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    Hi all, It's been a while since the last update, so I thought it's time to change that. Please welcome 1.8.6, which should prompt you to perform a hard refresh via Ctrl+F5 shortly, featuring the following changes: It is now possible to equip any of your henchmen (including every single member of your settlement population) using the "Equip" option (in the same window where the "Talk" button appears usually). Please note that if you currently have any henchmen/settlers in your group you will have to dismiss them and re-hire again for the new feature to activate. The appearance of NPCs equipped in new items will not change, but the characters will benefit from armour, damage and elemental resistance bonuses. Additionally, equipping them with elemental weapons will switch their melee damage type as well (in the same way this affects players). It is not possible to force NPCs use ranged weapons if they don't possess any relevant abilities (e.g. Kerthemon the Smith will not shoot bows or crossbows and can only benefit from melee weapons). It is not possible for NPCs to equip secondary weapons, but you can equip trinkets and both rings. You will now see that each NPC has their own unique combination of Strength, Dexterity and Intellect growing with each level. Every NPC chooses their own build, so their numbers will vary. However, certain characters are predisposed to certain builds and will distribute their attribute points accordingly (e.g. Kerthemon will spend most of his points on Strength). NPC Equipment window only displays the base attributes of this character (without enchantments), as these are used to meet item requirements. However, any items with attribute enchantments (e.g. bonus to strength) still work in combat and will increase that character's damage output. Non-combat characters (e.g. Morton the Cook) can still be equipped, but you will not see their character model in the equipment preview window. Consider them as "extra inventories", since they can't really use any armour or weapons equipped. Any equipped items are permanent and will remain with this character indefinitely (you can dismiss and re-hire all characters without losing their equipment). However, please remember that if you upset one of your followers (e.g. because your settlement's dwellers are unhappy about your rule) and they decide to leave all of the equipped items will leave with them; a settler that is mad at you will not bother returning your gifts back to you. Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope that this update makes your companion travels a bit more diverse (and unwanted loot - more useful)!
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    Agreed ! I have started playing Runes of Magic, for something mindless to do that will take my mind off the family issues I am having, and have chatted up FFL...naturally, and there are cashers in game who would not mind paying a wee bit I am sure. I described FFL to them and passed on how it is played and there are definitely folk who are interested ! Oddly, they are intrigued by the settlement aspect of this game and crafting instead of murder, mayhem, and questing. RoM is like WoW and rather boring in my opinion, a bit of mindless playing and nothing to do outside of questing. I mean you can craft but it is a far cry from our crafting. And it is rare that there is any player interaction, seems people actually like being social which is great for those of us who like to chat and help out new players ! I am not saying that there should only be certain items you can get with plats, I dislike that in any game, I Love the fact that in FFL all players have the same ability to have good weapons and armor, just maybe have bling that you can only get with plats while still allowing non-cashers an even playing field. FFL is a unique game with out a doubt. It has more to offer than any game I have played. And I Know it Will be successful. And you do not need to spend hours trying to understand how to play it ! It offers something for every type of gamer, from crafting to settlements; guild wars to dungeons. And one of the best group of people I have had the honor to know. No newbie ever gets hung out to dry which RoM and other games simply does not have. And a good community is important in my book. No one here, to my knowledge, just refused to help a newbie or even a regular. And I have found NO game where the creator is actually present and cares about the players and their opinions and offers help. (and will re-name your weapon Happy Bunny to humiliate those she kills). And while I am writing a book here let me also say that this is the First game where females are treated fairly. You guys have no idea how frustrating it is to play a game and get treated like "a girl". Like we are some bunch of dizzy headed (no offence Dizzy G lol), ignorant, oh-I-broke-a-nail, player ! You have pummeled me just like one of the guys and treated me with respect....mostly hahahaha, and I love you the more for it. And have had faith in the females enough to make us Wardens ! Again, I have so much faith that FFL Will be one of the top games around. I would say THE top game, but trying to be humble here people, which is hard as you all well know. I love this game and can not say enough about it. And as Dan has said, it really is about our community here, as well as our love for the game. It is not "just" a game. It is a family. Okey dokey, I am done. Just had a couple things I felt I needed to say. Thanks for putting up with me ! Really do love and respect all of you....you are good people and my life is better for knowing you....though Thaugrim is suspect
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    Introducing the official discord server for Flamefrost. Hopefully this will bridge a gap in communication and allow new players to get access to help from more sources. As well as allowing voice chat for those who want it. https://discord.gg/5yXhAh7 Discord can be used in browser, via a mobile app, or a desktop program. Allowing the choice of how and where to chat with fellow players and access staff
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    And I'll be here when it's all said and done to run events in a new "Welcome and welcome back" schedule with prizes and awards based on progress and attendance. (Dan permitting, he's stingy sometimes ;))
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    Apologies for delay, I've been away from computer a lot recently. But yes, congratulations and welcome, @dizzyg! Thank *you* for being an awesome and helpful member of the community! Your status is now officially updated (you may need to re-login to the game for the appropriate rank to appear in the chat box; please let me know if it doesn't!) and you've been added to the Naerath Warden forum group. Huzzah!
