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    Shrines are very important for fast movement but travel around and see the sights/sites too! There are some surprises to be seen, experienced and felt (like when you are in a fight from a plague bear).
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    If you want some good direction for getting experience, start out by visiting 3 quest giver locations that offer missions all the way to level 50. Location 1. Shrine of Arkh at N:28 W:57 Location 2. Southwood Keep at N:75 W:79 Location 3. Shrine of Monastery at N: 105 W: 62 I also suggest setting up a shrine near each location. You can see these locations on your maps under the region tab.
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    So, in game a few nights ago we were joking around about making a mixed Flamefrost drink and a contest surrounding it! I think it'd be really fun to do, but first, some rules! 1. To participate, you have to be your country's legal drinking age. (Usually a given, but for liability's sake and all) 2. You can make whatever drink you like, so long as part of the drink contains alcohol, and it is not a direct copy of an already existing recipe! That includes other contest entries-don't just copy and change only one thing. 3. Each person can make 1 entry. Entries must be submitted with a recipe and a picture of the drink! 4. Submission deadline will be June 10th at 11:59 PM GMT, and the contest winner will be community voted. Voting will take place over the next week, and each person gets one vote. You can vote for your own drink. Voting will close on the 18th at 11:59 PM GMT, and the winner will be announced Monday, June 19th! The poll will be posted the morning of the 12th. 5. I am not sure what I will offer as a prize just yet since I'm a relatively new player, but I will see what I can do. For now, probably a gold prize for the top three entries is what I'm thinking. 1st place-75,000 2nd place-50,000 3rd-25,000. I hope everyone thinks this will be fun! Good luck and happy mixing! Thanks to Dan the prizes got waaaay cooler! Thanks so much
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    This is a listing of the Boss mobs of Naerath (excluding most of the Faction Bosses). Each boss will have the level listed in Parenthesis, name, location then support or bodyguards: (12) Va'x'laa N:77 W:87 x4 bodyguards (20) Stingbreath N:94 W:56 x4 bodyguards (22) Vilefang N:67 W:48 x5 bodyguards (30) Mine Overlord N:79 W:56 x5 bodyguards (31) Shadowlord N:100 W:45 x4 bodyguards (34) Orkenstein N:108 W: 57 x5 bodyguards (41) Killed-a-lot N:29 W:76 x4 bodyguards (42) Pirate Lord (Inside Dragon Spit Port city) N:19 W:14 x3 bodyguards (45) Nameless Evil N:12 W:43 x4 bodyguards (45) Gatecrasher Ogre Warlord (Inside Dragon Spit Port city) N:21 W:14 x4 bodyguards (45) Orc Warlord N:60 W:15 x5 bodyguards (46) Elemental Plane Lord N:7 W:71 no bodyguards (47) Ogre Lich Disciple N:17 W:66 x5 bodyguards (49) Demiurge of Desolation N:37 W:28 x3 bodyguards (49) Northern Spirit Beacon N:34 W:28 x5 bodyguards (50) Shard of Naerath N:8 W:24 x4 bodyguards (50) Sledgemaw N:75 W:22 no bodyguards (50) Primordial Guardian N:86 W:48 x6 bodyguards (50) Akrathaeus N:88 W:45 no bodyguards (50) Avatar of Primordial Nature N:86 W:57 x6 bodyguards Additionally there is the (50) Harbinger of the Apocalypse located at N:81 W:71 x4 bodyguards but this boss mob is for the material planes quest to get your planer shards. These Planar shards allow you to travel to the elemental planes. If you try and solo any of these bosses, be advised they fight well above their level. I am not certain of this but consider the boss level and add 15 to it for solo fighting purposes. Also of note is there are other bosses out in the world but because of my faction, I never see them (they are my faction and faction allies). I considered posting some additional notes on attack styles, strengths and weaknesses of the bosses but wildcards can change some of that information. I also think some element of surprise keeps the encounters more interesting. I hope you find this useful and helpful. P.S. After you win the encounter, you will notice that bosses do not always drop legendary and rare items. And then again, I have on occasion found 3 and even 4 legendary items in the loot pile. And if you know of a boss I have overlooked or missed, please add.
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    Hi all, It's been a while since the last update, so I thought it's time to change that. Please welcome 1.8.6, which should prompt you to perform a hard refresh via Ctrl+F5 shortly, featuring the following changes: It is now possible to equip any of your henchmen (including every single member of your settlement population) using the "Equip" option (in the same window where the "Talk" button appears usually). Please note that if you currently have any henchmen/settlers in your group you will have to dismiss them and re-hire again for the new feature to activate. The appearance of NPCs equipped in new items will not change, but the characters will benefit from armour, damage and elemental resistance bonuses. Additionally, equipping them with elemental weapons will switch their melee damage type as well (in the same way this affects players). It is not possible to force NPCs use ranged weapons if they don't possess any relevant abilities (e.g. Kerthemon the Smith will not shoot bows or crossbows and can only benefit from melee weapons). It is not possible for NPCs to equip secondary weapons, but you can equip trinkets and both rings. You will now see that each NPC has their own unique combination of Strength, Dexterity and Intellect growing with each level. Every NPC chooses their own build, so their numbers will vary. However, certain characters are predisposed to certain builds and will distribute their attribute points accordingly (e.g. Kerthemon will spend most of his points on Strength). NPC Equipment window only displays the base attributes of this character (without enchantments), as these are used to meet item requirements. However, any items with attribute enchantments (e.g. bonus to strength) still work in combat and will increase that character's damage output. Non-combat characters (e.g. Morton the Cook) can still be equipped, but you will not see their character model in the equipment preview window. Consider them as "extra inventories", since they can't really use any armour or weapons equipped. Any equipped items are permanent and will remain with this character indefinitely (you can dismiss and re-hire all characters without losing their equipment). However, please remember that if you upset one of your followers (e.g. because your settlement's dwellers are unhappy about your rule) and they decide to leave all of the equipped items will leave with them; a settler that is mad at you will not bother returning your gifts back to you. Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope that this update makes your companion travels a bit more diverse (and unwanted loot - more useful)!
