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    I'll settle for whatever gets the game up. I'll be the first to say I've never been "impressed" with the models that were available and none of the 3d models were capable of enough detail and uniqueness that I felt it was necessary to improve my gear for that purpose. I think you could get a LOT further with "generic item appearance A" and creating vivid, truly unique cosmetic appearances. I don't want to say cash shop cosmetics, but it's a successful business route. just don't paywall your players.
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    I was going to suggest just having a cap on how long unused (over one month?) models are cached, and caching the models a player uses most often on their computer, instead of the server. I don't have numbers at hand, but if you figure two combat gear sets and three crafting/other sets, it seems like this might reduce hard disk overhead? It would increase the demand on the CPUs, though. IF I understand Tanzer correctly, he's saying have basic 3D images for each tier of gear, so all junk helmets would have the same beat-up image (or pull from a pool of a few stock "junk helmet" models) and they would be customizable to a certain degree in colour/ornamentation by the player? That sounds like a promising option, if it cuts server overhead.
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    What I mean to say is, it will improve player satisfaction and eliminate the problem stated, if a variety of cosmetic appearances can be gathered through a combination of in game methods and the plat shop.. im not saying exclusively put stuff in the store and make everyone else look like peasants
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    Thanks, @Weyah! Your feedback is very inspiring (as always! ) and I keep mentioning that players like yourself are one of the reasons I worked on FFL for so long; very little in this project is and was about money (although it would be nice to stop worrying about server costs, of course ). It is the long-term hardware cost that is the problem! I'm not worried about one-off designing costs as I know a number of good people who can do it for a very reasonable price. However, the bottleneck lies in the following two aspects: 1) Storage and network traffic. As you know, we have roughly 8 equipment slots where you can put an item that will affect your character's appearance (e.g. you equip a sword and you now see a sword). Once a new item is equipped the 3D model is rendered (from all angles and for all animations) and cached on disk, which creates hundreds of tiny images. However, once you equip anything else (e.g. a helmet) this process is repeated, as otherwise you'd still see the old character wearing that same sword and no helmet. In the end, due to the sheer number of equipment combinations the amount of images cached and transferred across to your browsers becomes astronomical; on the last day of FFL's operation we've consumed 4TB of cloud space with player character cache alone (and that still didn't include all possible combinations!). And that translates into approx. $500 per month (and growing) to store and even more to transfer all the materials (i.e. every time a player downloads that character for preview, exploration mode or tactical battles it's considered paid traffic). Because of that number it's also impossible to introduce any form of player-side caching, i.e. I can't make a game client that you download once and never see the combat loading message again, as the game client with all the pre-downloaded materials would weigh more than 4TB on your local hard drive (probably not something you can download easily on any device!). 2) CPU for real-time rendering. Once again, because of the almost infinite number of possible equipment combinations I cannot pre-render all existing characters in advance, as not only it would take roughly a year of uninterrupted rendering, but I would also need to do it again as soon as a new item or character is introduced. Not ideal! Which is why all in-game sprites are built on-demand and on the fly, whenever you enter combat and there is no cache record associated with the current equipment set already (remember the orange loading message in combat saying that "you'll only see this once"? Yup, that's it - it means you've stumbled upon a brand new combination of items that haven't been cached yet, so our server is busy creating all relevant images). Rendering multiple characters in parallel from all angles quickly enough requires powerful CPUs; it would be unacceptable to have 9 players sit in a queue for half an hour because player #10 is still being rendered. So purely because we have that ability to see equipped items in combat (both exploration and tactical), as well as inside the travel mode's preview/inspect, the monthly cost of running FFL approaches thousands of dollars. But just to avoid misunderstandings: it's not the item preview itself that is bad, it's the ability to see every item individually in conjunction with all other items on your character's model. If you always saw the same character model regardless of the equipped items both issues #1 and #2 would not exist and FFL would be fairly inexpensive to maintain. So yes, the brainstorm continues!
