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    Nope, I think you got all of them! From what I've seen - electricity looks to do the most damage, but also the least damage (it has a wide range of damages it can randomly do, even without considering the critical bonus) and also has the worst wildcard - Hitting an electrical resistant mob with a lightning bolt is like hitting a brick wall with a sponge. Fire does the next most damage, and it keeps going down from there. The fire reduction wildcard also reduces poison and acid damage, so if you carry fire you don't necessarily need to carry acid or poison. Here is a quick table of some of the wildcards, for reference (I can't guarantee this is still accurate, as it is a tad dated): Tough One Increases melee damage by 100% Lightning Reflexes Increases chance to dodge incoming attacks by 30% Frostborn Increases resistance against cold damage by 65% and melee attacks have a 10% chance to freeze the target Celestial Increases resistance against holy damage by 65% Evil Spawn Increases resistance against shadow damage by 65% Magic Diffuser Melee attacks have a 50% chance to dispel positive auras on target Thick-Skinned Increases resistance against physical damage by 65% Survivalist Increases resistance against fire, poison and acid damage by 65% Before you ask... I don't have any more information on wildcards than this; hopefully, one of the other wardens can proof and fill in the blanks at some point.
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    Lockpicking How-To A " Ready " level 1 chest Row Swapping Move Saving Moves (How to Fully utilize your free and row swapping moves) Lockpicking will need some time (and quite some headache) to get used to. But when you've got the gist of it, it's pretty fun.
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    Welcome to Naerath! If you need any guidance, many of the players here are helpful in answering game related questions and even will help with non-game queries. There are Wardens as well and you will know us by the chevrons beside our names. There is Tanzer, Weyah, Hyperion and myself, Andvarri. Should we be on as our alternate characters (on the same account) we will have the chevrons in place as well. Please bother us! We are online to assist you with your game play. We are paid by the number of new player questions we answer as well as the number of players we assist. (joking) It is our hope you find this game enjoyable and you want to build settlements and develop many characters. There is much to explore!
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    Saw some talk about nasty, poisonous critters called Weyah's. Apparently one player had his horse bitten then his wolf pet bit the Weyah and both horse and wolf died! Can Mr. Dragon or someone confirm this please?
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    Hi all, A bit of a heads up: Flamefrost will be unavailable for a few hours later tonight and potentially later this week, as I'll be doing a bit of server relocation & maintenance. Accordingly, if play.flamefrost.com doesn't load - don't panic, it will be back eventually. P.S. Forum (community.flamefrost.com) remains unaffected by this migration, so I will be posting updates about the progress.
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    Oh wow! I can neither confirm or deny this as I'd rather keep my horse unbitten and steer clear of any comparable consequences!
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    I hope you all eat a lot of turkey and tap plenty of naps.
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    how much is too much turkey exactly?? asking for a friend...she is concerned
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    That was my story! So I confirm it...Karza here! The red headed Weyah attacked me without provocation, bit my horse and would have bitten me too if not for my faithful wolf, Fenras who bit her and distracted her enough for me to get away. Alas my horse, Jalopy and my wolf Fenras both died of poison later. So Weyah's not only have poisonous bites, but they are poisonous if you bite them too!
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    (i'm not sure if this is similar to low graphic mode) i suggest disabling overworld map animations like the clouds. also, this is totally unrelated, but auto-sort items in inventory would be very nice.
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    about " naked sprite " in slow net mode. the idea is to make purchasable (platinum) " costume sprites " to make it more customizable. it will basically work as default naked sprite and should probably can be toogled also on normal game mode. well, costumes vary, this can also be used for somekind of monthly/annual contest for player to design new costumes.
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    That is really awesome! Thank you, Robyn! Despite my intimate knowledge of the lockpicking system I still enjoyed reading this; a very smart guide!
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    Brilliant post, Robyn/Luke! Thank you.
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    not sure to create another thread, since this is within the same topic.... kind of. in slow net mode, if you change gear inside an exploration map, the game will bypass the setting and force to load the 3D models. (resulting in hourglass sprites)
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    i vote for this.
