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    Look what you did, Hyperion. You confused the Dev. Not sure if I'm disappointed, or impressed... On a serious note, I would have a BALL with this idea - I like the 'community driven' aspect of games, wherein the players are given a game world, and then they have to do with it whatever they want. I'd be roaming the lands, getting all the info I could about all the different mobs... but only after I'm super powerful and can oneshot everything. Gotta save time.
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    Fantastic Plants and where to find them ___________________________________________________ Daylilly This is perhaps the most important plant in Naerath. For the aspiring cook, a very useful plant is an inedible plant. Why? When it takes being a master herbalist to farm, whereas you can start cooking with basic herbs? For cooking, you'll need three ingredients, but all three of them can be purchased from a vendor. So instead of spending time farming herbs, and plants, alternatively raise herbalism first and sell the daylillies. Then you'll have enough herbalism to get any herb you want for the bonuses, along with a bag of spare gold. ___________________________________________________ Potato The most versatile plant to eat. You can have it fried, boiled, in a bonfire. Eat it with meat, with veggies, with onion, with nothing, with other potato. It's so good it can be found in every single vendor across Naerath. ___________________________________________________ Calendula This and other cheap herbs are of common quality, thus mix well with, surprise, a potato. You get as much munch from them as from the more expensive colored clovers and such. Once you finally get all that saltgrass out of your system, look into more tasty options at the vendor. This one doesn't look like grass, nor is green, and that alone beats a lot of herbs in the list. ___________________________________________________ Sample Recipe! 1. Get some cooking gear, there's nice bludgeons that can both mince herbs and meat and bash goblins. 2. Shoplist: Potato 12 gold, Oil 12 gold, Calendula 89 gold. Sum 114 gold (daylilly sells for 118). 3. Bonfire! or any cooking fire short of arson. 4. Improve with the Improve button. This is where you become master chef. 5. Serve with bacon anyways, you can't go wrong with a proven taste. 6. Profit!
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    Went and looked for some monsters but got derailed and hungry, so here's this instead: https://community.flamefrost.com/index.php?/topic/1030-fantastic-plants-and-where-to-find-them/ edit: forgot to say, feel free to add to it as well, i just got it started for you all!
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    I asked a Dwarf if he could spare some gold the other day. He told me he was short on his finances. Poor Dwarves...
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    What in the world is a Pokedex?? Dan...you had me at D&D Monster Manual ! We oldies know what's up eh? I like the idea of a Flamefrost Monster Manual frankly......that would be awesome !
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    Don't blame you Dan......permission to silence Mafi for............forever?? hahahahahahaha
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    With the recent issue concerning general XP and skills being resolved, I decided to do a little investigating into exactly how general XP distribution works for skills with invested points. (From character levels.) Disclaimer: I am terrible at forum formatting, so don't expect lots of pretty colors... just some explanatory text, numbers, and what I think of those numbers. =Intro= If you're already aware of how investing skill points and general XP works, feel free to skip this. Just a short 'newbie' guide to the situation. The long and short of it is this: if you invest skill points (from character levels) into any skill, it receives an amount of experience from all 'general' XP sources, which essentially allows you to level skills without grinding those skills. General XP sources, off the top of my head, are: quests, daily rewards, corpses / chests in Exploration Mode, and generally anything that is not experience from killing an enemy. With this in mind, you'll often hear learned players recommending to add at least one skill point to all skills you might ever use... and after my recent experiment, I cannot stress enough just how important that first skill point happens to be. Here's why! =Testing= So I did three(3) different test series, accounting for varying skills at varying amounts of invested skill points. By 'test series', I mean that I would change the variables (invested skill points in skills), and then do 5 tests in a row to ensure continuity on the percent amounts each skill was getting from an activity. I'm going to dump this info now. I apologize in advance if anything is confusing - I've been told I have a really special thought process. Still deciding if that's good or bad. This is also VERY preliminary in nature, as I'm limited to how many different variations I can test