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    Lockpicking How-To A " Ready " level 1 chest Row Swapping Move Saving Moves (How to Fully utilize your free and row swapping moves) Lockpicking will need some time (and quite some headache) to get used to. But when you've got the gist of it, it's pretty fun. <edit : 2 Feb 2018> A gif for @Weyah . Literally. (and pardon the lag)
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    1.0 Introduction: The goal of smithing is to increase the basic stats of gear. The basic stat for weapons is Damage and for armor-items it is armor-effectiveness. Smithing does not influence armor-value or enchantment boni like "-Increases Strength by x points". Skills: Blacksmithing (influences max improvement levels and success chance) Mining (main source for ingots) Disenchanting (main source for blueprints and charging state capsules) Conjuration (main source for capsules) complementary skills: Enchanting (useful to enchant freshly forged items with runes/bonus) 1.1 Basics: To craft an item, one only needs 3 things: A Blueprint, Ingots and a charged State-Capsule. -1.11 Ingots: Ingots are gained by melting down ores: Which ore and ingot one can get depends on ones mining skill. collecting mechanics: Every tick (~10 sec) while collecting/smelting a dice roll with your particular success chance occurs. Passing this roll grants between x to y ores. I do not know the exact numbers for x and y and if they are scaled with skill level or not (personal observations were x=1, y=20). An Ingots crafting potential plays an important role in smithing. The item level of an ingot determines if one can use it for an particular blueprint. However, this follows a tiered structure rather than absolute levels: tier 1 = level 1-5 ; tier 2 = level 6-10 ; tier 3 = level 11-15 ; tier 4 = level 16-20 ; etc. examples: Blueprint level 13, usable ingots : Copper, Iron, Bronze. Blueprint level 27, usable ingots : Copper, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Mithril, Gold, Platinum. Blueprint level 46, usable ingots : ALL. -1.12 Blueprints: Blueprints are found all over Naerath and also acquired by disenchanting an item. Blueprints also come in different qualities which do influence smithing results. The item level of a blueprint determines the min level of the finished item, meaning smithing will potentially only increase the required level and never decrease it. So it is possible to create a level 50 item out of an level 20 blueprint. But it's impossible to create a level < 20 item out of the same. The most important bit for required level of an crafted item is: Your character level limits the required level of an item you can craft, but not its power ! This means that a smith at level 30 can make better level 30 items than a smith at level 40. How much better the item will be still depends on ones smithing skill. Smithy trick 101: crafting a junk blueprint into legendary and disenchanting it will give you a legendary blueprint. -1.13 State Capsules: Empty state capsules are collected via the Conjuration skill and charged by disenchanting items. better quality does not increase the base stats of an crafted item directly but influence the required level of it. (level 13 legendary item can have an higher armor effectiveness than a level 13 junk item before turning into level 14) Charged "Junk" State Capsules are not required to craft junk items and thus are literally "Junk". Attribute requirement: quality in conjunction with level, determines the required attribute value needed to use the crafted item. formula: required_attribute_value = y * req_level +10. for junk and common y = 3 for uncommon, rare and legendary y = 4 example: crafting a lvl 14 common long-sword will require 52 strength (3 * 14 + 10). crafting a lvl 14 legendary long-sword will require 66 strength (4 * 14 + 10). note: this formula only counts for crafted items, looted items do not follow this! (looted items tend to have a lower attribute req.) *thanks to Dan for providing this info 1.2 Smithing: How much improvement levels a smith can apply depends on his effective Skill Points which are the sum of his natural skill level + gear bonus divided by 3. To see how Improvement levels / ingots /state capsule /blueprint quality effect the outcome take a look at this: x=0.8 with legendary blueprint: x=1.4 (pseudo) formula: armor effectiveness = x * improvement_level * ingot_bonus + base_value(no-ingot-value) x depends on blueprint quality and type: Medium Armour: Heavy Armour:Junk = 60% effectiveness (x=0.6) Junk = 80% effectiveness (x=0.8) Common = 70% effectiveness (x=0.7) Common = 90% effectiveness (x=0.9) Uncommon = 80% effectiveness (x=0.8) Uncommon = 100% effectiveness (x=1.0) Rare = 90% effectiveness (x=0.9) Rare = 120% effectiveness (x=1.2) Legendary = 100% effectiveness (x=1.0) Legendary = 140% effectiveness (x=1.4) *thanks to Hyperion for HyperX-ing 1.3 Conclusion: A smith of an particular character level can create the best items for this level and it's power is only limited by his smithing skill level. Using the best ingot influences greatly the result of smithing and thus the best results a smith gets start at blueprint level 46. In theory it is possible to craft UBER-Items: creating a character that only focuses on increasing his smith skill while trying to not level up could create some insane items for his level. (imagine a crafted lvl 30 item of a lvl 30 smith with maxed smith skill+all points into smithing + high smith gear) While its possible that a high level smith can create still usefull/good items for lower level players they will never be over powered. Specializing is greatly rewarded! 1.4 thanks and ending: Big thanks to Hyperion and Cajunfried2016 who helped me confirm a lot of assumptions/figure things out. Also thanks to all of Azure Storm for being awesome! and of course thanks to Dan for making everything in the first place I hope this will be helpful and cya later in Volume 2 alchemy... Thanks for reading ^.^ 1.5 P.S: "crafted by name" gets overwritten with "enchanted by name". In the name of all the smiths and crafters of Naerath and the whole Hammerforge Legion I kindly ask to make it so both signatures are stated on items. our egos need this !!
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    if pirate is a go, pls don't make boxing championship. their right hook is a cheat.
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    Greetings Naerathians! Just a reminder that with Summer just around the corner, be mindful of the increasing warm temperatures. This is especially important in considering how to care for your cold drakes. Keep them shaded and with plenty of water. Also, be careful not to stand downwind of White Wyrm faction members...unless you like throwing up. The heat really increases their...aroma.
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    whoa, for real? this will be my first in-game event
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    So, we were working out some ideas at whether armor of different types is better than others! Averages are based on the original Armor calculation thread by Dan. It's based on average enemy damage for enemies of your same level, which means all of this is approximate. The average amount of physical damage absorbed is based on the figure of 100% (assuming an average enemy will deal 100% of the average damage for the level) It also assumes towards end game, where all sets can easily have over 1425 armor. Further, I only posted the calculations for legendary. However, I can easily do the tables for lower tiers of equipment. This chart does NOT assume any player skills incorporated at all, since that would be really difficult to account for at this stage. If anyone has any suggestions on readability or questions about how things were calculated, let me know! I'll do my best to explain everything. For average EDR: The way EDR seems to work is that it lets you resist the %Physical Resist*%EDR of your equipment. I got the exact medium and heavy set numbers from Dan just to be sure, but this seems to be correct, as far as we can tell. Again, please post suggestions, clarity comments, anything at all if you need it answered, and I'll do my best! @Forum Blob and @Hyperion both helped me test some of the stuff in game, so huge thanks to them as well! Assumptions for EDR by level and legendary.xlsx
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    As promised, I am doubling the gold rewards offered by Novarion and also going to include a set of secret potions that no one has seen in the game previously! And here are our contestants: 1) Frostfire Elixir 2) Elven Luxury 3) Stein of Naerath 4) Fire Gulp
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    Alright, won't delay this any further, here goes. "Stein of Naerath" (pronounced as "st-eye-ne of Naerath" ) A drink invented in Thulharmar's Furnace to celebrate truce between Hammerforge Legion and the elves of Elmethil. Ingredients: A dwarven handful of Meltblaze Powder (brown sugar) to represent the fiery and ever-changing foundation of this alliance. Two shots of elven white wine (Baccardi) to represent Elmethil Do'Naerath and three shots of dwarven water (vodka) from Thulharmar's Furnace (this is a dwarven drink, after all. And dwarves do tend to think of themselves as superior over elves, even if their current relationship is friendly, hence the three shots against two). Ten leaves of mint from the Emerald Dragon hills to symbolize good weather under the Eye of Naerath's dome. A bucket of ice from the Edge of Despair: no dwarf is afraid of a little chill (they drink despair for breakfast)! Two spoonfuls of water from the Sea of Frozen Blades (blue curacao): the essence of Naerath at its purest. Add sparkling water from the Lake of Hidden shadows (soda or Sprite) to taste. Served in a dwarven stein (obviously). And voila!