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    Thank you all for your support. Thanks Dan for believing in me.
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    Dan is always good to us ! He loves us and we love him...good to have such an awesome game family And good to have RL friends ! Life is good ! Now......off to see what I have hoarded to give to the minions! Soooooo cool we can equip henchmen...or women hahaha
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    Hi all, A couple of fixes just got released: Fix to spell/ability reset that was allocating an incorrect number of upgrade points. From now on all points are recalculated against your current level. Maximum level for crafted armour and weapons has been increased to 200, allowing to create all kinds of clothing and armaments above level 80. Facebook login is once again functional. Any questions - please post!
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    Non-dwarves think dwarves have no feelings. I feel hungry, thirsty, sleepy, love, anger. Especially anger towards the other races that make fun of our stature. That's why I am opening a store that specializes in 'dwarf feelings'! I got axes to shave elf ears and I got mauls to break tall knees and I got hammers to smash the toes of the taller than dwarves.
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    New Writing Contest Nearath - The Beginning Story should be about how your race came to be in Naerath. Ideas - Who was the first of your race? Were there Gods involved in your race's creation?? Was your race made by Dragons? Was your race made through Magic? Were you escaped slaves? Runaways? Brought over by Pirates ? Criminals ? You get the gist of it Have no more than 1,500 words. Exact word count not necessary, but please make it close. Judging will depend on how many likes a story gets. So please refrain from liking a story unless it will be your vote. Comments are fine The contest will begin on Feb. 19th and end on Feb. 26th - that will give everyone a week to write ! Prizes are - First Place -100,000 gold and 2 batches of health and mana food made by your truly ! You may pick what mods you would like on your food. ie...Heavy armor, bows, fire resist, etc. Gold also supplied by me as well. Second Place - 50,000 gold and 1 batch of food - mana and health Third Place - 25,000 gold ONE entry per player please......Can be a main character or and alt....but not both. And yes.....we have ways of telling if it is an alt and a main character Anyone can participate ! Wardens included this time. Though I would like to suggest that IF a Warden wins, please share ! I included Wardens for this contest because Wardens never get to participate and never have any fun hahahahaha. Mr. Dragon, sorry Sir, you can not enter because well, you made the game and can make way better food than I can and since you are a tank, food is pretty much a moot point *snortgiggles* Besides, G.O.D.'s don't eat anyway ! Hope everyone has fun and participates since this is my first contest and I will be so veryvery sad if no one does ! If you have any questions please feel free to ask ! Ask on this post though, just in case someone else has the same question ! Thank you ! Let the writing begin !!!!
