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  1. Settlement defense problems

  2. Warehouse The settlement warehouse is underwhelming. In terms of storage, for 9 squares it gives 700 storage, 78 per square, while a farm with 4 squares gives 550, 137 per square almost double. Simply put, it's not worth the effort. It's bank function works even with just one settler, so upgrading isn't necessary. Regarding build and upgrade costs, they're ridiculously high. At 1400 wood to build, it requires building a lot of farms first (at which point building it becomes a curiosity rather than a necessity). For it's 4th level, the cost is 2100 ... The point is, that with it's size and cost, I expected the progression from farm to warehouse to be similar to that of garrison to fortress. Some benefits and some problems, but overall a definite improvement. Messages The message channel is really cool, solves a lot of headaches. However, the last irritating bit, settler level-up spam. We don't need it. It clutters up the screen and as far as I know, doesn't affect anything other than their combat ability as hirelings. Court of justice Settler issues pop up during attacks. Would be funny if it hadn't already happened 3-4 times already. Minimum defense requirement Not a problem per se, but confusing most of the time. After an attack, the colony goes into "sleep" mode. Until I visit it, it produces nothing. From what I've seen, settlers deduct their required food/water from the existing stocks, not the current production, so, until a production cycle passes, everyone is AFK, including the defenders, showing a skewed defense total. Vendor potions These are not useful at all. They cost a LOT and their effect is unnoticeable. At 50k hp, my vindicator probably regens more than any of those potions could give me. The ones made by the cook heal just 400 hp. They salvage for the occasional arcanite, but still useless when you consider that's one of two slots dedicated to hirelings. I get that players should be the primary alchemists in the game, but the difference should be in the price, not the effect. Errands I don't get them. Some have decent requirements, but the rewards are not worth it, even for lvl 50. Then there are some like retrieving a particular type of armor/weapon? Is that even possible? For alchemists, it would be nice if errands were actual potions made for lvl 50, and the requirements were the actual ingredients for the potion, maybe even adding a little experience to the alchemy skill. Same for cooking. Possible bugs After my last failed raid, I could revive 5 settlers with just one reputation point. Settlement Jade Island, char Janoh Wavewalker. Some vendors, scrolls and alchemists (including shack in settlement) don't show any inventory unless you hit refresh (the one next to reset), or sell them some item first. Questions 1. Warehouses, mail caravans can be assigned multiple settlers, but only one is enough to access the function. Is there a purpose for the extras? 2. Dual wield weapons, how is the damage applied? One fire, one cold, do I deal both, or is one primary? What about critical strikes, are those affected in any way? 3. Is there a way to see changed stats after applying potions, food or spells? What about the secondary weapons? 4. Are the weapons/items sold in EP anything special? or just purples, same stuff dropped by bosses? 5. Had more, but my mind wandered and lost them.
  3. Settlement building and resources.

    Most likely yes. And it would greatly reduce the need for salvage for people who just want a simple settlement on the side, not a full kingdom.
  4. Settlement building and resources.

    For most people the answer is probably not. For me, it's yes. Because the peons engaged in defense I'd use for other things, like shrine, postal office, warehouse/bank, mortar etc, with the 100 cap, every head counts.
  5. 1. It's very hard to build in the top right corner of the settlement because of the chat window and resource bar. The target is a handful of pixels. 2. Resource overflow. We need a way to dump resources without intentionally inviting losing raids. Food and water are especially a problem for me, and the only way of keeping them from raising my defense score I found, was to simply destroy all but one farm (for alchemy/cooking purposes). 3. Defense buildings too ... weak maybe? For Jade Island my current setup gets me 3960 def from 2 garrisons using 22 settlers (the rest are 18 food, 60 dragon guild), and another 3140 from traps and a few walls. Since it's size is too small, I can't spam walls, and if I want to use traps, I either find a steady arcanite source and spend most of my online time chasing that or create large storage space for wood which will further increase my defense requirements because of more water/food/wood to defend. Currently trying to get some Mithril towers in there, but it's slow and frustrating. I enjoy developing my settlement, but I find that maintaining it is too tedious. Was going to max out the other settlements, but ... I'd rather ignore the character, and use the resources to jump start another character instead.
  6. Theurge with xbow

