat. Remember your success depends on your knowledge of your spells and skills in combat. If you know these basics, there will be no problem for you to "Ace It". I hope this answers all the questions on the stat information for class development. Good luck to everyone! -Solerus
  5. Theurge's Defense Vs Offense

    Hello Flamefrosters, This is Solerus with another Theruge update. We are going to talk about the defense and offense of a theruge. The class are nice to play, and the class has so much to offer if one does not know whether they should play as a vindie or a caster. One may say that vindies (vindicator) are the toughest around in the defense department. That may be true. Also, Incantatrix as a spell caster has all the arsenal for Area of Effect spells to cut down a crowd of mobs and that may be true too. Theurge is like a hybrid of vindie and incantatrix with good defense and offense except it can operate as a healer. In my opinion, it is a great class to learn, but it will take time to learn how the spells work because all the spells are situational; meaning one use of a spell can save you from a certain situation does not mean it will do it again by working in the same situation. Every battle is not the same because the mobs' attack formation will never be the same and it is ever changing. 65+ mobs in the Elemental Planes in one run of 10 waves are kind of hard to predict what is going happen. The best way to handle any situation is to tighten up your defense as a paladin theruge. Reason why I say paladin is because a (pally) will always have a melee weapon and shield for his or her arsenal, and wear medium armor for extra protection. The defense and be acted upon as offense with high damage to keep mobs from having anytime to do any damage during their onslaught. This is effective, but when you actually think about it the individual is carrying out a high damage output. I call this 90%/10% method. Pally using 90% high output on damage, but 10% protection in defenses. Spells to use in this area is Holy and Shadow magic; Light and Dark attumements. You can not have both up at the same time. It is either one or the other, but it requires time to learn what they actually do to benefit from the use of them both. I started out learning the Divine magic first because pallies are suppose to be holy warriors, but unless you like becoming a shadowknight first with shadow magic. This is what I am learning at the moment. Both divine and shadow magic are great, but if you happened to run into an enemy or enemies that are strong against one or the other magic. You should not have any problem switching up attunements (magic) to kill your enemy. Now the Defense method for a pally who weather the storm of battle against his or her enemies would be the opposite 90% protection, 10% damage output. Yes, this is good for lowbie levels until you hit lv 30ish. You will be able to take on mobs in crowds no matter what. If your health falls below an unexpected level, you will be able to recover a portion of your health through heals, which will help you to sustain in battles until the last mob drops. This is a great learning curve for those who are new to the class. There is nothing worst than getting killed when you do not want to die in battle. Again, all battles will be situational, but you will learn what to do, how to do, and respond accordingly to your current battle status. I encourage everyone to learn how each stat attributes works and how your class benefits in the process. This will enhance your game progress overall, and help you make sound decisions on the battlefield. At lv 50, a paladin (pally) will be ready to access the big leagues of Flamefrost Legacy known as the Elemental Planes (EP). Here you will either wheel and deal or get killed. This area is so serious to gameplay, but the rewards are priceless. 90%/10% does not work here. You will have to change up your strategy here. This is not an area for the faint at heart. This is where your survival skills for your class will be put to the test. The method here will have to be 75%/25%. You got to have ramped up legendary gear in order to embark on the task here. Your skills will be a factor whether you survive the onslaught of 10 waves of mobs attacking. The first five waves may seems like there is nothing to it until waves 6 through 8 gets ramped up. Those waves will be the brick wall you will have to climb over until you reach waves 9 and 10. These waves 9 and 10 will be turned up (super-pro) mode. Again, its the player skill and knowledge of spells that will get them through these final treacherous battles. In the end, the reward is all worth it. Theruge class is an amazing class to anyone's addition of classes that he or she plays. I highly recommend this class for the returns that you will get from investing time in learning what it has to offer. Well good luck everyone on your pally!! -Solerus
  6. Elememtal Planes Reward System