due to respecs costing real money. Will discuss my thoughts after the test spread. Tests are chronologically ordered (First / Second / Third). They will be titled like so: X Test - X XP (Source)... X Test just which test it is, 'X XP' is how much XP was gained from the activity, and (Source) is where it came from. (A chest or a corpse. I was too lazy to do quests for this.) Inside the test itself, each line will look like this: (A) Skill: X TO Y (Z / %) A = points invest, Skill = Skill being recorded, X = start XP / Y = end XP, Z = how much was gained, Z is the percent of the source XP that was gained by the skill. Pay CLOSE attention to the percents, especially for Lockpicking. You'll see a very important pattern. === First Test - 5,610 XP (4x4 Tumbler Chest) (25) Disenchanting: 13,959 TO 14,744 (785 / 13.9%) (15) Enchanting: 2,424 TO 2,985 (561 / 10%) (1) Lockpicking: 10,280 TO 10,842 (562 / 10%) Second Test - 2,810 XP (Corpse) (25) Disenchanting - 14,744 TO 15,137 (393 / 13.9%) (20) Enchanting - 2,985 TO 3,294 (309 / 10.9%) (15) Carpentry - 7,448 TO 7,729 (281 / 10%) (1) Lockpicking - 10,842 TO 11,123 (281 / 10%) Third Test - 8,415 XP (5x5 Tumbler Chest) (30) Disenchanting - 15,137 TO 16,399 (1,262 / 14.9%) (25) Enchanting - 3,294 TO 4,388 (1,094 / 13%) (20) Tailoring - 6,453 TO 7,295 (842 / 10%) (18) Carpentry - 7,729 TO 8,571 (842 / 10%) (15) Woodworking - 8,363 TO 9,205 (842 / 10%) (1) Lockpicking - 11,123 TO 11,966 (842 / 10%) === =Thoughts & Questions= I WISH I could do more testing to confirm some of my theories, but here are some facts and thoughts I have so far, based on just this info: *Any skill with at least one point will always gain 10% XP from general sources, regardless of changes to other skills. This can be seen from Lockpicking, which always had 1 point, but always got exactly 10% of the EXP, and is a definite fact. *Falling in line with the previous point, there seems to be a '10-percent floor', and that floor raises as you invest more total points throughout ALL skills. I had about 30ish reserve SP when I started this. In the second test, we saw that Enchanting (with 20 points) got 10.9% of the source - a little more than the 'floor' of 10%. But in the third test, Tailoring (which now had 20 points, like Enchanting did before), only got 10%... likely because I added several points to other skills, which raised the 10% floor a little bit. The same happened with the 25 point mark, as Disenchanting got 13.9% in the second test, but Enchanting only got 13%. So as the floor rises, it slowly reduces the gains of the skills above the floor, as well. How is the floor affected? If I had one point to 20 skills, or 20 points to just one skill, will each scenario have a different effect on the floor? Or will they both raise the floor in the same manner? *Focusing a single skill higher, and leaving the rest lower, does seem to increase how much XP that skill gains overall... but not by a substantial amount, when compared to having several skills at higher points. In the first test, there was a 10 point difference between disenchanting, and enchanting, and disenchanting was getting 3.9% more XP. By the time we got to the third test, there was only a 5 point different between disenchanting and enchanting, and while disenchanting was getting 1.9% more xp than enchanting, enchanting was gaining a full 3% more over tailoring, which was sitting at the 10% floor with only 5 points less. Unfortunately, I cannot test the extent of this theory... though there does seem to be some kind of ideal 'efficient balance' of points, I could not even hope to glean where that balance lies. How much XP would a skill gain if all skills had one, and that single skill had 50 points? How much XP would it gain if every other skill instead had five, or ten points? What if that skill had 50, and two other skills had 30, with the rest at one? *This is a weird part, but let's try to decipher it. If you look at test one and two, you'll notice that I left disenchanting at 25, but added 5 points to enchanting in the second test. This was the only skill point change I made. Somehow, Disenchanting still received 13.9%, even though Enchanting got .9% more from the source, which was above the floor! Why was Disenchanting still receiving the same amount, despite adding more points to another skill (which brought it above the floor, no less)? Also, when we got to test three, despite me adding about 20 points to the entire pool, the 25 skill mark only lost .9%... Unfortunately, this is the extent of testing I can do for now. Respecs cost real money, so I can't do many different combinations to get exacting detail, but you get the gist. (Hopefully.) If you take nothing else from this entire post, take only this: that first point is VERY important. You are essentially multiplying your skill XP gain many times over by investing a single point in each new skill. If there's even a far-fetched chance you might one day use a skill, don't be shy - pop a point in there. The return on that investment is massive after 30 or 40 character levels. Any other theories / thoughts based on this small test is welcomed. Debate! Ciao.