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    Dan, I know this is difficult for you especially since there are only (atm) a handfull of us that were hard core FFL players (unless you count all of Andvarri's alts *snortgiggles* ) . However, it was getting busy there for a wee bit ! I really still believe that FFL will be one of the top games...I know in my heart it will succeed. I have always felt that and will continue to. Call it a Wayfinder hunch. I really don't mean to sound whinny Dan. It is just that I fell in love with the game, and I have played many ! There is just nothing out there like FFL and that is why I miss it so. Putting the family/friend aspect aside FFL really is a spectacular game. I tried to go back and play WOW and found it lame and unsatisfying. Can't put my finger on just one part of FFL that made it so fun, I just know it is awesome. A player can never, ever get bored ! So much to do in game. I know that I can speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate all that you did and are doing Dan. And that is another thing that makes FFL such a great game, you ! You can tell when a creator puts their heart into a game, a rare happening imho. I know it sounds odd but this IS me we are talking about, from the first moment I played I could feel that your heart went into creating FFL. It was not just a game to make money, obviously since it was a free play game, it was a game for gamers made by a gamer. When someone puts so much effort into making a game, or anything actually, where even the smallest detail was not left undone, it shows in many ways. And I guess what I am trying to say is I/we have so much respect and are so grateful for all that you have done, in creating and trying to keep FFL going. Your heart shows in the game and was/is seen by all of us. So again, thank you Dan ! Now as far as ideas, mayhap you should sit down with a couple of juice filled sippy cups and brain storm with the Dragon Nugget ! Out of the mouth of babes and all that. You never know what may happen !
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    Is the main cost here the cost to have a programmer design it, or the cost to have the server display it? ... Dropping the 3D preview altogether might be an option since you would still see it in Exploration Mode, albeit a little smaller. I don't know if just removing the "spin" option from the 3D viewer would be of any significance? Or a top-down view in exploration mode? I'm not overly concerned with games' graphics (I play MUDs), so any suggestions I make here should be taken with a pound of salt.
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    I've been working on reducing the cost of FFL servers in the last few weeks; the biggest challenge remains the 3D animated graphical asset build (mainly the characters with their equipment). One alternative that I keep considering is dropping the 3D item preview facility and replacing character models with 2D sprites that are pre-equipped in certain outfits (i.e. instead of seeing each equipped item separately perhaps the entire outfit would change based on the combined level of awesomeness of all equipped stuff...? E.g. each class would have 5-10 visual "tiers")... but that means that FFL's characters would need to undergo a complete visual overhaul and possibly look a bit simpler (or more "cartoonish"). The alternative is to drop some/most (?) animations and have some sort of a "D&D Miniatures" battle happen on tactical battlefields. I'm not completely comfortable with either of those options (especially considering how awful the static models would look in exploration mode), so the brainstorm continues... Any ideas are also welcome.
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    Name : Sir Vere De Pression Gender : Male Race : Human Age : 42 Family : Wife (deceased), Daughter (missing). Allegiance : (former) Desecrated Circle, (former) Dull Dagger (guild). Worships : (former) Immerxil, (former) Arkh, (now) Exalia. Class : (former) Vindicator, (now) Theurge (apprentice). Appearance : Tall and sturdy (Human standard). Very short hair (near bald, i dunno what's this haircut called xD). Wears light-grey-robe (supposedly, Exalia's pilgrim clothing) Weaponry : None. Excels on melee weapons and hand to hand combat. Wears small Rosary as substitute catalyst necessary to cast minor light and healing magic. And by Theurge standard, his magical prowess is actually sub par. Attitude : Doesn't talk much, suppressing his anger and self-loathing issues. He moves between small settlements, almost anywhere with Exalia's shrine built, preaching. Hates weapon and violence. Backstory : He was a war orphan. Adopted and raised as a Vindicator by the guild master of Dull Dagger, a notorious guild from a distant kingdom that follows a strict code, secretly founded to do the King's dirty job. Mainly coercion and espionage. For those who heard the name for the first time, Dull Dagger sounds like the least intimidating name a person could come up with. But for those who are aware of if, Dull Dagger is the ultimate terror. The guild would have a chipped dagger sent to their target in advance. It was supposedly as a warning, although for the target, it simply means death. Then they would ambush them the next day (always) in broad daylight, attacking them and anyone who interfered. But never with the killing blow, befitting the name, leaving the target not quite alive, nor dead. Despite the guild's fame, it's member are pretty much unknown. As they all lived a double life. Vere himself was a young Royal Guard in the kingdom-- hence the ' Sir '. He was always quiet and the King was very fond of him. One would guess