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    In the beginning, there was chaos. Naerath was a lawless, violent land full of war and death. Ogres battled orcs. Goblins battled golems. Elves battled everything. The Lesser Gods were having fun watching the carnage. Myriul, the ever mischievous, was constantly creating new and different creatures to corrupt the balance of the land. Corinthul was changing the weather to give his creatures a better chance of winning. Immerxil was just an immature brat who delighted in pain. Wyneshia mostly kept to herself, occasionally provoking the others by sending waves of water to drown their creations. Then the Greater Gods decided to take control back over the land they created so long ago. The child-like Lesser Gods had destroyed large swaths of natural resources, leaving some areas completely barren of any life at all. The twins, Baelathor and Fyriel, were brought in from other lands along with their brother, Merkheen, to help restore the land while the Greater Gods created new life forms to balance the chaos. Arkh directed his wives, Sylthenea and Exalia, to help him populate the land with new creatures. These creatures would have to be molded from the land itself, so that they would be in tune with their Gods. Arkh himself created the Tul'Rahx. He liked the idea of a muscular and large creature to counter balance the existing ones. He gave them an overactive sense of honor to keep them from getting too wild. Exalia created humans. While not the sturdiest of creatures, they were given an indomitable will to overcome adversity. With the other two already finished, Sylthenea took extra time to create her creature. She wanted a creature with the strength of a Tul'Rahx, the willpower of a human, and the creativity of herself. She created dwarves. Looking over the creatures, Arkh was quite content. He sent the three races out into the land, giving each their own special territory. He sat back and watched his land become stronger and more neutral. He saw the creatures building shrines to all of the Gods. This pleased him greatly. One day, a new creature appeared in Naerath. Looking down upon the land, Arkh spotted a Sun Elf. His ire rising, he demanded to know which of his wives had gone against him. Without much ado, Exalia confessed to creating them. She said she wanted more beauty and grace in the land. Arkh pointed out how this would disturb the balance. She simply shrugged and told him if he wanted balance restored, he could create other new creatures. And the story continues...
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    Hi all, You may have heard rumours about me planning to temporarily switch off Flamefrost in order to build a new and enhanced version that will be relaunched in the future. These rumours are indeed true: we've planned a similar relaunch in the past with "Flamefrost 2.0" when we had the idea to replace all tactical battles with real-time exploration mode. Unfortunately, I never got to finishing that development as it was just too time-demanding and other priorities (or games) came first. I've made a decision to turn things around this time and recruited some help: our new team is currently working on building a brand new "Domination: Earth" (in case you don't know what I am talking about it is another game published by us, Epic Dragon: https://domination.earth) that is planned to be relaunched in a similar fashion in December 2018. But once they're done with DE I want to do a complete visual overhaul of Flamefrost to make sure it is a decent competition to the other games and can attract a wider audience of players. It will be a mammoth task and take a long time to complete, but at least this way Flamefrost stands a chance of surviving and growing instead of just dwindling away and running solely for the existing fans & veterans of it. Unfortunately, it does mean that I need to bring the game offline as our budget is insufficient to both run Flamefrost and have a game development team work on the project at the same time. We do not have an exact date yet of when Flamefrost will be taken offline, but it will happen sometime in August and I will post again closer to when it's about to happen. Just to confirm: the rebuild is aimed at visual elements only and no game mechanics is planned to change in a drastic manner, so all of your currently accumulated progress and characters will remain. If for some reason we do decide to change the underlying game elements I will do my best to transition your characters/settlements/possessions into the new game format as closely as possible and issue the appropriate rewards for any losses (although I certainly hope there will be none ). I know that this news will come as unpleasant surprise to most of you and I apologize for any inconvenience caused, but I also hope for your understanding of our situation: I truly hope that this is the only way forward. As always, please post or message me if you have any questions or concerns.
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    We now have 'proof positive' that the British Empire is still alive and well! With Dragon Dan and family moved to Australia, and without any fuss, it is proof the land down under and mother England are still the same country :). I mean to say, with the exception of the language differences, England = Australia....which is alright by me.
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    I'll settle for whatever gets the game up. I'll be the first to say I've never been "impressed" with the models that were available and none of the 3d models were capable of enough detail and uniqueness that I felt it was necessary to improve my gear for that purpose. I think you could get a LOT further with "generic item appearance A" and creating vivid, truly unique cosmetic appearances. I don't want to say cash shop cosmetics, but it's a successful business route. just don't paywall your players.
