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  1. Unofficial News & Rumours

    Sounds good!. Forums seem to be functioning again as well. Let me know what you did to reset things in a message please.
  2. Adventures of Blob: Blacksmithing Vol. 1

    @Dan Something i'd like to point out, blueprints are no longer supposed to generate at different rarities, the state capsule is meant to convey the various effective multiplier. We need to remove the blueprint from the equation and plug in the state capsule's rarity value.
  3. New skill

    the purpose of this skill would not be for low level characters, it is intended for established crafters looking to further their potential. and provide extended service to other higher levels. BUT!, it still does offer lower level participants a benefit, in that they will be able to potentially gain higher powered gear, if they commit the time and effort. or pay for the service.. requiring charged state capsules removed them from circulation, and generates a NEED to continue farming legendary drops. the combination suggested is meant to further the potential of players to excel past level 80, and higher elemental plane levels, both solo and in groups, while opening up the potential of performing the elite and boss fights in EP. as currently, even a well coordinated perfectly geared team of level 80's would take HOURS of combat to do a single complete 10 wave boss encounter in the planes, against level 50's. this skill is meant to mimic conjuration, and be its direct dependent, coupled with disenchanting. you "channel" (gather) using charged state capsules (filled from disenchanting), to gain filled property containers. the sacrifice of gear is already included in the design.
  4. New skill

    the cost is fairly significant considering it requires CHARGED state capsules, meaning giving up 6 legendaries to create a single random legendary quality stat/skill bonus. also spoiler tags exist already but I'm not sure if it works properly with our forums [spoiler] HIDE STUFF IN HERE [/spoiler]
  5. New skill

    I can barely understand what you are trying to convey in this Rag, but randomizing, and hiding stats is never, literally.. EVER a good move.. especially in a system where you have to consume materials to put it into use, just to then lose that investment on finding out that the item is completely and utterly useless to you..
  6. Happy Birthday, Weyah!!!

    May your soul be ever lost to your redness *bows,
  7. New skill

    Tired of farming bosses and level 3 chests for legendaries, just to have them be devoid of stats for you to disenchant? Me too! So my suggestiin is for a new skill that will bring some more excitement to crafting. Basically you would need a property container. Stacks of charged state capsules of different rarities. And based on your skill level, channeling eneegy would randomly consume your charged stste capsules, and fill a property container. Higher skill = higher chance of higher rarity, rarity dictating the attribute range. Using level 50 as an example. Uncommon results would give something in the range of 60-90 Rare would yield 75-105 Legendary would yield 90-120 A number of state capsules would be consumed based on the rarity triggered for the gathering. 6 legendary, 3 rare, 2 uncommon, 1 common, and junk would no consume any, thus preventing a forced overflow of "well there are no other containers so the result must be legendary since they do have those" A secondary part of this skill, as suggested by Andvarri (sp*), will be to combine a number of property containers of the same property, for an upgraded version (i think 80-90% of the total value would work) This would cause the combined gem to become "locked" preventing it from being subjected to the combination again, preventing an infinite loop. Also rendering any item enchanted with them to destroy the property on disenchanting, preventing placing the enhanced value in a "fresh" gem for combination. (Unless it is possible to track the property through the item and lock the new gem after disenchantment)
  8. Armour Calculation

    is the elemental defense a % of ARMOR or % of effectiveness? if its armor, its weird. because a vindicator can increase their armor so high that the 20% would be higher than the 50% of cloth
  9. Hyperion's Barter Shop

    I have close to 60 starfibre atm. mass produce me some hp/+unarmed skill foods?
  10. thanks just uses a word, its kinda annoying. the others have pictures
  11. Try ctrl f5 refreshing and look again. I set all members ui' to the new one and changed a few settings.
  12. I now have the functionality, returning cosmetics periodically
  13. Minor - Item Dropdowns Won't Display in Chat

    there isn't really a remedy for this, as once the item leaves its reference point, it breaks the link. It's the main problem between static links and reference links. Unfortunately, the example here requires reference, as that item with those stats, durability, and all of other info relevant to THAT item, are not themselves static.
  14. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    My understanding of this is that they are sharing some settings with the tunnel goblins, and scaling very inappropriately. they do indeed hit my level 62 for 6k (5400 resisted though)
  15. Hello!

    This is an example of a post made with the intent of buying something IGN: Tanzer looking to buy: Your soul Paying: 100g per soul. 110 in bulk (more than 100) My hours of play: daily, evenings (gmt-5)