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    I certainly would prefer the Idea of longer Turn-based Combat. I think that ten Seconds is more than reasonable. I can understand how thirty Seconds can really start to feel long. I like to play from Work. However, the current Pace is simply much too fast. There are also Times when my Mouse seems to not be able to click the Targets properly and then the Targets have moved. I really would prefer not to play a "Click-Mania" Type of Game.
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    It saddens me the poisonous are allowed to bite and kill wolves and horses for they are people too!
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    Yes, but it would also be weird to see palm trees and sandy beaches on the northernmost continent (i.e. an equivalent of the Arctic Circle), wouldn't it?
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    It is entirely possible the snowy, rainy, predominantly overcast climate of Naerath is indicative of the actual climate of the designer/developer. When you grow up in an area that only has 10 days of sunshine a year, it may color your creativity...:)
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    Done! Any element can now be blank (just navigate through all the options, "none" is somewhere in there!). Please refrain from creating completely blank logos though (not that it'll break anything, it's just extremely boring and offensive to the artist ).
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    posting the idea here as suggested by Mr. D Guild Coat of Arm creation should have black space (transparent image) as a choice. Meant for guild masters who only wants the Centerpiece / Left-Right Decor / Background as the logo.
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    Good ideas, Reginleaf, and welcome to the community! Your inventory should already have a method of filtering items, by using the check-boxes below; it also 'sorts' things by putting each newly acquired item in the first available space. If the filtering isn't working properly, please let us know - it is a relatively new feature. This method is usually a lot more useful for me than an auto-sort function - I like to mass sell the loot I pick up and don't want it getting mixed up with the good stuff I keep at the top of the bag, but filtering out items by type lets me spot a specific piece of gear fairly quickly. I'm no expert, but the idea of an option to minimalise graphics sounds pretty effective - once you start looking at the art, you realise how snowy Naerath really is.
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    Happy Holidays, my fellow Dwarfkin...and all you 'others' too.
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    Thank you for being honest and vigilant! But I don't think there's been a problem in this particular case, please consider it a bonus from the event's sponsors.
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    Miss Priss Elfses, if I might give you a bit o guidance, you will level fast enough that crafted gear wont really be of service to you until around level 35 or higher. You will find the effort to make it and enchant it exceeds the use get out of it at lower levels. High Dwarven Master
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    Thank you, really glad to hear that! The 30 second timer is *exactly* what we've had when Flamefrost launched, by the way. However, because most players who are actively engaged in combat didn't need 30 seconds to finish all moves, there was a lot of negative feedback related to others stepping away "for tea", abusing this feature on purpose to make PvP battles last longer or just not acting "quick enough" for someone's liking. So unfortunately, 30 second timer doesn't fully work. Anyway, I'll keep you posted about any changes I make in this aspect!
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    Of course they are the best, silly me! *Quietly leaves the white, padded room and locks the door*
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    i usually open 6 ( lvl 3 ) chests in glimmering forest. the other 2 chest requires teleporting which is kind of a bother. (and there's those tree glitches too - the most annoying part). then quick-escape, sell/salvage. repeat.
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    Wonderfully done, Robyn! The image provided of an incredibly violet inventory was a good touch. I don't see any misinformation being circulated - and I learned how to distinguish between Level 1 chests worth picking and ones that aren't. It bears mentioning that most chests are lazy, and don't like to move around - if you find a level 3 chest somewhere and crack it, chances are that chest will respawn a while later in the exact same spot.
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    Welcome to the new Dwarf players!
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    (aims crossbow at the large, stone filled head of a certain dwarf)
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    Yer didn't mention 'dwarven chest opening' methods! Like throwing the chest off a cliff. Or bashing it with the head of a Tul. Or me favorite, picking the lock with an elf ear!
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    Use the 'e' button to auto target. There are several single key stroke commands that are helpful.
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    The game is online, but we've moved servers to a new address and it's entirely possible that your browser still has the old address cached. Try going to https://play.flamefrost.com/ and performing a hard refresh via Ctrl+F5 while there. If that doesn't help and the issue persists, please let me know!