    Well thanks for all the comments from everyone. I have been trying to figure out how the reward system works for the Lesser mobs in the Elemental Planes. Now I am working on the elites and bosses calculations for the system. They are real nose-bleeders and hit like Mack trucks!! I will post that information as well once I get a chance to. -Solerus
  7. Hello Flamefrost fanatics!!!, This is Solerus with information that would be essential to you in knowing how the Elemental Planes Reward System is set up. Well for starters, those who never been to the Elemental Planes, and do not know what it is. It is an area in Flamefrost Legacy where you can go once you reached level 50. You can only gain access to this area by completing the Harbinger quest. The quest is given by an NPC in the hidden cave in the Wailing Souls area. All you need to do is kill the Harbinger of Apocalyse and his minions then return to the quest giver for access to the Elemental Planes. Upon completing the quest, you will earn xp and obtain an item from the npc which is called the planar shards. You will get 5 of them to use to gain access to "EP" (Elemental Planes). The portal that leads to "EP" is in the Eye of Naerath. This is a tower that is guarded by alot of spellcasters if you are a lowbie. If lv 50, you will not have an trouble with them bothering you. Once you gain access into the Elemental Planes, you will have 3 areas to choose from examples: Plane of Air, Plane of Water,and Plane of Fire. Plane of Air holds merchants that sell you gear and weapons for Power Shards that can only be obtained through fighting mobs in "EP". Power Shards are a form of currency that you earn from completing an onslaught of 10 waves of mobs that attack you continuously after every wave. Surviving any wave completion has a reward of power shards that you will earn. The amount of the power shards is based on the level of mobs in the waves also the tiers of multiples of 10. The mobs in "EP" starts at the level 50 then goes up from there. You can choose to fight mobs that are level 1000, but that will be based on your Planar travel skills that you have. The higher your Planar skills level the further you can go up the tiers in battle for a more rewarding currency earned in Power shards. The purpose of this post to gives you an idea of how much power shards one could earn based on the level tiered battles per wave. I am going to show you how to calculate your power shards before time, so that you will know what direction to take to earn more of them. If you have a planar travel skill of 1, the level 1 skill will start you off at level 0 in the Elemental Planes which means the level of the mobs with be at level 50. In this area, you have lesser mobs and elite mobs. The elite mobs will be a nose-bleeder fight because of their high hitpoints and defense that they have. The rewarding system for these guys are very good, but I am going to focus on the lesser mobs in this post because they are the easiest. Below I will chart a graph so you will know how to calculate the lesser mobs accordingly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- level wave 1-8 wave 9 wave 10 0 1x ?? ?? 10 2x ?? ?? 20 3x ?? ?? 30 4x ?? ?? 40 5x ?? ?? 50 6x ?? ?? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The chart above is an illustration of how the concept of the reward system is designed for lesser mobs in Elemental Planes. The reason why I only did it to level 50 tier is because that tier level mobs will be lv 100. What you do is take lv 50 and add it to the levels of Planar skill to get your level of what mobs you going to fight. Lv 50 + 0 difficulty level = lv 50 lesser mobs. Level 50 + level 1 difficulty = lv 51 mobs for battle. Now there are 10 waves of battles to go through. Waves 1 through 8 will need to be tallied up together for power shards. For example, if i decide to go fight lv 65 mobs, the chart above gives you a clue for what you going to be dealing with in the reward system in "EP". In order to fight lv 65 mobs, I need to do level difficulty lv 15. Level 50+15= lv.65 mobs, and to get to this level of mobs I need to be on tier 10 lv range to be in the 60s. The range is from lv 10- 19. On this tier the first 8 waves you will get 2 power shards per wave. The chart above shows on this tier your earn 2x. Take that and multiply times 8 waves and you will get a total of 16 power shards earned in the process not counting wave 9 and wave 10. Wave 9-10 are factored in differently based on the level of difficulty chosen. Remember I mention the mobs are lv 65 that I want to fight. Well 15 will be the number for wave 9-10 because of the difficulty level, so that means wave 9-10 will earn you an extra power shard because I chose the difficulty level 15 for "EP'. 15+1=16 for wave 9 and wave 10. Both of those wave total comes up to 16+16= 32 plus the total from wave 1-8 at 2x shards. You total everything together for the final figure on the rewards earned. Wave 1-8= 16 shards; Wave 9-10 = 32 shards. 16 + 32 = 48 shards from lv 15 difficulty chosen. This is how you calculate what you will get before a fight for the reward system in "EP". Basically, the difficulty level chosen add an extra power shard for wave 9 and 10, but wave 1 through 8 in tiers like 10, 20, 30 etc add and extra shard every 10th level. In the end total them up to perceive the shards earned. I hope this helps everyone. - Solerus
