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  2. Wanted: Roleplay

    I did call them but they were busy Hyper ! I hope we all get back together soon as well ! I feel so empty without all of you.....I know there is this forum and email, but it is not the same ! Soon as game is back up though, we all need to do EP or mayhap...*dramatic music* we try the Goblin Tunnels ! Anyone find any cool games? I have looked around and there is nothing out there worth a flit !
  3. Wanted: Roleplay

    Sounds like you need to call Ghostbusters! We're well, but silent. Hoping we all get back together again sometime soon!
  4. Wanted: Roleplay

    How is everyone?? Hope you all are doing well and have not forgotten me/Weyah Computer had ghosts in it so have not been able to get online or email anyone, but back up and running ! Love you all so much and miss you more than Andvarri misses his targets
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  6. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Keep on keeping on Dizzyg!
  7. Dizzyg

    Ooooo, really nice backstory. APPROVED!!!! (As a mod, you can of course do this yourself ) I hope you don't mind my moving this to a new thread for organisation. We have characters, now we need a story! If you don't start one, I will try to make it happen over the next few days.
  8. Dizzyg

    Name: dizzyg Race: Dwarf Age: Never ask a female dwarf her age, but she's probably around 100 years old Allegiance: Hammerforge Legion and Sylthenea, the goddess Weaponry: Most often she can be seen wielding a death hammer and a medium-sized shield, though her exploits at using divine magic are things legends are made of Appearance: She's like a teapot, short and stout. Her eyes are a pale green that looks like a placid lake, until you anger her. Then they turn into a swirl of greens and browns with gold flecks. Her thick brown hair is always neatly braided into one long ponytail. Her beard is similarly braided, but adorned by a different color bow each day. She wears a mixture of chainmail and leather armor for her best possible movement in combat while protecting the vital organs. Her boots are the piece de resistance. They are made of dragon scales and shimmer a purplish hue in the moonlight. Personality: She is quite easy going as long as the mead is flowing and nobody is insulting her race or her god. She has a hearty laugh that makes others smile at the sound of it. She is quick with a joke, and a light of your smoke. She has a particular affinity for eating large meals with all the fixings. She can eat for hours, seemingly endless quantities. She adores drinking games, though she only plays with other dwarves who can keep her honest. She never has a bad word to say about any of the gods, but she will absolutely fight you to the death if you badmouth Sylthenea. Once combat begins, she is all business. She will fight and heal to her last breath. Backstory: She was born in the highest reaches of the Hammerforge Mountains. Her family was in the business of making war hammers. They are all master blacksmiths, down to the last member. Her childhood was filled with joy, and this translates into a life of equal parts work and play in her adult years. She was never frightened as a child, even though the faction wars did sometimes invade the Legion's territory. Her family always sat safely atop the peaks. They fought, of course, but their home was never laid to waste since no intruders ever got that far. She was taught early on to worship Sylthenea as earnestly as she ate, drank and fought. This devotion was later rewarded with an amazing array of divine magic spells given to her by the goddess. She visits her family as often as possible. They are still very involved in each others' lives, even though they have settled far a wide across the lands. Twice each year, they gather specifically to celebrate all the year's achievements and mourn the losses of family members. The gatherings last for 3 days and include mounds of food, drink and laughter. The gathering always begins and ends with a toast from the matriarch of the family, her mother, Beryl. Roleplay: As she barreled towards the horde, dizzyg readied her hammer and shield. She would win the day against these foul creatures or die trying. From out of nowhere, a rain of fiery arrows came down upon the horde, confusing and scattering them. Dizzyg stopped in her tracks, looking around to see who was interfering with her battle. Off to her right, she saw an Elf looking quite pleased with himself. She stormed towards him, shouting and waving her hammer angrily. He still had that stupid smile on his face, which she intended to wipe completely off. When she got a few feet from him, he boldly said, "You're welcome!" As her eyes turned almost black in appearance, he took a step back and the smile disappeared. "You're welcome? YOU'RE WELCOME?" she yelled. "Why did you interfere in MY battle, you, you, you ELF?" His fear was palpable. He started stammering. "I, I only wanted...I mean, I thought...you DID need help, right? It was 1 against 50, after all. Right?" He slowly backed away from the enraged Dwarf. "Help? You think I looked like I needed help? What is WRONG with you? Are you brain damaged? Did you mother hit you on the head often?" She was practically spitting nails at this insolent being. "Geez, a guy tries to be nice," he sniffed. "I honestly thought there were too many of them for one..." "Girl? Is that what you thought? Too many for one girl?" she demanded. "Well, actually, yes," he replied with an air of misplaced confidence. "My father taught me..." "To be an idiot!" dizzyg snorted. "This GIRL is about to teach you what your father failed to do," she said, raising her hammer to strike. "WAIT!" he implored, backing up more at each word she spoke. He raised his hands to deflect the blow and closed his eyes, waiting for the imminent pain. When it didn't come, he opened one eye to see the Dwarf poised in mid-strike. "I'm sorry," he offered. "Sylthenea help me, if you ever..." she began. "Sylthenea? I, I worship her, too," he stammered. As her hammer slowly descended to her side, it was dizzyg's turn to be at a loss for words.
  9. Flamefrost Rebuild

