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  2. It reminds me of the Zerg in Starcraft or the Arachnids from Starship Troopers.
  3. Hi Solerus and welcome back indeed! With the recent influx of new players we do need more experienced veterans around and it's great to have you on board!
  4. Welcome back and glad you are glad! You have been missed.
  5. Hello everyone, I hope everyone doing well. I am back after a break and PC issues. It feels great to see you guys again. I have been watching the updates for the game, and I see Dan tweaked somethings that looks great for the game. I went to the Gobbie Tunnels and that zone was really challenging, which hyped me up! Dan has done great job on the content. You really have to use your skills just to survive 5 mins in there. I mean use everything you know and got. It is awesome to me, but it makes me try harder to survive the onslaught in there. I really need work on my combat skills because I had a difficult time in there. We got a lot of retraining to do. Well its great to be back again for the grind!!! -Solerus
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi Slacker! Thanks for the feedback! The respawn times are indeed fairly short (between 5-10 minutes per non-elite NPC) due to the fact that the area is shared between all players, so when a group of players explores Glimmering Forest it becomes void of all wildlife fairly quickly. However, having said that I think that it might be a good idea to make the respawn times dynamic and vary depending on the number of players around. This should give you more breaks in case you're travelling solo, but still keep everyone entertained in a larger group. Will add that to my task list, unless anyone has any objections or better ideas!
  8. Went into the Glimmering Forest area and holy hell. Got attacked by a pack of some 8-10 wolves, killed them and a bear and some "four" novices show up almost instantly, killed them and started picking up loot and two more groups of wolves come charging in out of nowhere (before i could check on more than 3 out of the now large pile of drops) followed shortly by more four troops. This pattern continued consistently for a solid 20 minutes with finally at most a 30 second break and then it all started again. It leaves no time for any degree of exploration of a zone and makes the other aspects of the game besides combat nearly pointless as there's never any time between fights to actually do anything else in the zone.
  9. Ha, that sounds fair and not racist at all. I'm still waiting for character names though! Does no one want their reward?
  10. Thanks, Rag! Yes, our auction UI could use a bit of an improvement; I've added that to my task list.
  11. Some notes on auction filters: The listing of resources and 'other' lacks filter on a few items, namely mushrooms and oil for treated wood. Timber oils are looked up by new lumberjacks; Mushrooms are sought for alchemy and have no button nor show up under plants. Some stuff is mixed up between the 'other' and resources, namely flowers but also wood resources, etc. Wood stuffs are resources and already appear under the timber button. Flowers also appear in both sides, some of those are not resources so perhaps could have their own button under 'others'. Of the things mentioned in this post, this mixing up is the one i'd like to see improved. There's room in the 'other' section for more buttons, such as said flowers. The resources section is the one cluttered and missing buttons for the mushrooms and treating oil. Also, the list is sorted in a weird way, say, if you sell 20 things, some will be at the top of the page, a few at the bottom, a couple more scattered. If you begin to take them to inventory and click on an item at the top, it'd instead take one from the bottom, or something alike, like scrambled. And as an idea (not needed), in the ok screen besides the button to close there could be a button to 'buy another'. This because it takes like four popups for each purchase (bid, ok msg, take confirm and ok msg) that you have to close. It'd help when going through mats in bulk, such as when needing lots of mats to raise skills like alchemy and cooking. Edit: Omg. Herbs, forgot about herbs, there's cook oil in the buttons but no herbs, the moringa gotta be fresh. And runes. Also food and potions show up in resources when they have buttons in other.
  12. Last week
  13. I want a recount! Dwarf votes should count for double and elf ears only half a vote!
  14. Congratulations!
  15. Shrines are very important for fast movement but travel around and see the sights/sites too! There are some surprises to be seen, experienced and felt (like when you are in a fight from a plague bear).