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    wth... brb blob's on the case. I am betting that the sector normally has a creep on it and its icon would hide the tree perfectly but you killed it before taking the image grrr focusing on texture ... slowly developing a deep hatred for clouds.
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    My submission: First of all, the name! In keeping with the game, I submit "Frostfire Elixir" Next, the recipe: 2 teaspoons of superfine sugar 1 ounce of grenadine 2 ounces triple sec 2 ounces of blue curacao 2 ounces of either orange juice or lime juice (freshly squeezed) 3-4 ounces of 190 Octane The ingredients are mixed and shaken with 2-3 ounces of finely crushed ice and poured into a glass or mug that has been chilled and dipped into a mixture of fine sugar, cinnamon, and sea salt. A lime wedge is not always needed.
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    Agreed ! I have started playing Runes of Magic, for something mindless to do that will take my mind off the family issues I am having, and have chatted up FFL...naturally, and there are cashers in game who would not mind paying a wee bit I am sure. I described FFL to them and passed on how it is played and there are definitely folk who are interested ! Oddly, they are intrigued by the settlement aspect of this game and crafting instead of murder, mayhem, and questing. RoM is like WoW and rather boring in my opinion, a bit of mindless playing and nothing to do outside of questing. I mean you can craft but it is a far cry from our crafting. And it is rare that there is any player interaction, seems people actually like being social which is great for those of us who like to chat and help out new players ! I am not saying that there should only be certain items you can get with plats, I dislike that in any game, I Love the fact that in FFL all players have the same ability to have good weapons and armor, just maybe have bling that you can only get with plats while still allowing non-cashers an even playing field. FFL is a unique game with out a doubt. It has more to offer than any game I have played. And I Know it Will be successful. And you do not need to spend hours trying to understand how to play it ! It offers something for every type of gamer, from crafting to settlements; guild wars to dungeons. And one of the best group of people I have had the honor to know. No newbie ever gets hung out to dry which RoM and other games simply does not have. And a good community is important in my book. No one here, to my knowledge, just refused to help a newbie or even a regular. And I have found NO game where the creator is actually present and cares about the players and their opinions and offers help. (and will re-name your weapon Happy Bunny to humiliate those she kills). And while I am writing a book here let me also say that this is the First game where females are treated fairly. You guys have no idea how frustrating it is to play a game and get treated like "a girl". Like we are some bunch of dizzy headed (no offence Dizzy G lol), ignorant, oh-I-broke-a-nail, player ! You have pummeled me just like one of the guys and treated me with respect....mostly hahahaha, and I love you the more for it. And have had faith in the females enough to make us Wardens ! Again, I have so much faith that FFL Will be one of the top games around. I would say THE top game, but trying to be humble here people, which is hard as you all well know. I love this game and can not say enough about it. And as Dan has said, it really is about our community here, as well as our love for the game. It is not "just" a game. It is a family. Okey dokey, I am done. Just had a couple things I felt I needed to say. Thanks for putting up with me ! Really do love and respect all of you....you are good people and my life is better for knowing you....though Thaugrim is suspect
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    Introducing the official discord server for Flamefrost. Hopefully this will bridge a gap in communication and allow new players to get access to help from more sources. As well as allowing voice chat for those who want it. https://discord.gg/5yXhAh7 Discord can be used in browser, via a mobile app, or a desktop program. Allowing the choice of how and where to chat with fellow players and access staff
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    And I'll be here when it's all said and done to run events in a new "Welcome and welcome back" schedule with prizes and awards based on progress and attendance. (Dan permitting, he's stingy sometimes ;))
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    Settlements are one of the many features in this game and having 1 or more can be a great asset to any player. However, the cost for even the cheapest settlement is usually outside new players (levels 1-5) or even low level players (levels 6-15) ability to purchase. This is not to say you cannot buy a settlement but it is to suggest perhaps waiting until you can afford it. When you discover that hiring henchmen is very helpful to you early on (level 5 is a good place to start), you will see the cost is high for you at your level. And then you discover that when the henchmen die in battle, you have an additional cost to rezz them (this is automatic) or else they go back to their station and wait for you to hire them again. Add to that the cost to repair your gear after a defeat and suddenly, the cost of a new settlement seems outside of your means. But lets say you have navigated all of these obstacles and are at the point of being able to buy a settlement. Then you discover a new cost, the one of construction. And another new cost appears soon after, the cost of resources. It can be very frustrating to want to build or need to build a construction only to have insufficient resources and or gold to initiate the project. This is why I advise waiting until you are nearer to level 20 or maybe even higher because by then, you will have established a cash flow and will know enough of the game to know what you need in the settlement. Make no mistake, once you start construction of houses and apartments and any other construction that houses settlers, they will start appearing. Now you will meet the newest expense and that is Settlers! Settlers want to be happy and that requires food, water, and defense. Additionally, settlers draw attention from raiders. Raiders attack your settlement and steal your resources and kill your settlers. The end result of having a well established settlement is the 2 level 3 Silver Dragon Guilds you build there will give you hourly experience points. These points raise your combat skills, gathering skills and crafting skills. It also levels your settlers who can now be hired by you to become your henchmen. Or you can leave them in your settlement to defeat raiders. When we higher level players advise low level players to wait on buying a settlement, we are not telling you you cannot or should not purchase the settlement. We are just suggesting that you wait until you can afford it. And should there be some low level player that tells you not to listen to our advise because they think we are trying to harm you with our advise, do me a favor and tell them to pound sand!
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    Apologies for delay, I've been away from computer a lot recently. But yes, congratulations and welcome, @dizzyg! Thank *you* for being an awesome and helpful member of the community! Your status is now officially updated (you may need to re-login to the game for the appropriate rank to appear in the chat box; please let me know if it doesn't!) and you've been added to the Naerath Warden forum group. Huzzah!