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    Who ya callin undermanned, ya pointy earred freak o nature!
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    Just wish there were fewer elfses in this bunch...
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    To Fastolph Danderfluff, Meta Blob, Hyperion, Norion, Rag, Steele, I wish to extend a warm heartfelt appreciation to all that you add to the gaming experience since you have joined us. Your posts are insightful, your opinions appreciated (sometimes :P), and your general presence adds our realm. Thank you. I am speaking for some of the holdovers such as myself, Solerus (AKA Thero), Weyah and sometimes Tanzer. I am sure some of our predecessors such as Nera, Toki, Marissa, Fiona and others would have found you equally entertaining. And certainly a warm welcome to our newest players who are too many to mention by name. Well done, Dan on your advertising.
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    I am thinking it maybe time to implement the idea of a player based Creature Compendium/Monster Manual. It should include: Screen Shot of (MOB) level location (some have more than one location) type of attacks encountered type of loot (lewt for dwarf kind) general comments that might include numbers of said combatants...
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    Pretty awesome. I might have fun with a creature version of this.
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    Hold on just a minute Sparky....I had to look up who Ariana Grande was number 1 Number 2...she is NOT a red head Number 3...she looks like...well, not the kind of girl I personally would care to meet..looks a wee bit trashy...just sayin' and I am NOT trashy Mafi Plus girlfriend can not even sing ! Now if I have to be anyone in that genre of...dare I even call it music....I want to be...well no one frankly......none of those children can sing ! Yes, I said children ! Now pick someone else Mafi will ya?? I mean someone that has talent??? And Dan is DEF NOT Ed Sheeran.......if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it...I say it is a perfect place for an Ed Sheeran concert Nori hunny...if you want to be Shakira you go right ahead...you can be anyone you want !
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    +1, title it Marketplace or Bazaar or something or Nharmart
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    HUUZZAAHHHH!!! Many thanks for many services, Dan! You are right, that is rather tricky to wrap one's head around. I had always assumed it was straight division among the various assigned skill points, it is good to know differently. I for one appreciate the explanation - and the fix.
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    I apologize that it took so long, but I finally have an answer! Before anything else, the underlying "bug" is now fixed and you should now be getting more XP in skills with the highest number of points (as expected). However, if you are curious about "what caused this", the problem was in the fact that each of you had too many active skills with at least one point in them. The XP allocation logic selected a set of core skills (with the highest number of points in them) and calculated the amount of XP these skills are supposed to receive. After that it looked at all the "secondary" skills (i.e. low-point values, such as skills with 1 point in them) and took a tiny portion of XP from the core skills in order to reward the low-point skills as well. However, if your character had a point in each skill that exists in the game the combined amount of such "tiny portions" exceeded the amount of XP allocated for the core skills, so they got depleted in order to award all other skills. It's a bit hard to explain (and even harder to wrap your head around), so if that doesn't make any sense just remember that this should now be fixed (some amount of XP will always be reserved for the core skills from now on). As always, please let me know if you have any questions or if something still doesn't look right!
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    Yup, the problem of Steele's today was a simple one of trying to gain experience when the skill in question was maxed out. It took... considerably longer than it should have to understand. Thaugrim the Undermanned reported a similar issue with a different skill, which I suspect to have the same root cause.
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    Try ctrl f5 refreshing and look again. I set all members ui' to the new one and changed a few settings.
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    When an item is displayed in chat, one can normally click on it and see the relevant stats, boosts applied, etc. Unfortunately, once the item leaves the possession of whomever shared it in chat, the stats/effects popup no longer shows. I don't know if this is because the item id changes when it moves from one person to another (or to the auction house), or for some other reason? The only inconvenience I have experienced is in trying to share things I'm selling in case others want to buy them off the auction house. Once I sell them, however, the description in chat no longer provides that information.
