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    Introducing the official discord server for Flamefrost. Hopefully this will bridge a gap in communication and allow new players to get access to help from more sources. As well as allowing voice chat for those who want it. https://discord.gg/5yXhAh7 Discord can be used in browser, via a mobile app, or a desktop program. Allowing the choice of how and where to chat with fellow players and access staff
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    Apologies for delay, I've been away from computer a lot recently. But yes, congratulations and welcome, @dizzyg! Thank *you* for being an awesome and helpful member of the community! Your status is now officially updated (you may need to re-login to the game for the appropriate rank to appear in the chat box; please let me know if it doesn't!) and you've been added to the Naerath Warden forum group. Huzzah!
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    Thank you all for your support. Thanks Dan for believing in me.
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    I think a settlement Mayor would be a good feature to add to settlements. Allow a building called the Mayors Villa to be constructed and once completed, a player can place one of his henchmen in it as the settlement Mayor. The Mayor can run the settlement in proxy for the player. Maybe allow 3 choices as to the type of governance...most helpful, neutral and least helpful...
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    Dizzyg is the newest Warden. Please extend her a warm welcome and a cool congratulations!
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    Wooden wells (level 1 for all examples) have an 8 or 4 hour resource gather time (rgt) Stone wells have a rgt of 2 hours. Fountains have a rgt of 1 hour Once you can make fountains.. Make it and upgrade it (for half cost) to level 2 to double its value.. A few of these will be the cheapesr way to supply water.. I have over 100 settlers (gathered before the 100 unit cap was put in place) and with 4ish maxed fountains and a few wells I have a massive surplus
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    Settlers are a needy bunch! I can see one problem with this - there is an issue where some seedy settlers ask you if you want them to shake down other settlements. If you have a Mayor choosing the first response, they will go attack other settlements. I would like to see more of a variety of settler issues, though. There's only so many times you can look for a cat. I had an idea though. What if we could create a poll for new players that would automatically pop up when they exit the game the first time. You could ask them what they liked, what they didn't like, if they plan to return and play again, if anyone reached out to them when they began playing, etc.
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    Congratulations, Kiddo!
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    Well, anyone who hates you will not travel with you; you have to have a positive relationship to travel together in the first place. In general, settlers are supposed to be a slightly more powerful version of each henchman. They do not take any of your gold and are completely "free" as companions, but unlike regular henchmen they do not revive and re-appear in your group automatically upon death. Once your settler is slain their body is returned to their original village where you have to use one of your temples to bring them back to life. As for whom to take with you... it's a matter of taste, really! Each character has their own "build" and different abilities; clerics do heal, nobles may have a set of more "defensive" abilities, sociopaths are a bit more "explosive" and so on and so forth. I say try them all out!
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    Nah, definitely a Narwhal-Kitten Spawn... Or a Unicorn-Gremlin Offspring??
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    Welcome to Wardenship, Dizzyg!!
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    Anyone caught harrassing weyah will suffer the penalty of carrying an absurd amount of gold until their legs buckle and they die under the weight of it all!... Or spend it.
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    Sometimes, I think Mr. Incantrix needs to open his shop of potions and sell some 'mellow dwarf' potions...I would buy Thaugrim several barrels of it...
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    Woot! Another pigeo...um I mean protector and guide....
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    I miss the Weyah terribly. Her absence has been a source of much discontent. Dirges have been written!
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    Oh my, that is absolutely terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that! Of course, we completely understand your absence online and will be here if you need someone to talk to! Hang in there!!
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    Hmm... I thought I changed these to have a cooldown of an hour or two for exploration mode (can't remember exactly, I think it's roughly 1000 rounds!), but I agree; this may need a more elegant solution since it is much easier to re-enter the area instead of waiting around for an hour.
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    So you have a total of 100 needy gits? If I am not mistaken 100 is all we can have per settlement...unless you are Andvarri (<<<<----- Dan's favorite)...then you can have more hahahahaha
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    I tried really hard, but that darn red-headed pirate lass is elusive!
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    Huzzah! I love this addition. Now more inventory slots and they don't die as quickly.
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    HUZZZAH ! Congoratz Dizzyg ! So happy you have joined us ! We needed you !!
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    Good move! Congrats Dizzyg!!!
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    wow I forgot that video existed.. I got lost mid video not having a multi-property item lol
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    Good start to a tutorial! You seem to have touched all the bases. I'd add that salvaging stations don't attract settlers (only a combination of water and housing can bring settlers to your lands), and salvage stations don't attract raiders, so if you have a settlement they are always safe to build and use. It also bears notice that general xp (like opening a chest, completing a quest or exploring a corpse in the forest) is divided among your skills in the same proportion as the points you have assigned; if half of your assigned skill points are in melee combat, then half of all general xp goes to leveling up melee combat. This makes it easy to have a specialised character who doesn't need to grind much - just put most of your points into the area that you want to be good in (alchemy and herbalism, for example) and let it level itself up as you explore.