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    Dan is always good to us ! He loves us and we love him...good to have such an awesome game family And good to have RL friends ! Life is good ! Now......off to see what I have hoarded to give to the minions! Soooooo cool we can equip henchmen...or women hahaha
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    Hi all, A couple of fixes just got released: Fix to spell/ability reset that was allocating an incorrect number of upgrade points. From now on all points are recalculated against your current level. Maximum level for crafted armour and weapons has been increased to 200, allowing to create all kinds of clothing and armaments above level 80. Facebook login is once again functional. Any questions - please post!
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    Non-dwarves think dwarves have no feelings. I feel hungry, thirsty, sleepy, love, anger. Especially anger towards the other races that make fun of our stature. That's why I am opening a store that specializes in 'dwarf feelings'! I got axes to shave elf ears and I got mauls to break tall knees and I got hammers to smash the toes of the taller than dwarves.
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    New Writing Contest Nearath - The Beginning Story should be about how your race came to be in Naerath. Ideas - Who was the first of your race? Were there Gods involved in your race's creation?? Was your race made by Dragons? Was your race made through Magic? Were you escaped slaves? Runaways? Brought over by Pirates ? Criminals ? You get the gist of it Have no more than 1,500 words. Exact word count not necessary, but please make it close. Judging will depend on how many likes a story gets. So please refrain from liking a story unless it will be your vote. Comments are fine The contest will begin on Feb. 19th and end on Feb. 26th - that will give everyone a week to write ! Prizes are - First Place -100,000 gold and 2 batches of health and mana food made by your truly ! You may pick what mods you would like on your food. ie...Heavy armor, bows, fire resist, etc. Gold also supplied by me as well. Second Place - 50,000 gold and 1 batch of food - mana and health Third Place - 25,000 gold ONE entry per player please......Can be a main character or and alt....but not both. And yes.....we have ways of telling if it is an alt and a main character Anyone can participate ! Wardens included this time. Though I would like to suggest that IF a Warden wins, please share ! I included Wardens for this contest because Wardens never get to participate and never have any fun hahahahaha. Mr. Dragon, sorry Sir, you can not enter because well, you made the game and can make way better food than I can and since you are a tank, food is pretty much a moot point *snortgiggles* Besides, G.O.D.'s don't eat anyway ! Hope everyone has fun and participates since this is my first contest and I will be so veryvery sad if no one does ! If you have any questions please feel free to ask ! Ask on this post though, just in case someone else has the same question ! Thank you ! Let the writing begin !!!!
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    In the beginning, there was chaos. Naerath was a lawless, violent land full of war and death. Ogres battled orcs. Goblins battled golems. Elves battled everything. The Lesser Gods were having fun watching the carnage. Myriul, the ever mischievous, was constantly creating new and different creatures to corrupt the balance of the land. Corinthul was changing the weather to give his creatures a better chance of winning. Immerxil was just an immature brat who delighted in pain. Wyneshia mostly kept to herself, occasionally provoking the others by sending waves of water to drown their creations. Then the Greater Gods decided to take control back over the land they created so long ago. The child-like Lesser Gods had destroyed large swaths of natural resources, leaving some areas completely barren of any life at all. The twins, Baelathor and Fyriel, were brought in from other lands along with their brother, Merkheen, to help restore the land while the Greater Gods created new life forms to balance the chaos. Arkh directed his wives, Sylthenea and Exalia, to help him populate the land with new creatures. These creatures would have to be molded from the land itself, so that they would be in tune with their Gods. Arkh himself created the Tul'Rahx. He liked the idea of a muscular and large creature to counter balance the existing ones. He gave them an overactive sense of honor to keep them from getting too wild. Exalia created humans. While not the sturdiest of creatures, they were given an indomitable will to overcome adversity. With the other two already finished, Sylthenea took extra time to create her creature. She wanted a creature with the strength of a Tul'Rahx, the willpower of a human, and the creativity of herself. She created dwarves. Looking over the creatures, Arkh was quite content. He sent the three races out into the land, giving each their own special territory. He sat back and watched his land become stronger and more neutral. He saw the creatures building shrines to all of the Gods. This pleased him greatly. One day, a new creature appeared in Naerath. Looking down upon the land, Arkh spotted a Sun Elf. His ire rising, he demanded to know which of his wives had gone against him. Without much ado, Exalia confessed to creating them. She said she wanted more beauty and grace in the land. Arkh pointed out how this would disturb the balance. She simply shrugged and told him if he wanted balance restored, he could create other new creatures. And the story continues...
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    YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly Hyper !! HUZZAH !!!! Capt. Scury Dog hoist the mailsail ! MAN THE CANNONS !!! How fun would it be Hyper to have sea battles? And blow stuffs up? LOVE the settlement idea...BRILLIANT !! HOOKS ! PEG LEGS ! EYE PATCHES !!! I could finally have a for real eye patch ! YAY !!! ((HUGS)) OH OH..Hyper...we could have a crows nest??? And we could make powder like we do arrows YIPPIE !! I may quit my job and play non-stop if we could have pirates ! Imagine ....sea battles ! If your ship gets damaged....repairs via lumber jack tent ! LETS DO THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAN!!! Pleeease pirates and sea battles and stuff??? I will babysit the Dragon Nugget for 5 years if you do this ! Of course there has to be plane tickets involved.....or a private jet
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    My idea is a place scattered among the realm. I mean players can build it how they like add workstations for crafting and have fun in their own piece of Neareth. Furniture that's interactive and maids and such to tend to your home. Oh and the furniture can be crafted too!! Also a place that players can be invited to enter but only with express permission to discourage thieving
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    Weyah would need 3 or 4 of these because she is a 'hoarder'!
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    I like that idea ! Like a personal realm ! A mini country ! Ooohhhh....the implications......... hehehehe
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    Happy Frostmas Everyone !!!! I will give the first person who tells me what is pictured in picture #3 (the picture with the North Pole sign) 50,000 gold ! NO CHEATING !!!!
