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  1. Wanted: Roleplay

    Sounds good, let's give this a go! Forum created: https://community.flamefrost.com/index.php?/forum/33-roleplay/ I've always been a huge fan of D&D, so when the Flamefrost's universe was created I did not see any reason for saying "and our elves are going to live twice longer!!", so age-wise we stick to the classic standards: roughly 750-1000 years for elves, half that amount for dwarves, Tul'Rahx metabolism keeps them alive slightly longer than Humans, but very few warriors actually live to the age of 100. Temperament-wise Tul'Rahx are closer to dwarves than the other races, but are a bit less "explosive" (and way less sarcastic). In fact, an average Tul'Rahx may appear initially as quiet and a bit "unsociable"/reserved, but their "thoughtful" appearance does not necessarily indicate that they will be considerate or polite to the other speaker. Most of the time Tul'Rahx is simply trying to find a way to express their thoughts in the most concise, direct and straightforward way possible (so they're not too skilled at the art of bluffing and seldom perform well as diplomats: wordsmiths are rare among this race). Tul'Rahx don't let any negative comments slide (whether these are about their appearance, culture, heritage or anything else) and feel an obligation to defend their honour at any cost, which usually results in violent acts or use of destructive magic (aimed at teaching the offending party a lesson via means of pain; Tul'Rahx don't actually kill everyone who offends them on the spot). Of course, there are always exceptions in any race (Drizzt ), so this doesn't mean that all Tul'Rahx are the same. I hope that helps, but please let me know if you have any further questions! All is relatively well, thank you! Too much work, too little time, as usual... * sigh * Really happy to see you all around the forum though and hope that the Roleplay idea takes off!
  2. Wanted: Roleplay

    Love the idea! Wish I had a bit less development to do... * sigh * I don't think the example link works though; seems to just redirect to "snow/"!
  3. Aww! Thanks, @Cajunfried2016, that is actually very inspiring news!
  4. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Well, I do miss Flamefrost already to a similar extent even though I still have it running on my test realm where it's being developed... So I'm inclined to believe that it's all about the community.
  5. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Sorry guys, I was unable to reach my computer for the entire weekend (bonus time for everyone )! The servers are now offline. Same here!
  6. Flamefrost Rebuild

    No objections, but it may be tricky to convert all the data back and forth constantly! Would you be interested in trying to install a complete replica of our database on your laptop from the source code? Development version of MySQL doesn't require too much RAM (you can actually limit it yourself via settings), but combined with a GUI it's almost as good as Libreoffice or Excel (but with the ability to represent all in-game data accurately and easily export it to FF production). Please give it a go and if that doesn't work we'll think of something else.
  7. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Nope, the forum is going to remain, otherwise I have no place for all my announcements (other than Facebook that no one reads :)).
  8. Flamefrost Rebuild

    No problem at all; do you remember the item templates example I posted? If you still aren't utterly discouraged by that ugly table I can provide you with access to our production database(s) (there's more than one ) if you'd like to try learning by looking at the actual working thing. I may not be able to provide you with a write access straight away, as I don't add anything directly to production database myself (we have the in-game "GM commands" for that) and there are security policies preventing that, but if any of you guys are really interested in adding new content and not afraid of the enormous mess I've made over the years there are several options available: 1) You can send new content in an Excel / Google Sheets / CSV file format after you familiarize yourself with the database structure using an Excel-like software for MySQL (e.g. Navicat, it has a free trial!). 2) If you know MySQL and have worked with databases before, you can setup a local MySQL server on your computer, import a copy of our database there and send me updated exports later. 3) I can look into launching a small test realm that will not support battles or 3D character rendering (that's the most expensive bit ), but will allow to try out quests, items and other stuff in travel mode. In a realm like that I'd be happy to provide you a full write access to break whatever your heart desires, but I need to check if this option is at all possible as the "semi-free" servers on the cloud are really rubbish and may not have enough RAM to run Flamefrost. Even if they do the game will run extremely slow, so this may not be the best approach (I would prefer for us to start with options 1/2 initially). @Tanzer my database access offer extends to you too automatically.
  9. Flamefrost Rebuild