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    I foresee trouble in the future for this dwarf, Obi-wan.
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    I've conducted further tests. in each test I used 1 piece of armor, one cloth and one heavy. each had 10,000 armor and 30,000 effectiveness. the results against physical damage were identical. the only noticeable difference was in fact the amount of thorns damage the passive "spiked armor) dealt. which was higher with heavy armor. against magic: with enough armor value, the mitigation becomes equal. meaning in order to reach 95% mitigation against magic, with heavy armor. you would need a total of 8075 armor. which is impossible. as armor values max out at.. 237. with the eventual exception of shields, being double. cloth merely needs to reach 3600 armor. a reasonable number when factoring in protective stance. which increases armor by more than double. meaning if you are capped at 95% before protective, you are capped for magic in protective. regardless of effectiveness and resistance, nothing can reduce the incoming damage beyond 95% it seems. so resistance only exists to make up a partial difference in the heavy armor formula. I hope this has helped clear things up a bit.
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    from the entrance, directly north, above the woodcutting station, there is an armor chest, directly past the necromancer elite on the far west is another armor chest.
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    Yer get a double bonus if yer can hit them while they are running their mouth.
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    this would allow for the gathering of a selection of meats over time, as well as leather for the settlement and a place to tailor/leatherwork. could also do with a blacksmithing location imo.. traveling to cities sucks lol
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    Lol i totally forgot about that dude because he consumes metal over time iirc
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    Y'all done did it now. Got the red-headed pirate lass angry. I feels sorry for y'all.
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    My favorite faction is my family first then the Dwarven race!
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    Im looking for unarmed and fire resistance pretty much always
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    I want to thank everyone who supported me recently through this difficult time. A friend of mine suffered brain damage during a "routine" surgery. He is 25 and a LARPer. They did not have him intubated. He has now been declared brain dead. They will remove him from life support in 2 days. I might be scarce for a few days when this happens, as he is expected to die within a couple of days. You have all been so great during this struggle, and I'm sure your friendship will continue to hold me together as I go through the inevitable death and burial of my friend. Thank you so very much!
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    So sorry Dizzy We are all here for you if you need us ! You are loved !
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    Vindicators have a buff that can be triggered once per battle. unfortunately, there is no culling of a "battle" state in exploration zones.. leading to a need to repeatedly exit and re-enter the zone in order to utilize it. any other ability from other classes that function similarly need an actual cooldown applied as well.
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    Or they may call you Yosemite Sam!
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    It is correct, 100 settlers is the maximum one can attract per settlement. For the record, I have 7 settlements. Only my first settlement, Emerald Hills has more than 100 settlers. I had 163 settlers at one point then Mister Dragon implemented the '100' limit but since I already had my settlers in tow, Dan decided to let me keep them just to keep Weyah humble ...:).
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    If one would make a contest where it wasn't race-ist ..get it...race-ist hahahahaha........I crack myself up.......anyway if one would make a contest where said contest includes ALL players, one might get a response ! Juss' sayin'
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    Now that I have 100 settlers, I'm not getting any new ones. All my settlers are well fed and have plenty of water and housing. Defenses are well above minimum. Happiness and respect are both in the green. We successfully repelled the wild elves without loss of a single life. So what gives? Why don't new gits, I mean settlers, want to live in Dizzyland?
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    Non-dwarves think dwarves have no feelings. I feel hungry, thirsty, sleepy, love, anger. Especially anger towards the other races that make fun of our stature. That's why I am opening a store that specializes in 'dwarf feelings'! I got axes to shave elf ears and I got mauls to break tall knees and I got hammers to smash the toes of the taller than dwarves.
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    Calling elves lopearred is not cool, Thaugrim. They might call you 'vertically challenged in response.
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    I heard it was a female dwarf type that hurt your feelings?
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    HUZZAH !!!!! Congoratz Dilis !!!
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    You got to level 30 very fast! WTG!
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    Please help me welcome our newest level 50, Theurge Morphine Healton!
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    Welcome to the officer ranks, Hyperion!!! Azure Storm is in good hands!
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    I was in a hurry with my last post, but I wanted to say how amazing that information was. I want to be an archaeologist now just so I can accidentally unleash an ancient horror on Fyr ! And as for Kerthennon. I cannot begin to type how cool that is. It. Is. Awesome. Thanks for all the wonderful info, Dan!