    First, I get adopted by the two best game parents ever! Then, they poke Dan and make me a Game Warden, the Wicked Warden of the West. Then, momma bear gets sick and disappears. When she finally comes back, the game goes away. ALL THE DRAMA! Seriously though, I do miss you guys. I know it's going to be a while until we get to play again. Hurricane Florence is keeping me quite busy at the moment. It's quite crazy how much damage was done by Flo. She either needs to get a prescription for Midol or go back to her insurance gig. lol
  10. Hyperion, Finger Wiggler Extraordinaire

    APPROVED!!! Because it's mine very own first app, and I can.
  11. Name: Hyperion Age: 194 Allegiance: White Wyrm Tribe Weaponry: Hyperion is usually seen wielding a wand and a charming smile; he utilises Elemental Magic, with specialization in Fire, Cold, and Temporal 'flavours'. Appearance: Steel blue eyes sit a little over six feet above the ground, constantly moving around the environs that surround the lanky frame in which they are set. A roughly cut hairline makes the end of a blonde cascade tumbling down, neatly tucked behind the swept-back, pointed ears. The elf's angled cheeks, gangly elbows and rushed gait all bespeak themselves of grace. His clothing, always of finest silk, is full of muted colours - mostly blues and greens interrupted by white tracing up, up to the neckline so often crowned with a mischievous grin. Attitude: Despite being an elf, Hyperion is always willing to take a matter seriously, but never for an extended amount of time. Even his magics, some of the more formidable among mere mortals, are developed in spurts and bursts. Everything has the potentiality to be a joke, which earns him the scorn of many more serious sun elves and the business end of a variety of objects wielded by Dwarves and Tul'Rahx (quantitatively, in that order). In his mind, sleight of hand is always preferable to open aggression; if the latter must needs be used, the biggest fireball summonable is the best answer. Loyal to his Tribe and people, he is at the same time easygoing, quick to forget offences and almost as quick to forgive them (even nearing two centuries, memory is not a strong suit). Once he decides something is necessary, though, he will go to any lengths to obtain it. Background: Growing up in Elmethil Do'Naerath is a unique experience for anybody. As a child, Hyperion's time was spent either studying, running errands for the White Wyrm Tribe's Elmethiliac Embassy or watching the greatest of Naerath's adventurers as they came in and out of the flourishing elven city. It was here, too, that he was noticed by the more sage among the wandering heroes. For an elven child to be fascinated with a Human Paladin or a Dwarven Berserker was unusual; for him to be able to shadow a Wayfinder was astonishing. While Hyperion had not been raised in the racism of his more isolated kindred, it still rankled to see the title of the Lands' Greatest Sorcerer belong to a human. Fastolph Danderfluff, leading Incantrix among the Iron Alliance, could be an object of admiration to aspiring finger-wigglers or an uncomfortable impetus for others' betterment. For Hyperion, studying Danderfluff's battle tactics, victories and defeats, he was both. As the young elf's age and abilities grew, so did the 'errands' he would run for the Embassy. As his travels took him further away from home, he realized the burden that is an adventurer's. Further from the Eye, a hard life made hard people. Danger dogged his journeys. And as he learned his magics in various corners of the land, the creeping awareness of a looming danger slowly thrust itself upon him... Roleplay: The endless snowfall drifted down across a perpetual winterland of biting chill and clawing ice. The land, such as there might be, had long been buried underneath its hoary armour. Nothing could be seen as far as the falling snow permitted sight to stretch. Any sounds that might have been were deadened, even to the elf's heightened perception. If this wintry fortress were anything to judge by, he was alone in all the world. For not even the beasts and trolls that lived here, or fought for what passed as living in these harsh environs, were foolhardy enough to venture to this place. This was a place where the dead had been stripped of their rest. Immense, stalagmitic icicles rose about him, each higher than the next. The steps and towers that they had been were buried far beneath the thick shell of ice that came to coat them over the centuries since their completion. He climbed them, fighting his way up the slippery surfaces foot by foot. Inch by inch, sometimes. It would have been easier to melt his way up through the immense, vaulted chambers and sparkling courtyards. It would have been a swift death. The world around him was devoid of life. But for all its emptiness; because of the abandoned stonework and ghastly history of the mournful ruins which surrounded him; a multitude of eyes were watching for the slightest snowflake to fall out of place, or the shallowest indentation to appear in the snow. In this world of death, there were yet many sentinels. This was why Hyperion had been chosen to come. There were many real dangers here. The goblins, the wandering packs of wolves, the deathly cold would all kill an ill-prepared traveller in hours, or in minutes. None of these warranted him. It was the invisible sentries in the white night, looking for the tiniest perturbance in the abandoned landscape. The focus of interest here was the secret they sought to guard. But for all their watchfulness, they did not see the signs of Hyperion's approach, for there were none. The snow he bid harden in support of each step he took. The precipitation fell so close to him that the gap where he stood was a mere thickening of snowfall. Even the light around him was warped, showing what had been a few seconds before or what would be in the moments after he left. The only trace that could have given him away, the pulse of power that his magic exerted, was covered by the foul aura of necromancy that lay heavy upon the towers of Flamefrost. Those who sent him were right, and something wicked was afoot. A gargoyle's eyes, only possibly unseeing, stared blankly through him as he neared the pinnacle of what once was the Flamefrost clan's great edifice of might. Ahead, a piercing shriek echoed impossibly loudly through the crackling towers. Even the thickening snowfall around him did not serve to deaden it and the noise made him buckle in pain, only a supreme effort of concentration keeping the many cloaks around him in place. Very few beings could put that much power into a cry, and none of them were still living in this plane. A slight grin spread across the elf's face, invisible to even himself. Finally, he thought. Something interesting.
  12. To submit a character application for approval, please make sure you fill out all of the following: What you need for a Character Application... Name Race Age Allegiance (If they belong to one of the factions, or are a devoted follower of one of the gods, here is where to mention it) Weapons and Magical Abilities, if any Appearance (hair, face, clothes, distinguishing marks, etc.)PersonalityOther Info Backstory (At least 10 sentences) Roleplay Example (At least 10 sentences) An example is below:
  13. The Rules