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    March 2018 09/03/2018 (1.8.6): Enhancements It is now possible to equip any of your henchmen (including every single member of your settlement population) using the "Equip" option (in the same window where the "Talk" button appears usually). Please note that if you currently have any henchmen/settlers in your group you will have to dismiss them and re-hire again for the new feature to activate. The appearance of NPCs equipped in new items will not change, but the characters will benefit from armour, damage and elemental resistance bonuses. Additionally, equipping them with elemental weapons will switch their melee damage type as well (in the same way this affects players). It is not possible to force NPCs use ranged weapons if they don't possess any relevant abilities (e.g. Kerthemon the Smith will not shoot bows or crossbows and can only benefit from melee weapons). It is not possible for NPCs to equip secondary weapons, but you can equip trinkets and both rings. You will now see that each NPC has their own unique combination of Strength, Dexterity and Intellect growing with each level. Every NPC chooses their own build, so their numbers will vary. However, certain characters are predisposed to certain builds and will distribute their attribute points accordingly (e.g. Kerthemon will spend most of his points on Strength). NPC Equipment window only displays the base attributes of this character (without enchantments), as these are used to meet item requirements. However, any items with attribute enchantments (e.g. bonus to strength) still work in combat and will increase that character's damage output. Non-combat characters (e.g. Morton the Cook) can still be equipped, but you will not see their character model in the equipment preview window. Consider them as "extra inventories", since they can't really use any armour or weapons equipped. Any equipped items are permanent and will remain with this character indefinitely (you can dismiss and re-hire all characters without losing their equipment). However, please remember that if you upset one of your followers (e.g. because your settlement's dwellers are unhappy about your rule) and they decide to leave all of the equipped items will leave with them; a settler that is mad at you will not bother returning your gifts back to you. November 2017 05/11/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed incorrect calculation of equipment bonuses during the Improvement stage of crafting (e.g. Jewelcrafting). October 2017 26/10/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue preventing NPCs from returning to their original spawn points in Exploration Mode. 19/10/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements Jewelcrafting: "Improve" slider now determines minimum level to equip the created trinket relative to your current character level. Bug Fixes N/A 16/10/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Regular items will no longer disappear when sent via Mail together with a non-exchangeable item (e.g. Shard of Power). Craft skills (e.g. Disenchanting) will now be learned if unknown after the first crafting attempt, regardless of the attempt's success. June 2017 18/07/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed skills with a large number of skill points not receiving XP in certain scenarios. 02/07/2017 (1.8.5): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Announcement pop-ups and complete quest notifications will no longer appear during combat. 01/07/2017 (1.8.4): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed 2nd+ action bars not allowing ability & item icons to be positioned on them. Fixed henchmen disappearing when Inventory is open. 30/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed combat loading freezing at the "Please wait..." stage (before any percentages appear). Ctrl+F5 refresh is required to apply this fix! 25/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed an incorrect XP modifier awarded by Rings of Knowledge. 17/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed chat settings and non-standard channels not disappearing/appearing correctly. IMPORTANT: this update requires a Ctrl+F5 refresh. Until this is done you will see no messages in the in-game chat whatsoever!! Fixed shrine renaming facility and shrine deletion. 16/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Exploration Mode chest contents will now regenerated upon a successful lockpicking attempt. Bug Fixes Fixed "Brutal Strike" IV and V not applying continuous penalty effects. Fixed Thrift Shop preventing items from being sold. Fixed items not appearing when shared in-chat. 15/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Wayfinders can now learn a new ability: Sneak (I, II, III, IV, V). Bug Fixes Miscellaneous fixes to combat loading (Ctrl+F5 refresh required). 14/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements "Dismiss" button for henchmen is now located at the bottom of the list. Using shrines to teleport while demolition is active will now interrupt the demolition process. Re-phrased "Path to Lordship" quest requirements, which now ask players to trade with the Land Deed vendor instead of speaking with him. Chat input now has higher "hotkey priority" over any open pop-ups. Pressing enter while gathering resources will now open/close the chat input instead of cancelling gathering process. Bug Fixes Fixed errand tracker always displaying the same errand (Ctrl+F5 refresh required to apply the fix). 11/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Further performance optimization: combats and in-game chat are affected. Bug Fixes Being surrounded by creatures in Exploration Mode will no longer "throw characters back" into their previous coordinates. 10/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Major server-side logic rewrite in order to increase combat and travel mode performance. Bug Fixes NPCs killed by henchmen and summoned creatures now count as kills made by the creature's owner / creator. Fixed travel map icons and exits not appearing in certain circumstances. Important: please perform a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) while in the game to apply this update, otherwise you will see no travel icons whatsoever. 04/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A Bug Fixes Detached AI triggers from player actions in tactical battles, increasing the overall combat performance. Fixed an issue in pathfinding during tactical battles preventing henchmen and certain NPCs from moving. 01/06/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A Bug Fixes Fixed several memory leaks leading to low FPS in group combats. Fixed inability to view received mail messages (on hover). Fixed inability to view tooltips of items shared via in-game chat. May 2017 28/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A Bug Fixes Fixes to teleportation spells in tactical combats. Fixed delays caused by unfinished movements and failed teleportation spells of other players (Ctrl+F5 refresh required). 22/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements N/A Bug Fixes Moving Quest Navigation Marker to avoid clashing with Campfires (Ctrl+F5 refresh required). Fixed expired auras not disappearing in Travel Mode (e.g. "Resting" effect after travel). 21/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Tutorial Village quest marker will now advance automatically without the need to re-check Quest Log. Quest Marker (Travel Mode) now contains a brief summary of the current objective. Ctrl+F5 refresh required to apply this update. Bug Fixes N/A 20/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements New Platinum Toolbox services: "200% XP Boost Item" and "400% XP Boost Item". Level 80 state capsules, property containers and focus crystals now scale infinitely with the base item, allowing to disenchant and enchant level 80+ items. Bug Fixes "Gained XP" notifications now correctly display the amount of experience considering all XP-modifying items equipped. Fixed inability for players to see each other in Travel Mode. Fixed "Follow" (that used to report all players as "offline" since the launch of 1.8.2). Fixed all players appearing as "offline" (24+ hours ago) if searched by name directly. 19/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Introducing items with "skill XP boost" effect. Bug Fixes N/A. 04/05/2017 (1.8.2): Enhancements Introducing inventory filters: available in "Inventory", "Trade", "Mail" and "Salvage" tabs. Bug Fixes Fixed inability to pick up items dropped by yourself in Travel Mode. 03/05/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed fast travel and location transitions not updating your current position in certain scenarios. 02/05/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Fixed consumable items (e.g. potions) being dropped by NPCs as unusable in exploration mode. Fixed inability to add more email usernames for an account. April 2017 29/04/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements Settlement vendors are now capable of selling level 50+ items. Bolt & Arrow vendors now offer Fletching services. Henchmen level cap now grows with elite levels. Bug Fixes Fixed visual aura effects disappearing occasionally during movement in Exploration Mode. 25/04/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements N/A. Bug Fixes Performing combos in exploration mode now awards experience. Performance enhancements. 24/04/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements Elite levels are now considered in Exploration Mode's difficulty, including damage dealt, experience gained and loot level found. Bug Fixes Non-class skills are no longer possible to learn and gain experience in. Non-class skills will no longer appear in the list of skills ("Character" tab). "Unarmed" damage now considers strength bonuses from items ("effective value"). 23/04/2017 (1.8.1): Enhancements Toggled abilities (stances) are now located in the "Generic" category of your spell books, allowing to position them on the action bar. Bug Fixes Fixed several issues preventing combat loading from starting. Fixed a potential deadlock in character animation. Improved movement visualization during active spell effects and deaths. Fixed a scenario in exploration mode throwing "You are too far away" error when interacting with objects while standing right next to them. Log of participating players in a kill (used to calculate XP allocation) is now being reset for a particular target when it loses sight of all players and returns to its previous actions.
