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  1. 2019 Status Update

    Glad to hear the news. Still here if you need my help.
  2. Minor forum change

    Reconfigured forum body text to return to next line rather than double spacing to begin a new paragraph automatically with no countermeasure, still waiting to see some roleplaying out there.
  3. What I mean to say is, it will improve player satisfaction and eliminate the problem stated, if a variety of cosmetic appearances can be gathered through a combination of in game methods and the plat shop.. im not saying exclusively put stuff in the store and make everyone else look like peasants
  4. I'll settle for whatever gets the game up. I'll be the first to say I've never been "impressed" with the models that were available and none of the 3d models were capable of enough detail and uniqueness that I felt it was necessary to improve my gear for that purpose. I think you could get a LOT further with "generic item appearance A" and creating vivid, truly unique cosmetic appearances. I don't want to say cash shop cosmetics, but it's a successful business route. just don't paywall your players.
  5. I was referring to the blacksmith not to Dizzy
  6. Flamefrost Rebuild

    I know Dan has lore written, though I don't know what his plans for implementation are. Maybe it's something we can look into headed into the break, as I am still in an abundance of free time.
  7. Flamefrost Rebuild

    And I'll be here when it's all said and done to run events in a new "Welcome and welcome back" schedule with prizes and awards based on progress and attendance. (Dan permitting, he's stingy sometimes ;))
  8. Disenchanting tutorial please?

    wow I forgot that video existed.. I got lost mid video not having a multi-property item lol
  9. Cloth Vindie's

    I've conducted further tests. in each test I used 1 piece of armor, one cloth and one heavy. each had 10,000 armor and 30,000 effectiveness. the results against physical damage were identical. the only noticeable difference was in fact the amount of thorns damage the passive "spiked armor) dealt. which was higher with heavy armor. against magic: with enough armor value, the mitigation becomes equal. meaning in order to reach 95% mitigation against magic, with heavy armor. you would need a total of 8075 armor. which is impossible. as armor values max out at.. 237. with the eventual exception of shields, being double. cloth merely needs to reach 3600 armor. a reasonable number when factoring in protective stance. which increases armor by more than double. meaning if you are capped at 95% before protective, you are capped for magic in protective. regardless of effectiveness and resistance, nothing can reduce the incoming damage beyond 95% it seems. so resistance only exists to make up a partial difference in the heavy armor formula. I hope this has helped clear things up a bit.
  10. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    they should for all intents and purposes serve the same functions. they are just easier to level up 1 of each kind. the smith, teleporter, and cook are unique to their standard hiring locations though..
  11. Cloth Vindie's

    using drop items to try and mitigate physical damage with cloth will always fall short, as enemies can easily outscale the resistance, but players can craft far better effectiveness. try protective stance, instead of nothing/berserker. if test was with protective stance, i find that interesting. and will mess with it later this week
  12. from the entrance, directly north, above the woodcutting station, there is an armor chest, directly past the necromancer elite on the far west is another armor chest.
  13. I caught the shield thing pretty much as soon as the game launched. shields given at character generation are the only ones capable of having higher than normal (max of 237), i've seen only 1 shield with a 300+ and it was from a new character.
  14. the only weapons available are melee variants. there are no longbows, shortbows, crossbows, or wands. in any level 3 chest that is reachable (unsure of any out of bounds/blocked by terrain)
  15. Lol i totally forgot about that dude because he consumes metal over time iirc