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  1. Honor Among Thieves

    That is really awesome! Thank you, Robyn! Despite my intimate knowledge of the lockpicking system I still enjoyed reading this; a very smart guide!
  2. Site Down?

    The game is online, but we've moved servers to a new address and it's entirely possible that your browser still has the old address cached. Try going to https://play.flamefrost.com/ and performing a hard refresh via Ctrl+F5 while there. If that doesn't help and the issue persists, please let me know!
  3. Slow Internet Mode Suggestion

    Yes, but it would also be weird to see palm trees and sandy beaches on the northernmost continent (i.e. an equivalent of the Arctic Circle), wouldn't it?
  4. 27.11 Maintenance

    Server migration is complete, there should be no more downtime in the foreseeable future. Thank you for your patience, everyone!
  5. Guild Coat of Arms

    Done! Any element can now be blank (just navigate through all the options, "none" is somewhere in there!). Please refrain from creating completely blank logos though (not that it'll break anything, it's just extremely boring and offensive to the artist ).
  6. Hi all, A bit of a heads up: Flamefrost will be unavailable for a few hours later tonight and potentially later this week, as I'll be doing a bit of server relocation & maintenance. Accordingly, if play.flamefrost.com doesn't load - don't panic, it will be back eventually. P.S. Forum (community.flamefrost.com) remains unaffected by this migration, so I will be posting updates about the progress.
  7. Poisonous critters

    Oh wow! I can neither confirm or deny this as I'd rather keep my horse unbitten and steer clear of any comparable consequences!
  8. Exploration Contest

    Thank you for being honest and vigilant! But I don't think there's been a problem in this particular case, please consider it a bonus from the event's sponsors.
  9. An interesting discovery

    Ah, yes, I have considered that scenario, which is why there's a bunch of blue arrows in the lower-left corner of exploration mode. However, as I did not have a touch device at the moment of building this functionality, I haven't considered that these buttons would be treated as individual "images" on all tablets, so it's impossible to hold them for long (a menu prompt appears offering to download these images). I will fix that if anyone is using tablets to play Flamefrost!
  10. Can't log on

    Ah, that makes me think that we've experienced temporary connectivity issues at that point after all! The multi-logging protection only kicks in after you've selected a character, so no reason for this message to appear immediately upon logging in. In any case, thank you very much for the details; I'm glad that the situation has improved today and I'll keep an eye on the servers!
  11. Can't log on

    Hmm... There are only two reasons why this might happen usually: 1) The game server went down, which means that everyone would have experienced this "session timeout" simultaneously (if anyone has had that - please shout in this thread! ). Can you remember what action you've performed last before this message appeared? Were you always kicked out after the same action or did it happen randomly? If you managed to find a bug that crashes the server it would help greatly to fix the issue if I could reproduce your steps. 2) You've been logged out because another browser/another device/another person elsewhere is already logged into this account. Are you playing using multiple browsers? For example, if you've logged in via Firefox, closed that browser and a few minutes later logged in via Chrome, you may get kicked out of Chrome because Firefox session is still active, if that makes any sense. The same applies if you have multiple computers and are switching between them. To prevent this from happening I recommend logging out using the in-game "X" button (upper right corner, right next to the chat) to make sure your logout is recorded and allow another browser to login. But if you are not using multiple browsers / multiple PCs... have you shared your account details with anyone? Maybe it's worth changing your password, just in case!
  12. Exploration Contest

    I think that's very close to the truth!
  13. Attention New Players!

    Thanks for your positive feedback, Foxfire! And welcome! I'm really happy to hear that you are enjoying Flamefrost! I'm not very good at making youtube videos myself, but if someone did that it would be greatly appreciated (happy to supply any game-related materials, logos etc. as well, if needed)! Please post if you run into any issues; I am the person responsible for fixing all bugs, so I'd be glad to help with anything that's bothering you!
  14. I've received a bug report in private about the fact that Tutorial Village doesn't actually teach disenchanting (as in the skill does not appear when you try it). This has been fixed today: from now on, any attempt to craft (even if you failed at it and gained no XP in the tutorial village) will teach the associated crafting skill straight away, if the skill is unknown.
  15. Disappearing mail

    I've found your planar shards and assigned them directly to Ihit's inventory. I've also managed to identify a bunch of daggers that may have been lost in the mail. Can you identify if any of those as yours? Honed Steel Dirk Sturdy Ebony Gutripper Durable Crystal Kirpan Sturdy Silver Blade Enchanted Steel Dirk Is it "Sturdy Silver Blade", by any chance (damage 995 - 1066)? I've added it to Ihit's inventory as well, please let me know if that's not it. You'll have to move your items around though (just drag something to a different inventory slot), as your old inventory is still cached; shards and dagger won't appear straight away until the cache is reset. In any case, I've found and fixed the underlying bug; this particular issue should not happen to anyone anymore.