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  2. Weyah is back!

    Welcome back, Warlord Weyah!! I'm so glad to hear you arrrrrrre on the mend.
  3. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    I am using a fighter from my village, decked out with pretty good gear though not what a player would wear. She kicks ass pretty good on her own. She hasn't died yet if GF, which is way better than Kerthamon the Smith with the exact same gear.
  4. Weyah is back!

    Huzzah! I need the Weyah to return to health. It's not much fun without a pirate lass to mother me. Banderaxx has been trying, but it's just not the same.
  5. Last week
  6. Disenchanting tutorial please?

    wow I forgot that video existed.. I got lost mid video not having a multi-property item lol
  7. Disenchanting tutorial please?

    Agreed, another Banks tutorial is encouraged and expected!! There are a few tutorials out there if anybody needs help in a hurry: Or, if you want a video:
  8. Cloth Vindie's

    Thaqnks for posting this - it is an eye-opener! I've always thought that a maxed-out steel skin potion (95% damage reduction) could get anybody through Glimmering Forest, it is interesting to know that this is not the case.
  9. Aaaand the new icon finally makes sense!
  10. Water

    Tanzer has hit the nail on the head - while a settler takes 10 water per hour, a well produces at different time ranges. The resource box up top only shows what your total collection is minus whatever is being used, not how much surplus or defecit you actually end up with. Typically, your settlers will be happy with this average number (meaning it won't affect your overall happiness score), but will still leave if you actually have no food or water to feed them. Dan has posted much more coherently on this before:
  11. So you want to craft?

    There should be no base touching without proper supervision!
  12. Weyah is back!

    Greetings Naerathians, the Weyah informed me she is over her 'poomonia' and will return to game Friday!!!! She says she misses you all, though with Thaugrim, I suspect that miss means with an arrow!
  13. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    I wish to add to Dan's information: Dwarven and Tul settlers, if used as henchmen (or hench-women) can be more "explosive" than humans and elves, if you catch my drift. Just stay upwind of them and you will be alright. And remember the Copper Rule of Naerath, don't drink, fish or wash clothes in any body of water that a Tul or Dwarf has bathed in.
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  15. So you want to craft?

    Good start to a tutorial! You seem to have touched all the bases. I'd add that salvaging stations don't attract settlers (only a combination of water and housing can bring settlers to your lands), and salvage stations don't attract raiders, so if you have a settlement they are always safe to build and use. It also bears notice that general xp (like opening a chest, completing a quest or exploring a corpse in the forest) is divided among your skills in the same proportion as the points you have assigned; if half of your assigned skill points are in melee combat, then half of all general xp goes to leveling up melee combat. This makes it easy to have a specialised character who doesn't need to grind much - just put most of your points into the area that you want to be good in (alchemy and herbalism, for example) and let it level itself up as you explore.
  16. Recrafting Guide : Master Artisan

    Great post!! I love the colour-coding to help keeps things clear, and focusing on the things we all get wrong the first ten times. It might be worth adding to the "craft it twice" mantra that you get in what you put out - the better quality your starting blueprint is, the better end result you will have.
  17. items missing from loot tables in legendary chests

    The shield generation seems to be split - all the errands generate shields with properly scaled armour, so you can typically find an errand for a rare shield with 300 - 400 armour if you are willing to go looking for it.
  18. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    Well, anyone who hates you will not travel with you; you have to have a positive relationship to travel together in the first place. In general, settlers are supposed to be a slightly more powerful version of each henchman. They do not take any of your gold and are completely "free" as companions, but unlike regular henchmen they do not revive and re-appear in your group automatically upon death. Once your settler is slain their body is returned to their original village where you have to use one of your temples to bring them back to life. As for whom to take with you... it's a matter of taste, really! Each character has their own "build" and different abilities; clerics do heal, nobles may have a set of more "defensive" abilities, sociopaths are a bit more "explosive" and so on and so forth. I say try them all out!
  19. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    I am going to try out the scout and hunter just for the learning.
  20. For Brevity Sake

    I foresee trouble in the future for this dwarf, Obi-wan.
  21. Lore Questions

    I now want to be an archaeologist too!
  22. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    I have questions about this, too. Hunter, scout, sociopath, cleric, etc. Who should you take with you? Does it matter if they respect you or hate you? Will clerics serve to heal you and not fight?
  23. Cloth Vindie's

    I've conducted further tests. in each test I used 1 piece of armor, one cloth and one heavy. each had 10,000 armor and 30,000 effectiveness. the results against physical damage were identical. the only noticeable difference was in fact the amount of thorns damage the passive "spiked armor) dealt. which was higher with heavy armor. against magic: with enough armor value, the mitigation becomes equal. meaning in order to reach 95% mitigation against magic, with heavy armor. you would need a total of 8075 armor. which is impossible. as armor values max out at.. 237. with the eventual exception of shields, being double. cloth merely needs to reach 3600 armor. a reasonable number when factoring in protective stance. which increases armor by more than double. meaning if you are capped at 95% before protective, you are capped for magic in protective. regardless of effectiveness and resistance, nothing can reduce the incoming damage beyond 95% it seems. so resistance only exists to make up a partial difference in the heavy armor formula. I hope this has helped clear things up a bit.
  24. Lore Questions

    Is not Lore Data's evil twin brother?
  25. For Brevity Sake

    I have seen several post and chats about women henchmen and for the sake of brevity, call them Wenches!
  26. What is 'Ticks and Toads'?

    Fer once, I am with elf ears...what is a 'ticks and toads'?
  27. Henchmen/Women vs Settler help

    they should for all intents and purposes serve the same functions. they are just easier to level up 1 of each kind. the smith, teleporter, and cook are unique to their standard hiring locations though..
  28. Cloth Vindie's

    using drop items to try and mitigate physical damage with cloth will always fall short, as enemies can easily outscale the resistance, but players can craft far better effectiveness. try protective stance, instead of nothing/berserker. if test was with protective stance, i find that interesting. and will mess with it later this week
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