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    Incantatrixes Incantatrixes are enigmatic sorcerers studying extraplanar powers, beings and places. They wield a terrifying power to bend the time and space around them, using portals to connect worlds and merge powers from the various planes of existence. Incantatrixes are a magical class focused on dealing lots of damage from a large distance. Unlike Theurges, they have no melee potential, cannot wear Medium or Heavy Armour and have no magical shields to protect themselves from physical damage. Incantatrixes will suffer more than any other class if surrounded by a large group in melee, but they wield an enormous destructive potential when it comes to magical ranged attacks and their portals allow to escape a tight situation and retaliate to a safe distance. Incantatrixes are the only class with teleportation spells that deal damage and their spells have a greater range than the ones of a Theurge. Additionally, Incantatrixes have an innate ability to wield crossbows as an optional alternative to wands and their Magic Missile ability is a rare spell that relies on the craft skill "Conjuration" (making Incantatrixes predisposed to the craft of Disenchanting, as their Conjuration skill has the ability to grow in combat). However, although Incantatrixes do not have any melee builds (similar to Theurge's Paladin build), they have 8 elemental skills to choose from and their builds are based on one of the 4 elemental specialisations: fire, ice, acid and chaos/electricity. On levels 8 and 12 Incantatrixes obtain their distinguishing abilities named "Junctions". Junctions represent the ability to connect to one outer plane of existence and gain some of its powers and attributes. These abilities are activated as quick action auras, similar to Theurge's Phantom, and only one Junction can be active at a time. There are 4 Junctions in total: Junction: Realm of Fire Connection to the Elemental Plane of Fire increases resistance to fire and damage output of all fire spells, but decreases all cold damage and introduces a weakness to such. Junction: Stygia The frozen ocean of Stygia, home of the river Styx, is an exact opposite to the Realm of Fire junction, providing a bonus to all cold spells and increasing resistance to cold, while exposing caster to the fire damage and decreasing output of all fire spells. Junction: Minauros An endless bog of vile pollution, covered with acidic clouds and rotting carcasses of the former travellers, is a layer of Hell that grants bonus to all Acid spells while its junction is active, but reduces damage output of all Chaos and Electricity abilities. Junction: Time Vortex Also known as "the Plane of Time", this ever-changing vortex of pure chaos is beneficial to all lightning spells when used via junction. However, acid resistance and damage output are lowered. Some Incantatrix abilities will not function together (e.g. either a Frost Shell or a Radiant Heat ability can be active at a time; otherwise one will replace another), so it's worth remembering the two opposite pairs: Fire vs. Cold, Acid vs. Electricity. Below is a complete list of abilities unlocked at different levels by Incantatrixes: Level / Ability 1 Magic Missile 2 Acid Bolt 3 Shield of Putrefaction 4 Ice Flare 6 Call Lightning 8 Fireball 8 Junction: Minauros 8 Junction: Time Vortex 10 Lightning Shield 12 Sphere of Ice 12 Junction: Realm of Fire 12 Junction: Stygia 14 Frost Shell 14 Shards of Styx 16 Time Capsule 18 Radiant Heat 20 Chaos Portal 22 Planar Door: Fire 26 Planar Door: Ice 30 Cloudkill 34 Sphere of Chaos 38 Time Hop 42 Imprisonment 46 Inferno 50 Time Stop It is also worth noting that Incantatrixes are not all about "death and destruction": after achieving level 38 and learning the "Time Hop" ability Incantatrixes become one of the most useful classes to have in a group, as that ability allows to reduce the base cooldown of all spells by up to -2 rounds for any selected ally. Additionally, their Shield of Putrefaction and Lightning Shield abilities can be cast on the friendly targets too, which allows Incantatrixes to protect their friends from acid, poison and electrical attacks.
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    (Writes Thaugrim's name at the top of a very short list, very black list)
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    I suggest you carry 3 types of damage at the very least because you will run into mobs with up to 3 wildcards. And one of those wild cards can give the mob up to 3 immunities. These wild cards can protect the mob from Acid, Cold, Electrical, Fire, Holy, Physical, Poison, and Shadow. I am likely missing one of the damage types so please post if you remember it. The only damage type I do not currently carry is Acid. I plan on crafting an acid bow and arrows though.