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    not sure to create another thread, since this is within the same topic.... kind of. in slow net mode, if you change gear inside an exploration map, the game will bypass the setting and force to load the 3D models. (resulting in hourglass sprites)
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    Nope, I think you got all of them! From what I've seen - electricity looks to do the most damage, but also the least damage (it has a wide range of damages it can randomly do, even without considering the critical bonus) and also has the worst wildcard - Hitting an electrical resistant mob with a lightning bolt is like hitting a brick wall with a sponge. Fire does the next most damage, and it keeps going down from there. The fire reduction wildcard also reduces poison and acid damage, so if you carry fire you don't necessarily need to carry acid or poison. Here is a quick table of some of the wildcards, for reference (I can't guarantee this is still accurate, as it is a tad dated): Tough One Increases melee damage by 100% Lightning Reflexes Increases chance to dodge incoming attacks by 30% Frostborn Increases resistance against cold damage by 65% and melee attacks have a 10% chance to freeze the target Celestial Increases resistance against holy damage by 65% Evil Spawn Increases resistance against shadow damage by 65% Magic Diffuser Melee attacks have a 50% chance to dispel positive auras on target Thick-Skinned Increases resistance against physical damage by 65% Survivalist Increases resistance against fire, poison and acid damage by 65% Before you ask... I don't have any more information on wildcards than this; hopefully, one of the other wardens can proof and fill in the blanks at some point.
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    I have given this much thought and considered many considerations and I have decided to give a group name to certain of my new guild mates. In alphabetical order, I hereby bequeath Hyperion, Meta Blob, Norion, Rag and Steele with the group name of ONE DIRECTION!
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    Hello Flamefrost fanatics!!!, This is Solerus with information that would be essential to you in knowing how the Elemental Planes Reward System is set up. Well for starters, those who never been to the Elemental Planes, and do not know what it is. It is an area in Flamefrost Legacy where you can go once you reached level 50. You can only gain access to this area by completing the Harbinger quest. The quest is given by an NPC in the hidden cave in the Wailing Souls area. All you need to do is kill the Harbinger of Apocalyse and his minions then return to the quest giver for access to the Elemental Planes. Upon completing the quest, you will earn xp and obtain an item from the npc which is called the planar shards. You will get 5 of them to use to gain access to "EP" (Elemental Planes). The portal that leads to "EP" is in the Eye of Naerath. This is a tower that is guarded by alot of spellcasters if you are a lowbie. If lv 50, you will not have an trouble with them bothering you. Once you gain access into the Elemental Planes, you will have 3 areas to choose from examples: Plane of Air, Plane of Water,and Plane of Fire. Plane of Air holds merchants that sell you gear and weapons for Power Shards that can only be obtained through fighting mobs in "EP". Power Shards are a form of currency that you earn from completing an onslaught of 10 waves of mobs that attack you continuously after every wave. Surviving any wave completion has a reward of power shards that you will earn. The amount of the power shards is based on the level of mobs in the waves also the tiers of multiples of 10. The mobs in "EP" starts at the level 50 then goes up from there. You can choose to fight mobs that are level 1000, but that will be based on your Planar travel skills that you have. The higher your Planar skills level the further you can go up the tiers in battle for a more rewarding currency earned in Power shards. The purpose of this post to gives you an idea of how much power shards one could earn based on the level tiered battles per wave. I am going to show you how to calculate your power shards before time, so that you will know what direction to take to earn more of them. If you have a planar travel skill of 1, the level 1 skill will start you off at level 0 in the Elemental Planes which means the level of the mobs with be at level 50. In this area, you have lesser mobs and elite mobs. The elite mobs will be a nose-bleeder fight because of their high hitpoints and defense that they have. The rewarding system for these guys are very good, but I am going to focus on the lesser mobs in this post because they are the easiest. Below I will chart a graph so you will know how to calculate the lesser mobs accordingly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- level wave 1-8 wave 9 wave 10 0 1x ?? ?? 10 2x ?? ?? 20 3x ?? ?? 30 4x ?? ?? 40 5x ?? ?? 50 6x ?? ?? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The chart above is an illustration of how the concept of the reward system is designed for lesser mobs in Elemental Planes. The reason why I only did it to level 50 tier is because that tier level mobs will be lv 100. What you do is take lv 50 and add it to the levels of Planar skill to get your level of what mobs you going to fight. Lv 50 + 0 difficulty level = lv 50 lesser mobs. Level 50 + level 1 difficulty = lv 51 mobs for battle. Now there are 10 waves of battles to go through. Waves 1 through 8 will need to be tallied up together for power shards. For example, if i decide to go fight lv 65 mobs, the chart above gives you a clue for what you going to be dealing with in the reward system in "EP". In order to fight lv 65 mobs, I need to do level difficulty lv 15. Level 50+15= lv.65 mobs, and to get to this level of mobs I need to be on tier 10 lv range to be in the 60s. The range is from lv 10- 19. On this tier the first 8 waves you will get 2 power shards per wave. The chart above shows on this tier your earn 2x. Take that and multiply times 8 waves and you will get a total of 16 power shards earned in the process not counting wave 9 and wave 10. Wave 9-10 are factored in differently based on the level of difficulty chosen. Remember I mention the mobs are lv 65 that I want to fight. Well 15 will be the number for wave 9-10 because of the difficulty level, so that means wave 9-10 will earn you an extra power shard because I chose the difficulty level 15 for "EP'. 15+1=16 for wave 9 and wave 10. Both of those wave total comes up to 16+16= 32 plus the total from wave 1-8 at 2x shards. You total everything together for the final figure on the rewards earned. Wave 1-8= 16 shards; Wave 9-10 = 32 shards. 16 + 32 = 48 shards from lv 15 difficulty chosen. This is how you calculate what you will get before a fight for the reward system in "EP". Basically, the difficulty level chosen add an extra power shard for wave 9 and 10, but wave 1 through 8 in tiers like 10, 20, 30 etc add and extra shard every 10th level. In the end total them up to perceive the shards earned. I hope this helps everyone. - Solerus
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    Armour Formula and Damage Reduction Calculations Each piece of armour in Flamefrost has two primary attributes: "Armour" and "Armour Effectiveness". "Armour" attribute can be described as "how much of your body this particular item covers" and defines the maximum percentage of damage that this item can block (where 15 points of Armour are treated as 1% of damage reduction). All armour types usually have between 90 to 240 armour points (per each equipped item individually) "Armour Effectiveness" represent the actual material and endurance of this item, defining the amount of damage that this item can withstand. For example, a full set of armour (1440 armour points from all equipped parts) can theoretically protect you from approx. 95% incoming damage. However, if it's made out of cloth its effectiveness will be low (since cloth can be easily torn by any sharp object): let's say that its effectiveness value is 10 (points of damage). This means that if you're hit by a wooden stick dealing 5 damage, 95% of that damage will be ignored (as 5 is less than 10). But if a giant dragon hits you for 1,000 damage, the armour effectiveness of your items is so much lower that it's simply going to be ignored (and 100% of the dragon's damage will hit you). If you'd like to know how the item quality and armour type affects each of these values in more details, let's examine the associated mechanics: Each item found in the game will have a various amount of armour points and effectiveness, different for each quality level (junk, common, uncommon, rare, legendary). Different item Quality Levels represent the different Damage Reduction % caps that can be achieved by equipping 6 items awarding armour points (excluding a shield, which is extra). The combined maximum from the best 6 items of Junk quality items will award approx. 825 points of armour, which is 55% of Damage Reduction. 