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  2. Attention Fellow Gamers

    What rings would you like??? NEVER depend on Karza
  3. Disappearing mail

    You forgot angry MURDERING Ginger archer Pirate QUEEN...get it right ! And more storage would be nice since I hoard gear for GUILD and players who are online a lot.......If I gives them good gear...they play more and I like helping new players ! And I DO have massive angst now.......massive angst...you have no idea lol...I'm loosing sleep I tell ya Seriously.............................I am
  4. Attention Fellow Gamers

    As an elf friend, where are my rings? Karza
  5. Exploration Contest

    Derned hippies, tree huggers and elves...
  6. "Unlearnable" Disenchanting

    Dan is still 'the man'!
  7. Disappearing mail

    Dan, just an FYI....Weyah is a hoarder...now she will have massive angst about mailing any items to anywhere...maybe you can just give her infinite storage? (dodges storm of arrows from angry Ginger archer Pirate Princess)
  8. Disappearing mail

    Will do ! I will have to check with Andvarri to see what dagger it was...Who shall I return the others to ? Thanks sooooo much Dan ! Really appreciate this !
  9. I've received a bug report in private about the fact that Tutorial Village doesn't actually teach disenchanting (as in the skill does not appear when you try it). This has been fixed today: from now on, any attempt to craft (even if you failed at it and gained no XP in the tutorial village) will teach the associated crafting skill straight away, if the skill is unknown.
  10. Disappearing mail

    I've found your planar shards and assigned them directly to Ihit's inventory. I've also managed to identify a bunch of daggers that may have been lost in the mail. Can you identify if any of those as yours? Honed Steel Dirk Sturdy Ebony Gutripper Durable Crystal Kirpan Sturdy Silver Blade Enchanted Steel Dirk Is it "Sturdy Silver Blade", by any chance (damage 995 - 1066)? I've added it to Ihit's inventory as well, please let me know if that's not it. You'll have to move your items around though (just drag something to a different inventory slot), as your old inventory is still cached; shards and dagger won't appear straight away until the cache is reset. In any case, I've found and fixed the underlying bug; this particular issue should not happen to anyone anymore.
  11. Disappearing mail

    Ok so I just sent 100 planar shards, 43 Shards of power, and a dagger to my alt Ihit. Game said "one or more items can not be sent" so I removed my Shards of power and sent the other 2 and they did not get sent ! They are in mail limbo ! I do not remember the dagger but Andvarri may as he is the one who made it for me. Would really like to have them back
  12. Earlier
  13. Exploration Contest

    I will be more than happy to offer Mana and Health food as a prize for those over level 30 Hyperion! A stack of 100 each !
  14. Slow game

    So far everything is still a go ! Working like a charm ! YAY !!!!! Hope it works the same for a lappy as it does a tower ! Let me know. I am excited to see if my theory works for you ! Hope so ! I would be thrilled if I discovered something that helps other players !
  15. Slow game

    Of course! I'm a little cautious in case you come back to me in a few days saying "Hmm, looks like it's reverted back to terrible again", but if that doesn't happen that can be definitely considered official advice. P.S. Still waiting for my new Windows 10 laptop to be delivered.
  16. Slow game

    Well Dan, so far it is a go and working wonderfully ! I have been able to play with no issues and I am well pleased ! I missed playing . Had a fellow gamer try it out and tah-dah ! It worked for her as well ! I wish I still had Windows 7....Windows 10 is such a pain and most newer computers don't have the driver for windows 7 anymore! Anyway, I do apologize for not thinking of it sooner Dan. I am sorry to you for causing such grief and also to other players who may be having the same issue! I feel so bad . But I am happy to have figured it out finally. Don't know why it did not occur to me to do that earlier lol. Really hope this helps others. An EPIC Ginger fail lol If anyone needs help with how to turn off apps for Windows 10 please message me and I will be more than happy to help! If it keeps working Dan.....may I make a post in forums about it?
  17. Slow game

    Wow, that is an interesting discovery! Flamefrost is pretty CPU & Network demanding, so having background apps utilize the same aspects may be a reason for slowdown. I personally use Windows 7, which may explain why I'm unable to reproduce the same issues as you that easily. I'll make sure to get a copy of 10 though and see if I can find a way to optimize the game for that operating system (if it is the culprit indeed).
  18. Slow game

    I MAY have found a solution !!!!! Seems to be the case anyway. If you have windows 10, and an average graphics card, be sure to right click on all apps BEFORE you play and choose "turn live app off" I did this and then restarted my computer and I could play no problems. Then I turned them on again and got major lag ! Turned them off...restarted.....BAM no issues !! Soooooo here is what I figure and it seems to be the case, when you are playing FFL and your apps are live, when they gather info so they can "heighten your app experience" they grab resources that would normally go to game play so this will almost stop game play all together until the apps finish grabbing information ! I have software that will tell you how much resources each app or program uses and I watched in real time how the app(s) use tons of resources ! Holy smokes they use a lot while cruising your computer !!!! So you can do this easy peasy and takes about 3 minutes to turn apps off....or best yet is to uninstall all apps you do not use. Tomorrow I get a gaming graphics card and that will really make game run faster as well. Hope this helps everyone who is having game issues ! Can't believe I didn't try this before.....I apologize profusely for not thinking of doing this earlier everyone ! Really sorry. Please try this Vasalisa and see if it helps !
  19. Turn based?

    Thank you, really glad to hear that! The 30 second timer is *exactly* what we've had when Flamefrost launched, by the way. However, because most players who are actively engaged in combat didn't need 30 seconds to finish all moves, there was a lot of negative feedback related to others stepping away "for tea", abusing this feature on purpose to make PvP battles last longer or just not acting "quick enough" for someone's liking. So unfortunately, 30 second timer doesn't fully work. Anyway, I'll keep you posted about any changes I make in this aspect!
  20. Turn based?