    Roleplay games exist to allow a freer way to interact with stories and others. These rules are here to facilitate that and make it easier to make some good stories. That being said, if you break one of these rules, expect there to be consequences. If you're not sure about something, don't hesitate to contact a moderator. We have mailboxes on the forum, feel free to use it! 1) Be respectful of others. This means don't bully or belittle others; feel free to joke around or be sarcastinc, but don't let it get serious; no controlling others characters, what they say or do, or whether they get injured (You can write your arrow flies towards Hyperion's shoulder, but not puncturing Hyperion's shoulder, your arrow delivers a toxin that immediately cripples him, driving his knees into the ground.) 2) Keep things family friendly. That is how Flamefrost: Legacy has been, we intend to hold steady in that vein. Dating and kissing are fine, but don't be explicit. Swearing is somewhat discouraged, strong swearing is prohibited - this is a fictional world with a tremendous variety of cultures and an expansive religion. Try to use that if you need invectives! 3) New characters must be submitted in the Character Applications section, and must be approved before you can roleplay with them. Approvals are pretty loose, but no roleplaying gods (if you want one in your story, contact a moderator; eventually this may change, but for now them's the breaks) and make sure your character fits in the world of Fyr (orcs are fine, wookies with laser guns not so much). Again, if you're not sure, contact a mod. If your character doesn't get approved, we'll let you know why so you can rewrite and apply again. 4) Keep things on Naerath. Any major canon advancements are only to be made with the permission of the moderators; normally, this will have to go past Dan as well. By canon advancements, I mean situations like... creating a whole new city; an alliance between the Fatekeepers and Desecrated Circle; a major orcish assault on Nhar-Tejjan. I think you get the idea. 5) As a rule of thumb, don't double-post. Posts are fully editable if you need to add information, and if you need to append something out of character it is best to put it at the beginning or end of your post, with some sort of warning. For example: "OOC: I want my character to start learning magic in this thread, can somebody with a character that could apprentice them come in?" Additional rules will be added here as it becomes necessary. For now... enjoy!!
  14. Wanted: Roleplay

    Wow, thanks! I'm glad to hear things are going (relatively) well for your family. The info on Tul'Rahx is really good. I had always assumed them to be a bit more "Ben Kenobi"-ish; why, I don't know. This makes far more sense and will be fun to RP. I'll fill those new forum locations out a bit when I get to a computer.
  15. Wanted: Roleplay

