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    Guess who's back? By Weyah, Tuesday at 12:52 PM in News & Announcements "Slim Shady!!!"
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    Welcome back, yer elf lover pirate!
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    Welcome Back!!!!!!!!
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    Me youngest sister is all grown up now! Way to go, girlie!
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    Congratulations, me sister. I am very proud of yer!
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    Aaaand the new icon finally makes sense!
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    Bwah ha hahahahahahahahahaha
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    This is a contest for players level 1 to 20 who have names that other players really like or think are outstanding or catch their eye. Players can submit up to 3 names here on the forum, listing their number 1 through 3 name submissions. The name must be in the database (searchable) and must be level 20 or lower. Prizes: 15000 gold for top name 10000 gold for number 2 place 5000 gold for 3rd The contest will run through May 11th with considerations for extending the contest further if needed.
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    there aren't any newcomers around eh?
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    Maybe some pf the settlers at the Court of Justice were assigned to gardens, and so didn't 'produce' since your last log in? I noticed that sometimes I log on and my food and/or water are down, but I think they start to go back up while I play.
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    It was 'feed your gits' week?
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    Losing a sweet 4 legged family member is so very hard. They love you unconditionally and consistently. I recall the account I heard of a child whose dog had died. She asked Billy Graham if she would see her dog in heaven one day. Billy Graham told her if that is it takes to make her happy in heaven, God will have her dog there.waiting to greet her. This story is such a comfort to me when I lose one of my 4 legged family members. I hope it comforts you. Andvarri
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    Ima liken "Thaugrim"...
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    Only she don't look so slim in that picture...shady yes, slim no.
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    I'mmmmm baaaackkkkk ! Missed you all so veryvery much !!!!
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    But little else about her does, Hyperion, little else...
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    Huzzzaahhhh! White when Wyrm missing you the most!! All hail the Pirate Party President!!!
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    I am doing a dance of joy for your return! We missed you muchly.
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    New Level 50 Incantrix! WTG!
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    Welcome back, fellow Wayfinder!
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    Has anyone used a settler as a henchman/woman and do they operate better than the hirables? Also, do they want a cut of the gold?
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    I resent what Andvarri is saying, since I don't bathe!!!
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    Problems like this always show up with the finger wigglers...me sisters have this issue. Ima thinkin its all the random and loose magic hanging about...makes things squirrelie!
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    I have recently obtained a recurring shortage of food and water in Hyperion's Phengite Settlement, and of Water in the Jade Island Settlement. The numbers show me as producing a surplus, but every time I log on, the warehouses are empty. I only have stone fountains, so the time taken to produce should not be an issue. Could someone take a look and see what I am missing?
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    Issue Closed - the problem fixed itself. Food fixed itself first, after a couple weeks, then the water upkeep righted itself this week. The only actions I took (if anyone is looking to this thread with a similar problem) were occasionally transferring water and food from other settlements. This probably wasn't necessary, as none of my settlers left regardless of how much was in my reservoir.
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    Too little entrants and participation. I will re-engage this contest again at a later date.
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    I don't think that is likely, for a couple reasons. One is that my settlers were all still staffed (nobody was unassigned), and as I understand it, audiences aren't triggered until you log on with the character in question. The game then works back to see what should have been produced and now isn't, since that person is currently sitting on a cushy seat in an air-conditioned Justice Hall. Thankfully, this isn't terribly important - I've lost nobody so far, and my other settlements produce plenty to keep Phengite afloat.
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    There is the possible explanation that some of your settlers waited to audience with you during your hiatus, became angry and left. Then your reputation attracted more and restaffed your settlement. It is just a speculation though. The Dragon Man may need a look see here.
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    Andvarri, thanks for taking the time to give it a look! I just did a quick headcount,and was able to find twenty settlers staffed at gardens in my Phengite settlement, which means I should have +1200. Jade Island doesn't have a food issue, only a water issue, so unfortunately the farms aren't a problem there. The wierd thing is that it just happened when I got back from my hiatus; before that, all the settlements were functioning normally, and I haven't changed anything since then.
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    In your Phengite Settlement, you had 2 gardens, level 6 with 6 settlers each (total of 12 food producers). In your Jade Island, you had 3 gardens, level 6 with 6 settlers and 1 farm that had 1 settlers (total of 19 food producers). In my corresponding settlements: Phengite has 6 gardens (level 6) with 6 settlers each and 4 farms (level 3) with a total of 16 settlers. Food production is +740 Jade Island has 1 level 9 garden and 2 level 8 gardens (25 settlers) along with 5 level 2 gardens with a total of 15 settlers. Food production is 1470. I suspect you do not have enough settlers producing food. I hope this helps.
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    I've seen some pretty cool names. Muninn Dasra Jiggthom TitantiaFrostbeard Lotus Hotdogs (If this player sticks around)
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    Hopefully, we will see some good, solid Dwarven type names!
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    Dwarves are not animals! We burn our excrement!
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    I am using a fighter from my village, decked out with pretty good gear though not what a player would wear. She kicks ass pretty good on her own. She hasn't died yet if GF, which is way better than Kerthamon the Smith with the exact same gear.
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    I wish to add to Dan's information: Dwarven and Tul settlers, if used as henchmen (or hench-women) can be more "explosive" than humans and elves, if you catch my drift. Just stay upwind of them and you will be alright. And remember the Copper Rule of Naerath, don't drink, fish or wash clothes in any body of water that a Tul or Dwarf has bathed in.
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    Well, anyone who hates you will not travel with you; you have to have a positive relationship to travel together in the first place. In general, settlers are supposed to be a slightly more powerful version of each henchman. They do not take any of your gold and are completely "free" as companions, but unlike regular henchmen they do not revive and re-appear in your group automatically upon death. Once your settler is slain their body is returned to their original village where you have to use one of your temples to bring them back to life. As for whom to take with you... it's a matter of taste, really! Each character has their own "build" and different abilities; clerics do heal, nobles may have a set of more "defensive" abilities, sociopaths are a bit more "explosive" and so on and so forth. I say try them all out!
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    I am going to try out the scout and hunter just for the learning.
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    I have questions about this, too. Hunter, scout, sociopath, cleric, etc. Who should you take with you? Does it matter if they respect you or hate you? Will clerics serve to heal you and not fight?
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    they should for all intents and purposes serve the same functions. they are just easier to level up 1 of each kind. the smith, teleporter, and cook are unique to their standard hiring locations though..
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    Okey dokey Dan...here they are ! You know I love my trees...especially orange trees Thank you for having them as decorations! 2 taverns and 22 monuments...think my settlers will be well pleased lol I added a wee park for them to stroll around in ...wish I could grow grapes to make Elven Frost Wine !
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    @Robyn Banks that's a very pretty settlement you have there! I may pay you a visit in the near future. * tries to ignore and not to laugh about the Weyah-related comments *
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    All 5 of my feelings are hurt ! I WAS going to say this is spot on...however I am just going to go lay in my bed in the fetal position and cry...........