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    Hi all, As you are reading this you are most likely wondering about "what's going on": with myself, Flamefrost and other things. Considering my increasingly rare appearances online it is only fair if some of you started thinking that Flamefrost is dead. So I've decided that it is equally fair that I provide you with an honest update and not keep anyone in the dark. Years 2018 and 2019 were an absolutely wild roller coaster ride for me and the Epic Dragon: we've seen both good times and bad, had a bunch of really happy moments and some outright depressing ones. Some of you know that we've attempted to rebuild "Domination: Earth" (our other mobile game) using the Unity engine and a team of 3rd party developers, which ultimately ended in a disaster and a huge financial loss, and we've had to shut down Flamefrost as we couldn't afford running it anymore. We've also lost the team that was supposed to rebuild Flamefrost, so everything returned back to my desk and the development stalled. However, things are slowly starting to get back to normal and I would like to officially state that Flamefrost is not dead. It will most likely never be the same and I do not know when, but it will be back. I have made a decision to revamp its graphics engine, make it a lot more lightweight and get rid of the aspects that demand the ludicrously expensive hardware for the servers. I have also re-purposed the Unity engine that we acquired for "Domination: Earth" and will use it as a new server-side rendering mechanism for our characters. This means some drastic changes to the game's content, character appearance will now be based around pre-configured models that do not change (equipping new items will no longer affect the visible 3D model) and it also means that every single one of our existing 3D characters will have to go: unfortunately, our old models are completely incompatible with Unity. Yep, this means that every single creature of the world will be remade. The good news is that our new characters will most likely be a bit prettier and "more HD" overall: as I do not have a 3D artist in my team anymore I have invested into some characters created by a 3rd party studio, so at this moment in time we already have a complete set of beautiful creatures that will repopulate the new world of Naerath. This also means that all playable races will change: existing veterans of Flamefrost will have to face a choice of either to be converted to one of the new races (without losing the accumulated progress) or start from scratch in a new(ish) world. Despite all these exciting developments there is still an enormous amount of work to do (it will take me weeks just to replace all of the existing combat NPCs of the world and that's the easiest part of development), so I honestly cannot foresee how long this will take, whether it's going to be months or even years. Because of that I just cannot ask you to stick around the forum any longer to wait for more news and I will email you personally instead once something changes (e.g. a release date becomes known). Our Facebook page will also be updated. So this is it! Please post if you have any questions (as I am still checking the forum ) and as always, I am really grateful for you being part of this community!
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    Glad to hear the news. Still here if you need my help.
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    Among other things, yes! Skills, character levels, inventory items, settlements structures & population, and other things you've worked hard for.