  8. Hello fellow players of Flamefrost, I am here to talk about the Theurge class. It is one of the most complex classes in the game, and I want to go in depth about what the class brings to the table in comparison to the others. Well yes, Theurge is a class that is great for anyone who can not simply choose between and tanking class like a vindicator or priest class as such as a Incantatrix. It is a class that offers a hybrid cross between vindie/incantis with a bonus support class of a healer. Yes, this class can heal itself and others, which makes it so valuable on the battlefield. Theurge offers heals, blessings, and offensive spells that geared toward shadow and holy magic. A player can toggle between the dark and light magic at the click on a button. Again, this class is complex, one really has to be aware of the battlefield and status of his or her toon to be effective in battle. **Armor - Theurge is able to wear a variety of armors at his or her choosing: cloth armor, light armor or medium armor. *Cloth armor - This armor is great and most theurges usually chooses this type of armor because this armor does not comes with any stat requirements and it is perfect for those who wish to go after the priesthood gameplay style with high intelligence invested for more "Bang for wand or staff cane", which would result in casting powerful spells on the battlefield. *Light armor - This armor is available for those theurges who seek a little more protection in defense rather using cloth armor. Light armor comes a stat requirement with the use of dexterity. You will get better results with it than cloth in the protection department. Great to have at the expense of a little intelligence for dexterity to wear. *Medium armor - Theurges who wear medium armor make the ultimate sacrifice in the intelligence department to wear this. Stat requirement is strength invested to wear this armor. It is a bit more sturdier than Light armor, but one-third away next to Heavy armor, which vindicators (vindies) are known to be the only class wear heavy armor. Any theurge who wears this armor will receive one-third of protection next to heavy armor. Medium armor has a four percent penalty in evasion for every piece worn. You will have to decide carefully if you willing to go this route rather than using cloth or light armor. The protection of Medium armor with invested stat of strength is awesome if you are willing to deal intelligence stat taking a hit for very good well- rounded defense. There is no right or wrong way to invest in you defense. It is to each its own. **Weapons of choice *Wands and staves - These are weapons that Theurges who operate as priests use as their arsenal. Stat requirement is and will forever be intelligence invested. *Axes,mace, and swords - These weapons are for Theurges who decided to take the righteous path of becoming a paladin. Paladins are those who wear medium armor and they fight with these weapons of choice. Stat requirement is strength invested to weld these as arsenals. **Understanding Attributes *Strength - This is a stat used to wear Medium and Heavy armor. Also used to help theurges who are paladins to weld weapons in battle in melee combat against their foes. Strength used for melee damage output along with helping ones to expand their hitpoints capacity. *Dexterity - This is a stat that helps with accuracy when welding weapons in combat. Paladins need to make sure that they are accurate with every swing. I believe also it help also with spell accuracy too. Dexterity helps with evasion of foes attacks *Intelligence - This is a stat that help mana regeneration for theurges and mana pool capacity when using spells in battle. This is what make offensive spells deadly on the battlefield. Also, helps with damage with weapons special abilities. **Offense or Defense as a Theurge Use Offense or not the use Defense? This is a question that a lot of potential theurges are struggling with when it comes gameplay. There are so many gameplay styles in this game I can not count on my two hands and feet. Each style is unique because it is never the same. You may be able to catch a similar situation in the moment as you play the game. Each battlefield is different and this is where the complexity of the theurge class become valued on the field. Basically it bores down to being fluid in battle as you see certain situations change in a moment. You are not guaranteed to survive an onslaught of 20 elite mobs with tons of hitpoints that you have to hack through. Again, that scenario can change from second to second in battle. Each second is a dice roll or gamble on your decision of what to do to be effective offensively or defensively. The choice is yours, but you have to live with those decisions in battle that may determine the success on the battlefield fighting