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  1. I've received a bug report in private about the fact that Tutorial Village doesn't actually teach disenchanting (as in the skill does not appear when you try it). This has been fixed today: from now on, any attempt to craft (even if you failed at it and gained no XP in the tutorial village) will teach the associated crafting skill straight away, if the skill is unknown.
  2. Disappearing mail

    I've found your planar shards and assigned them directly to Ihit's inventory. I've also managed to identify a bunch of daggers that may have been lost in the mail. Can you identify if any of those as yours? Honed Steel Dirk Sturdy Ebony Gutripper Durable Crystal Kirpan Sturdy Silver Blade Enchanted Steel Dirk Is it "Sturdy Silver Blade", by any chance (damage 995 - 1066)? I've added it to Ihit's inventory as well, please let me know if that's not it. You'll have to move your items around though (just drag something to a different inventory slot), as your old inventory is still cached; shards and dagger won't appear straight away until the cache is reset. In any case, I've found and fixed the underlying bug; this particular issue should not happen to anyone anymore.
  3. Slow game

    Of course! I'm a little cautious in case you come back to me in a few days saying "Hmm, looks like it's reverted back to terrible again", but if that doesn't happen that can be definitely considered official advice. P.S. Still waiting for my new Windows 10 laptop to be delivered.
  4. Slow game

    Wow, that is an interesting discovery! Flamefrost is pretty CPU & Network demanding, so having background apps utilize the same aspects may be a reason for slowdown. I personally use Windows 7, which may explain why I'm unable to reproduce the same issues as you that easily. I'll make sure to get a copy of 10 though and see if I can find a way to optimize the game for that operating system (if it is the culprit indeed).
  5. Turn based?

    Thank you, really glad to hear that! The 30 second timer is *exactly* what we've had when Flamefrost launched, by the way. However, because most players who are actively engaged in combat didn't need 30 seconds to finish all moves, there was a lot of negative feedback related to others stepping away "for tea", abusing this feature on purpose to make PvP battles last longer or just not acting "quick enough" for someone's liking. So unfortunately, 30 second timer doesn't fully work. Anyway, I'll keep you posted about any changes I make in this aspect!
  6. Slow game

    It is the server in a sense that we can't afford a more powerful machine, so I have no choice but to keep optimizing every single algorithm existing in the game to make sure it runs on rubbish virtual hardware. Don't worry though, we'll get to the bottom of this (eventually)!
  7. Turn based?

    Thanks for your feedback, Artifish! It's not exactly "easy" to implement due to the fact that combats are MMO-focused and other players can join your battles (and having an ability to pause someone else's game remotely is... well, not ideal. Epecially in a PvP scenario where this feature would be abused to annoy the opponent!). However, I did think about a similar solution too and at some point in the future I am planning to implement a "single-player mode", where you would have the classic turn-based combat system (available as a toggle) against NPCs, but no other players would be able to join your battles. Still, this would require a fair bit of development to allow our AI function in two different modes in parallel (some players fighting as a group in real-time, while someone else doing the "single-player mode" in the same location). It is on my radar though!
  8. Slow game

    Sorry to hear about all this, Vasalisa, I am investigating the problem! I did reset some things yesterday, but if you are experiencing the same today then sounds like it didn't help... are you experiencing lags in all normal (i.e. non-Exploration mode) battles as well? Do smaller battles (e.g. against a couple of level 1-2 wolves or Agents of the Four) perform better or there are significant delays between actions in these combats either?
  9. "Domination: Earth" Launch

    Haha! Well, I also have a tower computer, so there's no shame in that. A flip phone may be difficult to develop for though!
  10. "Domination: Earth" Launch

    Thanks, Hyperion! Any reviews and ratings would really help a lot: a couple of guys who haven't tried the game gave us 1 star without any comment or apparent reason, so your help would be greatly appreciated to even out the average score I've also received some feedback from various sources in regard to the game's user-friendliness and will be making improvements in that area, so please think of it as a work in progress (it's the very first version after all!).
  11. "Domination: Earth" Launch