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    I don't have any way to check this, and unless @Dan wants to do some sleuthing I'd say thank you for reporting the possibility, but don't worry about it - this happens, and you can be grateful it didn't take away all your gold instead.
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    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I have a question about armor. Is it better to have armor with less effectiveness and higher stats, or higher armor rating with lower stats? Does this make sense? lol
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    IF I remember rightly from Norion's playtesting it was armour. The bit of math I did seemed to indicate that the best armour against elemental magics was light armour, with cloth in second. This was without taking any special abilities into account, just the straight armour and average effectiveness guides in the op.
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    In Game Name: Hyperion, surnamed the Magnificently Amazing Play Times: Usually in the evening, Central Time Looking for: Starfibre Cloth Cloth Blueprints of 220+ Armour value, any levels Offering: Crafted Gear and Weaponry of any lvl up to 30, or tailored goods up to my current level Potions and Food crafted to request of any lvl up to 40 Services, including Dis/Enchanting Settlement Resources, anything transferable These lists are not exclusive - if you want something crafted but don't have any prints, ask anyways. LIkewise, if you have Starfibre but want something else instead, give me a ring ingame! Preferred method of contact is ingame, but feel free to drop a reply below if that suits you better. And remember Rule of Acquisition Number Thirteen: Anything worth doing, is worth doing for money!
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    Updated: friday 20th My list of things ___________________________________________________ In Auction! Type Rag in the search box. Rags brand Rag(tm), from Rag, Rag Narok and Rag Nhar. Find in auction: alchemy, mining and dis/enchanting gear of various levels. Blank purple necklace and rings, of various levels: 16, 21, 26 and 31. Enchanted purple rings lv26, all three stats and two runes. ___________________________________________________ Also Hoarding Working on A set of lv31 heavy armor for vindi.
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    You have asked, I have answered, There is now a trade forum. Buying should consist of exchanges involving monetary value. selling follows the same if you are seeking items in exchange for items, or gold simply has no value to you, Please use the Trades
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    For the record - this is the best class in the game. They are not easy to play. While Vindicators and Theurges can tank through most things with their armour and Wayfinders can summon aid to their side, Incantrixes (Incantrices?) need to use cunning and tactics to win the big ones. Their main stat is intellect, which is purely a damage output machine. Wayfinders can dodge, Vindicators get massive health and Theurges can heal, but an Incantrix's greatest strength lies in his adaptivity. Junctions allow them to change their strengths to their enemies' weaknesses. Shards of Styx lets them change their weapon's base damage type and their variety of elemental attacks means adjusting to wildcards is a piece of cake. They Incantrix shines when grouping, being the backup... the kind with a crate of hand grenades and a bazooka. While other classes have their builds, being an Incantrix means going without a build. It means constantly adjusting to the situation. It means learning to think like a mage. And... it means wearing nice clothes and some light armour while everyone else is getting sweaty in their hauberks.
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    Ok, first off. Incantrix has extremely long range spells. This is important. Your first spell Acid Bolt has a range of 10 tiles and is fast turnaround. So does your NEXT skill Magic Missile. This is what I did. At max range, alternate the two skills, throwing in a wand attack, Range 8, to get the wand exp. In this manner you can shred several attackers even at low, low levels before they reach you. As you gain in levels, you gain in skills, meaning damage, and you get more spells meaning you can hit with Acid Bolt, Magic Missile, Wand, and repeat, with a fireball or iceball tossed in when it gets quick. Sphere of Ice, slows a foe, sometimes more than one if they are adjacent. WAY useful to slow them down while you shred the ones charging you fast. Kill 2 levels or more above your level for maximum exp gain for your combat skills. Try to keep at least 3 combat skills maxed. Wands, Cloth, and Planar Travel. Conjuration is used by Magic Missile so it will max naturally too. You will die a LOT. Basically any time a foe actually reaches you. So, when in danger take singles, they die faster, or couples, slow one and then nuke the other. Once you get teleports, I recommend gate of ice, gate of fire always annoyed me although it is first. Save Skill points for things you actually need, like time capsule, and time stop. At higher levels, you slow as many as you can, or time capsule them, then nuke some then teleport across the map rinse and repeat until you thin the herd. Grinding out exp is hugely important. Stay maxed on combat skills if you can. Incantrix combat is FAST PACED, learn the quick keys. Z is target self, I have time hop 3 in position 1 so, Z1E234 Time hop 3 reduces your cooldowns by 2 seconds. Making many of your spells instacast. I call this machine gun mode. Target self, time hop 3, Acid bolt 3, Magic Missile 3, Sphere of Ice 3, repeat until they are all dead. It is mad fun.
