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  2. Missing Flamefrost

    Me too and three!!!!
  3. Missing Flamefrost

    I knew I was missing FFL this morning when ... I was daydreaming about ways to fight in the last place I ever enjoyed fighting in, Goblin Tunnels! Honestly, how Dan thought it was fun to stick an elite group of Spellcasters as the welcome committee in an area is hard enough to understand, but the fact that I want to go back for more? It's how I know I'm really jonesing for a fight with the dragon.
  4. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Just got some free time in life and thought i'd get back in here...well I hope to see something come of the rebuild.
  5. Community Maintenance / Downtime

    How did the move of the forums go? As well as could be hoped?
  6. Hey all, A small heads up: in the next few days our community (this forum) may become unavailable as I will be migrating all the software to a new server: we may have found a much more cost-effective way to host this and all the other websites (including "Domination: Earth"), so we are going to give it a go. Moving every single domain, database and setting to a brand new provider is going to be a lot of work, so it is hard to estimate how long this would take, but I'll do my best to reduce downtime to the minimum. If at some point you cannot access the website for more than a few hours please send me a message on our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/flamefrostlegacy ).
  7. Merry Christmas 2018!

    we demand xmas freebies!!!
  8. Merry Christmas 2018!

    Merry Christmas from Naerath!! And have no Fyr, I think this next year will be a good one.
  9. Merry Christmas 2018!

    Merry Christmas, Dan and all you Flamefrosters!
  10. Merry Christmas, folks! It's unbelievable how fast the time flies, feels like only yesterday we've had an in-game Christmas event in Flamefrost... 2018 has been full of crazy surprises and it is sad that there won't be an in-game event this Christmas, but here's to getting back on track in 2019! * raises a stein * Thank you everyone for being part of our community and I really hope to see you next year!
  11. Proof Positive!!!

    yah, i'm in the country above legit asian.
  12. Robyn's Entry - Sir Vere De Pression

    i was actually worried the name wouldn't fit in my story
  13. Robyn's Entry - Sir Vere De Pression

    Yep, just how Robyn did - the template is here: We've got a separate folder open on the forum, Robyn and I have both been meaning to start a story there. Keep an eye out, it's coming ! @Robyn Banks I don't know how I missed this, but I just got the name of your character. I'm laughing so hard....
  14. Proof Positive!!!

    I think Sir Robyn is a little north of Aussie land.
  15. Proof Positive!!!

    Yup, to Perth! All details in this thread That is awesome; didn't realize we have Australians in Flamefrost! Are you from the west coast too by any chance?
  16. Proof Positive!!!

    Mr.D moved to Aussie? we're neighbor then
  17. Proof Positive!!!

    Affirmative! Yeah, still learning the "Australian language" with all the thongs on people's feet and barbies in the garden... but it is very much English indeed!
  18. Lol! Fair enough! As ridiculous as it sounds, probably weather! I just realized that as a solar-powered person (I am practically a lizard) I'm getting extremely depressed in Norwich at times, where it's grey, rainy and miserable most of the year: Summer is super-short (and it's usually a Wednesday), there's never any snow for Christmas and I keep having to explain to my son why we can't (and I don't want to) go outside for a walk. So yeah, maybe it's my manifestation of the midlife crisis, but I've decided that if we aren't getting snow for Christmas I want to change my life and at least be closer to a nice beach. I actually feel a lot more productive too now having seen the bright blue sky for more than 7 days in a row. Yep! I tried launching a browser-based version, but the majority of desktop devices have no GPS chips so the game gets pretty pointless and boring (as your "current location" never changes ).
  19. Proof Positive!!!

    We now have 'proof positive' that the British Empire is still alive and well! With Dragon Dan and family moved to Australia, and without any fuss, it is proof the land down under and mother England are still the same country :). I mean to say, with the exception of the language differences, England = Australia....which is alright by me.
  20. Warrior Unicorns

    I have missed the whole event...what game?
  21. Warrior Unicorns

    I miss you the most Tin Man (snortgiggles) So you going to make a character and play with us? How have you been by-the-way ? Life treating you good?
  22. Robyn's Entry - Sir Vere De Pression

    Thank you so very much...it is rough because she is so stubborn but I understand being stubborn myself lol. Soooo Hyper, do I make a char using Robyn's format? And where will we be playing ? In forums?
  23. Minor forum change

    I need to make one as well....if life would just stop happening I could do so
  24. DAN'S A KIWI !!!! I don't care if you have moved to "Stralia or not...the Nugget will still be the Nugget....not going to call him a Joey.......he is ours and Australia can just bite me ! Why in the blueberry troll muffin did you move to Australia for Dan? Work? Weather? Ah......bet it was for the sausage rolls. Perth is lovely so good you're there ! You were missed as you always are but it is understandable ! Moving is never fun. And to just pull up and moved a bizillion miles away is never an enjoyable experience. And as far as we are concerned Dan, take all the time you need...we will always be here. YOU and family come first ! Although you really should post pictures so the rest of us can enjoy looking at sunshine . So is DE just for the phone by-the-way?
  25. Thanks for your feedback, Weyah! As always, it is very inspiring for me personally! I also have to apologize for disappearing in the last month+; I didn't get a chance to post about it yet, but there's been a major change of circumstances in my life: my family and I moved to Western Australia (Perth), which was insanely difficult in all aspects (also far from over!) and disruptive for development. Not only I had very little time to do anything but pack and move all my stuff 15,000km away (me pushing 5 suitcases through the airport was quite a sight), I've also had zero internet connection until this morning (posting on this forum is literally the 2nd thing I did after announcing that I am alive to all the relatives). Despite the fact that there's still a lot of moving to do I already have a chair and a desk, so I'm planning to return to game development very soon. There is a huge backlog of tasks for "Domination: Earth", but I will do my best to dedicate some time to Flamefrost as well. I also want to say a huge "thank you!" to all of you again for your continuous support and patience, it's incredibly motivating to have you guys around!
  26. Minor forum change

    Awesome, thanks Tanzer! And I'm still waiting to see you make a character....
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