6 items of Common quality items = 65% Uncommon = 75% Rare = 85% Legendary = 95% Note: shields have 2x Armour Points, so wearing one is similar to having 2 extra armour slots. I.e. not wearing shields and equipping a two-handed weapon will award higher damage output, but your armour will be limited by the values listed above. Average item effectiveness per item level has been calculated using the average melee damage dealt by the world's creatures (non-elite) of the same level. Item quality and item type define the maximum effectiveness using percentage of the average creature damage. For example, heavy armour of the Junk quality has an average effectiveness of 80% of the average creature damage (meaning that a full set will block up to 55% of damage, if the damage is slightly below average for this level). Below is the list of effectiveness percentages (against the average creature damage) per item type, per quality: Cloth Armour: Junk = 20% effectiveness Common = 30% effectiveness Uncommon = 40% effectiveness Rare = 50% effectiveness Legendary = 60% effectiveness Light Armour: Junk = 40% effectiveness Common = 50% effectiveness Uncommon = 60% effectiveness Rare = 70% effectiveness Legendary = 80% effectiveness Medium Armour: Junk = 60% effectiveness Common = 70% effectiveness Uncommon = 80% effectiveness Rare = 90% effectiveness Legendary = 100% effectiveness Heavy Armour: Junk = 80% effectiveness Common = 90% effectiveness Uncommon = 100% effectiveness Rare = 120% effectiveness Legendary = 140% effectiveness This means that a Legendary Heavy Armour item will be effective at 140% of the average creature damage dealt (40% above average damage). In other words, having the best possible full set of a Legendary Heavy Armour for level 5 will block 95% of all incoming damage that is average for this creature level, or 40% higher. If you're fighting an "average" bear of level 5 that deals 100-200 damage (150 being the average for level 5), your set will be effective at 140% of the average damage, which is 210, meaning that all damage of this level 5 bear will be reduced by 95%. However, attacking a level 6 bear that deals 150 - 250 damage will mean that all damage above 210 will be outside of the armour's effectiveness, and you will start getting armour point penalties reducing the absorbed damage percentage. Note: for non-physical (elemental) damage, physical armour values (points and effectiveness) will be reduced to 20%, but will still work. Note #2: armour-related skill points can increase the effectiveness of each equipped armour. Please let me know if you have any questions or if any additional examples are required.
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    Look what you did, Hyperion. You confused the Dev. Not sure if I'm disappointed, or impressed... On a serious note, I would have a BALL with this idea - I like the 'community driven' aspect of games, wherein the players are given a game world, and then they have to do with it whatever they want. I'd be roaming the lands, getting all the info I could about all the different mobs... but only after I'm super powerful and can oneshot everything. Gotta save time.
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    Welcome to Naerath! Nothing beats going out and try out things! However if you are a new player, these few things can give you some pointers. ___________________________________________________ Quests - Go explore! Walk slow to avoid combat. Enemies of your level are scattered through the world. - Battle window: The left column is the foe you'll choose. The right column are the foes you'll fight. - Timed quests are not mandatory. Exploration mode aka EX - When no one is there you become the only target! - Try go out and back if overwhelmed. Settings - Turn off some settings to gain performance. Can also disable sound. - When you change gear you get "new model is detected" and have to wait. Do a short battle first so models preload. Next battles will be faster. ___________________________________________________ Class Stats - Stats are hard to mix, plan your build. There's class guides in forum. - Equipment have a stat requirement. Purple gear has the highest requirement. - Vindi can be tank or damage. Heavy armor have high str requirement. Hit chance - Base hit chance without dex is like 60%. No dex may be fine for a tank vindi. - Some dex can raise hit to about 80%. For the most hit chance need a dex build. Resistances - Clothes are resistant to magic. Even vindi might need some against strong magic. - Resistances are needed later in the game. Armor - You want all armor pieces to match. The most armor effectivity the better. - Balance armor effectivity with protection. Protection caps somewhere above 200. - A large amount of protection comes from the skill. Vitals - Buy food from a player with cook skill. These items carry various bonuses. - Potions are faster but food last a few rounds. ___________________________________________________ Skills (updated 17/06/19) - Put 1 skill point in a skill to gain passive xp. It starts at 10%, more points get less xp but add up. - Choose where you'll spend skill points, it depends on you choice of combat or crafting. - Some skills are not needed, such as dex based light armor and bows for users of str gear. - You get a free reroll on stats, skills, and abilities. Save it for later. Reforging - Disenchant and enchant are useful. You "break" apart loot to extract its bonuses. - You "reforge" loot to raise its level and put better bonuses. - You can apply a gem to gear 5 levels below the gem's level. A lv 25 gem can be put on a lv 21 item. Bonuses - An item can only have one of each stat and one skill bonus per item. - Up to two runes can take the place of the other bonuses. - One bonus per quality tier, up to five. Quality - Junk items are always available. Each next tier needs 100+ skill. - High quality can be worn at lower levels, but the stat requirement is higher. Raising skill - Crafting higher level items gives more xp. Grinding skills with only low level or junk items is slow. - Use skill gear to craft higher level items. Skill gear - Explore mode gives plenty of skill gear around your level, which have better bonuses. - Get rid of skill gear below your level. They take a lot of inventory space. - Recraft gear you can't use, clothes have no stat requirement. ___________________________________________________ Crafting - In the craft window, you'll only see the materials that match the blueprint or ingredient you selected. - Items can only stack if their stack size is the same, fixed at time of creation. Items from stacks of 20/20 can merge, but not from one of 15/15. Loot - Loot found is 2 lv apart of yours, making a 5 level range. - Item types vary by enemy, they drop what they carry. Repair - If you die take time to repair your items. Usually found in the blacksmith. Towns - Seek a town with shops for your level. On empty buildings try the "View All" button. - Shops have limited stock, refill with time. Starter town can run out of arrows. - Find wood oil in the alchemy shop. Find cook oil in the general store. Shrines - Shrines are shortcuts you buy once and use repeteadly. - Your shrine can't be seen by higher level players. You can't see shrines of a low level player. - Shrine level adds to player level for visibility and war purposes. Henchmen - Hire two henchmen from Nhar-Tejjan. Cleric henchmen give heals. - They only gain levels when you do, try to stick with the ones you choose. - Later on can replace with villagers form your settlement. Settlement - Get the salvage skill here. You can get catalysts from items. - Costs are high at lower levels, level 20 is recommended. - Need level 25 for walls and big houses. There's a guide in forum. ___________________________________________________ Help - The players in chat are usually helpful. Ask a "warden" player, they are helpers. - See the "who is online" window, to see who is available. - If your question goes unanswered, you can always ask in the forums. - There's a help window in the main bar with various links. Bugs - If you notice the browser having trouble, try to refresh the page. - Try the options in the game settings. Can also disable sound. - Ask in the forum if issues continue, chances are other players have reported it. Rules - No written rules are set in the spirit of fair play from us players. - The head developer make all judgement calls. He be quoted on wanting us players be friendly in chat and report bugs. - Listen to the game Wardens, they are there to help and can quote the dev on issues. - Exploiting a bug or feature can incur on measures. Chat rules - Please keep it civil in chat, specially while the wardens are offline. - Dev can be quoted saying real world issues should be off limits. Feedback - Please use the forum to give your thoughts on the game. - Post what you liked, as well as any dislikes and issues you had. - There's various subforums for guides, help and suggestions. ___________________________________________________ Best of luck, take your time and enjoy your journeys!