    That is correct, the main problem though is our insanely complicated database structure; it's really hard for someone to learn in order to add non-random quests and dialogues. I've tried it with a bunch of people, everyone gave up in the end with next to no results. I also started working on a "visual editor" for this as suggested by Tanzer, but once again, simplifying our data tree and presenting it on a user interface turned out to be a greater challenge than anticipated (it would take a few months to finish it). However, I would love to add a main story into Flamefrost, that has always been in my task list. As for the shutdown: I believe we can estimate it to happen on Saturday the 11th of August, but I'll post again if anything changes / gets postponed!
  10. Hi all, You may have heard rumours about me planning to temporarily switch off Flamefrost in order to build a new and enhanced version that will be relaunched in the future. These rumours are indeed true: we've planned a similar relaunch in the past with "Flamefrost 2.0" when we had the idea to replace all tactical battles with real-time exploration mode. Unfortunately, I never got to finishing that development as it was just too time-demanding and other priorities (or games) came first. I've made a decision to turn things around this time and recruited some help: our new team is currently working on building a brand new "Domination: Earth" (in case you don't know what I am talking about it is another game published by us, Epic Dragon: https://domination.earth) that is planned to be relaunched in a similar fashion in December 2018. But once they're done with DE I want to do a complete visual overhaul of Flamefrost to make sure it is a decent competition to the other games and can attract a wider audience of players. It will be a mammoth task and take a long time to complete, but at least this way Flamefrost stands a chance of surviving and growing instead of just dwindling away and running solely for the existing fans & veterans of it. Unfortunately, it does mean that I need to bring the game offline as our budget is insufficient to both run Flamefrost and have a game development team work on the project at the same time. We do not have an exact date yet of when Flamefrost will be taken offline, but it will happen sometime in August and I will post again closer to when it's about to happen. Just to confirm: the rebuild is aimed at visual elements only and no game mechanics is planned to change in a drastic manner, so all of your currently accumulated progress and characters will remain. If for some reason we do decide to change the underlying game elements I will do my best to transition your characters/settlements/possessions into the new game format as closely as possible and issue the appropriate rewards for any losses (although I certainly hope there will be none ). I know that this news will come as unpleasant surprise to most of you and I apologize for any inconvenience caused, but I also hope for your understanding of our situation: I truly hope that this is the only way forward. As always, please post or message me if you have any questions or concerns.
  11. NPS and Attributes

    It doesn't sound like something that was planned by design! Either the settler's original set of attributes didn't save for some reason and they've decided to do a "reset" or you should really review the education system in your settlement! I'll investigate when I get a chance.
  12. Unavailablw for a few days...

    Oh no! Damn machines keep finding opportunities to rise up against us!
  13. Stolen Souls dungeon

    Hmm... usually this means that the other player didn't manage to damage the boss enough to get the kill! I.e. if you entered the combat, but remained a spectator or were simply casting support spells (such as healing) on your companion you will not be considered to be the boss's killer, you have to deal at least some damage to it! Unfortunately, the only recommendation in this case would be to join this dungeon with another group (who hasn't slain the boss yet) and fight it again, making sure that some offensive abilities are used on the boss this time.
  14. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    Well, anyone who hates you will not travel with you; you have to have a positive relationship to travel together in the first place. In general, settlers are supposed to be a slightly more powerful version of each henchman. They do not take any of your gold and are completely "free" as companions, but unlike regular henchmen they do not revive and re-appear in your group automatically upon death. Once your settler is slain their body is returned to their original village where you have to use one of your temples to bring them back to life. As for whom to take with you... it's a matter of taste, really! Each character has their own "build" and different abilities; clerics do heal, nobles may have a set of more "defensive" abilities, sociopaths are a bit more "explosive" and so on and so forth. I say try them all out!
  15. Thank You

    Oh my, that is absolutely terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that! Of course, we completely understand your absence online and will be here if you need someone to talk to! Hang in there!!