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    That is correct, the main problem though is our insanely complicated database structure; it's really hard for someone to learn in order to add non-random quests and dialogues. I've tried it with a bunch of people, everyone gave up in the end with next to no results. I also started working on a "visual editor" for this as suggested by Tanzer, but once again, simplifying our data tree and presenting it on a user interface turned out to be a greater challenge than anticipated (it would take a few months to finish it). However, I would love to add a main story into Flamefrost, that has always been in my task list. As for the shutdown: I believe we can estimate it to happen on Saturday the 11th of August, but I'll post again if anything changes / gets postponed!
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    I am pretty new to the game. As such, crafting is still a major hurdle. I am going to share what I've learned about it, but I won't go into alchemy here. Look up the alchemy crafting guide for that. If anything here is wrong, I'll edit this. First, you will have to grind a lot to get your skills higher. Start early! Grinding is mindlessly harvesting ingredients like gems, state capsules, ore, wood, herbs, plants, runes, etc. Considering the max level to get the highest ingredients is around 400 or more for each skill, you will be grinding a lot. You can get items with modifications (or mods), but they generally won't go above 140 for each item. So unless you have 4 items with 100+ mods on them for gathering your ingredient, you'll need to grind. Anything you gather can be sold at most merchant stalls that have a coin icon, regardless of level. If the merchant level is way higher than you, click on the "View All" button in the lower left corner to bring up the merchants to trade with. A few merchants will only have quests available. You'll learn pretty quickly who can be traded with. Chatting to other players while grinding is a great way to meet other players and ask questions! I encourage everyone to chat it up. It makes the game more interesting, and you can probably make friends. To craft anything, you will need blueprints for everything except cooking, as well as ingredients and property containers or charged state capsules for most. Ingredients are unique for each craft. Cooking requires meat or plants, herbs and cooking oil. Tailoring requires textiles. Leatherworking requires pelts. Blacksmithing requires ingots. Carpentry requires treated wood. The level of the blueprint determines what you will need to craft. General rule is ingredients and property containers must be the level of the blueprint or lower. Conjuration is your best friend if you plan to craft any items like armor, shields, bows, wands, or jewelry. It is not required for cooking. Conjuration will get you state capsules, property containers and runes. If you pull up the world map, click on "Crafting Resources" at the bottom. You will see icons for Public Farm, Public Garden, Woodcutting Camp, Enchanting Circle, Mine Entrance and a few with weird names that all have the same icon (these are lakes where you can conjure). You can get runes at the Enchanted Circles, and state capsules and property containers at any of the lakes. Property containers are level specific to whatever you are crafting. State capsules are not! Once you are able to get the next higher level of state capsule, stock up on them and sell any lower level empty capsules. This will save you room in your backpack. Property containers should be whatever level range you are trying to craft, within the 5 level range (1-4, 5-9, 10-14, etc.). So if you are trying to craft a level 13 item, you will need a level 10 property container. You are a failure! Yep, you will fail your first attempt at anything. This makes you learn the skill. From there on out, you are the captain of your destiny. You can level up pretty quickly if you have a lot of junk items to craft with. Sure, you will be crafting junk items, but the experience is the key. Plus, you can sell everything you craft. Some people want to learn every crafting skill. This sounds great in theory, but learning more than 2 or 3 will mean less experience per craft when you level up in the game. My recommendation is to spend 1 skill point per craft in the early levels, then don't bother as you will automatically gain levels in crafts and gathering every time your character levels up and at other points in the game. Base skill + skill points + mods = game level for a skill. If your base skill is 30, you spent 10 skill points on it and you have mods that boost the skill by 20 points, your game level for that skill is 30+10+20=60. You can always add skill points at any time when you level up, so save those for later unless you plan to only craft. Otherwise, you will need those skill points for armor, offense and defense. If you do plan to only craft, spend all your skill points on whatever crafting skills you want to perfect. A level 10 character can produce some pretty awesome items for any level character. You will only be able to do this effectively for cooking though, since you need blueprints for everything else. Blueprints can generally only be obtained by killing critters, unless you can buy them in the auction house or get them from other players. The blueprints available will be dependent on the level of the critter. Side note, tailoring will require you to have the salvage skill, which is only available if you have a land deed and a salvage station, or a lot of people are selling textiles in the auction house (very rare). I don't recommend this for anyone less than level 10. ONLY build a salvage station if you don't want the hassle of gathering resources and taking care of settlers for your land. I'll stop here for now and add to it later.
