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  2. Ring vanished !

    Is there anything you remember about that ring at all? It can be retrieved, but I need something for a search; it doesn't have to be a set of exact values, but a skill it affected, quality or a partial name would help greatly!
  3. Ring vanished !

    I was on Dilis , my other character, and was switching from Salvage gear to my regular gear and a ring just vanished in the switch ! I refreshed and everything, but it never came back. I do not remember what the ring stats were though, but it was a good ring lol Any way to get it back?
  4. Disenchanting tutorial please?

    enchant labs has the tutorial (tho a lil bit too vague)
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  6. Disenchanting tutorial please?

    I have overcome my issues and life is good ! Still think we need a tutorial on Disenchanting ...just sayin'
  7. AWESOME Dizzy ! YAY Elfsieses ! And naturally Exalia created them So happy that you wrote a story !
  8. Last week
  9. In the beginning, there was chaos. Naerath was a lawless, violent land full of war and death. Ogres battled orcs. Goblins battled golems. Elves battled everything. The Lesser Gods were having fun watching the carnage. Myriul, the ever mischievous, was constantly creating new and different creatures to corrupt the balance of the land. Corinthul was changing the weather to give his creatures a better chance of winning. Immerxil was just an immature brat who delighted in pain. Wyneshia mostly kept to herself, occasionally provoking the others by sending waves of water to drown their creations. Then the Greater Gods decided to take control back over the land they created so long ago. The child-like Lesser Gods had destroyed large swaths of natural resources, leaving some areas completely barren of any life at all. The twins, Baelathor and Fyriel, were brought in from other lands along with their brother, Merkheen, to help restore the land while the Greater Gods created new life forms to balance the chaos. Arkh directed his wives, Sylthenea and Exalia, to help him populate the land with new creatures. These creatures would have to be molded from the land itself, so that they would be in tune with their Gods. Arkh himself created the Tul'Rahx. He liked the idea of a muscular and large creature to counter balance the existing ones. He gave them an overactive sense of honor to keep them from getting too wild. Exalia created humans. While not the sturdiest of creatures, they were given an indomitable will to overcome adversity. With the other two already finished, Sylthenea took extra time to create her creature. She wanted a creature with the strength of a Tul'Rahx, the willpower of a human, and the creativity of herself. She created dwarves. Looking over the creatures, Arkh was quite content. He sent the three races out into the land, giving each their own special territory. He sat back and watched his land become stronger and more neutral. He saw the creatures building shrines to all of the Gods. This pleased him greatly. One day, a new creature appeared in Naerath. Looking down upon the land, Arkh spotted a Sun Elf. His ire rising, he demanded to know which of his wives had gone against him. Without much ado, Exalia confessed to creating them. She said she wanted more beauty and grace in the land. Arkh pointed out how this would disturb the balance. She simply shrugged and told him if he wanted balance restored, he could create other new creatures. And the story continues...
  10. Disenchanting tutorial please?

    So myself and others are having issues with disenchanting LEDG. items and then enchanting No, I am not an idiot LaGator, nor is it just an Elf problem hahahahahaha Could someone please make a disenchanting tutorial? *cough cough* Morph maybe?
  11. 23.01.2018 Realm Back Online

    I DID NOT !! such a meanie pants....I am going to cry now...you hurt my feelings LaGator ! And yes...gingers do in fact have feelings.....deep feelings
  12. Cajun...this is awesome !
  13. NEW CONTEST ! Naerath - the beginning

    My brief submission: Origin Unknown It is said that the first men came from one man named Adam. What world and where is unknown to me and my kin. My own kin do not recall our beginning or origin, much less the world of our birth. As long lived as my kind are, and as good as we are at passing down our traditions and culture, our beginnings here on Naerath is not certain. One of the stories told is that our people escaped to here from another world, fleeing some great calamity and using powerful magic’s to open a passage through space and time. When that story is told, my own minds eye can see past images of our people caught up in a maelstrom of chaos with a great crowd fleeing down a road between 2 cities that rest on steep hillsides. The head of the crowds wave their hands and their wands, opening some rift that all pass through. The scene changes and the crowd emerge from the rift, almost as if they are stepping from the ocean onto shore. The new world is Naerath! Another story tells us certain gods of a far away world caused my ancestors to fall into a deep sleep then stole them away to a new world to be the followers of these certain gods. Another story tells of the All Creator making the first of our kind with loving hands, crafting each of the races; Men from the dust, Dwarves from stone, Elves from plants and the Tul from fire. The origin of a species, the where we all came from would be important to know because it would tell us why we are here and perhaps to where we are going. We would know our purpose. Without that knowledge, we are like a ship without rudder or sail, drifting through life and time and space with no sense of identity or destination. The humans say to create your own way, cut your own trail, walk your own path and make your own destiny. The dwarves say little but busy themselves with building, mining and forging and worry little about paths and destinies. The Elves teach the path is already laid and you must find it to walk it, finding your destiny along the way. The Tul believe all the paths and trails lead either to the same end or to nowhere. They think that all destinies end at the same place. As for me, I care little for the past. I know my destiny and I walk my path. There are more races and each has its story or stories but their past is like my own. As to their future, I know it not, nor do I wish to hear it. What matters most to me now, at this moment is what I can see, touch, taste, smell and feel. I must keep my senses about me and my mind on the world about me for there be Dragons near! And if there be Dragons near, beware lest you have no destiny except as their next meal! Knowing your past will do you little good if you end up on the inside of such a beast! Be certain, your future then will be as Dragon Scat!
  14. PVP fights and Ranks