it's because of his harsh upbringing. But it's actually because he started to question his life choices. He's well aware of the wrongdoing of the guild, but never really question it. At least not until one day, the job was a daughter of some noble. His targets are usually corrupt, to begin with. Mostly those who oppose the King, but this time, it's a young innocent girl. The Noble was too important to be left impaired. And that was the first time Vere-- more importantly, Dull Dagger, ever messed up a job. He killed the noble and then begged the King to spare the daughter. Disappointed, the King forgave him anyway, granted that Vere would fill the position of the noble he just killed. He took the girl as his wife out of pity, partially as an atonement. From that time, Vere's life was getting more hectic. He resigned from Royal Guard, moved to the border to take the role of Viceroy and is rarely home. He was overwhelmed by his new job so much that he even started to stretch his orders from the guild. It was then that the member, and his adoptive father, started to question his loyalty, albeit they never really confront him that much. As time passed, Vere was blessed with a daughter, a pretty girl with a red-ish hair like her mother. The couple named her Salma. It was somewhat a turning point for him. He started to come home more often and is more talkative. Learning a little bit late that it was love that led him to wed his wife, not a pity, nor atonement. Sadly, that small happiness didn't last. His adoptive father died not too long after. No more barrier to contain Dull Dagger's jealousy towards Vere. And just like that, a chipped dagger was stabbed on the door of his manor. Reminding his wife of a past terror. Little did she know, it was Vere who put that dagger the first time. She dispatched a messenger, and then proceed to travel lightly with Salma to the capital. Vere on the other hand, upon hearing the threat, rushed back home. Hoping he'd make it in time. But it was too late. He found the carriage in the middle of a lonely road, with lots of dead bodies scattered around. He silently cried, turning corpses one by one, hanging on a very little hope that his wife and his daughter were not among them. That hope was immediately crushed when he looked inside the carriage. There lies his wife, with torn clothes, broken limbs, gouged eyeballs and on her last breaths. Vere really cried this time, slowly pulling his wife closer to his chest. She resisted. Apparently, Dull Dagger told her everything before having their way with her. Vere asked about Salma, but his wife refused to answer. She hates him, she said. And if he loves her, he needs to prove it by killing her, just like how he killed her father. He couldn't, there's no way he would. He just hugged her tightly. Until the sun was set and warmth left her body. Vere left at dawn. Lost. With a vow of revenge. His first target was the King. Then started crossing the name of every Dull Dagger member he knew. Heads after another. One by One. Years after. He grew tired of revenge. Wanted suicide but too afraid to kill himself. He didn't fear death. But the thought that he would meet his wife --and possibly his daughter in the afterlife terrified him. He wandered from land to land, settlement to settlement. His guilt is the only thing that kept him sane. He stumbled upon an Arkh' Grand Shrine, stayed for some time, Arguing with the Head Priest if Arkh is the god of justice, would death be his punishment, would his sins be forgiven, or would his late wife forgive him. The head Priest just smiled and told him that Arkh would care not about his sins, but what he would do to balance it out. All life needs balance, the Priest said. But what Vere needs first is hope. Thus, his new life as a Theurge begun. Roleplay : It was a cloudy night, yet it was so bright. And it was not the moon where the lights came, but from the raging fire burning up housing in a settlement near Emerald Hill. It happened quickly, not even an hour after the warning bell was rung. "Bandits!", the Nightwatch screamed. But it was in vain. The settlement was at it's worst luck to be attacked by a group of bandit this organized. Not too long after, everyone was forced to gather in the town square. Surrounded by small numbers of armed bandits, while the rest of the group is busy separating males and females and some other looting whatever is not eaten by fire. Vere is on his knees, a little bit to the front than the rest of the people, hands interlaced, head facing down, praying. Two bandits sit in front of him. Mockingly asking for forgiveness. "Oh, Exalia, can you forgive us? and give us more loots on the side!" they laughed, pulling his robe and poking his head with the hilt of their weapon. Vere still prays. "And please some women too!" the other bandit added. More rubbish line keeps coming, but seeing no reaction from Vere, they decided that he needs a little motivation. So they pulled a girl by her hair from the group. Dragged her in front of him. People screamed. Vere looked up. "Please..." Vere shakes his head slowly. "Please what!?" the bandit shouts, quite happy that he got his attention. Vere looked back down. "If you want me to stop, Pray to the god so that I would!" the bandit mocks him again, and this time, pushing his head more strongly. He's sure that he terrified him so much. All he could hear coming out of Vere's mouth was "please have mercy..." muffled by the cries of people. He looks annoyed, raised his blade, signing to the crowd to shush. Then he lowered his head near Vere's mouth. Trying to listen to his prayers. Crystal clear this time. "God, forgive me. And please have mercy, upon my