multiple elites. All theurges must understand this: Offense and Defense are one in the same. Now think about that carefully. Some may not get this, but in the world of Flamefrost, this actually exist in the gameplay. Another way to put it, it is an universal Flamefrost Law in the game. Offense will always show up with defense. Let me debunk the myth of an overpowered class in game. It is just this simple. There is no such thing as in one class highly spectacular than the others. All classes are created equal. It is the players that set their class apart from others through game knowledge and spell mastery in when to use and not use a spell. Again it is all situational. I am starting to get off track here. Let me jump back on subject with Offense and Defense. Depending on what route that you decide to take is basically what you will get back from the results of your actions in combat. Offense and defense are as I said earlier one in the same in this game. You will get back what you dished out. Example: A theurge with max damage output will get back a defensive position based on the offensive position that he or she decided to take. The more damage at a distance a theurge does offensively the more defensive that result would be for theurge by not taking damage from the mobs close up. Again, an offensive move converted into defense for a nuking theruge. Now a paladin theurge situation would be entirely different in this case because of high protection in medium armor and average nukes in spell usage. We now have a situation where the roles reversed for a theurge wearing medium armor. 20 elites on this theurge will be a situation where timing and knowing your defense skills will be the deal breaker here. Damage mitigation and conservation of mana pool will be a factor here. A paladin theurge can not panic under pressure by becoming overwhelmed with multiple elites with tons of hitpoints. If that happens then the paladin theurge is already defeated before the battle starts. Player has to remain calm in order to be able to think and plan effectively to win in this situation. No room for error and all decisions have to be calculated properly in order to shift the battle in his or her favor. It can be done, but resourcefulness will the deciding factor of life and death. I recommend learning what spell does what ,and every player need to be up to date on combos. Combos can save a theurge a lot of time and mana without exhausting the mana pool. The worst thing that can happen to a theurge in a fight is be in a position where you run out of mana where you are unable to defend yourself. It is always good to plan ahead or have a backup plan just in case. Plan A does not work you can always resort to plan B. The theurge class is a great choice , but complex and the player will have to learn all the different scenarios which is impossible because situations doe change from second to second. You just have to be prepared when things change in battle at a moment notice. Paladin theurge is good for this from my experience as a medium armor wearing sword slinging paladin. Please keep in mind that offense and defense is one in the same in the world of Flamefrost. Knowing how to use it will be the difference in being successful in combat no matter how many mobs you faced with elite status. ** OFFENSE = DEFENSE: What you build upon the most will become the opposition result. *MAX DMG OFFENSE is high defense because of much shorter battles. Mobs may hit you once or not at all. Nuker type priest theurge is recommended **DEFENSE = OFFENSE *MAX DEFENSE is with heals, buffs, and offensive spells to waste away mobs hitpoints over time. Battles tipped in your favor are high with average or below average damage output. Paladin theurge is recommended. This is my view on my experience with theurge as a paladin. I am still learning the class because of the complexity of the class that it brings to gameplay. - Solerus
  9. Hello Fellow Flamefrost Players, I have great news for you. We all know that Flamefrost Legacy is a very unique game in its entirety. I know you guys play the game with clicking on spells on the spell bar to fire off the spells that you are trying to use in battle. I know sometimes we may click the wrong spells but miss out on the intended spells that we want to use. I have an idea to put all the mouse clicking to rest if you are looking for a better way of playing the game. There is a program that is called Keysticks that will allow you to use a gamepad controller like an Xbox controller which is PC compatible to allow you to play the Flamefrost Legacy game without exhausting you clicking finger use a mouse. Yes, you can assign what button on the controller that syncs with the Flamefrost Legacy spell bar. You can program any key on the keyboard to interface with the Flamefrost game key binds to your gamepad controller. I think this would help out alot of players in the game to free up sometime to make split decisions in battle at the push of a button. The website http://keysticks.net/site/. I think this would help all who love the game to get the best game experience when it comes to gameplay. All you have to do is go the the site to download. This is my HO! HO! gift to you. Happy Holidays!! -Solerus