    The "problem" with elite levels is that players invest a lot in that character. They probably won't want to make another one of the same class just to try another build, or spend the money to move points around back and forth (for me at least). Speaking of alternate builds, vindicator can't dual-wield short swords in the primary slots, but it's possible for the secondary slot. (description of the primary off-hand says it's for "shield or off-hand weapons"), tried it with the same weapons, same order.
  7. Theurge with xbow

    Isn't that the actual bug? Otherwise, is there any point to elite levels?
  8. More combat issues...

    Have the same problem in EP. Sometimes it happens early on, and the monsters reappear, but at later waves, 8-9 mostly, they vanish completely. Refreshing the page usually works. PS vindicator battles seem to take a lot longer than other characters, maybe that's a contributing factor?
  9. It would be nice if the day/night cycle would affect the characters based on their alignment. Evil more powerful at night, good during the day. With minor bonuses like, faster mana/hp regen or evil deals more damage at night, good receives less during the day. And ... apply the same to monsters.
  10. Settlement development tips

    To add to the initial post: It was written from my point of view as a player trying to build the maximum number of Dragon Guilds in the most efficient way (efficient = lazy.) Stone is the most important resource in settlements, it will be used for fountains (and their upgrades), walls, barracks, towers etc. Because of the number of settlements and their size, you should probably make one that specializes in stone production either as first, or second. By adding two fully staffed stone quarries, you'll be able to produce 40 stone every 4 hours. With the settlement maxed out you should be able to produce 150-160 stone every 4 hours. Wood production. Build lumberjack tents, lots of them. For every woodcutting camp your faction holds each tent will produce 10 wood and 10 tents will produce 100 wood ... Don't do this. Wood production increases your defense requirement by 110 for each 10 wood. One last thing ... Jade Island is very small. Unless you plan on maintaining a very large garrison with towers, barracks/fortress or an extensive area full of traps, it will be very difficult to make it self-sufficient. PS Thank you Cajunfried and Fiona. All your hard earned wisdom has been assimilated.
  11. Auction house related

    It would be nice if we had an option to filter/search items by attributes. Like items with salvaging, items in blacksmithing etc. It would fit in really well with the theme of everyone working a niche of the market. Also in the auction house, the ability to renew auctions that ended but gained no bids. Third. Make a vendor that downgrades potions and food it receives, not just the level requirements, but the effects as well. I don't know how that would be implemented since the potency is decided by the various ingredients, but I think it would be very useful for alchemists that want to work for a guild.
  12. Minor annoyances

    On the world map the icons for settlements should be a little different from regular shrines. The chat window is very hard to grab because the gripping surface is really really small. With three settlements I have to visit each one after a period of time to check if they have enough food or water or defenses so I don't get a nasty surprise later in the day when people start leaving. Again the three settlement thing, attacks can get irritating, and since I don't want to get involved in them too much, I need a way to tell if my settlement can handle it or not. Resources grow and this changes the minimum required defense, changing making unsafe settlements I thought secure, so I can't rely on what I remember seeing on last visit.
  13. Minor UI bug regarding skill bar

    Looks good, thanks.
  14. Minor UI bug regarding skill bar

    I press "K" to see combos, then switch to abilities and all the abilities in my skill bar vanish. They're still there, just not visible. Makes it a pain to rearrange them. Especially if you do it like me in the middle of a battle. Also. In the middle of the battle, when the turn goes whatever I'm dragging with my cursor vanishes (goes back to it's place, I have to pick it up again). Whether it's a potion I'm trying to use on myself or a bar to the skill bar.
  15. Multicasts?

    I haven't played with an ally in a very long time, but I can confirm that casting bolster near an ally will make two bubbles, one for the ally and one for the caster. For some reason I thought that was a normal behavior ...