enemy..." the bandit moves back, a little dumbfounded. Then he turned his face to the priest who's now staring at him. He scorned, full of disbelief. As he realized that the eyes staring him now are not the eyes of a holy man. "Because I don't!" Vere completed his prayer. "Who arkhhhh..." before the bandit could finish his sentence. Vere jabs at his throat. He throws another punch at the bandit's jaw, disorienting him. Grabs his head and rams it on his knees before slamming it to the cobblestone. Fresh blood streams from the bandit's head. He's gone. The other bandit who was still pulling the girl's hair panicked. Unsheathed his sword and charged blindly. His fate is no better than his dead friend. It took Vere few moves before the bandit was on the ground, with his own sword at his throat. Vere casts enhancement magic on himself before charging at the rest of the bandit. It is done. Most of the bandit is dead. Some ran away. Vere just stands there near the corpses of another mindless murder he just committed. Looking up to the night sky with teary eyes. Hoping that Exalia would forgive him. He felt sick, tired of battles, yet these things keep happening. There is always something that keeps pushing him over the edge. This ordeal feels too heavy. Maybe there was another way. But all he does best is kill people. And he hates himself for that. He turned to the crowd. Some covered their eyes, some stared at him with contempt. Vere knows those looks. If his late wife still had her eyes at that time, she would throw the same look at him. "I'm sorry", Vere closed his eyes, not sure what he's apologizing for. The ferocity he had just shown or the fact that he could've prevented needless casualty had he do it before the bandits burned the settlement. "Forgive me". Vere said that as a parting word. Not really expecting forgiveness. Then disappears into the night.
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    Agreed ! I have started playing Runes of Magic, for something mindless to do that will take my mind off the family issues I am having, and have chatted up FFL...naturally, and there are cashers in game who would not mind paying a wee bit I am sure. I described FFL to them and passed on how it is played and there are definitely folk who are interested ! Oddly, they are intrigued by the settlement aspect of this game and crafting instead of murder, mayhem, and questing. RoM is like WoW and rather boring in my opinion, a bit of mindless playing and nothing to do outside of questing. I mean you can craft but it is a far cry from our crafting. And it is rare that there is any player interaction, seems people actually like being social which is great for those of us who like to chat and help out new players ! I am not saying that there should only be certain items you can get with plats, I dislike that in any game, I Love the fact that in FFL all players have the same ability to have good weapons and armor, just maybe have bling that you can only get with plats while still allowing non-cashers an even playing field. FFL is a unique game with out a doubt. It has more to offer than any game I have played. And I Know it Will be successful. And you do not need to spend hours trying to understand how to play it ! It offers something for every type of gamer, from crafting to settlements; guild wars to dungeons. And one of the best group of people I have had the honor to know. No newbie ever gets hung out to dry which RoM and other games simply does not have. And a good community is important in my book. No one here, to my knowledge, just refused to help a newbie or even a regular. And I have found NO game where the creator is actually present and cares about the players and their opinions and offers help. (and will re-name your weapon Happy Bunny to humiliate those she kills). And while I am writing a book here let me also say that this is the First game where females are treated fairly. You guys have no idea how frustrating it is to play a game and get treated like "a girl". Like we are some bunch of dizzy headed (no offence Dizzy G lol), ignorant, oh-I-broke-a-nail, player ! You have pummeled me just like one of the guys and treated me with respect....mostly hahahaha, and I love you the more for it. And have had faith in the females enough to make us Wardens ! Again, I have so much faith that FFL Will be one of the top games around. I would say THE top game, but trying to be humble here people, which is hard as you all well know. I love this game and can not say enough about it. And as Dan has said, it really is about our community here, as well as our love for the game. It is not "just" a game. It is a family. Okey dokey, I am done. Just had a couple things I felt I needed to say. Thanks for putting up with me ! Really do love and respect all of you....you are good people and my life is better for knowing you....though Thaugrim is suspect
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    Not everything, but I've been struggling with this particular dilemma for quite some time! This could work, but we have to remember that weapons are also part of the set! I.e. a recognizable wizard outfit with a classic staff of some sort changing into a more legendary version of the same class makes sense, but it may look a bit more confusing if originally you wore a robe and a staff, and your looks changed into a full plate + sword & shield after equipping some heavy armour (despite the fact that you still have a staff item equipped as a primary weapon). This would also mean that all classes look exactly the same, just the race & gender remain as the unique distinguishing features. The armour sets will make all classes visually equal.