    Phones, tablets and anything else with a GPS in it and running on Android or iOS (i.e. with the ability to install apps from the App Store or Play Store). I would make a desktop version as well, but it is a bit problematic to run around with a laptop in order to check in. Are you saying that you have no device to try Domination out on?
  12. Good day, everyone! As some of you know, I've been working on a brand new game in the last couple of months and it's finally ready to see the world! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this thread: Otherwise, I'm happy to announce that our new game titled "Domination: Earth" (domination.earth) has launched slightly ahead of schedule and is now available for everyone with an Android or iOS mobile device to try out! "Domination: Earth" is an augmented reality strategy, utilizing our planet as one giant battlefield (thanks to Google maps). Some may say that it's a hybrid between Swarm and Pokemon Go, I've personally called it "Geocaching on steroids" once, but regardless of how you label it Domination is quite fun if you're up to a bit of real world exploration. Its gameplay is relatively straightforward: wherever you go you can "check in" using the built-in GPS of your mobile device and that action captures a small piece of land for you. That land is then used to build and upgrade bases, recruit armies and expand your global influence. In-game resources and their sources appear randomly all over the world and you have to physically travel to their location to pick them up (via the "Capture Land" check-in facility). Thanks to this feature I've personally explored a large number of villages in Norfolk that I never knew existed! Additionally, any real-world item with a barcode can be "scrapped" into resources (by scanning the barcode with your phone's camera), so boring stuff around you turns into a source of crafting materials. There is a fair bit of PvP involved, but you can also create alliances and advance through the game peacefully. Anyway, I should stop reiterating things you will inevitably read in the in-game tutorial should you decide to try "Domination: Earth" out. But if you do, I will be delighted to see you online and also catch up on the forum of "Domination: Earth", which you can access after creating an in-game account via the app. If you have any questions, please ask! And as always, all feedback is greatly appreciated! P.S. The game can be downloaded via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/domination.earth/
  13. Hey all, It's been a while since I posted on the forum or released any changes to Flamefrost, so you're most likely wondering what's going on ("has Dan left the development world?"). First of all, let me assure you that I'm still around and developing stuff all day/night long. However, most of this stuff hasn't been Flamefrost. As much as I love Flamefrost and I'm grateful to everyone who supports its cause by purchasing platinum coins, unfortunately this doesn't seem to be enough to keep us afloat: our server rent costs still outweigh the amount of platinum coin sales and I'm not going to try and extort you for more (nor we'll ever see pay-to-win). Which is why I've decided to add another tool to our arsenal and launch another game that'll run in parallel to Flamefrost. Yup, that's right, for the last two months I've been working on a brand new game that is a complete opposite of Flamefrost (genre-wise, theme-wise and platform-wise: it will be a 100% mobile app). The idea behind this game is to attract an entirely new audience of players that may not be interested in Flamefrost and MMORPGs as much as us. After the game is live I will revert back to "maintenance mode" for both products and resume implementing fixes in Flamefrost, which currently isn't possible due to the lack of hours in a day (I've managed to work on 3 projects before, but 4 is simply beyond my capabilities, sorry! ). I'm not going to reveal the game's name and all the details just yet, but I will in a couple of weeks: it is almost complete and planned to launch in the second half of September 2017. The only thing I can say at this moment is that it will be an augmented reality strategy, taking place in the real world and running on Android and iOS mobile devices (phones, tablets and anything else with a GPS in it). Although the plan is to attract new people with an entirely different set of interests, I'm hopeful that you will also try and enjoy this game! In any case, stay tuned for updates!
  14. Shrine Defense Glitch?

    That is likely indeed! Will investigate.
  15. Trade Forum

    I approve of this concept! I'm currently travelling until Monday, so it's hard for me to adjust anything on the forum, but once I'm back at my computer I'll definitely look into adding something like that. By the way, yes, tags do work and that is primarily how our search feature functions, so we could utilize those!