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    Is thread count important on forums?
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    Miss Ginger Spice Pirate aint been around much...I miss picking on yer.
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    Hows about not gettin rid o nuthin!
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    I was yelling at the engineers in the settlement about the newly made wall being quite messed up. At first got angry with them thinking they were trying to tell me how a straight line was supposed to go. However, turns up they are innocent and the problem lies all the way to the brick factory. The walls going down to top are not aligned in a way you can make a line of walls, while the walls going top to down align just fine. Found a few existing threads about the look of walls but they don't specifically note any misaligned piece. Looking really closely at the bricks, mortar and pixels, it seems someone cut corners (literally) and stole a bunch of the bricks. The problem is quite deep because now all the blueprints for the same kind of wall are the same. Consensus among me and no one else is that this can be solved by placing the missing bricks back to the design. If you look at the attached pictures, you'll probably not see it quite well, but there's a gap of about 10 pixels to both sides. Yes, that wall has shrunk compared to the other, better behaving wall. The working type of wall starts further into the square and goes all the way to the edge of the next square. It seems to me, im no expert, that both walls start and end aligned to the same side, which just won't work the same for the two types. It being of little priority, i'll left this here for when it can be checked. Hopefully the next generation of engineers will not repeat the same mistakes.
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    As the community gets bigger, we should encourage trade and services, especially for such a gear/craft-driven game, to increase community involvement for players. I think that the more we push the 'community / trade' envelope, the more likely newer players will stick around as it's easier to get help and what they need at fair prices. The forum would rely heavily on proper tagging to work well. I haven't experimented with searching via tags much, if it even exists here, but it would be something we'd want eventually to make this type of forum work well. In the case of Flamefrost itself, I think it'd be beneficial to have several subforums for various things players can 'trade' with each other. The main forum would probably house the generic 'WTB/WTS/WTT' posts. You'd probably have a subforum where people can post specific 'services' they might be offering. That would revolve mostly around crafting-type services, though I could see a small niche for walking lowbie toons through EX mode so they can get chests and stuff. I'm not sure how into this idea the rest of you might be, but I was also thinking a sort of 'Shop' subforum. Shop Posts are posts that each player gets exactly one of, and can describe what kinds of things they are regularly selling. You can be as vague or specific as you want, as long as it makes sense and isn't scammy in nature. The 'Shop' subforum would be a place for these kinds of posts. This is different from simple 'wanna trade' posts, since it lives and changes over a long period of time, whereas trade posts are just trading one or a few specific items for gold or something else. Regardless of whether or not we do subforums or anything like that, we at least need a singular place that is specifically for trading on a general scale, even if it's just one giant forum where everything gets stuffed. Thoughts and ideas are welcome
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    Hello everybody important, and hi to all you non-dwarves as well. All new people, welcome...non-dwarf new players as well...
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    Why am I included in this? I don't go one direction. I go many directions. I go ALL directions. P.S. If I acquire highest Incant level, what will I be then? Can I be Shakira?
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    Ok, I'm happy to inform you that the issue should now be resolved. Please let me know if you're still not receiving XP in skills with the highest number of points!
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    How.. what.. why...?! I'm leaving this conversation right now...
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    Since hype is unfamiliar with the group One Direction, This is for Hype who is unfamiliar with One Direction
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    No questions needed. Thank you, though! The only problem in this thread is that the elves had on their Dwarven thinking caps.
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    If those guys are One Direction, then I am seeing Solerus as Justin Bieber, Weyah is Ariana Grande, Fastolph is one of the Jonas brothers and Andvarri is Bruno Mars! Mr. Dragon is definitely Ed Sheeran!
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    Lol, what? I feel old, but I have to agree with Andvarri - I've had no idea what that is! My first thoughts were "Ooh, so like a D&D Monster Manual!", but definitely not... that.
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    It sounds like the issue was resolved before I even got to ask any questions (well done, Hyperion, for figuring out the root cause!)... But just in case: is there anything else I can help with or was that it?