    Maybe in that case, if someone joined your battle (presumably you can disallow/block this? I'm still a new player and haven't tried it yet) then if you were using 'strategy' mode it would add a 30-second timer, after which a turn passes automatically if not all players have submitted their moves. It sort of feels like the current system works this way, except the timer is like 1 second, which is too quick IMO. So perhaps even a lengthening of this duration would be a good interim solution. Glad to hear it's on the development radar, in any case! I'm sure whatever solution you find will improve the current situation. I really love the overall feel of this game.
  21. Slow game

    It is the server in a sense that we can't afford a more powerful machine, so I have no choice but to keep optimizing every single algorithm existing in the game to make sure it runs on rubbish virtual hardware. Don't worry though, we'll get to the bottom of this (eventually)!
  22. Turn based?

    Thanks for your feedback, Artifish! It's not exactly "easy" to implement due to the fact that combats are MMO-focused and other players can join your battles (and having an ability to pause someone else's game remotely is... well, not ideal. Epecially in a PvP scenario where this feature would be abused to annoy the opponent!). However, I did think about a similar solution too and at some point in the future I am planning to implement a "single-player mode", where you would have the classic turn-based combat system (available as a toggle) against NPCs, but no other players would be able to join your battles. Still, this would require a fair bit of development to allow our AI function in two different modes in parallel (some players fighting as a group in real-time, while someone else doing the "single-player mode" in the same location). It is on my radar though!
  23. Turn based?

    Simple solution: a toggle. A single tickbox somewhere. I would very much prefer the turn-based combat, personally. Currently the system feels very clunky, movement is erratic and turns pass at unpredictable intervals. Visually, it looks unpleasantly stuttery, and mechanically I miss out on a lot of potential movement and damage because the game is too laggy to register my clicks in time before the next turn automatically starts. This puts an unfair advantage towards the AI. I like hard games, but it feels unfair coupled with occasional UI bugs such as an attack icon getting stuck to the cursor and you accidentally un-selecting your target and then panicking because your character refuses to attack while the AI wails on them (happened to me just now). In addition to this, skills which require movement or planning feel completely unusable to me. I see things like laying traps and teleporting as a Wayfarer and can't imagine how I would actually have the chance to use them in combat. Enemies are upon you before you have a chance to even get your bearings, let alone fiddle around with tile-targetted special abilities while they surround and beat on you with every passing second. Turn-based, I can imagine having a lot more fun with the combat. I would only switch to the auto-mode in easy fights that I want to grind through and not think too much. It's the 'no brains, no tactics' option. But turn-based mode would give you time to think, strategize, and plan ahead. Those are my 2c. I think the solution is very simple and probably easy to implement, but I'm no coder.
  24. Attention Fellow Gamers

    Thanks so much Cajun ! Appreciate you passing that on ! Just got my computer back and it is like brand new ! YAY !!!!
  25. Slow game

    It is still happening to me as well Dan....game works fine till about the 8-10 minute mark then the lag starts again. It is also sporadic. There will be bad lag, then it clears up for a couple minutes, then starts acting odd again. Could it be the server ? Or is there something we as players an do? I miss killing Andvarri
  26. Boss Mobs of Naerath

    Excellent post! Thank you.
  27. Boss Mobs of Naerath

    This is a listing of the Boss mobs of Naerath (excluding most of the Faction Bosses). Each boss will have the level listed in Parenthesis, name, location then support or bodyguards: (12) Va'x'laa N:77 W:87 x4 bodyguards (20) Stingbreath N:94 W:56 x4 bodyguards (22) Vilefang N:67 W:48 x5 bodyguards (30) Mine Overlord N:79 W:56 x5 bodyguards (31) Shadowlord N:100 W:45 x4 bodyguards (34) Orkenstein N:108 W: 57 x5 bodyguards (41) Killed-a-lot N:29 W:76 x4 bodyguards (42) Pirate Lord (Inside Dragon Spit Port city) N:19 W:14 x3 bodyguards (45) Nameless Evil N:12 W:43 x4 bodyguards (45) Gatecrasher Ogre Warlord (Inside Dragon Spit Port city) N:21 W:14 x4 bodyguards (45) Orc Warlord N:60 W:15 x5 bodyguards (46) Elemental Plane Lord N:7 W:71 no bodyguards (47) Ogre Lich Disciple N:17 W:66 x5 bodyguards (49) Demiurge of Desolation N:37 W:28 x3 bodyguards (49) Northern Spirit Beacon N:34 W:28 x5 bodyguards (50) Shard of Naerath N:8 W:24 x4 bodyguards (50) Sledgemaw N:75 W:22 no bodyguards (50) Primordial Guardian N:86 W:48 x6 bodyguards (50) Akrathaeus N:88 W:45 no bodyguards (50) Avatar of Primordial Nature N:86 W:57 x6 bodyguards Additionally there is the (50) Harbinger of the Apocalypse located at N:81 W:71 x4 bodyguards but this boss mob is for the material planes quest to get your planer shards. These Planar shards allow you to travel to the elemental planes. If you try and solo any of these bosses, be advised they fight well above their level. I am not certain of this but consider the boss level and add 15 to it for solo fighting purposes. Also of note is there are other bosses out in the world but because of my faction, I never see them (they are my faction and faction allies). I considered posting some additional notes on attack styles, strengths and weaknesses of the bosses but wildcards can change some of that information. I also think some element of surprise keeps the encounters more interesting. I hope you find this useful and helpful. P.S. After you win the encounter, you will notice that bosses do not always drop legendary and rare items. And then again, I have on occasion found 3 and even 4 legendary items in the loot pile. And if you know of a boss I have overlooked or missed, please add.
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