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  2. Coolest New Name Contest

    Too little entrants and participation. I will re-engage this contest again at a later date.
  3. Attention New Players!

    If'n yer were not so high and mighty, I might make a point of stickin you with a spear point! Dwarves ain't nothing like monkeys, monkey boy!
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  5. It is official now, you have been welcomed!
  6. Cloth Vindie's

    It might be that light armor (leather) would be a good 2nd choice instead of cloth but then the dexterity requirement needed would reduce the Vindies hit points significantly.
  7. I heard from Weyah today...

    She sends her love and affection (not infection) to all and hopes to be back on in a few days!
  8. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    I don't think that is likely, for a couple reasons. One is that my settlers were all still staffed (nobody was unassigned), and as I understand it, audiences aren't triggered until you log on with the character in question. The game then works back to see what should have been produced and now isn't, since that person is currently sitting on a cushy seat in an air-conditioned Justice Hall. Thankfully, this isn't terribly important - I've lost nobody so far, and my other settlements produce plenty to keep Phengite afloat.
  9. Weyah is back!

    I believe Weyah is still recovering from a relapse. No official word yet.
  10. Attention New Players!

    Yeah and monkeys throw their excrement! What point are you making?
  11. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    There is the possible explanation that some of your settlers waited to audience with you during your hiatus, became angry and left. Then your reputation attracted more and restaffed your settlement. It is just a speculation though. The Dragon Man may need a look see here.
  12. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    Andvarri, thanks for taking the time to give it a look! I just did a quick headcount,and was able to find twenty settlers staffed at gardens in my Phengite settlement, which means I should have +1200. Jade Island doesn't have a food issue, only a water issue, so unfortunately the farms aren't a problem there. The wierd thing is that it just happened when I got back from my hiatus; before that, all the settlements were functioning normally, and I haven't changed anything since then.
  13. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    In your Phengite Settlement, you had 2 gardens, level 6 with 6 settlers each (total of 12 food producers). In your Jade Island, you had 3 gardens, level 6 with 6 settlers and 1 farm that had 1 settlers (total of 19 food producers). In my corresponding settlements: Phengite has 6 gardens (level 6) with 6 settlers each and 4 farms (level 3) with a total of 16 settlers. Food production is +740 Jade Island has 1 level 9 garden and 2 level 8 gardens (25 settlers) along with 5 level 2 gardens with a total of 15 settlers. Food production is 1470. I suspect you do not have enough settlers producing food. I hope this helps.
  14. Settlement Food and Water Issues

    I have recently obtained a recurring shortage of food and water in Hyperion's Phengite Settlement, and of Water in the Jade Island Settlement. The numbers show me as producing a surplus, but every time I log on, the warehouses are empty. I only have stone fountains, so the time taken to produce should not be an issue. Could someone take a look and see what I am missing?
  15. Coolest New Name Contest

    Thank you, Dizzyg.
  16. Level 50, 55 and 60 mods for sale

    @Tanzer - I have a +142 Unarmed in game on a level 67 weapon, is that in your range?
  17. Weyah is back!

    I think Mamma Weyah got sick of all us rowdy kids and took off with Jack Sparrow. Or Elizabeth Swann. Or Will Turner. Or...well, just about any pirate is more fun than us.
  18. Coolest New Name Contest

    I've seen some pretty cool names. Muninn Dasra Jiggthom TitantiaFrostbeard Lotus Hotdogs (If this player sticks around)
  19. Stolen Souls dungeon

    Okay. I will let them know next time I see them on.
  20. Coolest New Name Contest

    Hopefully, we will see some good, solid Dwarven type names!
  21. Attention New Players!

    Dwarves are not animals! We burn our excrement!
  22. Weyah is back!

    If yer ask me, and I note you have not, The Weyah has retired. All that pirating she has done has done her in!
  23. What is 'Ticks and Toads'?

    Both, maybe?
  24. Coolest New Name Contest

    This is a contest for players level 1 to 20 who have names that other players really like or think are outstanding or catch their eye. Players can submit up to 3 names here on the forum, listing their number 1 through 3 name submissions. The name must be in the database (searchable) and must be level 20 or lower. Prizes: 15000 gold for top name 10000 gold for number 2 place 5000 gold for 3rd The contest will run through May 11th with considerations for extending the contest further if needed.
  25. Stolen Souls dungeon

    It could also be the case that one of them died before the boss - if you aren't actively in the battle when the boss dies, you won't get credit for the quest.
  26. Stolen Souls dungeon

    Hmm... usually this means that the other player didn't manage to damage the boss enough to get the kill! I.e. if you entered the combat, but remained a spectator or were simply casting support spells (such as healing) on your companion you will not be considered to be the boss's killer, you have to deal at least some damage to it! Unfortunately, the only recommendation in this case would be to join this dungeon with another group (who hasn't slain the boss yet) and fight it again, making sure that some offensive abilities are used on the boss this time.
  27. Stolen Souls dungeon

    Pandora and Dasra were in Tul Zarran together doing the Stolen Souls dungeon quest. It completed for Pandora but not for Dasra. They were both fighting the boss. I don't know what to tell them.
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