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  1. Hi Solerus and welcome back indeed! With the recent influx of new players we do need more experienced veterans around and it's great to have you on board!
  2. Hi Slacker! Thanks for the feedback! The respawn times are indeed fairly short (between 5-10 minutes per non-elite NPC) due to the fact that the area is shared between all players, so when a group of players explores Glimmering Forest it becomes void of all wildlife fairly quickly. However, having said that I think that it might be a good idea to make the respawn times dynamic and vary depending on the number of players around. This should give you more breaks in case you're travelling solo, but still keep everyone entertained in a larger group. Will add that to my task list, unless anyone has any objections or better ideas!
  3. Ha, that sounds fair and not racist at all. I'm still waiting for character names though! Does no one want their reward?
  4. Thanks, Rag! Yes, our auction UI could use a bit of an improvement; I've added that to my task list.
  5. Can you tell if any other buttons worked (e.g. fleeing combat) and whether the AI continued performing actions on its own? Or everything was 100% frozen and nothing happened on the screen whatsoever? Just trying to understand if it's a client-side or server-side issue.
  6. Hi Summer! Sorry to hear about your combat issues! Can I ask if refreshing the page (by pressing F5) helps at all or the issue appears to be permanent and doesn't go away after a refresh? If it isn't permanent, how frequently does it happen (e.g. roughly once every 10 battles, every 3-4 battles or more often)?
  7. I will think about possible ways of allowing to find loot remotely, but dropping loot on the ground for safe-keeping is not why this functionality is there. Banks are there to store your items (including the ones in your settlements), but items on the ground are never supposed to be permanently safe. If I implemented both of your suggestions, not only this would transform each settlement and village into one super-bank with the ability to travel between its "container slots" (making the original Bank obsolete and any upgrades to it fairly pointless), but this would also overflow the servers with millions of unwanted and discarded items. There are thousands of items laying around the realm at any moment in time and without an automated cleanup the game would become unplayable in a matter of weeks (due to tons of loot being stored, processed and considered for display in each sector). And the functionality of items becoming visible to other players in a while not only adds an extra MMO aspect (additional ways to interact with other players' gaming sessions, reminding you that it's not a single-player RPG ), but is also a good way of keeping the realm cleared of random loot sooner than in 8 hours (the maximum lifetime of any dropped item in the world). So I'm all for convenience, but not for using the world as a safe storage; this doesn't make much sense even in terms of realism.
  8. That is quite a serious development (a large expansion pack, I'd say ), but I do like your ideas, Rag! Thank you for sharing! I'll reserve a spot for this in my task list and will have a think about possible ways to implement something alone these lines. Can't promise any dates though, as this really is a major new feature (and I've promised so much already to Hyperion alone)...
  9. Haha, that sounds awesome. I am constantly revisiting the idea of "weaponzing" settlements, but we have to be extremely careful and cautious with such features: right now settlements are a counterweight to all our PvP-based game mechanics, which constitutes a large part of the game. Shrines, crafting location takeover, faction wars - all these features are currently built on "player rivalry" with a possibility of defeat (losing the ability to teleport, craft, gain double experience etc.). Settlements are the only safe haven which is completely unaffected by PvP, which I think makes them very attractive to those who just don't want to engage in all the faction conflicts and plotting (and still have the ability to craft in peace). So adding the ability to attack settlements of other players would be a bit harsh (at least not based on the concept of taking something away from others or restricting a specific feature), but I'm not against any clever alternatives, so please share if you have any ideas. Yes, sorry, I know that Glimmering Forest doesn't have many types of chests, but only because I was planning to add more exploration regions with other chest varieties. So much to do! * sigh * Anyway, you will be the first to know once I get a chance to work on either the new chest mechanics, new exploration regions or personal manors!
  10. The general rule is that ammunition damage always overrides weapon damage, unless ammunition is physical (i.e. deals normal damage).
  11. Ooh, that is interesting indeed! Ironically, the "difficult" bit is the generation of items for a particular character. The thing is, I always planned chests to be independent sources of categorized loot to motivate exploration: if you find a statically positioned chest that always generates longbows you can remember its position and recommend it to your friend Wayfinder. At the same time you know that somewhere is a chest that drops the exact type of items you're looking for. This way everyone keeps travelling and exploring. The alternative you describe makes all chests equally useful, so there really is no point travelling to the furthest corners of the map as there is no difference in chest contents - everything's tailored for yourself right on the spot. I do like the group lock thing! Definitely adding it to my list.
  12. Certainly, why not? Better yet, not only you can heal and revive unconscious group members as a Theurge, anyone can use healing potions on them in melee range to achieve the same effect. So there is more than one way to recover!
  13. #1 Is now fixed. As for #2... can't comment on that yet, will investigate!
  14. Not exactly! Haven't we discussed it in this thread before? There are only 2 quality based modifiers: value of 3 (for Junk and Common) and a value of 4 (for all other qualities). It's not 1 for junk, 2 for common etc. So, some examples: Junk item of level 5: 10 + (3 * 5) = 25 attribute points Common item of level 25: 10 + (3 * 25) = 115 attribute points Legendary item of level 80: 10 + (4 * 80) = 330 attribute points That's it! Armour effectiveness, damage, number of enchantments and any other parameters do not participate in minimum attribute requirement calculation. Just level and one of the 2 quality mods.
  15. Well, this was fun! But I have to agree with Hyperion here. I'm glad that I got some votes and you enjoyed my creation, but me taking a portion of someone's prize isn't entirely fair (I was planning on giving it away in case I won anyway ). So I'd like to give my extra vote to @LaGator and therefore move him to the second place! Guys, please PM me your in-game character names to whom I should send the reward. P.S. Except for @Cajunfried2016. No need for PMs, I'm assuming Andvarri is the winner here.