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  1. Re: Chat

    The better suggestion would be to get a better computer. This one is almost ready to die.
  2. Looking to join a guild?

    If you would invite Blitzkerig, I would apprecciate it. Sorry, but due to my work hours I am never online at peak times. Thank you so much.
  3. Re: Chat

    Hm....maybe it's my bad internet and ancient computer then.
  4. Re: Chat

    Despite my best effort, sometimes the enemies kill me first. So I take awhile to rest by the campfire and heal. I'm good with that. However, I realized that I can not chat to whoever is online when I am resting, logging, mining. etc. If you can make it possible to chat while skilling (other than combat) or resting, I would appreciate it.
  5. Looking to join a guild?

    In order for this to be effective, the Flamefrost community will have to help. I am asking for the active guilds to use this as a place to idenitify themselves and let newer players know what, if any, requirements you have for your guild. This will be particularly helpful for those of us who are unable to play at the peak times. I am actually wanting to know more about the guilds available. Hopefully someone will try to recruit me. Thanks for your help guild recruiters!
  6. Looking for guilds

    I have found 2 guilds in my wandering through the forum. Is that all of them? I also wanted to suggest that maybe a thread dedicated for recruiting might be helpful for newer players. What do you think?
  7. Let's talk truth about craft :)

    I fear that it is too easy. I can max out my reachable level in mining in just a few hours with a terrible internet connection. (The highest level character I have is 9.)
  8. Let's talk truth about craft :)

    As a person who has invested years in a competing mmorpg, I must say that the leveling skills in this game is amazingly fast. I have yet to join any clan here but, given the design of this game, I can see the benefits of it. I am trying to get over my hording tendencies with reguard to supplies. I am sure that is a leftover from the other game I play.
  9. Occassional loss of mouse use during fights

    Clicking on the enemy, a spell or a place to move to did not work. Clicking on the buttons or using shortcut keys did work. I could not use the inventory either for food or potions. The mouse would not pick them up. Fleeing was possible only by using the buttons that appear in the upper left during battle. I hope that helps.
  10. I have at times had loss of mouse useage during fights. This seems to be unpredicatable when it happens. Most of the time the mouse works, but some fights have been a bit harder because I could not move. I find out if the mouse works in the first round for my characters in a battle. (Yes, this has happened to all characters that I made.) If I have a mouse in my first round, I have it for the duration of the battle. Otherwise, the battle is fought without a mouse available. I am not sure how much of the problem is due to frequent bad internet issues or that the computer is very outdated.
  11. Skill XP Formula Update 10.04.2016

    Quick question: Is it the character level that is making the amount of xp needed to gain a level in a skill, your skill level or both as you gain levels?