  10. Scroll Action Bar

    Hello Mr.D, I hope you are doing well. I have some suggestions about the scroll tab for the Action Bar. I was wondering could you use the "E" key to program the scroll bar to switch between or toggle the action bars back and forth if one has the second action bar? Also the keys "Q and W" the once was used few weeks ago for the last two positions on the action bar. Well this time those keys will be definitely useful for vindicator spells defense stance and the other stance (I forgot the name of that one at the moment). If you like, why not stack the second action bar on the initial scroll bar,so there no toggling between the two and use keys "R,T,Y,U,I,O,and P" etc to where a player can drop selected spells of their choice. Just an idea Thanks -Solerus Lv.66 Elite Master Juggernaut Vindicator
  11. Infamous Bosses

    In the world of Flamefrost, there are high-ranking mobs in the game that are the most prized kills sought after by skilled adventurers in the game. They are one of the most vicious known mobs in the game called Infamous Bosses or IBs. These bosses are spread throughout the continent of Naerath in certain regions. They are not your average mob or come close to elite status mobs. IBs are far more powerful than elites and have more hit-points that reach beyond 1 million. An adventurer has to be more than prepared to take on any IBs. One who do so will need help from another adventurer or he/she is heavily geared with sturdy armor, food, or potions for the climatic challenge to take down an Infamous Boss. Each boss is different in fighting tactics as well as its arsenal. E.g. ( A boss could immobilize you with its spellcasting ability where you would not be able to move or act in combat for a specific amount of time.) If an adventurer is successful in defeating an Infamous Boss, they would have a chance to loot the best gear in the game which is called legendary gear. Legendary gear is the most prized gear in the game by all adventurers. The gear itself could make an adventurer powerful in his or her prowess depending on how they are built. Also, the gear can be enhanced further for improvements through crafting specialization learned to make the gear better. Legendary gear is a must- have, but you will have to obtain it by reason of killing an Infamous Boss first for it to drop as loot. All those who dare to attempt to face an Infamous Boss challenge, Good luck and go get your gear!!! -Solerus Lv. 66 Elite Master Juggernaut Vindicator
  12. Hi fellow allies, JoN is recruiting for those who would like to be part of an active guild for conquest and power over all the regions of Naerath. Yes, we are talking bout being able to adavance your character further than you an ever imagine. This is the guild that is going to do it. Juggernauts of Naerth will be setting up events for grinding xp for level advancements and skills. The purpose is get all members geared and ready for the Elemental Planes conquest. That's Right!! Total domination over every boss in their respected planes, and in the meantime ranking up in (Elite Status Levels). If you want more out of just xping in spells, Juggernauts of Naerth is where you want to be. Recruitment is open! -Solerus Lv. 104 Elite Master Juggernaut Vindicator
  13. Vindicator Build Guide

    The vindicator class is a class that is a close-combat melee class that fights his or her opponents to the end in hopes of a victory. This class is versatile in wearing all different types of armor. Whether cloth, light, medium, heavy armor, this class specialty is geared to take one of the most brutal punishment of all the classes. Vindicators never flee in combat because of he heavy armor they wear. In order to wear the most powerful and heaviest armor, vindicators need a lot of strength to do so. Yes, with heavy armor comes a penalty with evasion in combat at five percent with that the heavy armor makes up for it in protection. Vindicators also uses shields for protection in combat. Shields mitigate damage in battle to reduce the enemies onslaught of attacks. This is what makes vindicators very dangerous in combat, not only they are masters of close-combat, but are known to be masters of melee combat. There are different ways to build a great vindicator to your own gaming play-style. Individuals need to consider how they would like to play as a "Vindie"(vindicator). There are three types of builds. 1. Super-uber defensive build (pure tank, but less damage and long drawn out fights.) 