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  2. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    Pray-tell, what is a 'Dilis'? (hopes it is not a elvish form of dwarf step)
  3. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    What an awesome perk !
  4. Name Change

    Thank you Dan, very kind of you to do that for me ! I feel like that girl in the movie Neverending story ...."Give me a name Bastion" lol
  5. Yesterday
  6. NO YOU WILL NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one touches my trees !!!
  7. New contest: Pin the axe on the elf!

    No traction for the dwarf faction...
  8. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    I always go with, "You did something wrong!" first then work backward from there....Elfses ftw!
  9. Last week
  10. Name Change

    Manuel, er manual FTW!
  11. Melee Theurge (Dark Focused) Build

    The Morph FTW!
  12. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    Hmm.. that does look like a very depressing build (especially for a level 61) indeed! Nope, she is supposed to have a more attributes than that. I've released a fix; please let me know if Sedriel still looks weak.
  13. Melee Theurge (Dark Focused) Build

    just nailed my first successful 10 waves level 60 planes
  14. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    so, is this her build? or i just did something wrong?
  15. Name Change

    Oh, sorry! I will look into that. I've changed your name to Dilis manually though! Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with.
  16. Name Change

    I found it Sir, but it will not allow me to change it. Tried a couple of places and still can't change it. It is no big deal but want to make sure forum folks know it is me not Erro posting. Thank you !
  17. Earlier
  18. Server Crash

    I am thinking henchwomen are called ...wenches?
  19. Server Crash

    Dan is always good to us ! He loves us and we love him...good to have such an awesome game family And good to have RL friends ! Life is good ! Now......off to see what I have hoarded to give to the minions! Soooooo cool we can equip henchmen...or women hahaha
  20. Server Crash

    Dan, you are way too good to us! Thank you for your work.
  21. Server Crash

    I've managed to recover our failed server, so it is once again functional. However, please let me know if any crashes/downtime reoccur!
  22. Server Crash

    Right, I'm afraid the issue appears to be quite serious and involves a complete hardware failure; I will have to recreate our servers from a set of backups (don't worry, no data will be lost; everything's thoroughly backed up ), but this may take some time. I will aim to fix this problem by the end of tomorrow and will keep you posted in this thread. Once again, I am very sorry for inconvenience caused!
  23. Server Crash

    Hey all, Our game realm seems to have went down today, my apologies for inconvenience. I am doing my best to restore it ASAP, will post again once that's done. Best Regards, Dan
  24. Don't you dare touch my babies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    HUZZAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. 1.8.6 NPC Equipment

    Nice add!!!!
  27. Best Looking Faction

    Hey, we are a match! Me fist, yer eye!
  28. I see trees that need chopping! (Searches for Weyahs' settlement)
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