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      WANTED: ROLEPLAY-ERS   09/04/18

      A new roleplay section has been added to the forum.  Jump back into Naerath in a whole new way!


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    yah, i'm in the country above legit asian.
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    First, I get adopted by the two best game parents ever! Then, they poke Dan and make me a Game Warden, the Wicked Warden of the West. Then, momma bear gets sick and disappears. When she finally comes back, the game goes away. ALL THE DRAMA! Seriously though, I do miss you guys. I know it's going to be a while until we get to play again. Hurricane Florence is keeping me quite busy at the moment. It's quite crazy how much damage was done by Flo. She either needs to get a prescription for Midol or go back to her insurance gig. lol