    Sounds good, let's give this a go! Forum created: https://community.flamefrost.com/index.php?/forum/33-roleplay/ I've always been a huge fan of D&D, so when the Flamefrost's universe was created I did not see any reason for saying "and our elves are going to live twice longer!!", so age-wise we stick to the classic standards: roughly 750-1000 years for elves, half that amount for dwarves, Tul'Rahx metabolism keeps them alive slightly longer than Humans, but very few warriors actually live to the age of 100. Temperament-wise Tul'Rahx are closer to dwarves than the other races, but are a bit less "explosive" (and way less sarcastic). In fact, an average Tul'Rahx may appear initially as quiet and a bit "unsociable"/reserved, but their "thoughtful" appearance does not necessarily indicate that they will be considerate or polite to the other speaker. Most of the time Tul'Rahx is simply trying to find a way to express their thoughts in the most concise, direct and straightforward way possible (so they're not too skilled at the art of bluffing and seldom perform well as diplomats: wordsmiths are rare among this race). Tul'Rahx don't let any negative comments slide (whether these are about their appearance, culture, heritage or anything else) and feel an obligation to defend their honour at any cost, which usually results in violent acts or use of destructive magic (aimed at teaching the offending party a lesson via means of pain; Tul'Rahx don't actually kill everyone who offends them on the spot). Of course, there are always exceptions in any race (Drizzt ), so this doesn't mean that all Tul'Rahx are the same. I hope that helps, but please let me know if you have any further questions! All is relatively well, thank you! Too much work, too little time, as usual... * sigh * Really happy to see you all around the forum though and hope that the Roleplay idea takes off!
  16. Wanted: Roleplay

    Wonderful! I have the support of the two people I need, so let's get this started! Here's a possible Rules list, on the off chance this actually becomes a thing. @Dan if it passes muster, could you or @Tanzer add a new Forum folder? I'm thinking one Roleplay Folder in the main FFL section with two subfolders for Character Applications and Stories. And some general character creation guidelines. If you could add some info on relative lifespans for the major races, and a little blurb on Tul'Rahxian temperament, it would be much appreciated.
  17. Wanted: Roleplay

    How have you been Nuggets Daddy? lol Hope all is well with you and the family. Also hope the "other" game is doing well ! lol
  18. Wanted: Roleplay

    ME ! ME ! ME ! PICK ME !!! Just say when Hyper...and check your email brother ! I am ready and willing to play an RPG.........whilst waiting for FFL relaunch which I hope is soon???? I can wait...albeit I am a suffering from FFL withdrawals as we speak but waiting................ Will be so good to play again...still thinking of doing a second mortgage on my house though Miss everyone so much......I mean I miss the game bunches, but I miss my family here more ! Especially since I never got to do battle with you Hyper.....when relaunch happens...we should take over Hyper (just sayin' )
  19. Wanted: Roleplay

    Ha-hm. Another example of magic and technology not working, methinks. Or perhaps user error. The should go somewhere now.
  20. Wanted: Roleplay

    Love the idea! Wish I had a bit less development to do... * sigh * I don't think the example link works though; seems to just redirect to "snow/"!
  21. Wanted: Roleplay

    I've been wanting to get into some RP. Anything from your average D&D to a full-on roleplay experience, where there are no dice whatsoever. *Gasps of Horror* An example set in the world of the Eragon books Is anybody up for starting something here? I am leaning toward what is shown in the above example. Anybody could join, anything not plot-altering would be legal for story purposes; this seems like a great way to keep the spirit of the game going, and just maybe open it up to a new type of player. My main reason for this, though, is that I miss you all! So... Who wants to go back to Naerath? *Crosses fingers and hopes for more than crickets*
  22. Birthday

  23. Aww! Thanks, @Cajunfried2016, that is actually very inspiring news!
  24. I have not found a suitable temporary substitute! Conclusion: There are none!
  25. Flamefrost Rebuild

    Well, I do miss Flamefrost already to a similar extent even though I still have it running on my test realm where it's being developed... So I'm inclined to believe that it's all about the community.
  26. Birthday

    Just because game is temporarily offline doesn't mean people can't wish me a happy birthday! Write this date down...I will wait....August 20th *plays elevator music* Now that you have written it down, congoratz is expected as well as a cake. A cake with dragons would be nice Thank you
  27. There is a new Warlord (Sheriff) in town!

    Congoratz Hyper !!!!! Excellent..................muah ha hahahahaha
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