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    Yer get a double bonus if yer can hit them while they are running their mouth.
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    Dizzyg is the newest Warden. Please extend her a warm welcome and a cool congratulations!
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    I don't have opening speech, it's a Theurge build, with a hammer, if you see one, run. **WARNING** DO NOT ATTEMPT STR BUILD WITHOUT FULLY MODDED GEAR. USE GOOD LEGENDARY GEAR WHEN YOU CAN. IF YOU CAN'T, ONLY EQUIP GEARS WITH INT MOD INSIDE. THIS BUILD SUFFER FROM THE LACK OF MP. Gear Choices : Medium Armor, Medium Shield, Mace or Hammer. Stat Allocation : STR, DEX, Abilities : Offensive : Semi - Offensive : Support / Misc / Passive : Toogled : Combos : worthy skill mentions : Condemn / and Dark Condemn thingy : A good single target DoT skill with 8 seconds cooldown Touch of Light / Touch of Darkness : Light decreases DEX while Dark decreases STR (not really sure, probably the other way around) Mysticism (Toogle) : give boost to mana regeneration to the entire party. Lion Heart (Toogle) : give stat boost to the entire party (I might be wrong, but as far as i see, only boost allocated stats, not gear bonus. better used at end-game) Disjunction : Remove magical debuff from self and party, and remove magical buff from enemies while also dealing them pretty huge damage in the process. Sounds useful, but not so much in practice. Shadow Cocoon : A good skill if you want to invite @Weyah to a party while indirectly killing her inside boss battle. Known buggy skills : Toogle skills (Mysticism, Lion Heart, and Spring of Life) are only removed from your character if you cast a different one, party member will retain all of them.
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    Hey all, Our game realm seems to have went down today, my apologies for inconvenience. I am doing my best to restore it ASAP, will post again once that's done. Best Regards, Dan
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    Dan, you are way too good to us! Thank you for your work.
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    I've managed to recover our failed server, so it is once again functional. However, please let me know if any crashes/downtime reoccur!
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    Right, I'm afraid the issue appears to be quite serious and involves a complete hardware failure; I will have to recreate our servers from a set of backups (don't worry, no data will be lost; everything's thoroughly backed up ), but this may take some time. I will aim to fix this problem by the end of tomorrow and will keep you posted in this thread. Once again, I am very sorry for inconvenience caused!
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    @Robyn Banks that's a very pretty settlement you have there! I may pay you a visit in the near future. * tries to ignore and not to laugh about the Weyah-related comments *
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    All 5 of my feelings are hurt ! I WAS going to say this is spot on...however I am just going to go lay in my bed in the fetal position and cry...........
