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  1. UI suggestions

    Deliantra is still around. I played way back when. And i agree with all your suggestions.
  2. GM PM: When to Use

    Same here, Don't be afraid to message the wardens.
  3. Re: Chat

    I'm able to chat. just press enter.
  4. move X spaces

    Yea, with wayfinder i can't do any of the move combos because it keeps resetting.
  5. Death Penalty Increase: 21.04.2016

    Potion shouldn't be that expensive for anyone really. Are you not grabbing loot and selling it? Are you strategically hiding in battles? Especially as a way finder? Not sure how you can't afford potions at your level. Items at your level should be making you like 6k gold per battle. If you aren't selling the loot you find to make cash, that's a personal choice, not a game issue.
  6. We've had this discussion before. Not sure what Dan's opinion on this is now. But basically, you need to work out the strategy you want to go into battle with. I know they're games out there that have hot bar cycles. Maybe Dan can look into maybe incorporating that?
  7. Let's talk truth about craft :)

    I think the reason why it seems ungodly imbalanced is because level 200 in most games just seem like its too high of a number to get to anything effective. Most games its like level 30-50. Here is level 160+ Maybe we can work on that perhaps. Making it so that it takes the same amount of time, but the numbers don't have to be so high? Just a thought.
  8. NPC unlimited stock, certain items

    I'm not sure, but i believe crafting items are unlimited in shop. Not sure if that's intended or not. Try buying items like bows and see if that number changes.
  9. NPC unlimited stock, certain items

    That number you see in NPC shops are full stacks. So if the stack can be 20 and the NPC says it has it has 10 that means they have 10 stack of that item not just 10 total.
  10. Cedangar, Totem Recruiter! Gatecrasher

    Lol nice ad. I can respect that. They look nice btw, great fit for Flame Frost i believe.
  11. Let's talk truth about craft :)

    @Dan I'm pretty sure you are right. The resources shouldn't be changed nor the "junk" items. However, most games i play have some way to offset this by like having an alchemy skill that turns junk to coins or a trade in feature where you can trade junk into tokens or gems that is used to get better gear after you have like 1k or so gems/tokens saved up. That way players can see a need to keep items instead of cluttering up the map Of course i am not saying Flame Frost should follow these other games i'm just stating that maybe we can come up with a way to offset it. If you don't think its a good fit for game direction then it's not a game breaker or anything. Also thanks for the map improvements. Very much helpful indeed. Fast work @Helena Hunter Was it too easy? thats what we are trying to decipher. No one should come in and be able to max out a skill in 1 week. Should take months at best.
  12. ideas for the game

    @little me- Great suggestions, may take a while to implement most of these, I personally am not a fan of PvP areas having the most valuable resources, as I like versatility in games. Most games focus on PvP gear to get the best gear. Some people just aren't that good with PvP or like PvP. Also some players are loners and want to play alone. Not fair for someone to have to be forced to play with others just to get ahead in the game.
  13. Let's talk truth about craft :)

    Minecraft does have automation now btw lol. But its not as extensive as Flame Frost. I agree 100% with you. Players aren't seeing this game as an MMO for some reason and are seeing it like an flash rpg or something. Might be due to the old style look? Not sure. I do believe the only thing about crafting that needs to be fixed is exp and unlocking. The new update will make exp better, but it just too much of a gap between unlocking new craftables/gatherables. Haven't done herbalism in a while, but i remember having to get to level 200 to unlock the next gathering item. That's way too high. Since you were comparing games before, no game has that big of a gap. Also the map updates should point out where those crafting and gathering areas are (like runescape). Most new players just cant seem to find where things are. I know you like the exploration type idea. But if you want mainstream market, you gotta spoon feed this new generation player. If you go for hardcore grinding and figure it out style (hardcore gamers), you are diminishing your market greatly.
  14. no XP

    Could be that He did not put any other skill points in any of his other combat abilities. If I remember correctly, he said in chat that he put all his skill points in just his wand. I do see some error as his npc is level 5.. Not sure if that is his henchman or mob he is fighting.
  15. Flamefrost: Patch 1.2.0

    Could it be possible to separate the skill points with crafting and combat? As i already locked up most of my points on combat? Seems like it would make more sense that way.