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    Awesome! Made me want to start an Incantatrix character...
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    As you may have noticed from the item tooltips, weapons and consumable items now have an "Action Cooldown" attribute. This attribute replaces the global cooldown value of 2 seconds for the curretly used ability and different item classes have a different value for it. What does this mean: there's still only a 2 second cooldown between using two (or more) abilities without a cooldown. For example, a vindicator carrying a greataxe (6 second Action Cooldown) can still cast a Melee Attack and a Brutal Strike within 4 seconds. However, Action Cooldown will be added to the used ability cooldown, so the next Melee Attack / Brutal Strike can only happen after 6 seconds since casting. This means you can't perform Brutal Strikes non-stop, but you can still combine it with another ability. Current values for the existing item classes are as follows: Daggers: 3 seconds Throwing Weapons: 3 seconds Shortbows: 3 seconds Unarmed Weapons: 3 seconds Shortswords: 3 seconds Longbows: 4 seconds Staves: 4 seconds Longswords: 4 seconds Axes: 4 seconds Maces: 4 seconds Warhammers: 4 seconds Crossbows: 5 seconds Wands: 5 seconds Greatswords: 6 seconds Polearms: 6 seconds Greataxes: 6 seconds Potions/Drinks/Alcohol: 6 seconds Food: 6 seconds
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    Theurges Theurges of Fyr are religious clerics and miracle workers, combining powers both to heal and destroy. Some say that they are the "battle wizards of the church". Theurge is one of the playable classes of Flamefrost, which is often associated with healing and providing support to the other classes. However, this isn't really true and is actually quite wrong! Let's talk about our Theurges in this thread and see how complex and diverse this class is in Flamefrost. Theurge has the potential to become one of the following three classes, each with quite a different gameplay style: 1) "Priest" (support version of the class) Priest is the traditional cleric-type character, focusing on holy magic, healing and support of the other group members (or NPC henchmen). This type of advancement is pretty straightforward and can be achieved by raising the Intellect attribute as high as possible, and upgrading the holy spells. 2) "Phantom" (aggressive version of the class) On level 4, a Theurge can learn the "Phantom" ability that becomes available in combat. It is a free spell usable as a quick action that transforms your character into an evil creature, disabling all your healing abilities and replacing all the other spells with their dark, more destructive versions. A phantom cannot heal others, but it can drain health from enemies and focuses on dealing as much shadow damage as possible, as eventually it obtains a passive ability that restores your health based on a percentage of all shadow damage dealt. 3) "Paladin" (melee version of the class) Theurges have access to the "Medium Armour" skill, which is limited only by the lack of strength. However, if a Theurge starts spending their attribute points on raising the Strength attribute, not only he (or she) will be able to wear medium armour (such as chain mail), but also equip heavier melee weapons (swords, axes), replacing the traditional "staff & wand" type of equipment. Accordingly, a Theurge with a lot of strength and dexterity transforms into the "holy warrior" kind of class, efficient in melee and protected by its magic (shields, blessings and healing). It's worth mentioning that all classes share the same formula for health, so a Vindicator with an X amount of strength would have exactly the same amount of health, as a Theurge of the same level with an equal amount of strength. So as you can see, Theurges are not only capable of becoming the offensive damage-dealing class, but also of being the "tank of the group".