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  2. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Well, I do miss Flamefrost already to a similar extent even though I still have it running on my test realm where it's being developed... So I'm inclined to believe that it's all about the community.
  3. Last week
  4. Birthday

    Just because game is temporarily offline doesn't mean people can't wish me a happy birthday! Write this date down...I will wait....August 20th *plays elevator music* Now that you have written it down, congoratz is expected as well as a cake. A cake with dragons would be nice Thank you
  5. There is a new Warlord (Sheriff) in town!

    Congoratz Hyper !!!!! Excellent..................muah ha hahahahaha
  6. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Ahem.....some people do So glad forums stay up....I can still harass everyone with my incessant yammering....HUZZAH ! At least we can all keep in touch ! Is it normal for someone to miss a game to the point of mildly crying everyday? Asking for a friend.........
  7. Flamefrost Rebuild

    I will miss everyone terribly.....................................................
  8. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Sorry guys, I was unable to reach my computer for the entire weekend (bonus time for everyone )! The servers are now offline. Same here!
  9. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Do we all have one more time to fight each other? For old time sake? Bawling my eyes out............................................
  10. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Is there a time (GMT -0:00) set for this yet?
  11. Earlier
  12. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Will do, thank you! The way you've put it, this sounds much better - I'll be able to see everything together now, and play with the numbers without worrying about breaking anything on the real database.
  13. Flamefrost Rebuild

    No objections, but it may be tricky to convert all the data back and forth constantly! Would you be interested in trying to install a complete replica of our database on your laptop from the source code? Development version of MySQL doesn't require too much RAM (you can actually limit it yourself via settings), but combined with a GUI it's almost as good as Libreoffice or Excel (but with the ability to represent all in-game data accurately and easily export it to FF production). Please give it a go and if that doesn't work we'll think of something else.
  14. I was referring to the blacksmith not to Dizzy
  15. Hunter lodge and tannery for settlement

    Dizzyg = Dudette!
  16. Official Discord

    I won't be much help here, as I suffer from a Discordant Handicap. I can log on, but even viewing and utilising chat has been beyond my powers thus far.
  17. There is a new Warlord (Sheriff) in town!

    I am glad you went for it. Once I maxed my xp (level 80), the bonus no longer helped. You are able to benefit from the bonus plus I think you will be an excellent Warlord. It should be manned (or womanned) by someone that likes to compete. If I may add, as a Warden, I try and be objective, fair and just; laid back even. I am much more tolerable than when I wore my Warlord hat or even the guild officer hat. As Warlord and a guild officer, I played to win! I am certain learning which hat to wear when will be easy for you. Just be mindful of people like Weyah, Banderaxx and Thaugrim looking for your crown!
  18. Official Discord

  19. There is a new Warlord (Sheriff) in town!

    Hah! This feels orchestrated. A throne of straw, mayhaps? It won't be long before the Iron Alliance mounts its throne once again, methinks.
  20. Congratulations Hyperion, New Warlord!
  21. Flamefrost Rebuild

    I'm absolutely not discouraged! Option one sounds best at the moment as I'm utilising a laptop with 4 gigs of RAM, but option 2 can probably be worked out if that would be better. Currently Libreoffice Base is installed, do you have any objections to my using that?
  22. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Nope, the forum is going to remain, otherwise I have no place for all my announcements (other than Facebook that no one reads :)).
  23. Flamefrost Rebuild

    one question. will the forum be down too?
  24. Flamefrost Rebuild

    No problem at all; do you remember the item templates example I posted? If you still aren't utterly discouraged by that ugly table I can provide you with access to our production database(s) (there's more than one ) if you'd like to try learning by looking at the actual working thing. I may not be able to provide you with a write access straight away, as I don't add anything directly to production database myself (we have the in-game "GM commands" for that) and there are security policies preventing that, but if any of you guys are really interested in adding new content and not afraid of the enormous mess I've made over the years there are several options available: 1) You can send new content in an Excel / Google Sheets / CSV file format after you familiarize yourself with the database structure using an Excel-like software for MySQL (e.g. Navicat, it has a free trial!). 2) If you know MySQL and have worked with databases before, you can setup a local MySQL server on your computer, import a copy of our database there and send me updated exports later. 3) I can look into launching a small test realm that will not support battles or 3D character rendering (that's the most expensive bit ), but will allow to try out quests, items and other stuff in travel mode. In a realm like that I'd be happy to provide you a full write access to break whatever your heart desires, but I need to check if this option is at all possible as the "semi-free" servers on the cloud are really rubbish and may not have enough RAM to run Flamefrost. Even if they do the game will run extremely slow, so this may not be the best approach (I would prefer for us to start with options 1/2 initially). @Tanzer my database access offer extends to you too automatically.
  25. Flamefrost Rebuild

    I got your six, Dan. I' happy to hear your other venture is doing well.
  26. Flamefrost Rebuild

    I'd like to bring this suggestion to the fore in order to make the re-open more newbie friendly: I have heard in chat over the years that it can be very discouraging for the more lightly staffed factions to place new shrines, especially as low level players who can't se most enemy shrines due to level restrictions. P.S. If there is any chance I could get into studying the database structure without being a hassle to you and your new devs, I would love the chance to add some new content when the reopen happens. "Insanely complicated" is my MO, so I would love a nice, long chance to investigate this, but don't want to take up your already too-little time.
  27. Flamefrost Rebuild

    That is correct, the main problem though is our insanely complicated database structure; it's really hard for someone to learn in order to add non-random quests and dialogues. I've tried it with a bunch of people, everyone gave up in the end with next to no results. I also started working on a "visual editor" for this as suggested by Tanzer, but once again, simplifying our data tree and presenting it on a user interface turned out to be a greater challenge than anticipated (it would take a few months to finish it). However, I would love to add a main story into Flamefrost, that has always been in my task list. As for the shutdown: I believe we can estimate it to happen on Saturday the 11th of August, but I'll post again if anything changes / gets postponed!
  28. Exploration Contest

    Okay... since I've lost the coordinates for the last Contest option, I'm starting a new one! The rules haven't changed: the first player to post the correct coordinates of the square here in the forum get 100,000 gold and their choice of a) level-appropriate stacks of mana/health food, or b) 1000 of any settlement resource, barring only arcanite (since only Dan and Tanzer can give you that). Here it is...
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