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    Hey @Cajunfried2016! All is well, thank you! Too much work,too little time, as always. Continuing to juggle a dozen of different things and jobs to keep things alive! What about yourself?
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    Thanks for the updates, Dan! Any news is good news, in a certain sense. @Robyn Cajun is a type of cooking/seasoning that owes its roots to the Southeastern US. (Louisiana, especially). It is best known for being spicy and packed with flavor, and carries a 'home-cooked' nostalgia about it. Gumbo is a popular Cajun dish!
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    Staying busy here.
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    Hey Dan, hope you and the family are doing well.
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    Glad to hear the news. Still here if you need my help.
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    Nope, we're still going to have a single realm as from our previous experience splitting players into two separate worlds is confusing and doesn't really work well. Old characters will be converted to the new format (preserving their levels etc.); how exactly that's going to happen I will explain closer to the launch.
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    I did quit, because off the slow combat loading time. Will there be 2 worlds? ( 1 with old chars and 1 with new?) I guess i would start again in a new world, because my old fighter and old crafter will be noobish by now ...
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    Welcome back! I do remember you among our first players indeed! I believe that all combat loading should improve greatly since I've removed pretty much all elements that required constant re-rendering on our servers and there's a very efficient caching system in place now coupled with a global content delivery network. So if you quit because of the loading times or freezes I would definitely recommend trying out the new version. Unfortunately though, as mentioned in my original post, at the moment I do not know when the release will happen. I've made some great progress in the last few weeks and feel very optimistic about the launch, but at the same time there's a large number of features that are still being rebuilt and I am nowhere near completion. I promise to message & email you personally though when I acquire any time estimates!
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    When will it start again? I didn't play for years, but i was one off the first players... (did quit, because i did freezed to much in joined battles - i hope that's less now).
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    I am sorry I missed your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!