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  2. Stinking Elfses!

    (shakes head sadly at dwarf-centric attitudes)
  3. Honor Among Thieves

    i usually open 6 ( lvl 3 ) chests in glimmering forest. the other 2 chest requires teleporting which is kind of a bother. (and there's those tree glitches too - the most annoying part). then quick-escape, sell/salvage. repeat.
  4. Stinking Elfses!

    Karza, all elves are descended from a mating tween lizards and bats! Doncher be singing me no more songs, yer flap earred galloot!
  5. Honor Among Thieves

    Wonderfully done, Robyn! The image provided of an incredibly violet inventory was a good touch. I don't see any misinformation being circulated - and I learned how to distinguish between Level 1 chests worth picking and ones that aren't. It bears mentioning that most chests are lazy, and don't like to move around - if you find a level 3 chest somewhere and crack it, chances are that chest will respawn a while later in the exact same spot.
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    My hope is you all have a meaningful holiday with your family, friends and loved ones (please note they may not always be the same people)
  7. Welcome all of our New Players

    Welcome to the new Dwarf players!
  8. Honor Among Thieves

    So now all dwarves have stone heads?
  9. Earlier
  10. Honor Among Thieves

    (aims crossbow at the large, stone filled head of a certain dwarf)
  11. Poisonous critters

    (shakes head no)
  12. Honor Among Thieves

    Yer didn't mention 'dwarven chest opening' methods! Like throwing the chest off a cliff. Or bashing it with the head of a Tul. Or me favorite, picking the lock with an elf ear!
  13. Poisonous critters

    Elfses aint people, though! Nor are elf lovers! Bunch o skin flints and plant eaters.
  14. Honor Among Thieves

    no, thank YOU ^^ did i get anything wrong, tho?
  15. Honor Among Thieves

    That is really awesome! Thank you, Robyn! Despite my intimate knowledge of the lockpicking system I still enjoyed reading this; a very smart guide!
  16. Lockpicking skill and Glimmering Forest

    Thaugrim, you also have a finger that picks noses, and if you try and touch me with it, I will chop it off!
  17. Honor Among Thieves

    Brilliant post, Robyn/Luke! Thank you.
  18. Lockpicking How-To A " Ready " level 1 chest Row Swapping Move Saving Moves (How to Fully utilize your free and row swapping moves) Lockpicking will need some time (and quite some headache) to get used to. But when you've got the gist of it, it's pretty fun.
  19. Turn based?

    Use the 'e' button to auto target. There are several single key stroke commands that are helpful.
  20. Turn based?

    This sounds ideal to me personally, I'm really enjoying the game especially what with the "just go do whatever, man" feel of it. I can just go slaughter thieves for their junk and level, get money, etc and then practice my enchanting(despite being a barely literate ogre monster haha) Or if it stayed as it is now, just slow down the actual turn cycle so as others said, you can actually plan/make use of skills like traps and teleports instead of just spamming/leveling your main DPS skill alone ala Maplestory or something.
  21. Site Down?

    The game is online, but we've moved servers to a new address and it's entirely possible that your browser still has the old address cached. Try going to https://play.flamefrost.com/ and performing a hard refresh via Ctrl+F5 while there. If that doesn't help and the issue persists, please let me know!
  22. Turn based?

    I think that the single-Player Version is a good Idea. But I would still like, at least, to play co-operatively. Could there be a Way to add other Party Members as well?
  23. Site Down?

    try loading through Facebook
  24. Flamefrost: Change Log

    try loading through Facebook
  25. Flamefrost: Change Log

    why isn't the game loading?
  26. Site Down?

    is the site down? i got gateway time out.
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