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      The Trade Forums are now open!!!  Scroll down to find places to buy, sell, barter and more.  Place a listing of what you craft, or of the awesome gear in your pack that needs to be used.  Open a post and expand your business horizons today!

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  1. Today
  2. Try ctrl f5 refreshing and look again. I set all members ui' to the new one and changed a few settings.
  3. I can see that you have reacted to posts, but as yet that functionality isn't showing up on my GUI, I have checked both desktop and mobile (Chrome and FF, respectively). Are there supposed to be buttons showing up yet?
  4. Yesterday
  5. I now have the functionality, returning cosmetics periodically
  6. Minor - Item Dropdowns Won't Display in Chat

    there isn't really a remedy for this, as once the item leaves its reference point, it breaks the link. It's the main problem between static links and reference links. Unfortunately, the example here requires reference, as that item with those stats, durability, and all of other info relevant to THAT item, are not themselves static.
  7. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    My understanding of this is that they are sharing some settings with the tunnel goblins, and scaling very inappropriately. they do indeed hit my level 62 for 6k (5400 resisted though)
  8. Hello!

    This is an example of a post made with the intent of buying something IGN: Tanzer looking to buy: Your soul Paying: 100g per soul. 110 in bulk (more than 100) My hours of play: daily, evenings (gmt-5)
  9. Huzzah!!! A great job thus far Tanzer, and keep up the good work. It is much appreciated.
  10. Trading post has now opened!

    When a trade is completed or a service is no longer available, please note that in the primary post, and I will monitor and keep the page clean, alternatively, I may change the group settings to allow member to delete their own content, within the trade forum.
  11. The reputation system tied to the forums was updated, removing the generic "like" and addings reactions, such as "thanks" and a few others, allowing a more.. upvote/downvote flow to the reputation, so bad posts could negatively impact the reputation (blatant lies, slander, flaming) There is an issue where all member groups are excluded from the possibility of using reactions, but I am investigating and working around this. the appearance of the site may change slightly in order to accommodate the use of these functions, but once FUNCTION is restored, I will work on the code and provide the AESTHETIC we know and love. I will snapshot all colors and settings before anything changes. Further I have added the trading forums as requested, and will continue to improve our functionality here as well as provide the same quality of service we've all come to know and love. Dan may be a busy man but rest assured things are being done.
  12. Trading post has now opened!

    So we could utilise a method of one post for a person, edit it when your inventory changes? I like it, there are definitely some ways to use tagging to one's advantage here.
  13. Trading post has now opened!

    feel free to post a "shop" of items, or if you are providing services, post that for sale. Same with searching for certain skills. If you want a maxed level item crafted with a specific skill level (like say, minimum 500+1200 from items) then request that.
  14. Trading post has now opened!

    Huzzah!! Nice going, Tanzer! Do you recommend posting only when we have something particular to sell, or is it god to write a resume-type post that specifies what your crafting specialty is?
  15. You have asked, I have answered, There is now a trade forum. Buying should consist of exchanges involving monetary value. selling follows the same if you are seeking items in exchange for items, or gold simply has no value to you, Please use the Trades
  16. Last week
  17. Lockpicking skill and Glimmering Forest

    Welcome back from vacation, Hyperion!
  18. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    Andvarri hasn't been eating his spinach......
  19. Welcome to Naerath, Dizzyg!! In a few words.... The goal is to get all the tumblers on the lock in the 'up' position. Each time you click, the tumbler you clicked will switch positions - if it was up, it goes down; if it was down, it goes up. The same thing happens to each tumbler placed orthogonally (left, right, up, down) to the tumbler you just clicked. So, if you click the middle tumbler and the one immediately to the left was up, you just toggled it down. This means each click is toggling anywhere from three to five tumblers, depending on where you clicked. The Exception to the Rule: There is a critical counter on the left side. Each time you click a new pin, it goes down one. When it reaches one it will turn green and something different will happen: instead of toggling pins, the entire row that you click next will be swapped with the row of tumblers beneath it. This is incredibly frustrating at first, but can be used to make lock-opening much easier. Once I get to a normal computer next week, I'll make a concerted effort to create a tutorial with pictures illustrating just that. In the meantime, let me know if I was unclear here or can explain anything else!
  20. I may be daft, but I don't understand how to pick locks. Click on these pins until they are all raised. I don't get it.
  21. Bank improvement

    Man! I am sorry I missed my 'Hyperion' sighting!!! Good seeing you here Hype.
  22. Bank improvement

    I agree that some modification to the gui would be nice here, although a scalable version of the backpack sounds difficult to make and display. At the moment opening the bank, as well as adding or removing items, gets (understandably) a tad laggy when more slots are purchased and filled. I currently have around eighty occupied slots, for reference, and it takes as much as a second or two for each item I transfer from my pack to the bank, or vice versa. The ability to scroll through the inventory is really attractive as opposed to flipping through multiple screens of banked goods but as Laquinton mentioned, it leaves something to desire in the ability to sort and organise. I'll keep my thinking cap on and see if any brilliant ideas plop on my head.
  23. Bank improvement

    If expanding the bank would transform the bank view into a secondary inventory (meaning a grid display just like our current inventory is displayed) I would immediately spend $30 to expand it just to have a secondary inventory that I didn't have to scroll through. The scrolling bank display is the sole reason I don't purchase an expansion on it now. It's too annoying/slow/difficult to organize what I want to hold in the bank.
  24. Earlier
  25. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    To add to this, I encountered a group of level 10 goblin casters just outside GT who gave me a run for my money. We definitely need some investigation on this by Mr. Dragon et al.
  26. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    Just in case, i should mention that i did not give any of the enchanted armor i have been making to the goblins! I did however, gave some to Steele, so the stuff is being recalled for inspection as it is covered by a strict quality policy. Gossip goes that the goblins panicked by shiny vindi guy and called senior goblins for backup.
  27. Overpowered Goblin Goony?

    Steele (roughly level twenty-six Vindi) reported bring three-shotted by a single level six elite Goblin Keymaster. The Keymaster, one square North and one square West of the Goblin Tunnels Exploration Mode, was dealing over six thousand damage per shot and Steele was reisting roughly half. Laquinton also verified with a subsequent encounter. This seemed a teeny weeny bit overpowered, so it seemed best to report here in case the exploration mode was interfering. A verdict either way when you have time would be helpful, thanks Dan!
  28. Thread count

    Shoots Hyperion with flaming arrow...
  29. After careful consideration...

    ix-nay on the ute-may!
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