    oh dame.... i thought it was PVP fights and Banks
  15. PVP fights and Ranks

    So a couple of we new players were doing some PVP for rank, but it seems the points don't add up. I made Private but nothing after that. After each fight points were awarded but then they vanished. Got anywhere from 17 to 25 points per duel, and according to ranking I should have made Lance Corp. unless we are doing something wrong? Are we missing something? Are we doing something wrong lol? Any help would be greatly appreciated !
  16. New Writing Contest Nearath - The Beginning Story should be about how your race came to be in Naerath. Ideas - Who was the first of your race? Were there Gods involved in your race's creation?? Was your race made by Dragons? Was your race made through Magic? Were you escaped slaves? Runaways? Brought over by Pirates ? Criminals ? You get the gist of it Have no more than 1,500 words. Exact word count not necessary, but please make it close. Judging will depend on how many likes a story gets. So please refrain from liking a story unless it will be your vote. Comments are fine The contest will begin on Feb. 19th and end on Feb. 26th - that will give everyone a week to write ! Prizes are - First Place -100,000 gold and 2 batches of health and mana food made by your truly ! You may pick what mods you would like on your food. ie...Heavy armor, bows, fire resist, etc. Gold also supplied by me as well. Second Place - 50,000 gold and 1 batch of food - mana and health Third Place - 25,000 gold ONE entry per player please......Can be a main character or and alt....but not both. And yes.....we have ways of telling if it is an alt and a main character Anyone can participate ! Wardens included this time. Though I would like to suggest that IF a Warden wins, please share ! I included Wardens for this contest because Wardens never get to participate and never have any fun hahahahaha. Mr. Dragon, sorry Sir, you can not enter because well, you made the game and can make way better food than I can and since you are a tank, food is pretty much a moot point *snortgiggles* Besides, G.O.D.'s don't eat anyway ! Hope everyone has fun and participates since this is my first contest and I will be so veryvery sad if no one does ! If you have any questions please feel free to ask ! Ask on this post though, just in case someone else has the same question ! Thank you ! Let the writing begin !!!!
  17. Happy birthday, Cajunfried2016 / Andvarri!

    Thank you, Weyah-san!
  18. Happiness and Friends

    Hard to believe it has been over a year since I started playing this game almost 2 I think...right? lol I have met so many wonderful people, and have come to think of folks here as family..albeit a dysfunctional one *snorts* but an awesome one ! (Especially the Wardens ) Hyperion is my fave Warden but don't tell anyone shhhhhhh I have seen babies (Dragon Nugget) growing, babies born (Tanzer), and have come to know so many of you personally..outside of game. I just want to thank Dan aka Mr Dragon aka Dragon Daddy aka Dan Dan the Dragon man and more names I will refrain from saying (tee-hee) for making such a wonderful game and through the making of the game, bringing together some of the finest people I have been blessed to know. And I hope the new people I have met here....Dizzyg, Robyn, Foxfire, & Domovich, continue to play and add to this wonderful game family! I really can say that I care for all of you so much, you ALL have such a big place in my heart, and I thank you for your friendship ! (Yes Andvarri, I am a wee teary so just shut it hahahahahaha )
  19. HAPPY UMBILICAL SEVERING DAY CAJUN !!!!! Here's to another trip around the Sun ! May this year hold more blessings for you than the last my friend ! Has it been a year we have been playing this game already old man??? Er..um..I mean Andvarri? Hard to believe !
  20. Conratulations, Dillis!

    HUZZAH !!!!! Congoratz Dilis !!!
  21. Happy birthday, Cajunfried2016 / Andvarri!

    Thank you both! I am the speed limit today! 55.
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  23. Happy birthday, Cajunfried2016 / Andvarri!

    here, in certain region of my country, it is somewhat of a culture to prank a person who's having a birthday. because of that, most of us choose to pay tribute instead of getting physically abused. we do have after-party tho anyway, happy birthday @Cajunfried2016 ~
  24. Unless I'm terribly mistaken, today is the day when one of our most valuable and oldest members of the community (and an amazing Naerath Warden!) was born, which means... Happy birthday, @Cajunfried2016!! May your blade strike true, luck greets your every step and all quests complete themselves! * raises a wine glass *
  25. Cooking: Introduction

    Strength, Intellect and Dexterity have no bearing on your skills - you can be good at cooking or alchemy, or smithing, or anything else, regardless of what build your toon has. The only factors are the skills (for cooking, you need to up your herbalism skill to collect things and your cooking skill to make the food) and your origin choice when you made your character (at least one origin has a slight cooking bonus). In order to up your skills, you can: put on gear with a cooking skill bonus (every three points from gear are equal to one normal skill point); assign the skill points you receive after a level up; and, most importantly, practice!
  26. Cooking: Introduction

    What is the most important stat for becoming a master chef? Str, Int or Dex?
  27. Conratulations, Dillis!

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