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    As per usual, Dan, it sounds like you've already thought of everything. Instead of tying into class, what about using whichever type of armour is most prominent on the toon? I've known high-level melee classes to go with cloth armour before, for EP. This could cut out a quarter of the combinations, as well, if you choose to make heavy/medium armour look the same. I would be all for making junk/common the same image, too. It gives a fun "surprise" to a new player once they finish off their first set of decent gear.
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    We did both, actually! Everything you ever encountered did get cached locally (which is why subsequent loadings were faster and sometimes even instant), but that wasn't enough; new combinations were still encountered on a regular basis and there are strict limits on disk space your browser's cache may consume. Erasing server-side cache is only going to make things slightly worse, as with billions of cached sprites that we had it would mean a much more frequent re-rendering of things; too few models are actually "unused" (unused things don't get cached in the first place ). Reducing the number of individual models isn't going to help completely; unfortunately, even a few dozen basic components produce millions of combinations that can't be all cached in the client! And anything that has the word "custom" in it makes the situation much worse, i.e. if we allow players to customize appearance of an item our billions of sprites transform into a number with crazy amount of zeroes. So the only viable solution is to reduce the number of "whole 3D sets" and eliminate the ability to combine items. I believe what you're suggesting is close to what I had in mind. So far the solution I'm leaning towards is to have 5 character visualisation "tiers" per class (and per gender / race too, of course), one per item "quality", e.g.: - Incantatrix (Junk) - Incantatrix (Common) - Incantatrix (Uncommon) - Incantatrix (Rare) - Incantatrix (Legendary) Equipping a sword or a crossbow won't change the way you look, but equipping all items of a particular quality will. On top of that we can indeed introduce an extra tier unlocked via platinum shop for the sake of uniqueness. I don't think we can promise more than that, as even the basic setup in this manner means 192 fully animated character models (2 genders x 4 races x 4 classes x 6 tiers), which is a crazy amount of work (perhaps I'd even exclude the "Junk" level!). Multiply that by the number of animations, multiplied by 8 directions and you can see why our sprites take up so much space. The alternative is, of course, to off-load model rendering into the client and introduce a 3D graphics engine, but I might as well build a new game from scratch as it will take years to implement! P.S. For the techies among us, I did consider WebGL and HTML5 rendering capabilities, but unfortunately browser-based 3D rendering is still in a very raw state and miles away from usable in a MMO. Your browser will die during any form of a medium-scale battle with multiple characters and spell effects on the screen. Plus all textures and lighting effects would be fairly basic and moderately ugly! So our only two options are either "fewer character variations" or "build a 3D graphics engine based Flamefrost"!
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    i disagree. at least in some parts. you won't believe the time i've wasted in glimmering forest trying to find gears with decent stats and matching palletes. or trying to find a headgear that won't turn my char bald.
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    well, jokes aside, maybe change default naked spite into a new 3d model? a new default (naked sprite) for each class, then limit the interchangeable sprite amount into weapon and shields.
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    Just wanted to see who is still around ! ROLL CALL !!!!!!
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    2 links to games I have played with some degree of irregularity: https://empire.goodgamestudios.com/ https://magic.wizards.com/
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    That is awesome, I love it!!! Definitely approved, and I'm looking forward to seeing him avoiding action. I love the open ending with his daughter, especially. Where could she be now?....
