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  1. Stolen Souls dungeon

    Hmm... usually this means that the other player didn't manage to damage the boss enough to get the kill! I.e. if you entered the combat, but remained a spectator or were simply casting support spells (such as healing) on your companion you will not be considered to be the boss's killer, you have to deal at least some damage to it! Unfortunately, the only recommendation in this case would be to join this dungeon with another group (who hasn't slain the boss yet) and fight it again, making sure that some offensive abilities are used on the boss this time.
  2. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    Well, anyone who hates you will not travel with you; you have to have a positive relationship to travel together in the first place. In general, settlers are supposed to be a slightly more powerful version of each henchman. They do not take any of your gold and are completely "free" as companions, but unlike regular henchmen they do not revive and re-appear in your group automatically upon death. Once your settler is slain their body is returned to their original village where you have to use one of your temples to bring them back to life. As for whom to take with you... it's a matter of taste, really! Each character has their own "build" and different abilities; clerics do heal, nobles may have a set of more "defensive" abilities, sociopaths are a bit more "explosive" and so on and so forth. I say try them all out!
  3. Thank You

    Oh my, that is absolutely terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that! Of course, we completely understand your absence online and will be here if you need someone to talk to! Hang in there!!
  4. rework of some abilties

    Hmm... I thought I changed these to have a cooldown of an hour or two for exploration mode (can't remember exactly, I think it's roughly 1000 rounds!), but I agree; this may need a more elegant solution since it is much easier to re-enter the area instead of waiting around for an hour.
  5. Naerath has a New Warden!

    Apologies for delay, I've been away from computer a lot recently. But yes, congratulations and welcome, @dizzyg! Thank *you* for being an awesome and helpful member of the community! Your status is now officially updated (you may need to re-login to the game for the appropriate rank to appear in the chat box; please let me know if it doesn't!) and you've been added to the Naerath Warden forum group. Huzzah!
  6. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    Hmm.. that does look like a very depressing build (especially for a level 61) indeed! Nope, she is supposed to have a more attributes than that. I've released a fix; please let me know if Sedriel still looks weak.
  7. Name Change

    Oh, sorry! I will look into that. I've changed your name to Dilis manually though! Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with.
  8. Server Crash

    I've managed to recover our failed server, so it is once again functional. However, please let me know if any crashes/downtime reoccur!
  9. Server Crash

    Right, I'm afraid the issue appears to be quite serious and involves a complete hardware failure; I will have to recreate our servers from a set of backups (don't worry, no data will be lost; everything's thoroughly backed up ), but this may take some time. I will aim to fix this problem by the end of tomorrow and will keep you posted in this thread. Once again, I am very sorry for inconvenience caused!
  10. Server Crash

    Hey all, Our game realm seems to have went down today, my apologies for inconvenience. I am doing my best to restore it ASAP, will post again once that's done. Best Regards, Dan
  11. Hi all, It's been a while since the last update, so I thought it's time to change that. Please welcome 1.8.6, which should prompt you to perform a hard refresh via Ctrl+F5 shortly, featuring the following changes: It is now possible to equip any of your henchmen (including every single member of your settlement population) using the "Equip" option (in the same window where the "Talk" button appears usually). Please note that if you currently have any henchmen/settlers in your group you will have to dismiss them and re-hire again for the new feature to activate. The appearance of NPCs equipped in new items will not change, but the characters will benefit from armour, damage and elemental resistance bonuses. Additionally, equipping them with elemental weapons will switch their melee damage type as well (in the same way this affects players). It is not possible to force NPCs use ranged weapons if they don't possess any relevant abilities (e.g. Kerthemon the Smith will not shoot bows or crossbows and can only benefit from melee weapons). It is not possible for NPCs to equip secondary weapons, but you can equip trinkets and both rings. You will now see that each NPC has their own unique combination of Strength, Dexterity and Intellect growing with each level. Every NPC chooses their own build, so their numbers will vary. However, certain characters are predisposed to certain builds and will distribute their attribute points accordingly (e.g. Kerthemon will spend most of his points on Strength). NPC Equipment window only displays the base attributes of this character (without enchantments), as these are used to meet item requirements. However, any items with attribute enchantments (e.g. bonus to strength) still work in combat and will increase that character's damage output. Non-combat characters (e.g. Morton the Cook) can still be equipped, but you will not see their character model in the equipment preview window. Consider them as "extra inventories", since they can't really use any armour or weapons equipped. Any equipped items are permanent and will remain with this character indefinitely (you can dismiss and re-hire all characters without losing their equipment). However, please remember that if you upset one of your followers (e.g. because your settlement's dwellers are unhappy about your rule) and they decide to leave all of the equipped items will leave with them; a settler that is mad at you will not bother returning your gifts back to you. Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope that this update makes your companion travels a bit more diverse (and unwanted loot - more useful)!
  12. Name Change

    Sure! Click on the drop-down menu next to your profile image on the forum, then open "Account Settings" -> "Display Name" and enter your new display name there. Please let me know if you can't find it!
  13. I demand pictures!! I think it may be time for another settlement contest...
  14. A new Material Escape issue!

    Thanks, @Cajunfried2016! I will see if I can reproduce the problem...
  15. Hi all, A couple of fixes just got released: Fix to spell/ability reset that was allocating an incorrect number of upgrade points. From now on all points are recalculated against your current level. Maximum level for crafted armour and weapons has been increased to 200, allowing to create all kinds of clothing and armaments above level 80. Facebook login is once again functional. Any questions - please post!