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  3. 2019 Status Update

    A 'cajun' is a descendant of the Acadians, french settlers ousted from the colony of Acadia in Canada by the British who forcibly deported them. (As you know, the British and French were long time enemies before the first world war and with the British conquest of Canada, the french settlers everywhere had to pledge loyalty to the King of England or leave. Most of the Acadians refused.) Those Acadians settled in a number of places, most notably in Louisiana where they became known as cajuns. The hot and spicy food associated with cajun cuisine was not theirs originally but over time and association with escaped slaves and peoples from the Carribean, central and south America. Pre-refrigeration and a hot climate required people of south Louisiana ro either pickle, salt or pepper the foods to preserve them. Cajun French is different from Canadian and Parisian French much like American U.S. is to English. Hope this helps. Hyperion is right on target.
  4. 2019 Status Update

    Okay, thanks. Sounds like it will be fun changing them.
  5. 2019 Status Update

    It will be character by character indeed; I am planning to introduce an in-game "character conversion facility" that will pop-up upon your first login.
  6. 2019 Status Update

    Thanks for the updates, Dan! Any news is good news, in a certain sense. @Robyn Cajun is a type of cooking/seasoning that owes its roots to the Southeastern US. (Louisiana, especially). It is best known for being spicy and packed with flavor, and carries a 'home-cooked' nostalgia about it. Gumbo is a popular Cajun dish!
  7. 2019 Status Update

    Will we be able to choose character by character on whether we want a new race with the same stats or to start from scratch? Or will we just choose for the whole account all at once?
  8. 2019 Status Update

    @Cajunfried2016 i've been meaning to ask this. what's a cajun and how do you fry it? google didn't really help, lol
  9. 2019 Status Update

    Staying busy here.
  10. 2019 Status Update

  11. 2019 Status Update

    Hey @Cajunfried2016! All is well, thank you! Too much work,too little time, as always. Continuing to juggle a dozen of different things and jobs to keep things alive! What about yourself?
  12. 2019 Status Update

    Hey Dan, hope you and the family are doing well.
  13. 2019 Status Update

    Glad to hear the news. Still here if you need my help.
  14. 2019 Status Update

    Nope, we're still going to have a single realm as from our previous experience splitting players into two separate worlds is confusing and doesn't really work well. Old characters will be converted to the new format (preserving their levels etc.); how exactly that's going to happen I will explain closer to the launch.
  15. 2019 Status Update

    I did quit, because off the slow combat loading time. Will there be 2 worlds? ( 1 with old chars and 1 with new?) I guess i would start again in a new world, because my old fighter and old crafter will be noobish by now ...
  16. 2019 Status Update

    Welcome back! I do remember you among our first players indeed! I believe that all combat loading should improve greatly since I've removed pretty much all elements that required constant re-rendering on our servers and there's a very efficient caching system in place now coupled with a global content delivery network. So if you quit because of the loading times or freezes I would definitely recommend trying out the new version. Unfortunately though, as mentioned in my original post, at the moment I do not know when the release will happen. I've made some great progress in the last few weeks and feel very optimistic about the launch, but at the same time there's a large number of features that are still being rebuilt and I am nowhere near completion. I promise to message & email you personally though when I acquire any time estimates!
  17. 2019 Status Update

    When will it start again? I didn't play for years, but i was one off the first players... (did quit, because i did freezed to much in joined battles - i hope that's less now).
  18. 2019 Status Update

    Among other things, yes! Skills, character levels, inventory items, settlements structures & population, and other things you've worked hard for.
  19. 2019 Status Update

    by progress you mean crafting skills?
  20. Hi all, As you are reading this you are most likely wondering about "what's going on": with myself, Flamefrost and other things. Considering my increasingly rare appearances online it is only fair if some of you started thinking that Flamefrost is dead. So I've decided that it is equally fair that I provide you with an honest update and not keep anyone in the dark. Years 2018 and 2019 were an absolutely wild roller coaster ride for me and the Epic Dragon: we've seen both good times and bad, had a bunch of really happy moments and some outright depressing ones. Some of you know that we've attempted to rebuild "Domination: Earth" (our other mobile game) using the Unity engine and a team of 3rd party developers, which ultimately ended in a disaster and a huge financial loss, and we've had to shut down Flamefrost as we couldn't afford running it anymore. We've also lost the team that was supposed to rebuild Flamefrost, so everything returned back to my desk and the development stalled. However, things are slowly starting to get back to normal and I would like to officially state that Flamefrost is not dead. It will most likely never be the same and I do not know when, but it will be back. I have made a decision to revamp its graphics engine, make it a lot more lightweight and get rid of the aspects that demand the ludicrously expensive hardware for the servers. I have also re-purposed the Unity engine that we acquired for "Domination: Earth" and will use it as a new server-side rendering mechanism for our characters. This means some drastic changes to the game's content, character appearance will now be based around pre-configured models that do not change (equipping new items will no longer affect the visible 3D model) and it also means that every single one of our existing 3D characters will have to go: unfortunately, our old models are completely incompatible with Unity. Yep, this means that every single creature of the world will be remade. The good news is that our new characters will most likely be a bit prettier and "more HD" overall: as I do not have a 3D artist in my team anymore I have invested into some characters created by a 3rd party studio, so at this moment in time we already have a complete set of beautiful creatures that will repopulate the new world of Naerath. This also means that all playable races will change: existing veterans of Flamefrost will have to face a choice of either to be converted to one of the new races (without losing the accumulated progress) or start from scratch in a new(ish) world. Despite all these exciting developments there is still an enormous amount of work to do (it will take me weeks just to replace all of the existing combat NPCs of the world and that's the easiest part of development), so I honestly cannot foresee how long this will take, whether it's going to be months or even years. Because of that I just cannot ask you to stick around the forum any longer to wait for more news and I will email you personally instead once something changes (e.g. a release date becomes known). Our Facebook page will also be updated. So this is it! Please post if you have any questions (as I am still checking the forum ) and as always, I am really grateful for you being part of this community!
  21. Missing Flamefrost

    Me too and three!!!!
  22. Missing Flamefrost

    I knew I was missing FFL this morning when ... I was daydreaming about ways to fight in the last place I ever enjoyed fighting in, Goblin Tunnels! Honestly, how Dan thought it was fun to stick an elite group of Spellcasters as the welcome committee in an area is hard enough to understand, but the fact that I want to go back for more? It's how I know I'm really jonesing for a fight with the dragon.
  23. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Just got some free time in life and thought i'd get back in here...well I hope to see something come of the rebuild.
  24. Community Maintenance / Downtime

    How did the move of the forums go? As well as could be hoped?
  25. Hey all, A small heads up: in the next few days our community (this forum) may become unavailable as I will be migrating all the software to a new server: we may have found a much more cost-effective way to host this and all the other websites (including "Domination: Earth"), so we are going to give it a go. Moving every single domain, database and setting to a brand new provider is going to be a lot of work, so it is hard to estimate how long this would take, but I'll do my best to reduce downtime to the minimum. If at some point you cannot access the website for more than a few hours please send me a message on our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/flamefrostlegacy ).
  26. Merry Christmas 2018!

    we demand xmas freebies!!!
  27. Merry Christmas 2018!

    Merry Christmas from Naerath!! And have no Fyr, I think this next year will be a good one.
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