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    *Raises Hand*
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    Well, Happy belated birthday to you too, Robin!
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    Name: dizzyg Race: Dwarf Age: Never ask a female dwarf her age, but she's probably around 100 years old Allegiance: Hammerforge Legion and Sylthenea, the goddess Weaponry: Most often she can be seen wielding a death hammer and a medium-sized shield, though her exploits at using divine magic are things legends are made of Appearance: She's like a teapot, short and stout. Her eyes are a pale green that looks like a placid lake, until you anger her. Then they turn into a swirl of greens and browns with gold flecks. Her thick brown hair is always neatly braided into one long ponytail. Her beard is similarly braided, but adorned by a different color bow each day. She wears a mixture of chainmail and leather armor for her best possible movement in combat while protecting the vital organs. Her boots are the piece de resistance. They are made of dragon scales and shimmer a purplish hue in the moonlight. Personality: She is quite easy going as long as the mead is flowing and nobody is insulting her race or her god. She has a hearty laugh that makes others smile at the sound of it. She is quick with a joke, and a light of your smoke. She has a particular affinity for eating large meals with all the fixings. She can eat for hours, seemingly endless quantities. She adores drinking games, though she only plays with other dwarves who can keep her honest. She never has a bad word to say about any of the gods, but she will absolutely fight you to the death if you badmouth Sylthenea. Once combat begins, she is all business. She will fight and heal to her last breath. Backstory: She was born in the highest reaches of the Hammerforge Mountains. Her family was in the business of making war hammers. They are all master blacksmiths, down to the last member. Her childhood was filled with joy, and this translates into a life of equal parts work and play in her adult years. She was never frightened as a child, even though the faction wars did sometimes invade the Legion's territory. Her family always sat safely atop the peaks. They fought, of course, but their home was never laid to waste since no intruders ever got that far. She was taught early on to worship Sylthenea as earnestly as she ate, drank and fought. This devotion was later rewarded with an amazing array of divine magic spells given to her by the goddess. She visits her family as often as possible. They are still very involved in each others' lives, even though they have settled far a wide across the lands. Twice each year, they gather specifically to celebrate all the year's achievements and mourn the losses of family members. The gatherings last for 3 days and include mounds of food, drink and laughter. The gathering always begins and ends with a toast from the matriarch of the family, her mother, Beryl. Roleplay: As she barreled towards the horde, dizzyg readied her hammer and shield. She would win the day against these foul creatures or die trying. From out of nowhere, a rain of fiery arrows came down upon the horde, confusing and scattering them. Dizzyg stopped in her tracks, looking around to see who was interfering with her battle. Off to her right, she saw an Elf looking quite pleased with himself. She stormed towards him, shouting and waving her hammer angrily. He still had that stupid smile on his face, which she intended to wipe completely off. When she got a few feet from him, he boldly said, "You're welcome!" As her eyes turned almost black in appearance, he took a step back and the smile disappeared. "You're welcome? YOU'RE WELCOME?" she yelled. "Why did you interfere in MY battle, you, you, you ELF?" His fear was palpable. He started stammering. "I, I only wanted...I mean, I thought...you DID need help, right? It was 1 against 50, after all. Right?" He slowly backed away from the enraged Dwarf. "Help? You think I looked like I needed help? What is WRONG with you? Are you brain damaged? Did you mother hit you on the head often?" She was practically spitting nails at this insolent being. "Geez, a guy tries to be nice," he sniffed. "I honestly thought there were too many of them for one..." "Girl? Is that what you thought? Too many for one girl?" she demanded. "Well, actually, yes," he replied with an air of misplaced confidence. "My father taught me..." "To be an idiot!" dizzyg snorted. "This GIRL is about to teach you what your father failed to do," she said, raising her hammer to strike. "WAIT!" he implored, backing up more at each word she spoke. He raised his hands to deflect the blow and closed his eyes, waiting for the imminent pain. When it didn't come, he opened one eye to see the Dwarf poised in mid-strike. "I'm sorry," he offered. "Sylthenea help me, if you ever..." she began. "Sylthenea? I, I worship her, too," he stammered. As her hammer slowly descended to her side, it was dizzyg's turn to be at a loss for words.