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    A short Boyo Biography: I answer to my nickname Boyo. I am just a regular dwarf. I am the youngest of 6 children. Thaugrim is the firstborn and the eldest son which means he becomes the patriarch someday when father passes. Thaugrim has the warrior spirit. He believes dwarves are meant to rule the other races because the other races are so erratic and dwarves are so stable. Thaugrim does not hold the other races in very high regard. Meadris is the next born and he loves to fight as well but he also loves to heal. Meadris is also a great statesman and peacemaker. Meadris would also be the wealthiest in the clan except he gives so much of his money away. He loves helping others. He is both kind and generous. The third born is a son named Arechemeze but he really prefers to be called Are the Pirate. He wanted to become a pirate so he began to sign everything as Are the Pirate. He is also mortally afraid of speaking in public. Some think Are is ‘touched’ in the mind but he actually plays up that notion. He really likes to surprise people. Minerva is next and is the eldest sister. She is very strong minded (some say she is out right stubborn) and chooses her own way. She follows a different faction just to show Thaugrim he is not her boss. She is a magic wielder. Next to Meadris, she is the second nicest and kindest. Keyani is the baby sister but I feel sorry for anyone that treats her that way or calls her such. She is very outgoing and affable but she also a force of nature if you get her mad. Even Thaugrim is careful around his ‘baby sister’. She loves magic and has followed her sister’s path. Then comes me. My name is Keledain (This is my dwarven name. I never learned my Tul name.) Thaugrim always calls me Boyo so the name stuck. I like both names. I was not born into the family. They adopted me when I was only a few weeks old. The dwarves found me as the only survivor of a rogue dragon attack on my village. They attacked the dragon as it was about to devour me with Thaugrim snatching me away from the beasts claws. He struck the killing blow even though he was not yet an adult. Father claimed me as one of his family and the rest is history. Since I was Tul by body, I was always bigger than the other dwarf children so growing up had some challenges for me. I also discovered that many of my people’s occupations were not suited to me. But my father, mother and siblings encouraged me to find something that I really liked. One of my favorite things to do was to explore the forests and to observe animals and to interact with nature. So I spent more and more time exploring the woodlands. One day, I met an Elf. He asked me what I was doing out in the wilderness by myself and I told him of my love of animals and nature. He took a liking to me and offered to teach me about the animals and nature. That is how I became a Wayfinder. My elven mentor is Karza. He said I was the first Dwarven and Tul’Rhax Wayfinder that he knew of. He seemed to find great pride in my accomplishments. My family is very excited about my choice of profession. And everywhere I go, I make many friends among the elves, humans and Tul’Rhax. Father says I will be the person that brings all the races together to work toward trust and friendship. I don’t know about all that, though. I am just a regular dwarf. I answer to my nickname Boyo. Keledain, Thaugrims younger brother.
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    My embarrassing submission, sorry for bad grammar.
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    Awesome!! Both stories are simply great, but I love the FF lore references, @dizzyg! Really well done!
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    it's because of the ever-changing gear, (basically, you switched a lot) use slow internet mode to cheat that. and when you did, DO NOT attempt to change your equipment Inside glimmering forest (this will break slow net mode).
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    I would like to have a short story contest ! I will give food to the winner as well as 100,000 gold ! If it is a go...I will pick a story line and word minimum and everyone can go from there ! We can all vote on best story ! What say you all?
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    this reminds me, i never really read anything other that UI tooltips, what quest should i start to understand Naerath lore?
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    I am betting a good bit o Hyperions money it was Weyah and her stinking elf pirate friends that crashed the server...Mister Dragon is just trying to not hurt her feelins by calling her out...
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    Also, welcome into Azure Storm!
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    I have not found a suitable temporary substitute! Conclusion: There are none!
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    Thanks, @Weyah! Your feedback is very inspiring (as always! ) and I keep mentioning that players like yourself are one of the reasons I worked on FFL for so long; very little in this project is and was about money (although it would be nice to stop worrying about server costs, of course ). It is the long-term hardware cost that is the problem! I'm not worried about one-off designing costs as I know a number of good people who can do it for a very reasonable price. However, the bottleneck lies in the following two aspects: 1) Storage and network traffic. As you know, we have roughly 8 equipment slots where you can put an item that will affect your character's appearance (e.g. you equip a sword and you now see a sword). Once a new item is equipped the 3D model is rendered (from all angles and for all animations) and cached on disk, which creates hundreds of tiny images. However, once you equip anything else (e.g. a helmet) this process is repeated, as otherwise you'd still see the old character wearing that same sword and no helmet. In the end, due to the sheer number of equipment combinations the amount of images cached and transferred across to your browsers becomes astronomical; on the last day of FFL's operation we've consumed 4TB of cloud space with player character cache alone (and that still didn't include all possible combinations!). And that translates into approx. $500 per month (and growing) to store and even more to transfer all the materials (i.e. every time a player downloads that character for preview, exploration mode or tactical battles it's considered paid traffic). Because of that number it's also impossible to introduce any form of player-side caching, i.e. I can't make a game client that you download once and never see the combat loading message again, as the game client with all the pre-downloaded materials would weigh more than 4TB on your local hard drive (probably not something you can download easily on any device!). 