2. Well-balanced build (average build with decent protection along with about average damage) 3. Juggernaut build (greater than average protection with overwhelming damage) **Super-uber build- Its a build that is great to have when you are faced with overwhelming odds with enemies more than five attacking you. This is a build that makes it possible to withstand a lot of damage when the mobs on top of you with no place to go. The damage is below average depending on how well you are geared at the time. The fight to the finish would take a little longer that average, but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel in medium, large and crowd battles. Heavy armor skills and shields recommended. Can use a 2Hander weapons to up the damage output. Other damage support can be used like runes. **Well balanced build- This build is good all around in defense and damage. You would be able to take a decent amount damage from mob while you giving the same to the amount of damage back to the mobs, but a little more. Shield skills with heavy armor skills in gear is recommended for extra protection from mobs. 2Hander weapons also can be used for extra damage output. Other damage support can be used like runes. **Juggernaut build- This build is greater than average protection with pure damage output. "Come one! Come all, I betcha bucket of blood they will all fall!". Mobs have little chance of surviving if done right. This usually end in quicker battles with mobs stunned over what just happened. Melee skill recommended with other damage support (runes). 2hander weapons are deadly when used. **Stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence) ** Strength- This stats is the vindicator's primary stat. It helps with Hitpoints regeneration as well with vindicator's ability to wear the heaviest protective armor around. Also strength helps with the damage out when in melee combat. It is vital to the success and progression of a "Vindie". This is what helps "Vindies" break bread to call all mobs dead. **Dexerity- This stat also contributes to all vindicators sucess in melee combat. Dexerity helps with vindicator's ability to incorporate a little dodging effect in between blocking with shield against hits/misses of the mob. Great stat to invest in "Vindie's combat" It also contribute to vindies' throwing abilites at a fair distance which is modified by this stat. **Intelligence- This stat contributes to special weapon attacks of a Vindicator, which could determine how the fight would end. The higher the intelligence in gear the better the effects on magic weapon attacks. **Spellbook combos- These are spells in vindicator's arsenal that can determine the outcome of combat. Certain sequences of spells creates combos for "Vindies" to overcome in battles against their enemies. I suggest study each spell to find out what they do and when to use them. Learning all the weakness of this class to make those weakness strong will make a vindicator practically Invincible only if you know your opponent weaknesses. Every mob in the game has its own weakness. You just need to pay close attention to what they are. A good indicator is *wildcards* of a mob. Wild cards can be found when you target the mob. They are just beneath the mob's mana bar. Wildcards ranged from poison, electric, cold, fire....etc. If you see a wildcard or wildcards, that will like you know what the mobs'strengths are. These are all random. They change on the mob from hour to hour from my research. ***Elemental Planes- this is where you want to be for xp and skill advancements. This is one of the end-game content in Flamefrost Legacy that is prized by the most fierce and brave vindicators in the game. Ninety-nine percent of vindicators that adventure in that realm do not ever come back alive because of the mobs there are elites that dominates and destroy anyone who dares to tread the Elemental Planes. Its a must visit place. Millions, millions on top of millions of XP can be made here only if you have what is takes to survive the onslaught of on-coming waves back to back. With each wave, the mobs become fiercer than the last. That why only the one percent who goes there are able to make it back alive. If you got the guts and tenacity of a true vindicator with skills to deal, you should be able to walk out in one piece from the Elemental Planes. I really, really, really suggest that you learn this class to be effective in all areas of defense,offense, combo knowledge and mob classification knowledge to create the perfect scenario for victory. -Solerus Lv66 Elite Master juggernaut Vindicator
  14. Resets for Offense ability spells?

    Thanks Mr. D, I appreciate you and staff for all the improvements done now and in the future. The game has blossomed so well. - Solerus
  15. Hello everyone ! I just want to encourage every player to strive to hit lv 50 status. There an endgame content that you will to the utmost enjoy because it will help all on his or her character development. Imagine your character being pushed passed its limits to obtain (Elite Status). Also more perks for the work invested in your character. The Elemental Planes is where you want to be! Facing off mobs in an arena in waves back to back. For me it was intense, but I enjoyed every second of it. Hurry and escape from the Material Plane to make your Mark on the Elemental Planes. XP satisfaction guaranteed!....AT THE NEXT LEVEL NEAR YOU!! - Solerus