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    Doncha mean Queen Dragon?
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    Bunch o silly white wurmers.
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    I note you have not answered me. I guess ima have to take it up with Mr Dragons' boss, King Dragon.
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    Ooops.... There go any maturity points I gained, in one fell post. In a word.... Pokémon. And no, I was not and am not a Pokémon fan.... Osmosis does some scary stuff. The concept is that within the game, you are constantly recording new facts about the strange little animals. Because the internet doesn't exist there, apparently.
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    I am sorry, Hype but I do not know what a Pokedex (with or without the trademark) is.
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    You mean like a Pokédex®, but without a trademarked name?
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    I think the root of the issue can be found in psychology: dwarven tempers are naturally short.
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    Yes, a very warm welcome to all newfound Naerathians! Come one, come all, no need to be tall. We are very accommodating and even have special short boats for those immigrants who can't make the height requirements of the Elmethil Kingdom.
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    And dun nobody call me 'Dwarf-centric"!!!
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    That is just wrong, Mafioso. Funny, but still wrong.
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    Dan must be so proud that three of his Wardens managed to get into an argument containing both Wyrmy meatballs and frogs doing fractions.
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    Going up against Dan? That would have been so cool!!! And short. It actually hasn't happened to me, *yet*, but I thought it made my case more convincing. If Samedhi still played I might have used Totem Moth as an example instead... to subconsciously encourage people to attack Gatecrashers. Not that faction wars have any place in the tutorials, right? Now, what faction houses the Dragon again? I need to stay away from their shrines when I have an itchy finger....
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    Most of you are aware that there is a Private Messaging facility available on the forum and you can always contact me for help, and I'm always happy to provide it. However, in the last couple of weeks I began receiving a rapidly increasing number of private messages and although I am happy to talk to everyone and discuss any subject, I will soon be unable to respond to all messages in time (or respond at all) if this pattern continues. Please consider that we have more than 10 thousand accounts in the game and if everyone sent me at least 1 message I'd be stuck responding to all of them for the next 7 days and not work on the actual game. Which is why I would be grateful if we all followed some rules in regard to the PM facility and contacted me in private only if: 1) Contents of your message are of a sensitive nature. For example, you've discovered a way to instantly reach level 50 on level 1 and if you posted that in a public thread the results would be devastating for our realm. Or if your message contains any private information: I will *never* ask you for your password or personal details, but if you're asking me to send something to your personal email address or attached a screenshot on which your facebook username is visible (e.g. on the "Character List" menu), a private message would be more than reasonable. 2) You require urgent assistance with an issue that another player is incapable of providing. Examples: 2.a) you're stuck in an impassable terrain and cannot teleport out of it. 2.b) your character has disappeared from your account. 2.c) your login details aren't working. Please do NOT send me a private message if: 3) You're expressing your personal view on the game's balance or potential problems. If you're writing about an issue, please create a thread in the Bug Reports -> Need Help forum. 4) If you have some feedback or a complaint. For all such things, please create a thread in the Generic Discussions forum (unless it falls into category 1 and contains private information). 5) If you have a question about any in-game content or feature. Examples: 5.a) "Where is [x] location?" 5.b) "What is the best way to do [x]?" 5.c) "Which race/class/ability is better?" etc. 6) If you have a suggestion or an idea. Please create a thread in the "Ideas & Suggestions" forum instead. The unfortunate truth is that 95% of your suggestions will be permanently lost in my ever-growing pile of messages and eventually forgotten, as I have too many of inbox rows to use as a task list or review at some point in the future. I will, however, go through the Suggestions forum every week, review everything carefully and add all the approved ideas into my active task list. Remember, I am working alone on Flamefrost, there is no dedicated customer support team, so any time spent responding to Private Messages is the time that could be spent on creating new in-game content and improving the gameplay. Additionally, as we are a community-driven MMORPG, any idea/fix/change you suggest in private will not be implemented, as the community is unaware of it. The only way to have your idea implemented and added into the game is to have it in a public thread on the forum, which can be reviewed and approved/disapproved by the other players. Thank you for your understanding.