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    Ooooo, really nice backstory. APPROVED!!!! (As a mod, you can of course do this yourself ) I hope you don't mind my moving this to a new thread for organisation. We have characters, now we need a story! If you don't start one, I will try to make it happen over the next few days.
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    I have not found a suitable temporary substitute! Conclusion: There are none!
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    you're not going for the entry?
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    Right Here ! TAH-DAH ! Er....um.....why?
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    Pffffft, not an idiot, just busy. And yay! Let's get this party started.
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    I am an idiot ! So much on my mind right now ! Anyway...ok I'm in for it here ! Lets do this !
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    hahahah, I'll be checking my email! I hope your family issues turn out for the best, and soon, because we miss you too! As far as the game, yep, all words! Or we can work out how to add dice, but finding a non-cheater way to do that seemed too complicated for my poor brain. As it stands right now, you get to control your character and any NPC's around within reason. (If your character is a Desecrated Circle member, she probably can't hope to order around Fatekeeper guards in the middle of the Citadel, but she sure can kill them!)
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    And there is no Indeed..there are NO substitutes ! I have searched myself and all other games are lame ! I need FFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Irregular ? That's the norm for you eh? hahahahaha I played Magic the card game but not the game game. How is it?
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    I am sorry I missed your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!
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    The other game site that I listed as ax example? Sure thing, I'll do both Plain text: argetlam01.proboards.com Super fancy hyperlink: http://argetlam01.proboards.com
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    Hyper, having issues getting to the game site.....would you please email me a link or post it here again please kind sir?
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    Oooh, that's much better!! I thought she was taken in by the Dull Dagger and made their last assassin. Your version is way better.
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    Because you don't answer!
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    i feel like i'm missing something. not sure what yet
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    doing good so far, still trying to come up with a character for @Hyperion's thread. my b-day was 20th of September btw
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    Excellent Dizzy ! We all need to do this me thinks...while we pine away awaiting relaunch !
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    Thanks Robyn...I miss you too !!! How ya been? Whatcha doing ?
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    Belated Happy Birthday!! no happy for you.
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    APPROVED!!! Because it's mine very own first app, and I can.
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    Name: Hyperion Age: 194 Allegiance: White Wyrm Tribe Weaponry: Hyperion is usually seen wielding a wand and a charming smile; he utilises Elemental Magic, with specialization in Fire, Cold, and Temporal 'flavours'. Appearance: Steel blue eyes sit a little over six feet above the ground, constantly moving around the environs that surround the lanky frame in which they are set. A roughly cut hairline makes the end of a blonde cascade tumbling down, neatly tucked behind the swept-back, pointed ears. The elf's angled cheeks, gangly elbows and rushed gait all bespeak themselves of grace. His clothing, always of finest silk, is full of muted colours - mostly blues and greens interrupted by white tracing up, up to the neckline so often crowned with a mischievous grin. Attitude: Despite being an elf, Hyperion is always willing to take a matter seriously, but never for an extended amount of time. Even his magics, some of the more formidable among mere mortals, are developed in spurts and bursts. Everything has the potentiality to be a joke, which earns him the scorn of many more serious sun elves and the business end of a variety of objects wielded by Dwarves and Tul'Rahx (quantitatively, in that order). In his mind, sleight of hand is always preferable to open aggression; if the latter must needs be used, the biggest fireball summonable is the best answer. Loyal to his Tribe and people, he is at the same time easygoing, quick to forget offences and almost as quick to forgive them (even nearing two centuries, memory is not a strong suit). Once he decides something is necessary, though, he will go to any lengths to obtain it. Background: Growing up in Elmethil Do'Naerath is a unique experience for anybody. As a child, Hyperion's time was spent either studying, running errands for the White Wyrm Tribe's Elmethiliac Embassy or watching the greatest of Naerath's adventurers as they came in and out of the flourishing elven city. It was here, too, that he