  16. i can still see things everyone else my henchmen and the enemy still move and attack only my character is efected
  17. Ok sold on the cross-turf loot for its purpose is clear. Originally there wasn't any suggestions, it began with two friendly neighbours having a case of littering What hyperion says is true, loot can't easily be seen afar. The raiders ruckus might be more visible than that, but then again it's not really on your turf. And with raids going on all the time, can't suggest a smoke trail or the like. I blame the littering on villagers carrying garbage to their backyards
  18. I like her ideas too! She thinks outside the box. I didn't really want a way to go steal things from other players, it just feels rather weird having a fully functional settlement that runs almost without input from me. Aside from rearranging people there isn't anything left for me to do there, so I started wondering what would happen once settlements started interacting. I'm sure it is just we're-done-already? shock, and I'll come to appreciate the lack of attention my slavage labor needs very soon. And... guilty as charged. A lot of suggestions are made because I really enjoyed thinking them up, but I don't think Dan will like them (settlement PvP, for example). Normally my expectation is for them to be given no more than a courtesy reply, because that is all most devteams would give. I need to remember where I am and tone down my *suggestive* qualities, sorry boss! I love this saying!!!!!
  19. I think you have some solid reasoning about the first issue, and realistically it is very much like someone walking around in your settlement and picking things up off the ground - entirely possible, and once they know you set things down and walk away, they'll be back for more. From a realistic standpoint, the second request also sounds a bit odd now that I think about it. Would I really be able to see a pair of gloves laying on the other side of Jade Island, or even from four or five squares away? Now if there were a mountain of loot that reached fifty feet in the air, that I could see. I understand realism can't be the only factor, but it is my favorite to think about.
  20. Summer, can you still see things happening or does the screen freeze as well? Do the NPCs move around, can you see the damage done as they deal it, and son on?
  21. I am haveing the same issue none of the buttons work and clicking dosnt do a thing eather
  22. refreshing dosnt help and it seems to be perminite even low level battles it happens in thankfully or those my henchmen can handle but anything near my lev el i die
  23. Can you tell if any other buttons worked (e.g. fleeing combat) and whether the AI continued performing actions on its own? Or everything was 100% frozen and nothing happened on the screen whatsoever? Just trying to understand if it's a client-side or server-side issue.
  24. Hi Summer! Sorry to hear about your combat issues! Can I ask if refreshing the page (by pressing F5) helps at all or the issue appears to be permanent and doesn't go away after a refresh? If it isn't permanent, how frequently does it happen (e.g. roughly once every 10 battles, every 3-4 battles or more often)?
  25. I will think about possible ways of allowing to find loot remotely, but dropping loot on the ground for safe-keeping is not why this functionality is there. Banks are there to store your items (including the ones in your settlements), but items on the ground are never supposed to be permanently safe. If I implemented both of your suggestions, not only this would transform each settlement and village into one super-bank with the ability to travel between its "container slots" (making the original Bank obsolete and any upgrades to it fairly pointless), but this would also overflow the servers with millions of unwanted and discarded items. There are thousands of items laying around the realm at any moment in time and without an automated cleanup the game would become unplayable in a matter of weeks (due to tons of loot being stored, processed and considered for display in each sector). And the functionality of items becoming visible to other players in a while not only adds an extra MMO aspect (additional ways to interact with other players' gaming sessions, reminding you that it's not a single-player RPG ), but is also a good way of keeping the realm cleared of random loot sooner than in 8 hours (the maximum lifetime of any dropped item in the world). So I'm all for convenience, but not for using the world as a safe storage; this doesn't make much sense even in terms of realism.
  26. I poetry some trees in the hear. The run forest in the wolves. To see gathered a horde. Who strongest the over all was. On a critters met the clearing. Two cats, five wolves and fifty bears. All fine was, pain all was. Until the wail skeletoned. And again happened that. After the rinse was dead. In the lock the bail ended. An axe flailed almighty. Story true.
  27. Regarding loot from raiders, if the goal was to make this drops visible, it probably will still go unnoticed because the raiders often appear in random sides of the map, often far by the edges. To find anything the only way is to walk straight over the squares, nothing is seen from passing nearby. As for the icon, it occurs to me that the backpack icon of the explorer area already exists for this very purpose, so perhaps can be reused.
  28. Javiel goes missing for me too, however when trying to reproduce he plays dumb and remains there nonchalantly. This only happens sometimes but when it fails it fails repeteadly, and the times it works it works fine for a while. The only thing i can tell from testing is that the henchmen icons go away only when opening the inventory window, not any others. The icons of the two henchmen go missing when i open the inventory, be it from the button or from the other subscreens of that window. e.g. i open the character window, the icons are there, then use the tab button for inventory in that window, and the icons dissapear. Presumibly the pair go for drinks, but they do not invite us, so this frowned upon, but no hurries, quick refresh solves it for now.
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