2) CPU for real-time rendering. Once again, because of the almost infinite number of possible equipment combinations I cannot pre-render all existing characters in advance, as not only it would take roughly a year of uninterrupted rendering, but I would also need to do it again as soon as a new item or character is introduced. Not ideal! Which is why all in-game sprites are built on-demand and on the fly, whenever you enter combat and there is no cache record associated with the current equipment set already (remember the orange loading message in combat saying that "you'll only see this once"? Yup, that's it - it means you've stumbled upon a brand new combination of items that haven't been cached yet, so our server is busy creating all relevant images). Rendering multiple characters in parallel from all angles quickly enough requires powerful CPUs; it would be unacceptable to have 9 players sit in a queue for half an hour because player #10 is still being rendered. So purely because we have that ability to see equipped items in combat (both exploration and tactical), as well as inside the travel mode's preview/inspect, the monthly cost of running FFL approaches thousands of dollars. But just to avoid misunderstandings: it's not the item preview itself that is bad, it's the ability to see every item individually in conjunction with all other items on your character's model. If you always saw the same character model regardless of the equipped items both issues #1 and #2 would not exist and FFL would be fairly inexpensive to maintain. So yes, the brainstorm continues!
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    relaunch huh? just a personal opinion as a player : hopefully it will come with better quest (Naerath lore included). and better yet, with main quest - sub quest categories. but if we're talking about me, in game like this i usually prefer grinding over quest for level up. since i don't really like my story time interrupted simply because i'm not strong enough to do a certain quest (and battles can get quite distracting most of the time). so i did just that. when i get the gist of stuff and reached considerably high level, i started doing quests. then it finally hit me, this game doesn't have a main story . or maybe it does but i just don't get it (?). it just look like a bunch of villagers asking you favors and stuff. while the game has many interesting gameplays (and roleplays), a missing story to hold them together just doesn't sit well with me. as a result, i started my never-ending glimmering forest run for fun ( Robyn it all the way!! ) and got bored of it. fast. but luckily the Wardens are nice people, so i keep coming back from time to time. kinda sad now that the game will go offline temporarily tho. i really hope it will come back soon ( and better ). it has been a really fun experience. thank you so very much.
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    She sends her love and affection (not infection) to all and hopes to be back on in a few days!
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    Settlers are a needy bunch! I can see one problem with this - there is an issue where some seedy settlers ask you if you want them to shake down other settlements. If you have a Mayor choosing the first response, they will go attack other settlements. I would like to see more of a variety of settler issues, though. There's only so many times you can look for a cat. I had an idea though. What if we could create a poll for new players that would automatically pop up when they exit the game the first time. You could ask them what they liked, what they didn't like, if they plan to return and play again, if anyone reached out to them when they began playing, etc.
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    If you have not noticed, the Fatekeepers dress immaculately, are well groomed and have great teeth. There is a sweet, enticing aroma almost perfume like that soothes the senses and you just feel good around us! Safe even. Some of the other factions are not so much into appearances, or smells for that matter. A certain faction that has WW in their name has a standing rule that if your body odor is not strong enough to make a bull moose puke, you are not WW material. Factions with the letters GC and DC are just right out evil and they not only act that out, they look and smell evil. The faction with SD letters are more insidious. They hide their appearance behind plants and butterflies but are like trapdoor spiders. The neutrals are easy to spot...they are arrayed in shades of gray! This post is to assist in helping you develop a visual cue to whom you may face in battle or even a tavern. Hopefully it helps you to identify the 'bad guys'.
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    Good move! Congrats Dizzyg!!!
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    Hmm.. that does look like a very depressing build (especially for a level 61) indeed! Nope, she is supposed to have a more attributes than that. I've released a fix; please let me know if Sedriel still looks weak.
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    I am thinking henchwomen are called ...wenches?
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    i used to write short stories in high school and college for wall magz, this is actually my first attempt writing it in english
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    i think i have a Dex Incat trial account but i dunno when i will play that one, Robyn is the next on my leveling list.