was noticed by the more sage among the wandering heroes. For an elven child to be fascinated with a Human Paladin or a Dwarven Berserker was unusual; for him to be able to shadow a Wayfinder was astonishing. While Hyperion had not been raised in the racism of his more isolated kindred, it still rankled to see the title of the Lands' Greatest Sorcerer belong to a human. Fastolph Danderfluff, leading Incantrix among the Iron Alliance, could be an object of admiration to aspiring finger-wigglers or an uncomfortable impetus for others' betterment. For Hyperion, studying Danderfluff's battle tactics, victories and defeats, he was both. As the young elf's age and abilities grew, so did the 'errands' he would run for the Embassy. As his travels took him further away from home, he realized the burden that is an adventurer's. Further from the Eye, a hard life made hard people. Danger dogged his journeys. And as he learned his magics in various corners of the land, the creeping awareness of a looming danger slowly thrust itself upon him... Roleplay: The endless snowfall drifted down across a perpetual winterland of biting chill and clawing ice. The land, such as there might be, had long been buried underneath its hoary armour. Nothing could be seen as far as the falling snow permitted sight to stretch. Any sounds that might have been were deadened, even to the elf's heightened perception. If this wintry fortress were anything to judge by, he was alone in all the world. For not even the beasts and trolls that lived here, or fought for what passed as living in these harsh environs, were foolhardy enough to venture to this place. This was a place where the dead had been stripped of their rest. Immense, stalagmitic icicles rose about him, each higher than the next. The steps and towers that they had been were buried far beneath the thick shell of ice that came to coat them over the centuries since their completion. He climbed them, fighting his way up the slippery surfaces foot by foot. Inch by inch, sometimes. It would have been easier to melt his way up through the immense, vaulted chambers and sparkling courtyards. It would have been a swift death. The world around him was devoid of life. But for all its emptiness; because of the abandoned stonework and ghastly history of the mournful ruins which surrounded him; a multitude of eyes were watching for the slightest snowflake to fall out of place, or the shallowest indentation to appear in the snow. In this world of death, there were yet many sentinels. This was why Hyperion had been chosen to come. There were many real dangers here. The goblins, the wandering packs of wolves, the deathly cold would all kill an ill-prepared traveller in hours, or in minutes. None of these warranted him. It was the invisible sentries in the white night, looking for the tiniest perturbance in the abandoned landscape. The focus of interest here was the secret they sought to guard. But for all their watchfulness, they did not see the signs of Hyperion's approach, for there were none. The snow he bid harden in support of each step he took. The precipitation fell so close to him that the gap where he stood was a mere thickening of snowfall. Even the light around him was warped, showing what had been a few seconds before or what would be in the moments after he left. The only trace that could have given him away, the pulse of power that his magic exerted, was covered by the foul aura of necromancy that lay heavy upon the towers of Flamefrost. Those who sent him were right, and something wicked was afoot. A gargoyle's eyes, only possibly unseeing, stared blankly through him as he neared the pinnacle of what once was the Flamefrost clan's great edifice of might. Ahead, a piercing shriek echoed impossibly loudly through the crackling towers. Even the thickening snowfall around him did not serve to deaden it and the noise made him buckle in pain, only a supreme effort of concentration keeping the many cloaks around him in place. Very few beings could put that much power into a cry, and none of them were still living in this plane. A slight grin spread across the elf's face, invisible to even himself. Finally, he thought. Something interesting.
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    Aww! Thanks, @Cajunfried2016, that is actually very inspiring news!
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    Hard to believe it has been over a year since I started playing this game almost 2 I think...right? lol I have met so many wonderful people, and have come to think of folks here as family..albeit a dysfunctional one *snorts* but an awesome one ! (Especially the Wardens ) Hyperion is my fave Warden but don't tell anyone shhhhhhh I have seen babies (Dragon Nugget) growing, babies born (Tanzer), and have come to know so many of you personally..outside of game. I just want to thank Dan aka Mr Dragon aka Dragon Daddy aka Dan Dan the Dragon man and more names I will refrain from saying (tee-hee) for making such a wonderful game and through the making of the game, bringing together some of the finest people I have been blessed to know. And I hope the new people I have met here....Dizzyg, Robyn, Foxfire, & Domovich, continue to play and add to this wonderful game family! I really can say that I care for all of you so much, you ALL have such a big place in my heart, and I thank you for your friendship ! (Yes Andvarri, I am a wee teary so just shut it hahahahahaha )