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    I think the root of the issue can be found in psychology: dwarven tempers are naturally short.
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    Thanks, @Cajunfried2016, these are all very good points! Just going to add my personal two cents to this guide: Settlers are indeed the key consumer for all your resources, so having those early on in the game may become quite challenging! Your settlement will begin attracting new population after a source of water and at least one dwelling is built. So if you aren't ready for company make sure to avoid placing these buildings on lower levels! However, one good way to prepare for being a "resourceful" Lord (or Lady ) is to ensure you have some levels in Salvage before the real construction begins. Salvage Station is the first building you can place after acquiring a piece of land, and it is perfectly safe to have one around: it does not generate any "threat" and will not provoke attacks from raiders. At the same time, bringing all unwanted junk loot into it for processing is a good exercise for any level character: not only you will accumulate a number of starting resources (it may be more difficult to start your expansion from a completely blank sheet; a head start resource-wise will come in handy!), you will be able to salvage higher quality items at the moment when this becomes really important (i.e. when your population begins demanding attention). On a side note, please remember that any deaths remove 7% of your carried gold, so if you are saving up for a settlement (regardless of your level) make sure to regularly deposit your savings into a bank!
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    Hello everyone, I hope everyone doing well. I am back after a break and PC issues. It feels great to see you guys again. I have been watching the updates for the game, and I see Dan tweaked somethings that looks great for the game. I went to the Gobbie Tunnels and that zone was really challenging, which hyped me up! Dan has done great job on the content. You really have to use your skills just to survive 5 mins in there. I mean use everything you know and got. It is awesome to me, but it makes me try harder to survive the onslaught in there. I really need work on my combat skills because I had a difficult time in there. We got a lot of retraining to do. Well its great to be back again for the grind!!! -Solerus
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    I just saw some 'in game poetry' if that is what it can be called. Quoting Banderaxx the Supercilious and his 'Elven poetry: "There is a pretty player named Weyah. She is the apple of Mr. Dragon's eye. She has red hair, always plays fair and makes a mean dwarven filled pie!" Tis racism, pure and simple! She makes dwarven pies! I say as punishment, she has to do community hours playing as a dwarf character.
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    Congo Rats to our newest level 50 player in game and guild!!! Good work MB.
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    Hey all, An exciting new Wayfinder update has just been released! As of today there's a new ability available for Wayfinders to learn from level 5: Sneak! Sneak (I, II, III, IV, V) is a toggled ability similar to stances, phantom form and junctions (the first one for Wayfinders!) that utilizes the Stealth skill in order to make your character disappear from sight. While sneaking you will become invisible to your enemies (and untargetable in PvP) and gain the ability to perform sneak attacks increasing damage of your offensive abilities. Performing any action (casting spells, attacking, using items, objects, food or potions) will bring you out of hiding and make visible again. This ability has no cooldown and its duration depends purely on your level of Stealth: each round a detection roll is made and if failed will terminate your sneaking instantly. Base chance to be detected is approx. 80% (per round), but each skill point in Sneak lowers that chance by 0.1% (one tenth of a percent, i.e. 10 skill points = 1% stealth bonus). It is possible to achieve an almost completely undetectable state via skill levels, but remember that there's always a "critical miss" (approx. 5%) that can sabotage any level of mastery. Please note that although you are untargetable for the AI and enemy players, friendly characters (green) can still heal and buff yourself while you're in hiding. As always, please do not hesitate to post if you have any questions or feedback! P.S. A hard refresh via Ctrl+F5 is required to apply this update.
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    Me own submission...Fire Gulp Contains Orange Juice, Orange Curacao, Grenedine, Melted Redhot candies, Whisky and some fine crushed ice.
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    This is awesome! New to game and i like this contest So make drink, take pic, post recipe ...got it
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    Hi guys! Haven't been around lately, but it's hard to miss a competition like this Mine is a pretty simple one: Sparkly elven water with a hint of fire and luxury (champagne with chambord (black raspberry), strawberry liquor and a bit of tabasco) Good luck to everyone! (And we are waiting for a spiky-bity-firey contestant! )
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    Ok, I think we're finally getting somewhere; I can see that this has been one huge misunderstanding. Before I started working on this problem I asked everyone what sort of "lags" we're talking about, as this term has been used to describe far too many things (none of which relate to networking issues, which is what it usually indicates :)). I asked about this previously, but something must have gotten "lost in transit": I don't believe anyone mentioned the low-FPS until now and I was working on the assumption that we're only talking about the delays between an action being requested (i.e. by clicking on a tile or action bar icon) and a response arriving (while the animations were smooth). But judging by information provided by Mr. Blob I can see that the problem is exactly the opposite: "<5 FPS"-style animation and slowed down spell effects all relate to the client being overloaded and unable to process things as quickly as they arrive. None of the fixes I worked on recently addressed that issue. I will now look at this problem from a completely new angle and do my best to optimize client-side performance of spells and animations. Let's see what's been consuming so many resources! P.S. Appearing on the initial boat after death is correct: this happens when there's no friendly temple nearby that can revive you, so you arrive onto Naerath from the very beginning.
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    Every time I see the thread title, for some reason the Milkshake song by Kelis plays in my mind...
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    I was in a hurry with my last post, but I wanted to say how amazing that information was. I want to be an archaeologist now just so I can accidentally unleash an ancient horror on Fyr ! And as for Kerthennon. I cannot begin to type how cool that is. It. Is. Awesome. Thanks for all the wonderful info, Dan!