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  1. Ring vanished !

    Is there anything you remember about that ring at all? It can be retrieved, but I need something for a search; it doesn't have to be a set of exact values, but a skill it affected, quality or a partial name would help greatly!
  2. Unless I'm terribly mistaken, today is the day when one of our most valuable and oldest members of the community (and an amazing Naerath Warden!) was born, which means... Happy birthday, @Cajunfried2016!! May your blade strike true, luck greets your every step and all quests complete themselves! * raises a wine glass *
  3. Honor Among Thieves

    Wow, @Robyn Banks you are really good at this! I am impressed.
  4. Hi all, My apologies for tonight's downtime, we've had an issue with our SSL (Secure Domain) certificate provider and some services failed to be renewed. We have now successfully moved to Amazon as a provider for this service, so the game is back online and this issue should not happen again any time soon. Please give play.flamefrost.com a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) if it refuses to load and let me know if you still can't access the realm!
  5. Playable Races: Overview

    Wow! @Weyah I'd definitely love to play what you're suggesting, but I'm not as excited that I'm the one who has to build it! Great ideas though, one day I will get back into active expansion development and will certainly look into this.
  6. About settlements

    Legendary items do always drop arcanite indeed. But now that you've made everyone curious, please share your discovery!
  7. Faction War tonight! (Jan. 3, 2018)

    Poor Desecrated Circle is being hammered again? No one wants to be on the side of evil, it seems!
  8. Баг в сбросе перков

    Hi! Can you please tell me your character name, so that I could investigate what's going on? Please also feel free to post in Russian, as I speak a number of languages (including that one ) and I don't want for things to get lost in translation.
  9. Jewel Crafting possibly not working

    That sounds strange, as I haven't made any changes to crafting since that last fix. Will investigate!
  10. Free Experience

    @Hyperion thank you for the report, your vigilance and honesty (as always)! You are correct, it seems that something fishy is going on indeed... I will investigate! In the meantime, please enjoy this free XP as it is entirely my fault.
  11. Material Escape Quest

    That is accurate, the Plane of Air is indeed the first to be visited, otherwise the lack of Planar Travel skill can cause issues! I apologize for a delay in response though, has Luke still been unable to access any of the planes? If not, can you please find out the exact message he's seeing (as there are different errors for different scenarios)?
  12. Playable Races: Overview

    I can imagine pirate ships being present on Naerath, but.. it may be hard to explain daleks and cybermen. I'm open to suggestions though (preferably in a separate thread, despite the fact that we are somewhat discussing possible races )!
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Ooh, a separate thread! Didn't notice it at first. I hope everyone's had a wonderful Christmas and please have an amazing New Year!!
  14. can't equip a weapon

    Sorry for delay in response, Christmas is being... well, Christmas. Can I possibly ask you to upload a screenshot with this item's tooltip? If you capture your current equipment slots on the screenshot that would be even more helpful. Also, what is the name of your character who is trying to equip this weapon?
  15. Nicely done! Congratulations!