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  1. Shrine Defense Glitch?

    That is likely indeed! Will investigate.
  2. Trade Forum

    I approve of this concept! I'm currently travelling until Monday, so it's hard for me to adjust anything on the forum, but once I'm back at my computer I'll definitely look into adding something like that. By the way, yes, tags do work and that is primarily how our search feature functions, so we could utilize those!
  3. Skill Confusion

    I apologize that it took so long, but I finally have an answer! Before anything else, the underlying "bug" is now fixed and you should now be getting more XP in skills with the highest number of points (as expected). However, if you are curious about "what caused this", the problem was in the fact that each of you had too many active skills with at least one point in them. The XP allocation logic selected a set of core skills (with the highest number of points in them) and calculated the amount of XP these skills are supposed to receive. After that it looked at all the "secondary" skills (i.e. low-point values, such as skills with 1 point in them) and took a tiny portion of XP from the core skills in order to reward the low-point skills as well. However, if your character had a point in each skill that exists in the game the combined amount of such "tiny portions" exceeded the amount of XP allocated for the core skills, so they got depleted in order to award all other skills. It's a bit hard to explain (and even harder to wrap your head around), so if that doesn't make any sense just remember that this should now be fixed (some amount of XP will always be reserved for the core skills from now on). As always, please let me know if you have any questions or if something still doesn't look right!
  4. Ok, I'm happy to inform you that the issue should now be resolved. Please let me know if you're still not receiving XP in skills with the highest number of points!
  5. After careful consideration...

    How.. what.. why...?! I'm leaving this conversation right now...
  6. That is a very peculiar problem and a great observation; well spotted! Adding this to my list of things to investigate and fix!
  7. Belated Introduction

    Thank you for your positive feedback, Norion! * wipes tears of joy * I'm really glad to hear that you are enjoying Flamefrost so much! Welcome on board, it's awesome to have to you with us!
  8. Monster Manual/Creature Compendium

    Lol, what? I feel old, but I have to agree with Andvarri - I've had no idea what that is! My first thoughts were "Ooh, so like a D&D Monster Manual!", but definitely not... that.
  9. Exploration Contest

    Well done, Rag! This was quite a tough challenge!
  10. Developer Help Requested.

    It sounds like the issue was resolved before I even got to ask any questions (well done, Hyperion, for figuring out the root cause!)... But just in case: is there anything else I can help with or was that it?
  11. About settlements

    Thanks, @Cajunfried2016, these are all very good points! Just going to add my personal two cents to this guide: Settlers are indeed the key consumer for all your resources, so having those early on in the game may become quite challenging! Your settlement will begin attracting new population after a source of water and at least one dwelling is built. So if you aren't ready for company make sure to avoid placing these buildings on lower levels! However, one good way to prepare for being a "resourceful" Lord (or Lady ) is to ensure you have some levels in Salvage before the real construction begins. Salvage Station is the first building you can place after acquiring a piece of land, and it is perfectly safe to have one around: it does not generate any "threat" and will not provoke attacks from raiders. At the same time, bringing all unwanted junk loot into it for processing is a good exercise for any level character: not only you will accumulate a number of starting resources (it may be more difficult to start your expansion from a completely blank sheet; a head start resource-wise will come in handy!), you will be able to salvage higher quality items at the moment when this becomes really important (i.e. when your population begins demanding attention). On a side note, please remember that any deaths remove 7% of your carried gold, so if you are saving up for a settlement (regardless of your level) make sure to regularly deposit your savings into a bank!
  12. Alert!

    Just to confirm: by "chop experience" do you mean "choppy FPS" or "choppy action synchronization" (for example, characters being thrown around the screen as in the case of severe server-side lags and position synchronization failure)?
  13. Grateful Glitch... I think ;)

    That's annoying, I did not do anything yet. This may indicate that only one particular XP source is affected (quests, combos, kills, crafting or other). In any case, I'll test this once I get a chance, but please let me know if the issue re-occurs again (and keep an eye on what gave you the last bit of XP )!
  14. Grateful Glitch... I think ;)

    Could you please elaborate which of the two rings you've used? It would also help to know what you did to gain that last bit of xp and how much xp the purple bar claims you have currently!
  15. Mission complete pop-up box

    Sounds like a fair request. Will see what I can do! P.S. Change implemented; will include it in 1.8.5 (once that's ready to be released).